Thursday, January 29, 2004
The Wiltern, Los Angeles, CA, US

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Melinda Posted: 25-09-04 1:16
I woke up early this day to listen to Travis on KCRW. I got ready whilst listening, and then headed BY MY LONESOME down to the Wiltern. I think I arrived there sometime just before 1 O'Clock. There was just one person in line in front of me, and we immediately became queue buddies. 15 minutes or so after me, a lassie with dark hair arrived. She'd had the forsight to bring along a folding chair. We became friendly with a quickness when I asked her if she'd ever been to this venue. She replied that she had been for Eddie Izzard. I drooled. I love Eddie Izzard, but missed him when he was in town. During our conversations, we got to know each other. Her name's Veronica. She lives in West Covina. Umm... I live in West Covina... She used to live in the SAME apartment complex as me... I turned to her and said, "Hi Veronica, my name's Melinda and I'm going to know you for the rest of my life."

(Not six months later, she was a bridesmaid in my wedding! And now, my exclusive show/travel buddy!)

Why am I talking about this? This isn't Travis related!? But yes it is... I have made so many incredible friends because of my love for this little band, these 4 gentlemen who have been kind enough to spread their love of music to us.

The Wiltern was a huge night for meeting people. Me and Veronica became fast friends, but we also met some fellow boardies this night. Get Happy, who flew in from the midwest. And Californiagirl, who came down from San Francisco. Also made pals with several other people we met in line.

Saw the band before the show, it was very nice to see everyone together. Got a photo signed by Franny for my friend in London, and hugged Neil, telling him how happy I was he was better, and how we'd all been praying and thinking about him over here in Travisland.

Headed back to the line, and were let in at about 7:30 or so. Tonight, I was not going to Frandy it, I straight Andy'd it. Which is actually a very easy position to get, because most people rush to The Fran/Frougie/Dougie position, but not I. Each member of Travis is unique, and has a unique appeal on stage. The reason I find Andy so incredible to watch is because he seems to just GET LOST when he's playing. There is the nervous energy which keeps him moving, but there also seems such a genuine love and adoration for what he is doing on stage that he just loses himself in his playing. This kind of passion for ROCK just makes me incredibly happy.

Tonight, there was something different in the air. Maybe it's Travis' relationship to Los Angeles, being that they recorded The Invisible Band here. Maybe it was the venue. Whatever it was, this, the third night on my week long journey, is the one that I hail as my favorite.

The setlist was mostly the same as the San Francisco show. Only difference was Mid-Life Krysis was dropped, and How Many Hearts was added. That was wonderful to hear live, a different song from the new album.

My highlights tonight were Writing to Reach You, Sing, The Fear, and As You Are.

This louder, more ferocious version of the Fear that they have been doing on this tour is one of my absolute favorite moments of these gigs. I remember hearing a story once, when I referred to it as "the new fear" that it was actually like this originally, but that Nigel toned it down so that it fit with The Man Who. It's like two completely different songs. My hats off to the band for bringing it back!

Andy threw me his towel before the encore, but some girl and her boyfriend literally snatched it from me! I'm not about to start a rumble over a sweat laden towel, but that was pretty rude of them if you ask me.

After the show we waited outside the venue for everyone. The crowd outside was fairly moderate, and it was just cool to stand around and talk with everyone about how great the show was. Was totally shocked when Andy's wife came up to me and asked if I was enjoying my holidays, apparently remembering meeting me in Las Vegas. That was really nice of her, and we chatted a bit. Got to take pictures with each member of the band, the funniest turning out with Dougie, who said something REALLY ridiculous, causing me to have uncontrollable laughter whilst being photographed. Very funny. Me looking dreamy in the photo of me with Neil, and Fran squeezing me half to death in our photo. I must say, they are one of the only bands whom I'd ever consider hugging, and Franny gives the best of them! My photo with Andy is also quite lovely. He's wearing a shirt that says "Polka, The Dance Of A New Generation" along with a snazzy Von Dutch trucker hat. Very nice!

Headed home that night with a feeling of complete musical bliss.

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Happy To Hang Around
Writing To Reach You
Pipe Dreams
Love Will Come Through
The Fear
Beautiful Occupation
How Many Hearts
As You Are
Somewhere Else
All I Wanna Do Is Rock
Humpty Dumpty Love Song

Flowers in the Window (Accoustic)
Peace The Fuck Out
Why Does It Always Rain On Me?


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