Tuesday, July 29, 2008
Impact Arena, Bangkok, TH

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fabulousfeb Posted: 30-07-08 11:42
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Thankssss for coming, Travis.
You guys were amazing !!!
Your songs are also beautiful and they were much much more beautiful when you playing it live.
Fran, I love your voice, it's so wonderful & sweettt.
I've been your fan & waiting for your show for 10 years. Yesterday was like a dream as my most fav band playing all the beaitiful songs in front of me.
Thanks a million for giving such an impressive night :)

All I Wanna Do is Rock is still all around in my head ;)

PS. I like your new song, J. Smith & Song to self. Your did a fantastic songs again( as always ).

Luv u, Travis :)
klumsykits Posted: 30-07-08 1:14
We didn't want you guys to leave the stage last night at all!! It meant a lot to us for that you guys had come to Thailand and played our favorite songs.

I liked your new stuff,too!
Especially SONG TO SELF & that J.SMITH!!
They got pretty cool sounds.

PS. I'm so glad that i got to see the real TRAVIS when i'm still young. Luv y'all tons!!!!

NiGhtpRincE Posted: 30-07-08 4:39
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I can't

explain my feeling until now

you guy rock my world

I really have no word

to say

to you and other travis's fan

That would be one of my greatest night

for me to be with "My" greatest band :)

Ps.I Hope You'll keep your word

"see you soon"


Drift Posted: 30-07-08 7:19
So cool travis

I'm so Glad Sad Mad

Thank for coming and hope to see you again
Lucifleur Posted: 30-07-08 7:57
I'm your new fan and I came to see your show and I want to say something to you

'Thanks to come to Thailand. I'm really happy that night. And hope to see you next time and I don't miss to see you again, I swear.'
kewe Posted: 30-07-08 8:00
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Cheers Thanks for everything
Travis !!!!

I had a really good time that night :)
You should come back to Thailand again
It's worth waiting for a long time to see you guys playing here...
I was listen to Travis since I was 12
haha...and I wish i could see you in concert someday and now my dream came true !!!

Your songs are always cheer me up

The new songs were so great in live too
I'm really in to Why does it always rain on me :)

Thanks for being so nice at
Meet and Greet and after concert meet :D I'm so impressed

By the way Sorry that i wrote on your hand, Fran ^ ^'
agaligo Posted: 30-07-08 8:43
Thank for the magnificent lives. I'm waiting to meet you for a long time.

After the show, the sound plays repeat again & again in my head and I can not stop it!

You make me smile all day even busy with work. Whenever I think about last nite, i'll smile automatically.

See you soon!!!
ianwuk Posted: 31-07-08 4:28
This was my first real concert and even though Simple Plan were on the bill it was Travis I really wanted to see.

I had no idea what to expect to be honest but Travis did not disappoint and the crowd were really supportive!

I enjoyed the new material that was played and will definitely be getting the new album. I thought Fran's interaction with the crowd was also great and I hope that Travis consider returning to Thailand where they are always warmly recieved.

As an Englishman it was nice to see familar bands taking an interest in Thailand. Highlights of the show are too many too list and I wish I could repeat the night over and over.

For me though the reception to the intro of Selfish Jean was just awesome and the set list was great too. It made me wish I was standing but alas I was in the tiers instead but I still sang along to every song and now I am recovering.

I also loved the finale, with everyone jumping up and down to Why Does it Always Rain on Me, that was fantastic! I would love to know what Travis thought of Bangkok and their reception, I hope they enjoyed it and will consider coming back.

Thank you so much for coming to Thailand Travis, we hope we made your stay welcome, thanks for the great concert, it was amazing!

I have two questions though. What was the audio excerpt played before the concert started? I just remember it was about being mad. And also I thought that the instrument volume was perhaps a little too loud and drowned out the vocals at time, does anyone else agree?

A fantastic concert, thank you Travis!

All the best for the future.

Ian Walker
amp2rock Posted: 31-07-08 8:16
i Love TRAVIS!! So much

plz come back to Thailand again!!

Why Does It Always Rain on Me?
i like this song so muchhhhhhhh...
also Selfish Jean,Closer and Flowers In The Window..Wicked!!!

