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Friends, family, laughing, having fun, reading, traveling, music, meeting new people...and Travis.
Travis (of course) then an eclectic mix...that's why iPods exist, right?
LOTR, Old School, Harold and Maude, The Graduate, action, adventure, indie.
Neil Gaiman, Nick Hornby, John Irving, and many, many more...
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Fine Line, Minneapolis MN, US
Fine Line, Minneapolis MN, US
First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, US

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bogusblue Dec-24-09 11.09pm
Merry Christmas Jolene! :o)
minnesotamary Sep-28-09 1.33pm
No, it'll be me and Cathy. Sandy's got a little thing - a wedding - to prepare for!
minnesotamary Sep-1-09 9.02pm
Hey Jolene! See you in October for Fran & Andy's show!
SamuraiSandy May-6-09 4.35pm
Hey! Yeah, we've been planning for a while--before the proposal, actually. That's why I never expected it! Plans are going is set and everything! Thanks!
SamuraiSandy Apr-21-09 9.34pm
Hey Jolene!! Thanks so much! I'm still going crazy over it! I have some pics to send to you...sorry, I haven't had a chance to get to them. But, I'll post them on facebook. It was great to meet you!
minnesotamary Apr-20-09 4.08am
Hi Jolene! It was so nice meeting you in person on Friday. I hope you had a good time and glad you stayed back to meet the guys!
PictureInWhite Apr-11-09 4.42pm
Hey, I been talking to park_ave_pirate (Jen) over on LJ and didn't realise you guys knew each other! Craziness! lol God, less than a week now, huh?! Eeee, sooo excited!
Turtleneck Mar-3-09 10.17pm
I think I joined a week or so ago. It hasn't been long. I had to join the club. The peer pressure was too much. Glad we're FB friends now!
minnesotamary Feb-5-09 1.29am sister (samurai) Sandy will be coming up for the show too! Can't wait!
PictureInWhite Feb-4-09 6.44pm
Eyyyy! I should be there....cos if I'm not, I may die a little lol
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