Thursday, February 07, 2008
Concorde 2, Brighton, UK

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donnamarsh3 Posted: 08-02-08 12:50
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new songs sound great......old ones are boss as usual..............thank you from the annoying person at the end of the bar driving everyone mad....i AM VERY DRUNK SO I APOLOGISE FOR .........BEING SO DRUNK....BOSS NIGHT THOUGH
hornetforlife Posted: 08-02-08 7:11
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What a fantastic gig last nite new songs are awesome . old 1's were still as gud as ever , glad u played sailaway last nite brill song :-). Lookin forward to the new album with anticipation .
moo_the_evil_boffin Posted: 08-02-08 9:18
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Here I am they day after my second Travis gig with an aching back, sore feet- and a grin from ear to ear. When I found out that Travis would be playing in Brighton I was delighted! I got up at 8 in the morning (no mean feat for a teenager!) and sat in front of my computer screen for an hour, just waiting for the tickets to go on sale. I successfully bought 3 tickets and the date was set to see my favourite band again. The 7th of February soon came round and at half past 1 we left Kent and headed for Brighton.

We arrived in Brighton at about 3 and had quite a long wait before the doors opened so we settled down outside Concorde2 and chatted to some more Travis fans and saw Neil and Andy walk (and limp) inside. The sound checks started at 5ish so I retreated from the warmth of our car and stood in the cold listening to the new songs as though it was my own private concert. After the sound checks had finished we joined (sorry, started) the queue.

The doors opened and I was the first one in and I ran for a place at the front.

After a lengthy wait Palace Fires came to the stage and played around 7 amazing songs. They were a brilliant support band and I hope that they get the recognition they so rightly deserve.

After a short break Travis came on stage and played their new songs and there wasn't a single one that I didn't like. The rocky guitar and heartfelt vocals were wonderful and you could see in their eyes that this is what Travis do best. The first set finished and the guys left the stage for a 10 minute break and when they returned they played a number of 'old' songs, including Sing, The Fear, Writing to Reach You, my personal favourite Side, the beautiful Falling Down and threw in Lola which everyone in that room sang along to. They returned for one encore song, Closer which, as with all Travis songs, was excellent.

When the gig was over I waited to see if I could catch a glimpse of the band or maybe get their autographs and it was well worth the wait. A short while later Dougie and Fran came out to see everyone and I finally got to meet them after 7 years of being their fans. Dougie and Fran both signed my ticket and poster and let me have a picture taken with them.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much Fran, Dougie, Neil, Andy and Claes for another brilliant night. Thank you for taking the time to sign my poster and ticket when you were surrounded by so many fans Dougie and Fran and I hope to meet you again some day soon. You are a brilliant band to listen to, and whenever I hear your songs live I can't stop smiling.
Until next time, Maria x
nikki8s Posted: 08-02-08 9:50
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This is my 5th gig and I thought I knew the formula pretty well. However, they shocked me as they played solidly for the first half with their new material. I heard some tracks that I know I'll love to hear again and again!
But I'm not gonna lie when they emerged for the second half and Fran said 'Sorry, I can talk again now' myself and the crowd were ecstatic!

The funniest bit was when Fran had to keep restarting 'Last Laugh'. Bless.

But the best bit was meeting them after....I'm still grinning like a child!
jaffacakes07 Posted: 08-02-08 10:55
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Well what can I say? This gig came as a bit of a suprise really. A sort of pre-valentines thing form my good lady, who said love is dead eh? Before I knew it my lady and I were on our way to Brighton, this would be my 9th Travis gig, not really knowing what to expect. We parked up right next to the tour bus which seemed to be bigger than the venue itself. I have always been aware of what Concorde 2 was, but never been inside. As we got out it became apparent that the boys were sound checking, trying to be nosey and see what was going on I noticed a small group of fellow Travisers pressed up against a window, and there they were, sound checking away in all their glory plain for all to see through the windowed door. I couldnt tell you what one of the new songs was called however it sounded beautiful, another song seemed to shake the foundations of madiera drive when what sounded like a gong reverberated in our ears. Then a very haunting version of Closer. Blimey this was like a pre-gig joyfest!

