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i like crayons, tea, Carmex, dresses and hugs.
bob dylan,air,daft punk,yann tiersen,sufjan stevens,divine comedy everything from classic rock to craptacular pop. there is no accounting for taste i'm afraid
Amelie,The Fifth Element, The Matrix, Little Voice, Trainspotting, Taxi Driver,City of God, Donnie Darko,zodiac,Little Miss Sunshine, Garden State, Moulin Rouge,Lawn Dogs, Rushmore,The Life Aqautic,Wizard of Oz, Shaun of the Dead,Royal Tenenbaums,The Piano, Sliding Doors,Forrest Gump,Goodfellas, Léon,The Pianist,Some like it Hot,Pillow talk, Finding Neverland,Almost Famous
jane eyre, love of seven dolls, i capture the castle, phantom tollbooth, daddy long-legs, a room with a view, trainspotting
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Tripod, Dublin, IE

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Occupation: hypnotist
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ricv64 Nov-19-09 1.11pm
what the hell is that ?
hennypenny Aug-24-09 3.37am
I am a Carmex addict since '93.
goosey_84 Jun-11-09 4.11pm
sorry about your job dear...*big hug*
ricv64 Feb-14-09 12.56am
oh yeah since you're on expressobeans please feel free to comment on anything from the firehouse and political gridlock
ricv64 Feb-13-09 5.03am
oh mazn
Peewee Feb-10-09 4.34pm
Valentine's is SHIT! Always has been....load of commerical poop! I don't celebrate it....gosh romance is dead! lol
Peewee Feb-5-09 10.46pm
Awwww what a lovely profile pic!!! LOL So heartfelt! hahaha
ricv64 Feb-1-09 12.26am
nice avatar
Peewee Jan-16-09 10.58pm
Thankyou for your lovely post! :) ohhhhh loving the new eyes!!! :)
ricv64 Jan-3-09 4.22am
nope , i feel like a uber poser when i did before
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