Saturday, October 17, 2009
The Loft, Atlanta, GA, US

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lunahzon Posted: 18-10-09 1:25
Wow, I could ramble on about how great the show was, from the ridiculously funny things that happened while we waiting "in queue" (as the boys like to say" for the show. (Such as one of the bands performing in the venue next door driving off with a traffic cone under their van only to be followed by a car an hour later that did the exact same). Great people in attendance (made a few new friends), but obviously the best was the show. It was a nice mixture of humor, intimate details, and just plain great music. Hopefully my fiance will be posting a more fleshed out review at Rabbit Hole Music at some point, but suffice to say no one who is a fan should be the LEAST bit disappointed with these shows!!

The guys took 2 hours to meet and make every single fan in the merch line feel welcome and special... you can't ask more of a band than that! Again, could ramble on, but we must be on the road back to Charlotte from Atlanta. Here is the official setlist (as I wrote things down and got Andy's copy):

All I Want To Do Is Rock
Writing to Reach You
Last Laugh
Why Does It Always Rain..?
Slideshow (not on Andy's setlist, but played)
Flowers In The Window
The Connection (which Fran proclaimed to be a FU song that many mistake to be the other way around - great b-side)
Beautiful Occupation (Not Played, but on setlist)
Love Will Come Through
My Eyes (played to a picture of Fran's son, which he asked no one to take pictures of or record out of respect for personal space, understandably so)
Song to Self
Before You Were Young
As It Comes (new song - great, dark sounding song, very much so sounds like something that'd come between Invisible Man & 12 Memories based on the acoustic arrangement)

Peace the Fuck Out
Humpty Dumpty Love Song (We tried yelling Pipe Dreams quite a bit along with others, but the second my fiance yelled this, he latched on to it... apparently he was hoping someone would ask)
BeatleGirl11 Posted: 18-10-09 11:12
The show was AWESOME! It was so much different then the one at The Tabernacle 2 years ago, but just as much, if not more special! All the stories were hilarious and wonderful to hear. I loved how intimate it was-we were front row(we did have to wait in the cold for 3 hours, but it was worth it) and the experience was nothing short of amazing.

My sister and I were going to request "Happy" at the end of the show, but surprisingly they did it near the beginning as the original set. I love that song! When Fran took requests afterwards we screamed for them to play "Tied to the 90s" but no luck. I would really love to hear that one live. Maybe next time???

Fran told me that he really wished they had come to Atlanta on the last show, but it was out of their hands. I really think they enjoy the town and the people-and can you blame them? We all love Travis!

Great night, great music, great guys! Even though my phone went off during the show, and I almost died of embarassment, it was a wonderful evening!
Vincentnotabartolo Posted: 19-10-09 4:14
Michelle and myself went to this show not knowing what to expect since the last show at the Tabernacle was fantastically amazing. We were both very pleased to hear how amazing both Fran and Andy sounded, especially when its just them, a couple of guitars and a piano. It just goes to show how good of musicians they are. You can also tell how seasoned they are as performers, especially to be so charasmatic on and off stage. I especially loved the slide show they had and the history lesson they gave with each song. It felt like your own personal VH1 story teller (I actually asked Fran and Andy during the meet and greet if they might release the Vh1 story teller they did back in 2000, to which Fran shrugged "I'm not sure what they've done with it."). I must say, it is very refreshing to see them be so cordial during the meet and greet to actually spend time with their fans. If you are reading this post and you haven't seen them live, I do urge you to go. They put on a fantastic show and here in Atlanta they have did an autograph signing after the last 2 shows. I'm not saying that will happen every time, but I am saying that, to be a touring band, to work your ass off for 2 hours sweating yourself to give the audience your best, then to go directly after, stay 2 more hours to sign autographs, to me, that just goes above and beyond (ok, I've watched too many corporate american employee engagment videos). Ok, to end this novel, Fran and Andy put on a fantastic show and Michelle and I will be back to see them at the Tabernacle. Yes Fran, its still there :).

cartoonmatrix Posted: 19-10-09 3:48
The show was brilliant as expected. The crowd was great and there were some funny moments that topped it. Fran's reaction to the girl whose cellphone was going off was hilarious.
The songs speek for themselves but it nice to have some random stories thrown in. You get to see the process for the songs and see that it doesn't fit the formula that you would think of. That makes them all the more special.
Meeting them again was fantastic and this time we weren't all sweat drenched so the photo of us with the guys d=came out amazing. Plus we decided we didn't just want the standard photo everyone else was getting. Fran came up with the couch idea and it was great. Best picture I've taken in awhile.
Come back to Atlanta soon! or even perhaps Macon? The home of soul and southern rock would love a visit :)
IditK Posted: 19-10-09 7:21
It was the best show I have ever been to. I love Travis, and never expected to attend such an intimate performance from these guys. And to top the great songs, which I have been listening to for 10 years, Fran told hilarious stories related to each song, that really shed a new light on each song for me. I felt his passion to music and was amazed at how he and Andy are so talented and versatile. It actually felt like I was sitting in their living room, and they are goofing around, telling funny anacdotes and sharing intimate stories and songs. But they really gave it all on stage, playing more than 2 hours non stop, than having the patience to meet the fans. I was truly shocked by their genuine desire to talk to the fans and give them that personal touch, even though it took so long and I can only assume they were tired after the show. I didn't expect that at all, and it was definitely a most memorable event for me. I cannot wait to see them again.
mattdrum74 Posted: 20-10-09 10:56
Fran and Andy put on a fantastic show in Atlanta. I loved the stories behind the songs- all were highly entertaining. The stories (and slides) were so funny, the show almost plays like stand-up comedy. I had an amazing time at the 2007 Tabernacle show and I had to see them again. I got to meet them all after that show and they were incredibly warm and generous. This time 'round was special because it was my little girl's first concert. I'm raising both my kids (Gwyn-5 and Cliff-3) on a healthy musical diet of Beatles, U2, Coldplay and Travis! Gwyn's been asking to go to a show with me.
This set-up Fran and Andy have made is perfect introduction. She loved every minute of it. She's been a fan of the obvious ones- Rain, Flowers, Humpty Dumpty, their cover of Here Comes the Sun, and of course, No Cigar!! After this show, she's into My Eyes, 20, and Luv. I was just pleased she made it through the whole show with only the occasional "I'm hungry". Fran spotted her in the crowd early on and apologized for his potty mouth. "I'm trying to be careful", he said, "But I'm Scottish...we use it like punctuation." We stayed around after the show to meet the guys. I was really glad she endured this, it was way past the old bedtime. We bought the T-Shirts (first concert- you have to, right?) and the CD, which they signed with little hearts for Gwyn. Fran apologized again for his multiple F-Bombs, I said, "It's ok, you should hear Mommy". They liked that. I chatted with them about their kids. I asked Andy if he's got his boy (4 years old) listening to some good music and he said with some amazment, "he's playing guitar now!" and I told him how my kids are into Beatles Rockband. "Oh how is that? I haven't played it yet." Meanwhile out of the corner I see that Fran has lured Gwyn's little dog toy, Spotty, away from her. They did this funny bit where Spotty was talking in Andy's ear. "What's that, Spotty?" Ah, Good Dads. I couldn't get Gwyn in for a picture with the guys (too shy) so I'll have to settle for the one of Fran, Spotty & Andy with my crappy camera phone. I felt like I was holding up the line by now and we thanked them and I said, "See ya next time around". We were giddy. A great Father-Daughter night. Thanks lads.


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