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mili Apr-18-10 9.20pm
You're changing your avatar more often than most people change their shirts! Cheers!
minnmess Jan-27-10 9.35pm
Johnny Mac has some interesting short shorts
goosey_84 Dec-10-09 10.53pm
potentially first crush since the tall American boy who left for Greece. haha ;)
Meridith Nov-7-09 2.13am
Thank you Fred! :)
mili Oct-6-09 5.22pm
Hey, cool new hair!!
Peewee Sep-28-09 5.33pm
Hey Fred!!! Welcome back and thanks for your comment ;) x
Meridith May-13-09 4.11pm
I love your profile pic lovely Fred!
Typing to Reach You May-11-09 7.32pm
I'm also liking the pic. :)
ricv64 Feb-8-09 3.48pm
thats a cooooooooooooooool pic , good color use to .
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Feb-6-09 9.10pm
Cool profile pic! :o)
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