Sunday, September 07, 2008
Cois Fharraige Festival, Cois Fharraige, IE

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Fran Posted: 08-09-08 3:31
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Here are my top 10 shows of all time in no order.

1 Mexico City Sports Palace 1st time
2 Taipei Summer 2008
3 New York Irving Plaza 99 where that dude pulled a knife on me!!
4 Headlining Glastonbury
5 T in the Park 99 in the tent
6 Cois Fharraige Festival 2008 Last night. Off the scale. The loudest crowd we ever played for.
7 The Cavern Club Liverpool 2004
8 Detroit Clutch Cargos 2007
9 Headlining Roskilde
10 ummm...yet to play
brettievedder Posted: 09-09-08 11:09
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saw you guys in austin, texas last july. i didnt think that show could be topped because of the small crowd. the festival was unreal though. you continue to be my favorite band to see in concert. you guys always look happy to be performing. it was so loud during "turn" i could barely hear the band. looking forward to the new album. "sara" is awesome


PS..does anyone have the complete set list in order?
aineog1 Posted: 09-09-08 12:03
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Cois Fharraige - Who would have thought there would be so many Swedes at a festival in the West of Ireland????

My voice is still recovering after the gig. Had an absolute ball: the band were on form, the crowd were up for the craic - it was all good. Thanks lads for ending the weekend on such a high note, we'll be talking about this one for years to come:D
MariaMak Posted: 09-09-08 1:54
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Travis were the best band at Cois Fharraige. Amazing show, can't even explain the buzzing atmosphere.

So glad that you guys enjoyed it as much as we did. Best night of my life.
Perhaps you should come back again next September?! Or sooner!

Maria x
shellymad Posted: 09-09-08 2:50
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iv been to a lot of concerts but that was def the best!!unreal atmosphere!worth every bump and bruise of the front line!hope ye come visit us again soon!
shelly x
LynnD Posted: 09-09-08 3:31
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Totally agree, was by far the best gig of the weekend. The atmosphere was electric. You guys really got the crowd going. I've never been at a gig where there was so much interaction with the crowd and we were loving it! Everybody was on a total high afterwards and were raving about how great it had been. I am definitely a newly recruited Travis fan, and will be front row centre again next year!
indielimerick Posted: 09-09-08 4:59
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Full Review with videos and pictures on my music blog

Review :

I was recently writing up my best concerts ever and Sunday night gig just ran up the charts into the top ten. This gig is very hard to review as I couldn't’t possible bring you to that intense atmosphere in the tent. I arrived early and parked up at the barriers in front , I was never going to miss one of my all time favourite bands playing right on my doorstep. For many years now I have wanted to see Travis live and never got the opportunity until now.

I had built up this night for months and the sole reason for being in Kilkee was Fran and the lads. They arrived out to a huge response from the crowd and ripped into selfish jean from the last album “The Boy with No Name”.

I was in awe for the whole gig and had to pitch myself to feel like I was actual there, I described the weekend already as magical and it was all down to these guys. Every song was flawless. All these songs I grew up to and wore out on every format from tape, mini-disk to CD were being blasted out right in front of me.

The band themselves were visible excited by the energy of the crowd. We were standing right in front of Andy and he was like a little child he was so excited during songs. Many jumps and leaps later he started to scale the tent as you can see from the pictures below. The crowd went mental from there on in. Not alone did the crowd go mental so did the security they were dancing and clapping like mad and I have never meet such nice security dudes. Would like to thanks one of them personal for getting me the set list, which is currently being framed along with the ticket stub. The set list was amazing and played all the classics I personally would have love if they played just "The Invisible Band" but that's just plain greedy and with a back catalogue like theirs you cant please them all. The tracks from the new album "Ode to J.Smith" are just getting better every time I hear them and just float into the set list like they were always there.

As I have already said, this is in my top ten gigs and if you take a look at the archive section of Travis official site Fran says this:

“Here are my top 10 shows of all time in no order.
1 Mexico City Sports Palace 1st time
2 Taipei Summer 2008
3 New York Irving Plaza 99 where that dude pulled a knife on me!!
4 Headlining Glastonbury
5 T in the Park 99 in the tent
6 Cois Fharraige Festival 2008 Last night. Off the scale. The loudest crowd we ever played for.
7 The Cavern Club Liverpool 2004
8 Detroit Clutch Cargos 2007
9 Headlining Roskilde
10 ummm...yet to play”

That cements it as one of the best gigs of my life. At one point Fran introduced their Swedish keyboard player clause and asked the crowd to chant his name during the keyboard solo. The noise was deafening! Fran also conducted the world’s largest pogoing at a gig ever. The crowd pogoed throughout WDIAROM and the noise once again was unreal. The noise was even commented by the band as the loudest crowd ever and they couldn't’t even hear themselves think.
How does a band surpass that live gig, I could die happy now.

