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I've been a Travis fan (the only one in Sweden it sometimes feels like) since 2004 and a member here since 2005. I'm slightly frightened by this new board, though, and I'm not a particularly active poster, so don't expect to see me around here very often.
Music This will give you an OK picture of what I listen to, but since I don't spend all my life in front of the computer, the picture isn't perfect. My top three favorite bands are however: Travis (who would have thought it?), Manic Street Preachers and the Cranberries.
Talking about films always makes me feel pretentious.
The Complete Travis Chord Songbook:)
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Nikki Jul-24-08 4.00am
Just finished your discography book! Awesome job! I learned a lot of great little tidbits! :)
cornax Jul-21-08 12.54pm
Fantastic job on your discography...I'm enjoying making my way through it.
BenFilbert Jul-21-08 2.27am
Hey. Sent you a PM! :) Sometimes i don't see i have a new one so i thought i'd pop a message in here, you might see this!
biklu Jul-9-08 4.42pm
I guess with Travis that makes 3 things with have in common then! thanks for your comment! cheers agathe
GMS1968 Mar-29-08 10.00am
Hi. Thankyou for replying to my, "Travis and you. Where did it all begin" post. Nice memories. Cheers :-)
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