Once finished, the guys dissapeared and Andy hobbled off on cruches from his accident the previous night...poor guy. My girlfriend and I decide to head back to the car for a bit when I noticed Fran at the back door, with one other random chap. I hovered by the door and before I could say humpty dumpty love song he opened the door and said somthing like "hi there, c'mon in".......okay. Awesome stuff, he was really polite and more than happy to grab a quick photo, well 2 in fact beacause yours truly forgot to turn the flash on first time round! A quick handshake and a good luck, and just like that we'd qued up and were suddenly inside clutching souvenir t-shirt and ready to roll what a mad half hour or so! A great venue inside, very intimate and a great gig, the new stuff was phenomenal, cant wait for the album, many favourites. After the interval, the guys came back and kicked it old school. Great to hear some of the rarely heard album tracks, Falling Down was a highlight for me. Just when I thought the day couldnt get better, at the encore, my girlfriend said she was sure somthing flicked her on the cheek, she could only assume that it was Frans plectrum, so on came the phone light and there it was on the floor, amazingly no-one else had picked it up YOINK! Another great souvenir!

So a great finish, then we were out in the refreshing Brighton sea air, ears going bannanas but all worth it. Thanks to all the guys for an amazing night, my best Travis gig yet! also thanks Fran for taking the time to say hello and for landing your plectrum in our direction ;-) Cant wait for the album and your return to Brighton thanks guys! Clint
Alisha Posted: 09-02-08 8:44
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Even if I hate to write about (review) music itself, as you don't write, you listen, yesterday I was lucky enough to experince a show I feel the urge to share with the world.
Yesterday infact, I was one of the lucky attendants of one of 5 club showcases Travis are currently doing around the UK, the one which took place at Concorde 2 in Brighton.

Ok, I got a soft spot in my heart for Travis as their interview was one fo the first I had to log when, youngg and hopeful, I landed at MTV about a year ago.
But aside from that, they really got me impressed for the tremendous conciousness they have towards the fans, and the way they actually become their music while playing.

The show itself was endless, well worth even more than 20£, with 2 intermissions.
First part was dedicated to the new songs of what I suppose will be the forthcoming album (and Fran managed not to say a single word except "thanks" at the very end of this part, which was then about 1 hour since the beginning of the show itself)
Second part was more like getting together with your old well known family. Talking, joking, laughing and singing (Fran had to start over "The last laugh of the laughter 3 times before getting it right, but I just couldn't help but love his lovely humbleness in starting over again, and again, and again)
Third part was the encore with Closer.
Rarely I've felt this emotional with a band I wasn't such a strong fan before, and I loved them as Human beings.

But what amazed me, beside the music itself, was the fact that, just when i though everything was ended and time was to go home... I started see flyers around on the club's wall saying "Travis will be around for the afterparty tonight"
They were telling fans to stay over cause they would've been around after the show.
Like "whoever wants to stay and meet us, now can". Like a free meet and greet for whoever wanted it.
I was in total shock and happiness. probably a ridiculously happy smile stood depicted on my face all the time even if I couldn't drag my self over the bar, where Fran and Dougie stoo for more than half an hour probably, along with maybe 20 fans.
Not just signing pictures and making photos, but chatting, talking.
In one word: Caring.
Caring about being there for the people who care about them, and you could tell the whole first row of the show was there till the end, and they gave them the chance to be with them.
I just fell in love with them because of this. Because they can see clearly enough even up from a stage (actually but also metaphorically) what it is like for their public, their crowd, their faithful and devoted fans, and they see the littlest thing they do about it, just like staying over for half an hour chatting and paying them attention, cost so little to them but means so much for the fans.

They make it worth for people being a fan of them. And this is the kind of stuff I love the most about this world of music. Seeing not only I'm not one of the last uninportant one who cares, but that also artist themselves, and such artists as Fran Healy and Dougie Payne, see that clearly enough to be lovely and smiley and caring... caring.. I can't stop focusing on the caring part and how much they shown they cared about the people who was there for them.

It's been lovely. It's been great.
It's been about the connection music creates for anonymous people towards an artist to an inner (soul-ish) level, cause music hits you, talks about inner feelings and goes wide open to unknown people revealing an artist core so that unknown people feel him/her now closer cause they've been allowed to see and feel a piece of his/her soul.

and they must've seen that too. all explained in that 30 minutes at a bar, caring about being with their fans and giving them themselves, besides the music.

(And just for the record, I'm offially and utterly in love with Mr Payne)


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