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Travis, Athlete, Keane, The Calling/Alex Band, Depeche Mode, Queen, The Goo Goo Dolls...
Chocolat, Big Fish, Der Pianist, The Doors, Lord Of The Rings, 300, Inside I'm Dancing, The Fountain, Dear Frankie, Finding Neverland, Cold Mountain...
Diana Gabaldon, Nicholas Sparks, Nicholas Evans, Rebecca Gablé...
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Mousonturm, Frankfurt, DE
Capitol, Mannheim, DE

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Lena Jan-4-10 12.43pm
Hi, das sind ja Neuigkeiten: dann wird unser nächster gig wohl ein Fran-Solo-Auftritt?! Ich hoffe du bist dabei?! Bin ja schon ziemlich aufgeregt und kanns kaum abwarten die neuen songs zu hören... LG, Lena
jesusaremus Jul-14-09 5.29am
hey hello! haha don't worry, keep that pic, i used as a joke, 'cause here everyone was wearing facemask because of the swine floo. you know i had to protect my pic from that haha. Now i'm gonna change it tomorrow :)
BenFilbert Mar-5-09 6.33pm
Hey, i'm going to send you a PM. I'll do my best to help but i can only really say what worked for me because i'm really not an expert. :)
mcveighp Feb-20-09 4.08pm
How are you doing??? :) I've a big gig tonight in a festival in belfast i'm excited but i'm sick lol so nervs are high!!!!!!!! just thought i'd call in to say hey! Eskimos Fall / Pete
RaZzZ Jan-1-09 2.53pm
Happy New year!
RaZzZ Dec-25-08 2.42am
Silvella, have a nice holidays. Merry X mas!!!
mcveighp Nov-28-08 12.54pm
Hey cheers for the response to my post! how are you!!? loving the image with the quote! Pete
RaZzZ Nov-27-08 8.51pm
Silvella!!!!!!!! Ich bin sehr glücklich!!! Travis in Deutschland!!
RaZzZ Nov-27-08 5.19am
Sure, i´ve uploaded the pic
RaZzZ Nov-25-08 8.56am
Im in Germany, im definitely living in Germany!!!
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