Tuesday, September 30, 2008
Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton, UK

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nickynooboo Posted: 01-10-08 8:19
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What can I say, another amazing evening!

I know it took a while for us to get going, but once the crowd got into it the atmosphere was awesome.

I was right in front of Dougie so had a great view and it was great to hear some of the new stuff live. I sang my little heart out when 'Song to Self' was played and the rest of the crowd seemed to enjoy the J Smith stuff too.

The 'I kissed a girl' rendition was genius, couldn't stop giggling all the way through.

The highlight of the night for me was catching Dougie's plectrum!!!!! (never had very good hand eye co-ordination, so this was especially impressive for me).

Hoping to see you guys again soon, thanks for another very special evening.

Nicky xxx
Somewhere Else Posted: 01-10-08 9:09
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I decided to do this Gig more leasurely this time, arrive later, use the bar etc as I nearly didn't get to Manchester the other night as I was over excited!

Wulfran Hall is a lovely place and a great place to stage your favourite Band. I recommend this venue to Travis Fans. Its laid back - Sure. No reflection on the Band though, it just comes together more peacefully.

Fran broke through the peace and shook em up Big Time.! Another great setlist with Ode to J.Smith taking mid gig with a mini set of its own. Now this crowd was unfamiliar with the 'Ode Album ' but they loved it and it was a good way of knowing how successful this album is going to be in time. The choir insertion really completed J.Smith to its full cresendo and gave it the pride of place it deserves.

The surprise was > 'Before you Were Young ' slipped in, just at the end and sounding so excellent. It really stood out alongside the more familiar Gems of the Band.

Frans energy and passion is mind blowing on its own.Mesmorising. Although its hard to know who to watch at times.!

Fran also won the prize for making the biggest 'whiff' tonight , having forgotten his deodorant in one arm! haha - I wondered why he had a T on with H Bomb!

We had a 'couple' with a marriage proposal on stage tonight too :)

It was all to quickly over and the hurricane left Wulfran and the people dazed as they sped off in to the night .....

Thanks for coming to Wulfran guys and come back again soon XXXXX

sarah2103 Posted: 01-10-08 9:36
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This was my 8th Travis gig and as always pure class!
Love the new material has a 'good feeling' vibe......
Was so excited as got to meet Andy as he got on the tour bus, he was in a hurry but still managed to have a quick chat and a pic with a smile- thanks for that Andy you made my year!!
Another fantastic gig role on the next!!
momentslast Posted: 01-10-08 11:26
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Another stunning Travis concert, they just blow you away when you see them live.

Fran had a job getting the crowd going to start off with, but with lots of enthusiasm he got the place rocking.

Around half way through the gig they played three songs from Ode to J.Smith album, I think 'Song to Self' was first, then 'J.Smith', and lastly 'Long Way Down' (think that’s the right order), all 3 songs sounded fantastic.

Highlights for me though have to be 'More Than Us', it's been my favorite for years and to hear it live just makes it more so, especially rocked up a bit, Fran’s strumming on 'I Kissed a Girl' (I keep watching the youtube clip from Oslo, bloody brilliant), and Andy's guitar on 'As You Are' is just mesmerizing.

My number one highlight though, and what made such a fantastic night for me, was when they sang 'All I Want to Do Is Rock', I was singing at the top of my voice when no one else around me seemed to be joining in. I noticed that Andy was looking at me, a few seconds
later Andy was off the stage and into the crowd, and he came straight to me! He gave me his plectrum, and then held his guitar up for me to play, it was one of those moments were you can't grasp what’s going on and as such you can't make out what your supposed to be
doing, eventually I hit the plectrum across the strings a few times before he moved off deeper behind me into the audience. I must of come across as a right knob, (sorry Andy if you read this), I did get his plectrum though,lol.

All in all, a great gig, a great night, a great crowd, and an even greater band.

lozm Posted: 05-10-08 11:29
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Finally got round to posting a review. Anyway, another fantastic Travis gig. I managed to get front row, right infront of Fran so this made the night even better. Support band, The Republic Tigers were pretty good, the lead singer reminded me slightly of Liam Gallagher, I think it was the tambourine. Travis came on and straight into Chinese Blues, the new songs sound fantastic live, even better than they do on the record. The setlist had been changed up a bit for this gig from what I had seen from the rest of the tour, only one new song to start off with before getting straight into some of the older classics like Selfish Jean and Writing To Reach You. Set was great and we were in for a big treat, when Before You Were Young was played for the first time on this tour. Great night all round and looking forward to the next time I see Travis, which will be number 9.
sponch Posted: 13-11-08 2:56


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