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Monica Sep-2-13 3.26pm
Hey Alex, long time no see!
minnmess May-13-12 5.07pm
A little, but difficult with the time difference and busy work week. Checking scores, haven't seen many games, though
minnmess May-12-12 1.12pm
NHL or Worlds?
minnmess May-11-12 1.51am
a super awesome chick?
minnmess May-10-12 2.40am
hmm, let's say something else
minnmess May-8-12 1.42am
like a bug or something?
minnmess Mar-28-11 11.23am
I think there is something in your eye
minnmess Mar-1-11 11.10am
thanks. It's actually even shorter than that now. I went Euro-chic for my UK adventure :)
minnmess Jul-8-10 8.27pm
ha, you said copulate!
minnmess Jul-8-10 8.17pm
pretty much. If we werent, people wouldnt get married, babies wouldnt get made. Stupidity keeps the world going.
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