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Well, I could say loads about, but what I usually do every where is quote Travis... hehe And I think this is the most appropriate space for this so far, even if it is not original at all, but: "To keep her caged would just delay the spring". Because I used to think that "there's so much world outside the door", now I'm living in London... And being here, the only thing I can't stop thinking is that "home is where the heart is, but your heart had to roam"... :)
Do I need to say Travis? My favourite band ever. But I also listen to Keane, Damien Rice, James, Lifehouse, Kate Nash, Los Hermanos, Columbia, Maria Rita, wow... So many names, I definitely forgeting some.
Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind, Almost Famous, Lost in Translation, Amelie, Elite Squad, The wind that shakes the barley... again, so many, these I'm looking at dvds to remind me...
The good woman of China, The catcher in the rye... Well, I do like Harry Potter I have to say. And I need to translate the names of the others because I read mainly all of them in Portuguese...
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