I look forward to seeing you again

much love :P

Phanida ( Ame')
sputnik_sweetheart Posted: 31-07-08 9:35
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You rock my world!!

I can't explain about my feeling,
I can just to say I love you so much guys.


"see you soon"

driftwoodxz Posted: 31-07-08 12:04
Thank you TRAVIS for the show in Thailand It fantastic I can't believe that I saw you in Thailand
I'm see yous on DVD more than us live in glasgow
I'm hope band live show in bkk
Dream Come true
Thank Dougie for smile
I'm waiting for you again seeeeee ya sooooon !!

I’m so happy cause you’re so happy
ifer Posted: 31-07-08 1:04
thx 4 coming and entertain us : )

just one word
u guys are really AMAZING!

i really enjoy your performance, no doubt that it's my greatest nite!

u guys played alot of my favourtie song so i'm really happy about that
and your new stuff never disappoint us, it's really great

anyway, thx alot
u made my anniversary with my luv is the best moment ever!

i luv u travis!
hope we will meet again soon : )

ps. i would be happy if dougie can remember the girl (who look like a boy coz that short hair) who wear eyeglasses and sing the song loudly! LOL
(also smiled & stared at dougie alot )

staybeautiful Posted: 31-07-08 3:48
Thank you so much for your beautiful music.I realy had a great time.One of the most touching moment for me when you guys put your arms on each other shoulder and sang "Flower in the Window."*tears*Please come back here again.We luv you.

I found review concert from Daily Xpress and some videos here


video Simple Plan then Travis

Flowers in the window

Why does it Always rain on me

roulette Posted: 01-08-08 1:50
Thanks Travis for giving thai fans a great show. I've never thought before that you would come to Thailand. I've been fan of travis since I was 13 now 21.

I can't explain how delight I was when watching your show.

Love ya all

oatai Posted: 01-08-08 4:40

c U soon
SUDARAT Posted: 01-08-08 7:06
I don't no how to say what I'm feeling about all of you. It' so much more than I can tell here.

10 years long waiting for me, it's really worth.

All of you and your songs inspire me and live with me all the time.

When I first listening your song I said "I will see you in one day and I have to"

Thank you for being here to make the great night, I will never forget.
You're so real.

Hope you like Thailand.
And come back again, please.

The Girl Who.....

yatiko Posted: 02-08-08 5:05
Thanks for coming to Bangkok and give us the great show.

I hope to see you soon.

Love you guys!!!!
paganda Posted: 02-08-08 1:06
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'Why does it alway rain on me' is My Theme Song...Thank you for million Times that you choose the song to complete my Wonderful Night....
vivalavida Posted: 02-08-08 2:19
it's more than awesome that night.
thanks for everything.
pls don't forget us
there're many Travis's fans here,in Thailand
pls come back again


som Posted: 03-08-08 10:57
the Amazing Show ;)

I love you, please come back again & again ^O^
rongnamcha Posted: 04-08-08 2:44
Many thanks for the great show in Bangkok! You guys are brilliant! Don't miss a chance to visit all of us in Thailand again as soon as possible. We can sing with you more than that. And thanks for fulfilling my hope for travis' live performance with your beautiful melody and good lyrics of "Beautiful Occupation"! I truly love this song!
See you all soon in Bangkok!
lifeinsilverbus Posted: 05-08-08 4:23

and I love the jumping :D
iamtez Posted: 08-08-08 1:05
Thanks so much for your music.
I'm really impress "Flowers in the window" you know why, "Why does it always rain on me"
during this song i can't sit on my chair.
Thank you Travis and don't forgot something
"See you soon" we await for you :)
yurieee Posted: 09-08-08 5:47
it's been almost two weeks since you came here to bangkok.
i was at the very front row. It was like OMG i saw Travis live,it's just like i've always dream about.
You guys know what, "seeing you live" appears in every where i wrote about my wish-lists-to-do-b4-die?
Last but now least(lol), thanks so much for your music and lyrics they really push me high. :)))))
Love you guys so muchhhhh.
Love your music deary.
=yuri= (miss ya hell)


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