Monday, April 20, 2009
House Of Blues, Cleveland OH, US

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BobKlass Posted: 21-04-09 5:08
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What a loveley, lovely show. All day yesterday I had the Monday blahs. I was wondering how I could get myself up for seeing Travis. I listened to a lot of Travis during the day, and that helped, but it wasn't until Travis started playing that my day turned around. And it really turned around.

As the show progressed, you got the feeling that everyone was having the same beautiful experience. We were all feeling the power of the music. I had seen Travis once before in Detroit, several years ago, and it was the same experience, but on a slightly larger scale. The House of Blues crowd was less than capacity (it was a rainy, crappy Monday night) but that added to the intimacy of the show.

Having checked all the set lists posted on this site, I noticed that "As You Are" was missing. I was sad about that. You could feel that this was a really good show the band was playing - one with lots of positive feelings. When they played "As You Are," it went over the top for me.

It was a very special Monday. Thank you Travis.
eugmc Posted: 21-04-09 7:40
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This review was for my website Cleveland Leader. Hope you enjoy. You can view a sideshow (too bad they didn't play that one come to think of it) of pictures at this link to my site as well.


Scottish rock band rock band Travis took to a Cleveland area stage for the first time in seven years and the crowds appetite for the band proved to be ravenous for the five piece outfit. The relatively strong crowd for a Monday night show at the House of Blues was treated to an energetic performance by the most affable band in the music business. The crowd returned the bands energy with loud singalongs.

The band played songs from each one of their six studio albums which date back to 1997's Good Feeling. Intermixed with the old hits were a couple obscure b-sides which were a hit with the hardcore fan base and a number of tracks from their latest solid release Ode to J Smith which hit record stores late last year. The sounds ranged from John Lennon's Plastic Ono Band guitar solos from Andy Dunlop, who did some of his axework atop his amplification system, to the softer side of the band in Fran Healy well received acoustic set in which performed the song 20 with just a guitar and with the aid of no microphone.

Lead singer Fran Healy also shared news that his mother was watching the show from the side of the stage and surprised the adoring crowd when he brought his laptop to show that he was beaming the show so his mother could watch back home in Glasgow. He updated his Twitter account today with a message that read:

Cleveland you ROCKED. Had a live ichat on stage tonight with my mum. The crowd waved. She waved back. On bus now. Toronto tomorrow.

The band, which had hit the Cleveland area 4 times in the span of two years before their hiatus in the Northeast Ohio, tried to make it up the crowd for not hitting the town by adding an additional songs to the set list which ended with an acoustic rendition of 2003 single "Flowers in the Window" with the band arm-in-arm smiling from ear to ear at center stage. Healy, who is famous for his stage banter and was in rare form on the evening with a story about a traffic stop in Detroit the highlight, promised to come back sometime soon. With a show as well put together as this evening turned out he is sure to have repeat customers, and most importantly probably impressed his mother who was watching at home.
kingmob1972 Posted: 22-04-09 2:48
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Incrediable show..travis is the best. I got to shake frans hand and he asked me my name..hes awsome.
nice to hear humpty dumpty love song and as you are.
truelly a memorable night.
sastripay Posted: 22-04-09 3:01
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3 hours by yourself is a long drive on a wet grey Monday - all to see a concert! By the time I left the fair city of Cleveland, I was floating on Cloud 9 and loving every minute of it! The band's energy and enthusiasm was infectious as was the love and joy felt by the crowd! It didn't take long for us all to join in the fun and sing along - and when Fran jumped into the crowd?!?!?!??! Well, we couldn't have been happier to make him part of our big family! A moving rendition of humpty dumpty love song, a great version of love will come through and closer and sing and side and...... I thought it couldn't get any better...then... Dougie took the lead to sing.... then pogo-ing and ending the show with an AMAZING acoustic version of flowers in the window (the best song EVER!!!!!) The three hour drive home was on air! I think that I was even smiling in my sleep! Thanks, guys - for a FABULOUS show!!!! PS - Come to Pittsburgh!!!!
pocketchange78 Posted: 22-04-09 10:55
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How great it was to finally have Travis back in my hometown. As always, they were amazing, and I didn't want the show to end.

What I love best about this band, other than their music of course, is their ability to engage the crowd, and this show was certainly no exception. They are one of the only bands that I have seen multiple times that give me the impression that they are having fun, that they actually enjoy performing for their fans (and appreciate their fans), and that they are passionate about their music. I never get the impression that this is "just a job" to them, and I always feel that paying for Travis tickets is money well spent.

This tour brought a new Travis experience for me when Fran unplugged his guitar and stepped away from the mic during "Twenty". Brilliant and beautiful. I also appreciate the fact that they played all the old favorites, but also played some of the classics that don't always get live time.

Two solid hours of Travis. Thanks, guys. Please come back to Cleveland again soon and don't skip us anymore!!
MalCat55 Posted: 22-04-09 5:30
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I was looking forward to this show for the longest time. I have been a fan since they began and never was able to make it to a Cleveland show until the HOB my have you ever seen a better live band?? These lads are extraordinary!!! The "good feeling" you get during and after the show is like a drug. They are truly genuine and sincere musicians and thats what their fans love about them. All this American mainstream hype about Coldplay and all these other pseudo bands have got nothing on Travis! I'm so happy that they enjoyed playing in Cleveland and we will welcome them with open arms again, hopefully very soon! Is it just me or does it seem like Cleveland was the longest setlist??:):):
BECCA07 Posted: 24-04-09 3:00
Brilliant! Innovative! The new standard for all concerts has been set and i'm pretty sure that it is not attainable.

Travis has been my favorite band for about 9 years. Cleveland was my first concert. After seeing several shows with bands that didn't sound anything like the CD's, I was worried. Wow!!! No studio tricks there. Talent abounds! So many different sounds, different instruments make Travis truly deserving of the word musician. Not only did you guys sound great, but you were loads of fun. I have never been that involved in a concert. I wanted to turn right around and drive 3 hours again the next day for another round. Thanks for letting us meet your mom, Fran-and tell her thanks for having you! Love, Becca
Turtleneck Posted: 24-04-09 4:12
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After a completely wonderful weekend in Chicago, fellow Boardie Nikki and I drove from Detroit to Cleveland in the pouring rain.

We arrived early at the House of Blues and ate there to receive our "Pass the Line" privileges. I highly recommend doing this--no waiting in line in the rain! Only 2 others were waiting with us for a long time. HOB worker Dave broke rules for us and let us stand in the "employees only" area and propped the stage door open with a trash can so we could hear the sound check. Cool! Thanks Dave! Eventually we had to go wait in the psychedelic warehouse until show time.

We took a Frougie spot this time. Chicago was great, but Cleveland just blew me away! Fran was in a good mood and chatty and they played one great song after another; even a song that wasn't on the set list! (Nikki got a set list, BTW.)

It was such a happy, upbeat concert, full of fun. When the show ended we were pleased to see the rain had stopped and we waited for the band. It was cold, but they were so nice and generous with their time. Fran remembered from the board that these were my first 2 concerts in a long time and asked how I liked the show. I got my "Turtleneck" profile picture poster signed and I consider it to be the best souvenir ever. :D

Thank you Travis--for the best 4-day-weekend, full of new Boardie friends, fun, and music. I'll never forget it! MMmmmmmmwaaa!


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