Thursday, April 09, 2009
House Of Blues, Anaheim, CA, US

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SeratoRox Posted: 10-04-09 11:38
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I must first say that I've been a fan of Travis since 1998. I've also seen them live a hand full of times. They are bar none the best live band I've ever seen. They never disappoint. Sadly enough, I can't say the same for last night's show at the HOB, Anaheim. There were some highlights, however. I really enjoyed the "Mash-up" that they did with the songs "Side" and "Eyes wide open" that was brilliant. Really enjoyed when Fran went off stage to the crowd during the song "Falling Down". Also, when Andy went to the bar whilst playing his guitar. Now, for the less enjoyable part of the show. First off, There was no dramatic intro; they just suddenly showed up on stage, kinda' like an opening act. They went went right into the first song, then the second, third, fourth, fifth, and I believe that's when Fran spoke his first word by saying his salutations to the crowd. My main complain was that the concert seemed hurried. Fran was not really that talkative. No crowd interaction, and no Band introductions, which is always fun to see. When he did "I kissed a girl" it was good comic relief, but it was much too corny. The Britney Spears cover is 100 times better. All in all the show was mediocre at best. The band played well, and Fran sang well, but we all know that playing well, and singing well is not the only reason why we love Travis. We love them because they're always so personable, talkative, and funny. I guess all bands have their off night, and I'm sad to say that Thursday was Their off night.
alyrtle Posted: 11-04-09 6:26
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Hello Travis-darlings!

This has been my 3rd show that I've seen of them and I personally do not think they disappointed. I do agree with the post below that I felt the show was rushed a bit, but hey, it's Disneyland, they're stricter on policy than other venues in LA/hip places, I'm assuming. Audio was also not so great at the start either, but they seriously blew it out of the water anyway!!

I went with a close cousin of mine, and also a close friend, which made it a lot of fun. My cousin has been a fan "since the beginning" but this is only the 2nd show he's been able to go to. So that was really nice to see him so happy. The opening band, The Republic Tigers, was actually REALLY impressive!! They had some really great melodies and the singer was humorous. Their Blondie cover was hilarious, too. Then Travis went on, and omg, everyone was screaminggg and jumping (at least I know I was!) They really played a great setlist--mixing up a good amount of songs from all their different CDs. I thought that was great. The setlist flowed really seamlessly, I felt. (Oh! They also played all my cousin's favorite songs that he "absolutely needed to hear"..So that was awesome!) For Falling Down, Fran walked down off the stage and into the audience. Cue crowd cheers and the sea of fans parts like only Moses could do back in the day!! Fran stood RIGHT next to me and my friend/cousin and other people as we circled around him and gawked at him singing..right there..RIGHT in front of us! It was SO beautiful, I almost fell to my knees at least 5 times!! He was singing Falling Down and he was mimicing a fall during specific lyrics. I thought that was the end for me. Too bad I was behind him, so he didn't see me. He chose one extremely lucky woman to dance with him. Oh how I wish he danced with several of us, but that's ok! It was still amazing. I got some pictures but they're all blurry because I was shaking. How funny. :) Anyway, after that point, the show REALLY took off and was amazing. I think energy spiked. The crowd was singing beautifully, and for a while, Fran just let us sing. It was mostly women, so yknow, of course we rocked it ;) I loved how happy the band looked after they heard us sing. It was truly a moment we all connected. Man. Some really great songs were played. The crowd was kinda older so they didn't dance around/yell/put arms in the air so much, but it was still great. For the Encore, Fran came back and the first song he played was Sarah (sp?). It was lovely. Got it all on tape, baby! After the band came back, they played some more and eventually said Good Night. They tossed out some items, and somehow, SOMEHOW, Dougie tossed out a guitar/bass pick, and I didn't see it, but I felt it hit my foot/lower leg!! Omg!! The pick TOTALLY landed BETWEEN my feet. So lucky because if it didn't, the guy in front of me probably would have taken it off the ground before me!! Soo happy that happened :) I'm not sure if the band came out after the show for signings/photos, because I had to leave :( So sad, because I waited successfully after the past two shows and got pictures and stuff with them. But that's ok. There's always next time (I hope) :) I love Travis and how they just win all of us over everytime no matter the technical difficulties and even if you're in a sullen mood!!! I love them for the love they give! Man, thank you Travis and everyone for a great night :) Peace.
pmorris1274 Posted: 12-04-09 5:40
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I do have to agree with the other posters that the show did seem kind of rushed. It is true that Fran loves to chat it up with the audience and that was an element that was missing in this show. I had the feeling they were trying to get in as many songs as possible with what time they had allotted to play. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but more connection to the audience would have been appreciated, as one poster stated. Anyway, I flew in from Salt Lake City (I bought those tickets before I knew they were coming to Salt Lake because they NEVER come to Salt Lake) and went with my sister to this show. I grw up in SoCal and my sister still lives in LA. Anyway, we were lucky enough to score 2nd row standing room, and about fainted when Fran decided to jump into the audience right in front of us. My sister and I got to pat him on the back! And, Dougie was his flirty best with all the ladies he could make eye contact with in the audience. That man cracks me up with his flirty ways. He's a ton of fun! Keep it up, Dougie! You sure know how to make us ladies smile! Anyway, I do wish as one other poster said that Fran would have done more band member intros like he usually does. He kind of did with Claus, but not anyone else, really. It was funny when he acted quite put out when Dougie scored a gin and tonic. (from an audience member?) Also, I was a bit disappointed as well that they did not do a dramatic entry of some sort, either. On the Boy With No Name tour, I loved the Rocky-themed entrance on that tour, and was hoping for something as equally cool. The opening band was really quite enjoyable, and we ended up buying one of their cd's because we liked them so much.

