Sunday, September 28, 2008
The Ritz, Manchester, UK

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TheInvisibleBoy Posted: 29-09-08 12:41
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Wow! First of all I want to say The Republic Tigers were great, best support act I've seen at a gig! I would have got their album too but I ended up buying every piece of Travis merchandise which came to a sum of £50 lol.It was two T-Shirts, a black one with the eye, the reddy browny J.Smith one with blue writing, the heat sensitive mug and a bag, it's kinda something a girl would have I guess but I thought it's cool, it's Travis so I got it lol.

They started with the head speech, leading to Chinese Blues, then J.Smith and I've lost order then but they played Tied To The 90's! I was sooooo happy they did that! They had Sing, Flowers In The Window, Something Anything, Last Words (with an acoustic guitar as Fran's banjo wasn't working), Turn, Why Does It Always Rain On Me, I Kissed A Girl, I think it was Falling Down too, All I wanna Do Is Rock, The Beautiful Occupation, Good Feeling (with Klaus' keyboard solo) and some more that I can't remember but will do later lol. It was absolutely great. Fran was brilliant too, his jokes were great lol, "Klaus has a MySpace...Ladies" lol and his little part of Good Feeling in "Sweedish" lol.

Man! What a night, I'll have photos up soon but yeah I was expecting a great night after seeing them last time but they totally blew me away tonight. The smaller venue in The Ritz really added to it aswell.

Just wanted to say Thanks for an awesome night guys! Hopefully you'll be back to Manchester sooner rather than later!
shellfishdean Posted: 29-09-08 3:34
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Thank you Travis! Definitely one of the best gigs I've been to, helped not only by the small and intimate venue that is The Ritz, but the wonderfully tight band that is Travis! This was my first travis gig - but definitely not the last! What a front man you are Fran! Flowers in the window (strummed by dougie payne, fretted by andy dunlop - nice touch lads!)amongst others are the reason I've got a croaky voice this morning! WE need proper bands like you in the world, arsed not about image and bullshit that surrounds most modern bands but the real song-writing craft that eludes them! the first of many pissed-up, post gig reviews I will be posting, regrettably for you my friends! ;-)
PS: Klaus Rocks!
PPS: Republic Tigers' front man's turned up jeans DO NOT!
beth Posted: 29-09-08 11:40
wow, travis totally rocked last night, watched them a couple ov times now and they just keep getting better and better every time i watch them.
omg ya have just got to get the new album - either by hook or crook lol(just a joke from last nite)!!!
so cant wait to watch them again, hurry up back either to manchester,blackpool or liverpool.
got loads ov pictures to upload from last nite,hopefully will be doing them later. just check them out.
so luved "closer, closer lean on me now, lean on me now" the crowd was awesum all singing along.and the last song they played "why does it always rain on me",everyone jumping along totally awesum and this was defo one gig i will never forget.

just wish i could remember the songline up, if anyone has got it please send it to me thanks.xxxxxxxx
alexw Posted: 29-09-08 12:36
Travis rocked my socks off last night, great atmosphere, great rendition of "I kissed a girl". Loved it......
Saw them at Cois Fharraige, and had didn't realise I knew so many of their songs, they were amazing!!! Convinced some friends to come to the Ritz, and they loved it!!!
Keep shining Claus ;-)
Amazing live band, tell anyone to watch, they won't be dissapointed!
addictiverunner Posted: 29-09-08 6:31
I went down to see Travis last night for the 2nd time @ The Ritz. I only own copies of the 2nd and 3rd albums but your setlist totally blew me away. You all put so much life and energy in the performance.

Fran had problems with his guitar for a good part of the night but still managed to keep smiling.

Andy scared me when he lept into the crowd with only a trail of wire to help him find his way home.

Dougie was just funny.

Couldn't see much of Neil cos Fran was in the way.

Highlights for me was well all of it....You rock Travis ;)
cheekyminx Posted: 29-09-08 7:02
What can I say lads?? Brilliant and no less. I saw you 8 years ago in Amsterdam, and you were fantastic then, but this gig completely out-did any expectations I had. This was the best entertainment I've had in years!! You guys make up the best band I know or have ever seen live, such energy! You really involve your audience, that and your fantastic music just made a perfect night! Thank you so much! Loved hearing the new songs, thanks for putting them on My Space. Shall hopefully be getting your newest album sometime this week. To add to your discussion Fran, I think I buy the albums cos I like having the sleeve, and I'm rubbish with technology! Shame your banjo didn't work Fran but honestly I don't think it mattered. Thanks for suggesting the bouncing at the end.. my toes are still suffering :) I shall definately be comin to see you all again ASAP! Don't ever stop writing songs guys :) Thanks again to all you lads and everyone who helped last night to happen. And also a big thanks to the Republic Tigers really enjoyed them. Take care guys and good luck on the rest of your tour xx
Somewhere Else Posted: 29-09-08 9:45
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HAPPY and ROCKIN tonight.:) Great setlist with plenty of J.Smith , great singing crowd , big Travis fans everywhere(plenty TBWNN fans !) The guys seemed so happy and it all flowed like a river. Lots of 'special' moments that Fran brings to each and every gig - giggles - and cute Claes ( I could see your legs tonight hehe)

Ode to J.Smith tracks stand out for me ; so tight and powerful. We got Chinese Blues , J.Smith, Something Anything ( sounded terrific ) Long Way Down , Last Words and Song to Self -announced as the next single!! No more bets please!

The Best :)

Thanks Guys X

ps Thanks also to the person who farted all night! ( I know we are all excited but ....) I am going to bring my fartometer next time and ask Fran for his spotlight and security guard! lol

cheeky Posted: 07-10-08 11:26
I was there and loved every minute of it, missed out on the Apollo last year because I was away, just love the smaller venues even if my feet did stick to the carpet in the Ritz!!
Highlights, ALL OF IT....
Mikeyboy7 Posted: 08-10-08 3:34
Awesome performance as usual from the boys. It never ceases to amaze me just how much energy they produce?

Highlight of the show for me was when Mr Dunlop did his little jaunt through the crowd and made a beeline for me, handed me his plectrum and told me to "play"!!! Maybe he clocked me break up a fight that had broken out earlier and this was my reward?? Guess i'll never know! And thanks to the person who has posted it on youtube!!

New material is astonishingly good, the oldies sounded as good as ever (Selfish Jean especially)

All in all, great gig great support band and great venue....come back soon guys and see you at the Leadmill!!


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