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Huxleys, Berlin, DE
Pop Komm, Berlin, DE
Columbiahalle, Berlin, DE

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Edel Jan-3-12 9.26pm
Hey Bara, I only saw your comment now as more or less never check my profile (nothing ever happens there so no point hehe. I'm doing ok and yups still hanging around Travisland, is that sad? ;0) Hows tricks with you? And Happy new year
RaZzZ Feb-8-09 7.27am
Owww... Sorry!!! But i didnīt know that you attended gig in Berlin. So, next time hope to see you!
TheBoyWithAName Nov-13-08 3.13pm
Links please :D
TheBoyWithAName Nov-13-08 2.37pm
Well Rammstein is'nt really my cup of tea ;) I have only heard a couple of Kraftwerk songs, but don't know their names...well one of them is called Computer Love. Hmmm no havn't heard of them either, German-music isn't a strong subject :P Do you have any group that sounds like Travis or so? :D
TheBoyWithAName Nov-13-08 12.50pm
....and of course: KRAFTWERK!
TheBoyWithAName Nov-13-08 12.24pm
Haha Olas "banana"-suit =) Well I know about Ramstein, but that's about it I'm afraid :( You seem to be in to Swedish music though! What's the story behind that? ;)
TheBoyWithAName Nov-12-08 1.42pm
Yes I've been a The Ark fan for since their breakthrough! Have you seen them in Germany? Favourite song/album etc? Well I've heard the names, but I haven't listened to their music. Mando Diao is a great band though! =) Fun talking to people with great taste ;)
TheBoyWithAName Nov-11-08 12.42pm
Wohooo! I want to visit Berlin someday, you have lovely beer over there ;) I'm from The Ark-land, Sweden! Hehe it's my favourite swedish band :)
TheBoyWithAName Nov-10-08 2.31pm
I noticed that you like The Ark, cool! =) So yu're from our favourite neighbours Denmark? ;D
moo_the_evil_boffin Oct-14-08 5.26pm
Hey, sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. Wow trip sounds cool, how was it? College is great thanks, the subjects are becoming more and more interesting as time goes on too! XXX
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