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Weezer, Pixies, The Decemberists, Styrofoam, The New Pornographers [stating Travis seems too obvious but looks like I just did it]...
Amelie, Rushmore, Life of Brian, and so forth.
Catch-22, Catcher in the Rye, Me Talk Pretty One Day, etc.
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singme0430 Jun-30-09 10.48am
You can see my latest drawing on the second page of Travis board. ;) Check it out if you would like to! Hope everything's going good there! My mum, my older sister and I had a car accident but THANKFULLY, really thankfully we are all alive and fine! By the way I'm just wondering if I can read a fiction of yours! ;)
singme0430 Jun-21-09 1.14pm
Hi Velouria! :) Sorry for my delayed reply. And you're very welcome, hope you did very well on the finals! ;) Congrats to you for passing the stats exam! :D So you are probably on holidays now, right? Enjoy the vacation! :D Speaking of writing, even if you can't write something without an inspiration (it's actually really natural, I think!), it's still really GREAT that you can write fictions! Not everyone can do that indeed!! ;) By the way, I actually posted some drawings and a.. comic (...xD) a while ago. I'll give you the links if you want! ;)
singme0430 Jun-3-09 10.28am
Hello, Velouria! Don't worry. ;) You don't need to write back to me immediately, please take your time. :D You sound really busy! I hope you'll do very well on the coming exams. Good luck!! If I start writing, I'll be like, "...What should I write?!" I think it's really difficult to write a story even if it's short. Keep writing! I'm looking forward to reading your fictions. :P Hehehe. Everything's fine here, thanks for asking! Again, I wish you good luck for the exams!
singme0430 May-11-09 12.42pm
Hi, Velouria! :) Yes, 'Let Down. Beautiful. Love "you know, you know where you are with..." part. Sounds beautiful indeed. Such a great song. Now, I have to add 'Let Down' to the playlist on my profile! x) Haha. Wow, your major? That's really cool, Velouria! :) I'd love to read your fictions someday. ;)
singme0430 May-6-09 11.06am
Sorry for the stupid double post. :P By the way, I've just realized that you are a writer of fictions! Awesome!!! :D
singme0430 May-6-09 11.04am
Hello, Velouria!! Yes, I do love Jigsaw Falling Into Place! I'm wondering what your top Radiohead tracks are. ;) THANK YOU! I had a wonderful time, indeed! Thanks a lot. :)
singme0430 May-6-09 11.03am
Hello, Velouria!! Yes, I do love Jigsaw Falling Into Place! I'm wondering what your top Radiohead tracks are. ;) THANK YOU! I had a wonderful time, indeed! Thanks a lot. :)
singme0430 Apr-29-09 4.55pm
Hi, Velouria! Yes, I'm very much satisfied with this way, homeschooling. :) The results are supposed to be released in about 2 weeks. Thank you for your kind wish! Yes, The Bends!! I do love that album as well. Beautiful tunes. High And Dry, Fake Plastic Trees, Bullet Proof.. I wish I was, and the rest of the album is just great too. I also love Just. :) Umm, I actually like Hail To The Thief! It often helps me get rid of.. anger, or such uncomfortable feelings. Jigsaw Falling Into Place could be my favourite track of In Rainbows.
Pipestar Apr-24-09 5.18pm
Yea, Blue Flashing light was a GREAT addition to the Wiltern show. And Slideshow too! Now if they would've only played Song to Self! Hope to see you at the next LA show (whenever that may be). I just hope it's not years from now!
singme0430 Apr-24-09 3.45pm
Hi, Velouria! Thank you for understanding. :) ...Actually I don't go to school (I'm a homeschooler.), but anyway I had to take an exam to graduate from school! Thanks again for understanding. :) Speaking of Radiohead... OK Computer is their first album I got, and I really like it. Also their latest album, In Rainbows. I love that album. Also The Bends. Great tunes there. I also like the rest of their albums. The only thing I don't really like about their music is that it makes me feel down sometimes! :P
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