I will post three videos as soon as youtube speeds up and probably change the text around (Not great today due to my hungover state and lack of sleep) thanks for reading and thank you Travis xx

Oh and come back to Ireland very soon!

Set List:
01 Selfish Jean
02 Eyes Wide Open
03 Writing to Reach You
04 Pipe Dreams
05 Beautiful Occupation
06 Side ( Will be a Video Below )
07 Love Will Come
08 Closer
09 J Smith *
10 Somthing Anything *
11 Long Way Down *
12 Song to Self *
13 Sing
14 Driftwood
15 Good Feeling
16 All I Want To Do Is Rock
17 Turn ( there will be a Partial Video Below)

Encore :
18 Flowers in the Window (Acoustic Bliss)
19 Slideshow?
20 Blue Flashing Light?
21 Why Does It Always Rain On Me

*New Tracks from "Ode to J.Smith" out soon

more pictures on my flicker page here

MargaretO Posted: 09-09-08 6:47
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First off Kilkee is a lovely little place. It was sooooo nice to go for a walk on the beach before the concert. Plus the weather was fine (by Irish standards) so the whole day had a really cool holiday feel to it. Then unexpectedly the two guys from Ocean Colour Scene completely blew me away during their acoustic set. Their performance was amazing, but I digress…

Simply put, I cannot think of a better way to spend a Sunday night (or indeed any night) than with Travis and a crowd of insane Travis fans! I sang til my throat bled and so did everybody else. Selfish Jean, Eyes Wide Open, Writing to Reach You, Side, Sing, Closer, Pipe Dreams, Love will Come Through, J. Smith, Something Anything, Song to Self
(dedicated by Fran to those having a pee at that exact moment… all I could think was how could anyone possibly drag themselves away from this??) the Beautiful Occupation, Good Feeling, All I Wanna Do is Rock (At last I got to see Andy doing one of his mad things during the guitar solo. He hadn’t done anything the last time I saw them. This time he climbed the side of the stage. And I was suitably impressed) When Fran announced that they were going to play Turn I thought I’d have to be stretchered out then and there!!!! That song packs an almighty punch and to experience it live is a moment of pure undiluted magic. One of the last songs they did was Slide Show. Fran said it’s a song for the end of a good day like this one. And all I could think was “Yeah, but it’s about being all sad and teary at the end of that good day.” Luckily I didn’t have to wallow in my melancholy for too long. A joyous ‘Why does it always rain on me’ and ‘Flowers in the Window’ more than adequately perked me up. Fran said everyone in the tent had to pogo during the chorus of Why does it always rain on me...even if they’d a broken leg they had to pogo! It was really funny how he said it.

Yup I’ve a serious Travis addiction and mind blowing performances like this one are doing absolutely nothing to help!!
DeiMc Posted: 10-09-08 2:12
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I have 2say Travis are the best band i have ever seen in concert, and their music seems to be getting better and better.Cant wait for the new album.
My girlfriends and i stayed in position directly in front of the stage from when the tent opened until travis appeared on stage at 09:50..
They gave an incredible performance!everything about the night was brill, the music,the singing and the climbing up the scafolding.
Flowers in the window was probably the best and the crowd were unreal.
I couldnt believe it when i heard that they were playing cois fharraige,15 mins 4m my house in west clare. I really hope they come back, well at least to ireland!!
It was an experience of a lifetime and cant wait to see them live again.

Tanx travis 4 such a great time x
AStanford Posted: 16-09-08 6:13
Oh my god that gig at CF was the most amazing I’ve ever experienced! As an avid Travis fan since my student days I was looking forward to Sunday night but I never expected it to be as fantastic as it was. Well done boys! You have to return next year ...I’ve a house in Kilkee if you need accommodation ;-), if you don’t get a spot in the tent, my garden would suit just fine.

Keep up the good work and thanks for an amazing voice is just about coming back to me...

PS. You should release the pogo-ing episode as a keep fit video. Nobody I met Monday could walk (or talk) straight afterwards!

Best live gig I've ever
alexw Posted: 29-09-08 12:42
Travis were Cois Fharraige, absolutley mind blowing, what an atmosphere, truly amazing!!


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