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proud mother to baby isaac, love to travel, cook, go running, watch movies and read.
TRAVIS, 80's music, pink floyd, REM, U2, Depeche Mode, Coldplay, basically anything but rap, some country.
penelope, shawshank redemption, indiana jones's series, girly movies
time traveler's wife, kite runner, etc.
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Fine Line, Minneapolis MN, US
Fine Line, Minneapolis MN, US
Moore, Seattle, WA, US
First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, US

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Occupation: marketing manager by day; knitter by night
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th74 Sep-11-09 1.26pm
Woo hoo! I'm glad you'll be there. Is Sandy coming, too? And your son is too cute!!
Nikki May-28-09 5.35am
Aw! What a cute little guy! :O)
Turtleneck Apr-24-09 12.28am
Awwww, cute picture! He's growing so fast.
th74 Apr-21-09 3.12pm
I was glad to meet you, too! You were all so nice. Especially since we were the meeting the guys newbies, and you showed us the ropes!
SamuraiSandy Apr-11-09 4.57pm
lol...what do you want me to bring? i know what i can bring back to tx with me, but i don't think a. thong would be on board with that idea :D
th74 Feb-11-09 2.47pm
That is great news! I know 3 others going, too. I think I can safely say I know who will be in the front row! :)
SamuraiSandy Feb-6-09 7.38pm
Pretty soon probably...maybe by next week.
th74 Feb-4-09 6.37pm
Tickets have been purchased! See you in April!
th74 Feb-3-09 4.36pm
Me too! I was just going to ask you. Will Issac be joining us? (Sorry if I spelled his name wrong!)
ricv64 Jan-30-09 4.36pm
i'm wearing the scarf you gave me , it's been freezing in cali , like near 34 degrees . thanks again
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