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I dunno... I think I'm pretty boring (and interesting!!). However, the bottom of my tennis shoes (size 9 1/2) are orange, slightly upping the coolness factor.
sarah brightman, belle & sebastian, jeff buckley, cat power, coldplay, counting crows, death cab for cutie, enigma, explosions in the sky, iron and wine, muse, radiohead, rem, damien rice, josh ritter, matthew ryan, sigur ros, spoon, travis, wallflowers, rachael yamagata, yeah yeah yeahs
moulin rouge, anne of green gables, garden state, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, dead poets society, little miss sunshine, now and then, band of brothers, breakfast club, philadelphia story, sandlot
great gatsby, crime and punishment, brothers karamazov, harry potter, any jane austen, camus, wuthering heights, catch-22, anne of green gables
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bogusblue Dec-31-08 11.20pm
Happy New Year!!! :o)
bogusblue Dec-24-08 11.13pm
Merry Christmas! :o)
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Dec-24-08 9.07pm
Feliz Navidad, Ash! I hope you did great on your project. Have a great time :o)
minnmess Dec-5-08 6.42pm
Since I am Canadian, it is pretty much a requirement to be a fan! Im definatly due for a re-reading/movie watching. Its been too long.
minnmess Dec-5-08 6.27pm
Im not sure that I have ever been compared to someone from ND before! Aww, you like Anne of Green Gables.
minnmess Dec-5-08 6.18pm
thanks for the add. The funny thing is, seconds before I was thinking "I should add Ashley. She seems like a nice girl."
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Oct-20-08 11.00pm
Ashley, you're doing research about the holocaust, right? I think it's so interesting. Would you mind telling me something about what you're doing? (If it's ok with you, of course). :o)
weirdmom Sep-19-08 9.04pm
I heart Harry Potter. Let's have long conversations about HP....and cats.
ricv64 Apr-5-08 5.02pm
sorry to hear about yer crappy days
goosey_84 Mar-13-08 5.48pm
*shakes fist* damn you girl scouts!!!!!! hahahaha
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