Saturday, February 07, 2004
Sports Palace, Mexico City, MX

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Ziggy Stardust Posted: 24-09-04 8:44
OMG...What can I write about it?? Just amazing...this was my first travis' concert and the concert was PERFECT...I arrived at 8:00 a.m. to the sport palace just because i wanted to stay in fron of the band...i waited for 13 hours and jason faulkner opened the show...and TRAVIS played with him...i wont forget it because this was the first time that ive seen the band on stage
TRAVIS opened the concert with Happy to hang around and...this song is just special for all mexican fans as the best...They also played U16 girsl, Re-offender, Happy...ok guys...i will put here a pic of the set list that ive got from DOUGIE PAYNE
As the first mexican fan writing a rewiew, i have to say THANK YOU FOR HAVING US IN YOUR LIVING ROOM...ITS A BIG, BIG, BIG LIVING ROOM...this were the first words fran said...*LOL*
I LOVED the concert and im sure all mexican fans did it, too.

Ana Fernanda
Susana Posted: 25-09-04 12:34
Well, February 7th was the best day of my life, my friend and i took the bus to travel to Mexico city, u know we live in another city so we woke up early and we arrived over there at 11:00 am, we were in the queue for almost 7 hours and we had to run to be in the first row.

Ahhhh, Fran!!!!!!!!!!!, That was the first thing i said when i saw Fran for the first time at Sports Palace. It was so wonderful and as they mentioned b4, it was the longest gig ever, so i must say that i'm so proud of being mexican!!!,woahhhh.

and the best thing is that Fran loves us and we love him as well, he has the best voice, and he said so many times that Travis will return to Mexico city and i can't wait to see them live once again!!!

At the beginning of the gig i was in the third row but ppl behind me was pushing on me and it was impossible to stand it, so the rest of the gig i was so far from them and it was such a pity that i haven't met them but hopefully the next time i'll b able to take some pics and talk with them.*fingers crossed*

My fav song was 'Turn' and 'Humpty Dumpty Love Song', i liked when Fran sang IT FOLLOWED ME TO LA DOWN TO MEXICO!!!!, ahhh, but also i liked 'Back in Black' it was amazing!! and i jumped and i shouted a lot.

Fran, i'm sure u will read this, hope u like it


Diego Posted: 29-09-04 9:19
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I don't have words is amazing every song song by song this moment is very special in my life i can't wait for see one more time one TRAVIS show.

I know just one thing the music of TRAVIS is peace is hope is love is this big light in the end of the tunnel.

Claudia Macedonio Delgado Posted: 30-09-04 2:07
travis return again and not alone once many more but I remember that day so beautiful and happy that I have in all my life by seeing them to touch in alive and in my country that is wonderful because for my its concert was really the best, with quality, energy and with many feeling

ceciluca Posted: 02-10-04 10:11
The best saturday ever!!! i was so happy when i first knew that travis was coming....was a great smile and i swear y cried hahaha. When the day finnally came i went with a friend, but i live a little far from the palace, so i wake up at 5 am and get there at 8...the wait was really awfull, but when they played at the radio i turn on mi little radio (i lend 2 more to some guys) and star to listen them playing...(the radio station disappeard)...I really cant remember the order of the songs, i was to shoked, but i remember my favorite one turn and as you are...i was screaming "a huevoooo!!!" and averybody was like -Whats the matter with this girl??- Travis really shocked me, i didnt knew how well they play and how beautifull their music sound live....great concert, the best ever!!!
CarLoZ Posted: 03-10-04 9:32
I gifted a Pin to Fran.. And he wore in the begginig of the concert !!!!!!!

