Friday, December 03, 2004
YouFM Studio Concert, Frankfurt, DE

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Trixi Posted: 07-12-04 11:30
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I joined this You-FM Radio raffle where you could win tickets for a very small Studio-gig of Travis and I really won two tickets on Wednesday!!! :-D
So Jana (jmorgain) and I went down to Frankfurt two days later.

The entrance was about 7pm and the gig started about 7:30. We never saw Travis playing in such a small venue before so we were very excited.
I guess the audience was about 150 people...not more. So it was a quite intimate, little show, yay!
Shortly before the gig we met Quicksand from the board and her's always nice when boardies get a face suddenly ;-)

The two presenters of Youfm opened the show by doing a little guessing game, in fact the male presenter was supposed to clap a Travis-song on the female presenter?s bottom and we should guess which song it was, and she added "for all the feminists of you ? that?s totally ok for me and I don?t mind!" I must admit, I didn?t recognise WDIAROM? ;-)

And then Travis came on stage. Jana and I stood right in front of Fran and it was the coolest thing ever to see them playing live from that close distance for once ? amazing! I think we?ll never get a chance like this again.

After "Sing" (...or "Pipe Dreams"?) Fran asked if anyone got questions and someone asked them about their favourite Travis song. Fan said for playing live it?s "WDIAROM?"...because it?s so easy to play ? simple chords, no high notes and stuff but his favourite song to hear is "Driftwood". Dougie said "All I want to do is rock" for playing live and fav. to hear also "Driftwood". Andy said tonight it?s "Pipe Dreams" but it changes and Neil?s favourite was "Love will come through".

They were answering a lot more questions between the songs. In fact I?d had many questions I wanted to ask but I didn?t dare with my lousy English-articulation so the only question I asked was, if Tony Boney is a real person. Fran told about the DVD - for everyone who didn?t know who I meant with Tony Boney - and said they are filming the band for 8 years and so they got loads of different home movies and they made up this fictitious character called Toney Boney when they?re bored in the tour bus. Dougie and him sang another version of it and made everyone laugh when they told about another game they made up to kill time, like this place-name-into-a-band-name game..for excample Perth Wind and Fire, Aberdeen Martin or Argentina Turner *lol*...other bands take drugs, drink and have groupies and Travis sit in the bus making up stupid games. x-)

Another funny story Fran told after the question what kind of music they?re listening to at the moment. He said at the moment he?s listening to a guy called Lee Hazlewood and he played some tunes of "These boots are made for walking" and it seemed like many in the audience recognized this song. Fran said that he and Dougie went to this funeral of somebody they know. This guy died very young and it was really was a very catholic and serious funeral and just when the coffin was going into the crematorium this song started to play *lol* He said the one who died was a pretty funny guy and it was his choice to leave the world with this song. Everyone had to laught when Fran played the chords of this song again...this guy must have been pretty least his kind of humour x-)

At "Side" Fran messed up the second verse and started with the first one again instead und when he realized it he apologized by saying "Entschuldigung!" I?m sure bands hate moments like this, but to me those little mishaps are making a concert perfect first;-) Fran started the song again from the 2nd verse and the absolute highlight of the gig followed. When "Side" ended they just kept playing the chords and to our all surprise Fran started to sing "Staying Alive" by the Bee Gees which has obviously the same chords as "Side", haha...unique !!! Fran?s voice is the most amazing thing in the world! ;-D

Somebody asked Andy if he?ll ever perform a song live and he?s answer was so sweet :
"I...erm?*blushes*...*splutters*!" haha, aww, he?s too cute sometimes! ;-) was so cool. Actually they wanted to play "only" 11 songs and the last one should be "WDIAROM?" but they left out this song and let the audience choose the last 3 songs instead :-D

After "Blue Flashing Light" they said thanks and good bye and off they were. We couldn?t believe it as the presenter said that Travis have to rush to the airport to get the last flight to London.
Maaan! *pouts*...I was so much looking forward to meet them finally too, but noooo! ...well, maybe to my 10th concert then ;-D

(excuse my English's late and I can't think properly anymore...especially not in different languages ;-) )

Pipe Dreams
Writing To Reach You
Love Will Come Through
Side / Staying Alive
Flowers In The Window
Walking In The Sun
More Than Us
Blue Flashing Light


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