Thursday, July 10, 2008
Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux , CH

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Lily_B Posted: 11-07-08 1:04
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I don't speak english, donc...

Ce spectacle était GENIAL!!! J'ai pas de mots pour l'exprimer, et pas plus de voix...
Je me suis éclatée!!!
Merci mille fois à tout le groupe!!!
(Bon, j'ai eu une bonne place, à deux pas de la scène, ça aide...)

Juste, déçue de ne pas avoir eu le droit à "Why Does It Always Rain On Me?". Mais on laissera passer, bien sûr, le reste valant largement la peine!!! (En plus, j'imagine qu'à force, depuis le temps...) Et merci pour "Blue Flashing Light", "The Beautiful Occupation" ou "Indefinitely" qui comptent parmi mes préférées!!!

Pour finir, merci à Dougie et Fran d'avoir pris la pose pour les photos...;-)

Thanks!!! Thousand times!!!
Crooty Posted: 11-07-08 9:38
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Right now my friend and I are just wondering why we didn't come to see you sooner. One thing's for sure, we'll come again, so please be sure not to miss Switzerland next time!

You guys were so cute! I mean you looked so happy to be there, Dougie just couldn't help smiling all the time! And thanks Fran, for talking so much between the songs (cheers hot toddy), we could have listened to your lovely Scottish accent for hours.

Thanks for the very cool, great evening!
Crooty :-)
kriszlor Posted: 11-07-08 12:33
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What a greet evening in Montreux!!!! Some good souvenir are back, good music, old songs and now I have no voice!!!!! I sung so much yersterday.

Want to see you again and wait to your new album!!!!! The new songs sound really really great.

Thanks so much to be who you are.

Love you all

wee-sarah Posted: 12-07-08 5:22
When I saw TRAVIS on the program for the Montro Jazz I screamed and ran a lap round the office!! I've been dying to see you guys here since I left Glasgow 3 years ago!!
I was with my fellow Scots who live out here and we were delighted to get a spot within waving distance of Dougie!
The night was fantastic, there were tears and goosebumps and loads of singing and I think Fran did a grand job despite his sore throat! Flowers in the Window was just beautiful and I have not heard indefinately for pure ages!
You made my Montro and put a huge smile on my face. I will be singing for weeks to come!! The new stuff was great - good to see you returning back to your roots!!
Make sure and come back to Switerland (preferably in the Lausanne area) really soon!! xx
Delia24Oct07 Posted: 12-07-08 10:05
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Well, what to say about it?

We arrived at Montreux at about 17:35 and went straight to Auditorium Stravinski where the concert took place.
We met a few other fans who waited there since about 11 in the morning and we went to get change our tickets and then we queued there for being first in.

When the door opened at 7, we sprinted all the way up just to find the next door closed, they opened it a quarter hour later, we run, some of us went left to be in front of Dougie and I went straight to be next to Fran. I was in first row what was perfect and I sat down to wait.
At 20:20, Gnarls Barkley started to play, the audience didn't react though, and I personally was happy when it was over, I had my earplugs in and hoped it to be through soon. They weren't bad, the music was good but I don't like the singer.
They finished at 21:35 and the roadies did a great job changing the stage so Travis finally started at 22:05.
As they came on stage, the feeling in the room was different. They started straight away with "Chinese Blues", which I've never heard before but I loved it. I had a good look at them all and was very happy. I screamed a lot and sung along except with the new songs and had a good time.
I was a little unhappy, when the security-people stood up and went near the stage with us because everyone pushed me away and I ended up next to the camera behind two men who where much taller than me but I could step aside so I could see Fran, Dougie, Neil and Claes and sometimes Andy.
Fran had a bit of a sore throat which wasn't too bad, he received a "Hot Toddy" and it got better, they played until 23:40, I loved the new songs, now I can't get "Song To Self" out of my head. Other songs where: "Indefinitely", which was written in the loudest tour bus in America, "Pipe Dreams", "All I Want To Do Is Rock", "Writing To Reach You", "Love Will Come Through", "Sing", "Eyes Wide Open", "Turn", "Selfish Jean", "Driftwood", "J.Smith", "Get Up" and two other new songs (I can't remember their names), "Slide Show" and "Blue Flashing Light" and "Flowers In The Window" for the end.
It was great, absolutely great and it was a pity it was over.

After the concert we went out and waited for them, after a short while Neil came along, telling us, he has to go to the hotel, so I got my signature that I couldn't have been getting in Zurich and had a short talk with him, then he walked off. We waited again, dunno how long, then Fran, Andy and Dougie came out, too. There where many policemen pulling some guys out of the building who where telling us to step aside so Fran decided to move a bit down the street and I was one that followed him. Dougie stayed where he was so I wasn't able to talk to him at all... I stood next to Fran listening to what he was talking with the other fans and waiting till my friend came back with her camera. In the meantime I headed over to Andy, who was really pissed. He hugged me about three times and I told him about how I found the gig and the new songs and wished him good luck, he wrote "lots of love" on my ticket and walked off. I went back to Fran and my friend made a picture with him, I told him my opinion about the new songs too (for more I was still too shy!) and he signed my ticket. After about half an hour he went off, we all said goodbye and didn't see him come back, suddenly he walked by again and wished a good night.

They were all so nice to us, I still can't believe it. Dougie had shown a picture of his son and talked a lot about small children with one of my friends though they've all been very tired.

Together with the night in Zurich, it's the best experience I've ever had.
Thank you, thank you, thank you guys, there can't be another band being so kind to their fans like you! I love you all!

KimFoster Posted: 15-07-08 8:01
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It was brilliant. A perfect first Travis gig. The staff moved the barriers away mid song and we rushed up to the stage and I was squished up against the stage infront of Dougie. My sis asked Dougie for a pick at one stage, while Fran was explaining the concept of honey and lemon (Hot Toddy) to us. While Dougie gave sis a pick I asked him for one too and he said he'd give me one later or he'd run out of them. Later he chucked one into the crowd and I caught it. Then at the end of the gig he chucked another to me so I ended up with two Dougie picks, but I gave one to our friend.

Post gig, we waited for the band Neil came out and signed a piece of paper for me but didn't hang around long. Quite a while after that the rest of the band came out. A few fans flocked around them and then a cop showed up at the door and started yelling at us all to get back, away from the door and next thing, some guy was being dragged out by a bunch of cops, struggling. Fran looked a tad surprised. Then the cop yelled for us to get out of the way again in french so I said to Fran that he wants us to get out of the way, that more are coming and he said we'd better go down to the street. our friend followed him and I used the opportunity to approach Andy who was sloshed, he signed my paper with a cup of beer in one hand and my pen in the other.
I went over to Dougie, He signed my paper and asked my name, asked me how I was going and I said I'd liked the gig, that it was my first Travis gig and that I was chuffed to have been up the front. He said he was glad I enjoyed it and a friend of my sisters who was also there came up and said "hey Daddyboy". So Dougie showed us a photo of his son on his phone and I chatted to him about what it's like to watch a baby grow from this tiny little "grub" (as Dougie put it) into a child. I told him about how I'd worked as an Au Pair and he was genuinely interested.(Or he's just really good at feigning interest)
He was just really nice and down to earth.
Then we went to join our friend who was one of a small group of people flocked around Fran. Fran signed my paper too and the "daddyboy"-friend thanked him for the sweaty towel she'd got. And a good time was had by all.


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