Im adict , Also the play " baby one more time " and I was in front of them !!
Diego Ovando Posted: 22-10-04 4:24
I?ll never forget the night of February 7th, 2004. Travis was in the Sports Palace playing their best songs. It was amazing. The first thing that I said when Fran, Douglas, Neil & Ady apear, was "Oh Travis!!!"
They start playing Happy to Hang around, and was in this moment when I start to believe that Travis was playing in Mexico. This night was amazing, was the best night of my life. I wish Travis return to Mexico city.
All the mexican people are waiting for you again. Tank you Travis, for this amazing night!!!!!
deep BluE Posted: 01-11-04 6:14
Well, well, well...I just don?t have words to describe what happened to me that beautiful, amazing, unbelievable Saturday, I thought that have been the best day of my life, and when we sang "Driftwood" and of course "Why does it always rain on me?" (the song of my life) I thought nothing could be better than that. But I was so wrong, because the next day (ahhhhh, that Sunday) I had the huge privilege of see, touch, smell and squize Fran. Wow, that was...huge!!, I just stood there like a stone, I barely could babbled my name, and there were so many things I wanted to tell him, ahh, anyway, I realized that nothing ever would be better than being there, with Fran. And he?s just so nice, so sweet, so...unique of its kind, he really is one in a million, I will never forget that beautiful day: the best day of my life. And I just want to say thank you for being like that. Thank you guys for bring such beautiful music into our lifes. Long Live Travis
Pedroski Mostovoi Posted: 06-11-04 10:17
Hello everybody, I want to tell you that this was the best show in Mexico, TRAVIS show us not only their best music, they show us the love and the friendship with the Mexican people as Fran said "Mexicans are too similar as Scottish people" (I remember it was like that). I came with my father to the show because in my school in Xalapa, Ver. (my city) my friends and other people didnt want to went with me, because they dont like TRAVIS (I think they dont have brains or sth like that). But Im too glad with my father for want with me. He didnt were too happy, we went to Sports Palace 5 hrs. before the show beguns, but when the show finish he told me "son, they're so great and nice people, not like the other band who came in september (yalpdloc)" and my father was so fun and imprssive seeing how Andy played the guitar.

Of course I was so exited, when Jason Falkner appear I was OK, but when he played around 45 min. I was like "God I want to see Fran, Dougie, Neil and Andy now" and the people begun to to said "TRAVIS, TRAVIS.." and JAson Falkner was playing and playing, but the after 45min. the lights turn off and the intro of Happy to habg around beguns to hear, and I though "Yeah, thats one of my favorite songs, it sounds so good to be the first song" then TRAVIS played theyre best songs, and the new ones from 12 memories, bringing us the best concert in 2004 and I think in the last 5 years. THANK YOU TRAVIS

We want to see you again... Francis told us "we will return soon, maybe not the next year, maybe not in 2 years... but not in 7 years" and then they played HAPPY...

Plase come back soon... peace
At1k Posted: 27-11-04 7:37
Well, first of all, im so glad that travis has come to Mexico. February 7th was the best day of my life, Fran has the perfect voice, Doug dances so nice, Andy makes a fantastic show and of course Nail is a very nice drummer.

Please Travis, come again to Mexico you are my favourite band, We like too much your music, congratulations.

U16 Girl Posted: 01-04-05 8:10
The best gig EVER !! :)
Thank you so MUCh for your music GUYS !!

I Luv ya !
travisuky Posted: 09-04-05 7:01
Travis is of best, the porfavor thing return to Mexico, that 7 of February was the best one of all my life, please cheers my life again, does not forget to us, I hope that bands like this few can return soon because

TRAVIS returns
Itzel Posted: 28-04-05 7:56
This was the best gig ever. Please come back to Mexico. Fran, you said you lads would come back this year, tsk tsk. ;)

I waited years to see Travis live. I hope I get the chance to do so again.
damon Posted: 07-05-05 2:08
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Hey !
Sorry i took me so long time to post my memories from the concert, but i remember everything just if it was yesterday,
firstable, that morning i woke up at 5 in the morning, i wasn't able to believe i was seeing travis perfoming that nite, the distance between my house (your house travis) and sports palace it's about 90 minutes, but i was careless, i was anxious to see travis, all day without the chace to take a shit or maybe eating something, but iw was worth it, finally when the doors open everybody was runing like it was the end of the world, and i had to wait for my lovely sister, 'cos of that we didn't get the central part, so then we took our right, one of the best decisions in my life... andy's side...
One of the Staft guys promissed me the set list on exchange of my sister ! well in negotiation, we dealed the exchange for 50 pesos ! what a bargain !
Since the first moment andy came with lots of energy, he seemed so passed out !!!
What a f*** ! i'm guitar player, and i been inspired for him like no one else, he realized how my sister and me were so excited to be there, he rocks !!!
all along the concert my sister and andy had a kind of connection between groupie & rock star, even i was excited !!!
attitude... those guys really had a musician attitude, they live for the music, not for the money, (that's what i seemed to me) everyone of them playing like it were the last concert togheter, i'm sure they felt the mexican hospitality ! "A huevo" any mexican would say!

I hope andy reads this... You're one of the best guitar players ever, lucky you didn't keep the idea of playing on a metal band,thank's for your great solos...

I'm so influenced with your style that i've dreamt of you teaching me how to play as you are !

