Wednesday, October 08, 2008
Astoria, London, UK

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Fran Posted: 09-10-08 1:39
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Kinaitra Posted: 09-10-08 1:42
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Fantastic show as always!!
Even better than the last time!

Thank you so much for a great show!!
Hope to see you guys soon!
smashingtoast Posted: 09-10-08 2:28
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Wonderful and awesome show tonight!!! And many thanks to the guys for staying behind and signing autographs and having a wee chat. You're the best!!
Soulslug Posted: 09-10-08 8:04
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My brain's still all over the place.
mtallieu Posted: 09-10-08 8:43
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Coming from France and being able to see Travis live was a dream that come reality !!! It was wonderfull, THANKS THANKS THANKS
part time dave Posted: 09-10-08 11:06
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I have been to a lot of Travis shows over the years, as you can see from my profile - from the Camden Monarch through to the arena tours, but that show last night was by far the best - and by a long way too - absolutely brilliant from start to finish. Long Way Down, amazing.. Fran jumping into the crowd to sing, amazing.. Dougie still singing the second verse of Turn, amazing.. Neil's massive gong, amazing.. Flowers In The Window group hug, amazing.. shaking the dust off the Astoria ceiling by having the whole audience pogo'ing to Why Does It Always Rain On Me, amazing..

That show has made it into my top 5 best shows of all time..
AJPAR Posted: 09-10-08 11:37
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Outstanding!!!! Great to see a band enjoying themselves.
odetojhayton Posted: 09-10-08 1:37
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I'm still on a massive high after last night's show. 4th time seen Travis and I didn't think the last time could be topped. It was!

Loved Fran going into the crowd to sing Falling Down. Whole set was amazing. Right from opener Chinese Blues to the Pogo-ing finale Why does it always ...

Venue was great, much smaller so it was great to be so close to Travis. I've been to over 100 concerts, i'd have to say that was probably my favourite of all time.

Got loads of photos, and videos including Fran and Andy doing the cover of I kissed a girl..and I liked it too.

Got the thumbs up from Dougie near the end and Fran smiling whilst I was dancing and singing to my girlfriend over the balcony right near to them.

A perfect show, and one that will live in my memory for years to come. You can tell Travis loved it last night and the fans were great too.

Can't wait till next show, thanks Lads for a top top top night!

James :-)
moo_the_evil_boffin Posted: 09-10-08 4:41
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The gig yesterday started for me at half 8 in the morning when I'd just woken up and started a long wait for the postman to bring me Flat Travis. We'd planned to catch the train at around 1ish to be at the Astoria for half two, but we couldn't leave without Flat Travis. So, we waited. Much tea was consumed. Many postmen were seen, none of them ours until, at 11:30, the postman knocked on the door and presented me with the package I'd been waiting for. Once I'd finished rejoicing, we got ready and left for the train station. When we were on the train, I took a few photos of FT and chatted away about what songs the real Travis would play, whether I'd meet them, whether I'd see some boardies etc. We arrived at Charing Cross station at half 2, got lost on the way to the Astoria, found it and joined the queue. In the queue were Eledh and a few more boardies. We stood chatting away for a while about the gigs and FT, when me and Eledh decided to wait by the backstage entrance to hopefully say hello to the band. No sooner had we arrived, than Dougie turned up in a very nice shiny car. We said hello to him and he noticed Flat Travis so Eledh very kindly took pictures for me. Just as he was walking inside, he cried out 'Love the Docs!' referring to my flowery Doctor Marten boots- you should have seen the smile on my face! Eledh and I hung around for a while, but no-one else turned up so we went back to join the queue. After a few moments of sitting there, we decided to go back and see if anyone else would turn up. We waited. And waited. When we started getting bored, we asked each other if we should go back. We decided on another five minutes and just as we said that, I saw a hat. It was Fran's and walking next to him was Andy! They were quite late, but still found the time to have their picture taken with me and their 2D counterparts. After this, we walked back to the queue and waited another two hours before the doors opened.

When we finally got in, I found a nice spot right at the front, just where Dougie would eventually stand. Eledh joined us there. Once everyone was inside, after the soundchecks, The Republic Tigers came onstage. They played some amazing songs and compelled me to buy their CD's. After they left, more soundcheck were performed and the band we all know and love walked on, accompanied by much cheering. They played the first three songs of Ode To J. Smith, which were their usual standard of stunning. A few more songs in, I could not believe my luck as Fran started playing the first chords of Side. If you’ve read my previous show reviews, or seen me on the message boards then you’ll know that Side is my absolute favourite song and that Travis have played it at both of the previous shows, so to have it played at my third was just fantastic! Many more songs were played, including U16 Girls, Before You Were Young and Last Words (more of my favourites). During Love Will Come Through, Fran asked for the whole audience to sway from side to side, so my Mum and I held Flat Travis by the hands and swayed with them, much to the amusement of the real band! When all of the songs had been played, and my cheeks were hurting from smiling so much, the guys walked off for a moment, and Fran and Andy walked back for a rendition of ‘I Kissed A Girl’. The original version of this song is not one of my favourites, but Fran and Andy’s version put a big smile on my face, mainly because of the giggles from Fran after singing certain lyrics! Applause was had, and Dougie, Neil and Claes returned to play Selfish Jean and some classical music (as Fran described)- Why Does It Always Rain On Me. I decided to let Flat Travis have some fun at this point, so I held them as they pogoed- Many smiles from the real Dougie! As per Fran’s instructions, everyone in the building gave it a good send off (Note: The Astoria is going to be demolished in the not too distant future, a sad situation.) by pogoing like crazy. The last song finished, and there were many cheers and much applause. Dougie threw a pick into the audience, which landed a few feet short of the first row, but a fantastic lady picked it up and gave it to me- the icing on the cake of a brilliant night!

