Sunday, July 19, 2009
Gurten Festival, Gurten, Bern, CH

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Crooty Posted: 20-07-09 10:44
Thanks again for short but sweet show yesterday. I was sad and then worried to see my friend Solweig leave the front row after the first song because she was feeling unwell (although she insisted that I stayed), but relieved when I met her again at the end of the show and learnt that she'd got better and had been able to enjoy it too.

The crowd seemed particularly enthusiastic, it must have been cool to see it form your point of view.

It was also nice to meet you at the end of the signing session, although I was feeling awfully self-conscious, not knowing what to say.

We hope to see you again soon in Western Switzerland!

Lily_B Posted: 20-07-09 9:10
I don't speak english yet. I'm sorry for my faults.

It was my third show. It was my best show !!!
Sun and GOOD Music ! Wow ! Great day !!

And Thanks for autographs and pictures ! :D

See you soon for another show !
puffi Posted: 20-07-09 10:04
Thanks for that energy, motivation and smile. Was nice seeing you in Bern.
Seraina Posted: 21-07-09 10:32
Hey guys
Thanks for this amazing concert at Gurten festival!! I will never forget it! You made my day!

Thank you Fran for hugging me! i am speechless.....

Love Seraina

ps. best concert ever!!!!
ClaudiaT Posted: 22-07-09 8:22
Hey guys, thank you so much for coming to Bern and playing at the Gurtenfestival. Special after the tragedy at the other festival which got cancelled. very sad what happend there.

You guys were absolutly fantastic, you rocked the hill :D still watching the the snippet from TeleBaern from the concert over and over again.

All the best for you all, and hope to see you soon again.
Nell Posted: 26-07-09 6:44
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First thx so so freaking much for playing! It was, simply put, just awesome! Thank you also for actually participating your joy with as…for interacting with us. Almost no other bands did that….some (we don’t wanna call names) just stood there…and didn’t move for 80 minutes…) So Thx!

Setlist (sorry if I forgot a song. Songs are I non particular order):

Chinese Blues
Writing to reach you
Something anything
Long way down
All I want to do is rock
Side - Eyes wide open-combo
Selfish Jean
Love will come through
Falling Down
Why does it always rain on me
Flowers in the window

16:30 crowd’s getting nervous. Soundcheck’s done. Neil has already checked his drums. The other instuments are getting checked out by some soundmen. Nigel (?) is rehearsing the intro-song (Do Re Mi :D)…but no band yet. People start calling “Travis Travis”. Other’s are using the opportunity to meet new friends ;) (Hellooooo Juliette!) 

16.55 Travis are coming on! 25 minutes late - but who cares - they’re here! I was standing in the first line directly in front of Dougie. It was brilliant fun!
They apologised for being late and started to play.
First song: Chinese Blues. Now already the first song was able to get the people to move and dance. But this was just the beginning.
As far as I remember “Writing to reach you” was the second song - an all time favourite.

….now you can check the setlist above..I’m not gonna go through the whole setlist.

Just some specialties…:

Sing: BRILLIANT BASS! The bassline deserves an own song! I was simply blown by it! And the crowd more shouting than singing it - was brilliant 

Closer, awesome! I love this little echo-thing Dougie and Fran are doing during the second verse! It was beautiful! After that they played back on back. …yeah lean on me now….

Falling down: Fran got into the crowd, which was already cool, but then asked a guy to pick him up and transport a wee bit through the crowd. Amazing.

On one song (sorry don’t even know which one anymore…) Andy came down to the crowd and played the guitar just in front of their nose . Now I was at the other side of the stage - but my friends says he let them even strum his guitar. If so - even if not- Darn cool!

Turn: Fran singing the first, Dougie the second verse: God. That was just cool cool cool! It sounded amzing.

Selfish Jean: That one rocked the stage as the crowd! The part I liked more was the middle part where they both sing…”and this house is not a home…”

Love will come through: Claes started the song with his backing whilst Fran talked the crowed through some moving-issues (hahha got that?) Anyway..we were their metronome..and they were our stereo system . Best song ever! Thx for that, mates! Andy played on the other guitar for that…Gibson as well? Epiphone..gotta check again…looks funny though..
Thx Dougie for your response here :p

Side-Eyes wide open. Now is there anything cooler than that on earth? Think hard! And if the answer’s still yes. Think harder! This is about as brilliant as it can get live…We were just dancing, singing and greatful.

Something anything: The guitar was mindblowing…I wanna have fingers like that…

Chinese Blues! AHHHHHHH Claes! RESPECT!  You gotta have endourance for that accompaniment. Very good. Dougie playe here on a newer bass 

Driftwood.: God I want that guitar…that guitar is amazing…..Fran was brilliant on this…as on the others…no song was bad.

Neil: Amaaaaaaaaazing! He got some action going on there…coooooooooooooool!

Flowers in the window: I still think this busking version is the best version of the song at all! Cool! Fun

J.Smith haha Fran missed the start a bit :P cooooooool!

All in all - it’s been the best band on the festival! Even Liam got hit by a bottle…hehehe..but the way he looked..he knew exactly why.. haha..not good though 

Well Thank you guys for doing this! Thanks Fran for your jokes as well and actually talking and interacting with us! You did great! Thx for the jokes as well :P

Dougie: Thank you so much for noticing and for the chitchat afterwards! Also for responding during the show ;) Thx for the beautiful basslines…

Andy: your riffs just totally blew my mind off. I was so stunned. You’re so fucking fast and accurate at playing! Beautiful solos, beautiful accompaniments…wow! Thx for noticing as well. I was having the best time of my life  Thx for the talk and the hugs as well! Hope to see you guys soon!

Claes and Neil! Cool Cool Cool¨! Our drummers are still figuring out your patterns. How the hell do you do that??? Bloody brilliant!
Claes! Ohhhhhoooo what do you when you get nervous? Well you apparently never do! But jeez that was sooo soooo cool. Sadly you didn’t play Good Feeling ;) but when it comes to the piano Chines Blues is not bad either! Thx so much!

Hahhaha and I’m still waiting for “The Distance”, “Ballad of J.Smith” or “I forget my name” for that matter :p…hahha…your favourite wee tune? Well guess what  our’s as well!


The only bad part of the whole show was: they were not allowed to play longer - after they were late half an hour…and the organisation of the autograph-hour….was a disaster…but that’s the Gurten ppl to blame for..not the band.

Thank you!


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