I'm obviously nuts ! but i can't help it !
i love TRAVIS


latravisgirl1 Posted: 30-05-05 12:53
well please come back travis
the best day of my life 7 february
oh god andy are very handsome mmmm

I love you andy and you?re wife no it?s beautiful
me yeah
But I love you
Lily_Mty Posted: 19-07-05 11:16
It has been the best concert ever. Travis is just incredible. I don't need too much words. Since the concert I've never forgot the sound of "Happy to hang around" at the opening. Travis please come back soon, and if possible ... please come to Monterrey.

P.S. Has somebody noticed that they put "Some sad song" in the list of songs but they didn't play it. "Flowers in the window" is the correct song. I'm just writing this 'cause I like so much that song, and of course I wouldn't forget they played it ;)
Yuri_Healy Posted: 21-03-06 9:31
"the best concert in my whole life" I couldn?t find better words to describe it. I loved every single moment inside that place with Travis playing in front of me. People pushed me and my throat ached at the end of the night, so I couldnt talk, but it was worthwhile cause Travis is my favorite band in the entire world!!! I can tell that when they played Happy to hang around and Humpty Dumpty Love song werw my favorite moments. Without a doubt april/7th/2004 is a day that I will never forget. PLEASE TRAVIS COME HERE AGAIN!!!!
Humberto_Vivanco Posted: 04-04-06 11:37
Travis, you've got to come back!!
erick martell Posted: 13-05-06 10:12
yeah.. I know its a little late to talk about the magnific concert of that 7 of february 2004, but that was one of the best concert I ever had asist, I never though see TRAVIS in my city, but was great, travis is my favourite band, because when I listen the man who for the first time feel like if that album were made for me.

francis say that night that travis will come back... and I'll be waiting..
genia_gvan Posted: 04-06-07 6:03

What a special day! I really remember it and I love them more. They were really amazing, and everyone there can say the same.
Travis is the best band actually.
When I think about a good show, the show on mexico city is the first thing in my mind.
I remember them playing every song, and all the people singing and dancing and jumping and some peolpe criyin'.
I really know the next show in mexico will be great, I have no doubt 'bout it.
They are great and they make it better each time.
I remember when Fran was playing flowers in the window, and I smile! I remember my boyfriend and I singing with Fran and all the people there. It was amazing! And side... I really wanted to listen that song! I love it!
And it was grat, so great.
And what can I say about the blue flashing light? it was so explossive! That makes jump and scream everyone! and that show was so crazy, so beautiful.

I really love Trvais!
I'll see you on mexico city again in two months!
snd Posted: 11-06-07 3:43
I consider this the best gig of my short life. Think the reason is all the feelings I've been through since that show. I guess that's why I love this band so much, 'cause is not only about enjoying that concert with three or four special people to me, but enjoying them (Travis) as a band. I really felt all that energy they played with. Fran is just amazing. At the end of the day I was speechless. Love will come through is one of my favourites of 12 Memmories, and I was so excited by the end of that song that I didn't even noticed they were playing The Fear, despite this one is my favourite of that Travis at the Palace DVD.
So I wish, if this words would ever get to the eyes of any band member, or even any staff member, or even any fan club member with great persuasion power using massive myspace campaigns... anyone. I just wanna listen those Fear chords this August 2nd, I'm sure I'm not the only one who would be very satisfied, and again speechless, at the end of that great day.Please.
aRnEz_fand Posted: 28-06-07 3:06
well that his day was so beautiful and all the things that I can say will be here in other post in this is all.

Travis you are amazing in live
I love them
lou_wilde Posted: 10-07-07 4:56
it was one of the greatest shows i've ever been too!!! fran was perfect, so kind and generous! the band was brilliant and they made the crowd feel the vibe. i still remember the blue flashing lights in the roof of teh sports palace, i was crying hehe i was so excited! and fran screaming "bambinos bambinos!" hehe but that's not spanish it's italian hehe i was so pretty and nice of him i jus adored it! the tracklist was great and my favorite moment of the concert was when they played AS U ARE: such a emotional moment!!!
paristexas Posted: 28-10-07 5:37
awesome show, my friend and I were there at the very front of the stage.
We were waiting over 12 hours to see u, but those hours worth it.

Happy To Hang Around
U16 Girls
Writing To Reach You
Pipe Dreams
Love Will Come Through
The Fear
Beautiful Occupation
Mid-life Krysis
As You Are
Somewhere Else
All I Want To Do Is Rock
Humpty Dumpty Love Song
The Blue Flashing Light

Some Sad Song
Coming Around
Peace The Fuck Out
Why Does It Always Rain On Me?

Baby One More Time
All The Young Dudes
Back In Black


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