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weirdmom Feb-28-11 2.29am
How ironic that I click on your profile to see that things have gotten worse and I get Error_1! I now believe Error_1! is your hair.
weirdmom Feb-4-11 9.11pm
Why exactly does the stick need to be covered in poo?
weirdmom Feb-3-11 11.27pm
I agree Lindsay. There is also something Muppetish about it.
hennypenny Feb-2-11 1.30am
It looks like you're wearing a wig.
weirdmom Feb-1-11 1.45pm
Are you trying to scare women off with your hair?
Absy Sep-7-10 11.35am
Gorgeous !
hennypenny Sep-7-10 3.41am
You're pretty :P
hennypenny Jun-11-10 1.42am
Is this you at work? :P
CHILENA2006 May-18-10 3.58pm
Hi.. I wanted to know if you saw the movie "Nightmare on Elm Street" and your opinion ... here in Chile the premiere is on Thursday 20 ... I have not heard bad reviews ... but would not be bad to know the opinion of a fan the "Nightmare" and Freddy too ... . Thx...have a great day! Xime.
hennypenny May-3-10 10.06pm
Nice shirt :P
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