Friday, February 27, 2009
International Forum, Tokyo, JP

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Hiromi-Y Posted: 27-02-09 6:26
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I went to see it after work.

Forum is all seating hall. I was the second gig of at the all seating hall of Travis, but it was a mysterious feeling! Their Tokyo show was very cool:) Some throats of Fran were anxious, but think that it was a good show:D My friends enjoyed see Travis for the first time:)

I can't listen to "All I Want ToDo Is Rock" which have setlist, but please play it next time!!

H x
tsunafumi Posted: 28-02-09 12:57
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Dougie, Dougie, Dougie!!!
Thank you very much for singing "Ring Out the Bell", I could die for it.
Sorry for not saying thank you at loud at the hall. I was far away and too shy to say that, but I was so happy. Thank you so much and I love you so much!

tae-chan Posted: 28-02-09 4:10
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Thank you for the great show.I had a wonderful time !!
All songs made me happy especially Flowers in the window.
Please coming back to Japan again as soon as possible.
floppi Posted: 01-03-09 5:50
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Thank you for the magical night!!!
But it was toooo short, I was ready to hear you playing and singing all night :)
Can't wait to see you guys again, hopefully real SOON !!!
pakumon Posted: 01-03-09 7:32
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What a wonderful night!
All songs were special for me.

Thank you for coming back!!!
I'm really looking forward to seeing you next time :-)

micchi Posted: 02-03-09 1:53
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Hi guys,

Big thanks for fantastic night!!
Your songs love any song and I sing with you.
I'm very happy :)

Please come back to Japan again soon, we waiting for you.
Fran said "9 half years later"
but I believe what you says "See you soon" at lastly.

In Japan can't take your picture, it's prohibited.
However, we love you in your fan of world and the same.

I also am looking forward to meeting.
See you!

with Love
hiromi Posted: 03-03-09 3:27
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That was a really really REALLY amazing concert!!!!!!
Damn!! I can't explain how amazing it was.....It was too great for words!!!!!

I'm thinking back on the concert now and still moved to tears by it...
Why are Travis concerts soooo fantastic?!
Why are they always soooo great?!
Does anyone know the answers?!?!?! xD

They made me sooo happy with their brilliant songs!
I was moved by all songs that they played on the night, especially Before You Were Young, Ring Out The Bell and Flowers In The Window!!
I never forget the night!!!
But, and it's a small but, I would be happier if they played more songs.....Does it sounds like I'm selfish? hehehe ;P

Thank you very very VERY much for the great show, Travis!!!!
I couldn't be happier to be there!

I DO LOVE the way Andy play at the stage....So coool!!
Dougie's Ring Out The Bell was unbelievably brilliant!!!!
Fran talked to us in Japanese...So cute!! I always appreciate your heartwarming kindness :)
Neil was the greatest drummer!!!

I'm already missing you, Travis!!!! I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing you again!!!!!!
Cos all I need is you, I just need you!!!!!


I and my friend showed "Happy belated Birthday" banner to Neil during the concert :D
Andy noticed the banner and he told Neil about it!!!
Thank you for your help Andy!!
I was glad that I was able to show my banner to Neil!!!! :):):)

nori Posted: 06-03-09 5:48
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I had waited this moment for 10 years.
It was a long, long time.
During 10 years, I got married, moved two times and gave birth to my daughter !

This concert was amazing.I touched Fran first time!!!
The highlight for me was the acoustic version of FITW.
I couldn't believe that you tried to play unplugged because the hall was too big.

But it was too short. You played only 20 songs (about 90 minutes).

Once more,
I had waited this moment for TEN YEARS !!!
I couldn't listen to AIWTDIR, Song To Self, Happy, B-sides and covers.

Please come back as soon as possible and play more more songs !

nory x
mexican wine Posted: 09-03-09 2:05
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The show was great and awesome as always. The sounds of this hall was better than that of other venues. I was able to listen to Fran's acouatic guitars more clearly. His acouatic guitars on Driftwood,My Eyes,Love Will Come Through and Closer were very comfortable. Especially,I really like the sounds of 12 String.
I was able to listen to Andy's beautiful guitar sounds on Falling Down.
And,It was unbelievable that they had played Flowers In The Window without a mic in this big hall as they had done in other small venues. The audience was able to become quiet to listen to. Their sounds without a mic have extended to this big hall. The hall was full of an amazing atmosphere. It was very surprising moment.

But,Iím just a little bit sad. They did't paly Song To Self,All I Want To Do IS Rock,As You Are,and B side in Tokyo. They removed songs from the set list day by day. I wanted to listen to Album songs,B sides and covers,(is not possible to listen in festivals).

Anyway,Thank you TRAVIS for coming to Japan. I'm really looking forward to seeing you again. At the next time,Please play a lot of songs!!!

N x


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