Thank you so much Fran, Dougie, Neil, Andy and Claes- I’ll be smiling for weeks to come and I can’t wait for the next show!
jaffacakes07 Posted: 09-10-08 6:15
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Well well. First of all thanks to the Republic Tigers, a great group with a great sound, really enjoyed them.So My 10th Travis gig and once again I left feeling invincible! Thank you Fran, Dougie, Neil, Andy and Claes for a Travis gig the kicked ass and shook the rafters of the lengendary astoria, from the swaying of Love will come through, to the richterscale busting world record pogoe attemp to WDIAROM, you gave us our favourites and more, the Katie Perry cover,GENIUS! Fran coming into the crowd for Falling Down was a real treat, and the new stuff really sounded awesome nice and loud! The ipod will now be abused by for a long while yet with all things Travis! I had heard Before You Were Young at the album rehearsal tour in Brighton in Feburay and couldnt wait to hear it again! A beatiful song guys, it reminds me of my Nan. A great night of hits hits and more hits! Well worth it once again boys thank you again for the music and the appreciation you show for your fans, it means alot! Until next time :-)
KathyC Posted: 09-10-08 9:35
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Can't stop smiling. I love you.
deebee Posted: 09-10-08 9:48
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You guys are like good wine - you just get better with age!!!! You still know how to have so much fun up there on stage (like a bunch of teenagers)
You never disappoint and always leave me grinning for hours afterwards on a real high!
Fantastic evening with the highlight being Fran's beautiful voice singing "Falling Down" in amongst the crowd just inches from where we were standing.
Thank you for everything you do for us fans and hopefully I'll get to see you all again soon in FRANCE!!
Debbie x
Eledh Posted: 09-10-08 10:25
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You made me happy one more time.
And it's just unbelievable. Last night was just mindblowing. From the beginning to the end.
Mind. Blowing.
Thank you guys.
zaira0901 Posted: 10-10-08 1:36
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I was thinking of what to say about the concert, but after everything I read from all you guys already, I realised that there wasn't that many things left to say... Besides, of course, the last picture I have in my mind, that I will never forget, seems even poetic hehe :)
I was still in excstasy after taking pictures with Fran and Doug, walking to the bus stop, when I saw Fran again on the corner, simply playing his guitar (from 1991!!! hehe) standing there, waiting for something (maybe a car or whatever) and we just said to each other (more with eyes and a nod of the head than with words, because my voice was over) "hello again" and then we waved goodbye...
Just Amazing!!! =)
I'll never ever ever forget...
Sarah- Posted: 10-10-08 4:57
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hello helloo!

just got back from london and now i'm finally able to say sth about the gig.

i don't really know where to start, though. let's try it this way... me and my boyfriend came all the way from germany to see the guys. we met two people from the coldplay messegaboard and queued up really early, like 3 pm. so yeah, since we also went sightseeing the day before, it was exhausting, but totally worth it, because we made it to the front row, andy's side :)

this was my 2nd travis gig (saw them last year in hamburg) and what can i say? it was the best gig i've ever been to. seriously. it topped the two coldplay concerts i went to a few weeks ago. the atmosphere was just awesome, the sound was so great and you could tell that the guys were having so much fun. also, i was really thrilled to hear re-offender and falling down live.

gah. what a night it was. later we were waiting at the backstage entrance and that was when we bumped into CHRIS MARTIN! i couldn't believe it, i still can't. he was so nice =) i was a bit sad i didn't get to meet fran again, but hey, i guess i shouldn't complain, eh? i heard the guys were having a nice aftershow party.

well, now i'm back and there are so many amazing moments i will remember for a very long time. it was worth every single cent i spent for the trip. i'd do it again anytime, and i'm sure i will.
and i so hope the guys will be back in northern germany soon. fran? please! ;)

thank you so much, travis!
meags Posted: 10-10-08 7:46
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Thank you again Travis for yet another amazing show. It was my first ever concert in the UK, I had a great time! Also, thanks to Fran and Dougie for the chat and Andy for the quick pic ;) I hope your coming back to Toronto next year, we miss u!
thekla Posted: 13-10-08 10:23
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Coming from Greece to see Travis was a dream on its own. But at the end of the gig i was absolutely sure that it was one of the most enjoyable live i have ever been. Dougie thanx for the pick...


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