Anyway, I fly back to Salt Lake on Monday, and am lucky enough to be able tocatch the Salt Lake show on Tuesday! I can't wait to catch some more Travis, especially since I don't think they have ever come to Salt Lake before.

Travis, keep on rocking, and I will see you in Salt Lake on Tuesday! If you're reading this (I doubt they are, but IF they are) Please play Blue Flashing Lights if you can! Hugs!
carebear Posted: 12-04-09 6:45
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This was my 5th Travis show in So Cal and second HOB experience. I knew from previous experience they ban camera so I sneaked one in on the sly. I was able to get off a few photos which I have posted, but most turned out bad because I was hiding from security who were right in front of me. I was lucky enough to record several full length songs before security guard on a power trip threatened to throw me out - whatever a-hole! Anyway, the boys ROCKED it. HOB is such a small venue compared to some other places I have seen them like Irvine Meadows and Universal Ampitheatre. Seeing them up close was a seconddream come true! There was less interaction/conversation at the start, true. But they settled in mid show and we got some great moments from the band like Patty mentioned the whole gin and tonic shtick between Fran and Dougie - hilarious! The new songs sound so good live! Great show. The only thing I can say is Travis makes me happy. Cheers!

outofthesinking Posted: 07-05-09 5:11
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I know I'm a little late, but I haven't been on here in awhile... This was my second Travis show. And I had just as much as great time as I did last time they played HOB in Anahiem.

They also played a few songs that they normally don't play.

I was a little bummed that they didn't do the whole Flowers In The Window bit where they are all helping Fran play the guitar, but they played different material which didn't make me bummed anymore. Haha.

Last year Dougie pointed at me during "Turn" when I pointed at him. And this year he pointed at my friend Katie and I when we both pointed at him.

katylovestravis Posted: 29-05-09 11:09
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This was my very 1st Travis show EVER!!!! Can you believe that!? I was introduced to Travis back in 2005 by my bestie, Cristina. Thanks forever Cris! Anyway, they were absolutely amazing! We got there a little late and by that time they were already performing so we tried to force our way through the crowd-which was not going to happen! So we took off to the far right side and before you knew it we were so close.....only on the side.....but thats cool.....we totally enjoyed the hell outta ourselves! Franny's voice it ah-mazing and I had the greatest time ever! I hope to attend another concert in the near future....


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