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Barrowlands, Glasgow, UK
ABC, Glasgow, UK
SECC, Glasgow, UK
Hammersmith Apollo, London, UK

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Nikki Oct-9-08 3.21am
That's cool! What city will you be visiting?
Nikki Sep-22-08 8.09pm
Oh, that's cool! I wanted to do that as well. I don't know if you've noticed from the board, but I'm kind of obsessed with hockey, lol. It's sort of a dream of mine to cover the Detroit Red Wings. I would suggest starting out at a local newspaper covering high school or minor league teams and then work your way up to the pros. That’s pretty much how everyone has to do it. Do you have a degree in journalism or English, or are you in school now? I’d suggest taking a few sports writing classes. They’re fun!
Nikki Sep-18-08 6.25pm
Wow! That was months ago! lol. I'm an editor and a reporter for a local newspaper. :)
Nikki Jul-11-08 1.55am
Hey new friend! :)
varz May-8-08 1.52pm
final final went well! but it hit me hard this morning that i'm actually FINISHED uni! eeek! bring on the real world! Hehe, you're gonna be the least popular person ever in London!
varz May-6-08 7.31am
Was literally just in the sun for 20 mins to walk from the library to the bus stop! crazy! im in 4th year at uni, got my final final tomoro! eeek! :( what do you do?
varz May-5-08 10.36pm
thought you might appreciate this... i got sunburnt in ABERDEEN today. proper painful burning sunburn. i'm actually impressed!
varz May-5-08 7.10pm
Saltcoats... Not exactly the highlight of Ayrshire! Ooooh I know where Newmilns is, did there not use to be a dry-ski slope there? Why ya moving to London? Thats quite cool! Not quite looking forward to moving back to Ayrshire!
varz May-3-08 9.03am
nope nope, im an ayrshire girl too! hehe! where you from/living now? aberdeens awesome once you get used to the cold... alcohol normally helps ;)
varz May-2-08 8.58pm
i've not been out of scotland in 4 years, i'll take any sun bathing i can get, even aberdeen!!! gonna guess you're from maryhill?
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