Wednesday, October 13, 2004
Academy, Bristol, UK

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binka Posted: 14-10-04 8:55
Great show tonite. Too many highlights to list really - the stand outs for me were Turn and Dougie doing All the Young Dudes, also us "oldies" were glad to hear Tied to the 90'S and Happy. I brought copies of Tied to the 90's and Happy along to the gig to try and get them signed but unfortunately the band couldn't hang round after the gig.

Thanks guys.

Kelly_Willshire Posted: 14-10-04 9:49
I thought I'd log on early - whilst I'm still on a high from the concert last night! :)

It was great! - An excellent night, and I think everyone else who was there last night would agree with me :)

I loved the fact the Travis came to Bristol and played in a small venue, which was great as you got the atmosphere and the chance to actually see them on stage.

The guys were all great, and really seemed to be enjoying it, and getting great feedback from the audience.. Fran was very funny, and was talking to the audience which was good too, and I'm not sure who Dougie was thinking about whilst strutting his stuff! ;) LOL..

The set list was very good, and they played all of their singles - The highlights for me were:

Side (which I thought was brillant)
Writing to reach you
Turn - especially as Dougie sang a verse - which was good :)
and the encore - 20 - was fab too :)

Thanks for a fab night guys :D - Hope to see you in Bristol again!
Phil Posted: 14-10-04 12:43
Sorry but have to admit not been the biggest Travis fan, like the albums but it?s the wife who?s the real fan (she?d have all your babies if she could). Took her to see the boys in Cardiff and wasn?t blown away, perhaps because we were sat in the seats at the back ( cus of health reasons daren?t mingle with the crowd) I didn?t get the atmosphere or cus a few people were a bit pissed and their behaviour detracted from the gig. Anyway took her to the academy in our home town of Bristol last night expecting a pleasant evening with a bit of nice music. WAS I WRONG!!! What a fantastic night. Stood on the balcony, had a brill view. The academy was a fantastic venue. It was big enough to have a good crowd in but small enough to feel intimate and didn?t the boy?s milk that atmosphere for all it was worth! It felt like they loved every second of the gig and the enthusiasm washed over the audience. This time chaps I was blown away! Thanks for a fantastic night and please continue to do the occasional small gig so we can see you at your best.
sammi Posted: 14-10-04 12:49
Really enjoyed the show - as it has been years since I last saw Travis live. I agree the academy is a great place to have gigs like this and the balcony is great if you are with vertically challenged people!

Travis you were engaging, honest, crazy and fantastic - I've never seen a band engage so much with the audience. Dougie I love you completely. Thanks for doing the britney cover as well! Flowers in the Window was also a sing-along highlight - please come and busk it in Broadmead soon Fran!

Roadies - I apologise for the fascist traffic wardens which kept on making you guys move your lorries - My work overlooks the academy entrance and so I watched in horror as the chubby jobsworth told you off time and again. I am almost cross enough to complain as in Bristol we don't often get such great bands (they often just go to Cardiff) as we don't have a big venue. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASECOME BACK and keep Bristol buzzing!
stevenidge14 Posted: 14-10-04 1:05
dear fans and travis.

cheers for a great eveing. its my third time seeing you now.
i remember loging on to my email the day i got bck from my holiday 20th sept and you had a tour again. got have those tickets.

amazing eveing as allways travis. thanks for smilng at me wen i put my sing top up when you were playing sing.(fran and dougie) thats the second time i done that cus me done it wen you wer in plymouth if you can remember on march the 24th this year.
all your songs were wicked. it was funny wen andy couldnt stand on his amp for ALL I WANA DO IS ROCK but he still managed to do wat he wanted useing the over was the fist time i heard you played tied to the ninetys and thats was cool.
20 was amazing as usual fran. but britney spears cover was wicked 1st time i heard you play it live.

i could say more but i leave it to over fans to say.
cheers fran for a great but wonderfull evening your still a top band to see live and your songs were cool to jump to as usual.
keep it going travis.

peace steve
barry Posted: 14-10-04 3:10
Another trip from Portsmouth. Caught the train to Bristol Temple Meads and then drove around with my mate for an hour trying to find the academy.

The Magic Numbers were an excellent support act. Their songs were class and were entertaining!

Travis were amazing. This is the 4th time I have seen them and it was the best. The whole small show was excellent!

The only minor point was they didn't play The Fear, but Blue Flashing Light and Tied to The 90's made up for it! A great night!!!
kyle Posted: 14-10-04 6:19
Great show 1st time Iv seen you.
Had to travel from Leicester because Bristol were only tickets left and it was well worth it :-)

Highlights were Flowers In The Window, All The Young Dudes, Side.

C U Again soon.
GoodDayToDie Posted: 14-10-04 6:35
It was a fantastic show!!

It was the first time i've seen travis and it wont be the last! i've wanted to see them live for ages and i was not disappointed.

really glad to hear plenty of stuff from good feeling and blue flashing light aswell! but there wasnt actually any points i can complain about!

just fantstic. thank you travis
bristol babe Posted: 14-10-04 6:39
Hey guys,

went to the show last night for my birthday and thought it was fantastic. real treat :-D

loved the atmosphere in the academy and the sing alongs were amazing. the whole crowd enjoyed themselves and made it a truely wonderful night.

thanks alot to the band for actually *talking* to the crowd! way too often bands just play there songs and leave without a word.

the classic favourites such as 'why does it always rain on me' and 'sing' was amazing due to the crowds sing-along. the britney spears - hit me baby one more time was great as i had heard them do it on radio1 in the live lounge and never thought id get to hear it again, let alone live!!!

so, thanks alot guys for the night and reading the other posts, seems like its not only me who realllly enjoyed it.

hope to see you at another small venue in the future! ;)
Sooty Posted: 14-10-04 11:06
Fran said to post a review - even if it was shit - so ok, it was shit! Shit hot! Second time for me (Travis- wise), first concert ever for my daughter - and what a concert to start with. I couldn't believe how close we were to the stage and how much everyone was enjoying themselves, no mindless hangers-on. The songs, the main set list, Fran's commentary, everything just seemed to be perfect. One small (ever so small) gripe - while I voted for the encore, I'd suggest that the songs chosen (brilliant as they are)subdued the crowd a little after the total exuberance that had ended the main set. But we both still came out on a high that no amount of illegal substances could replicate!
travis2004 Posted: 15-10-04 9:11
I went to watch Travis at Bristol on Wednesday night with my boyfriend. It was our first time we had been to a gig and we've wanted to see Travis for ages! It was the best night ever and we will defiently be going to see them again when they are touring! Travis you were AMAZING! It was an unforgetable experience and what made it even better was that we were right at the front,infront of Andy! Andy you were amazing,a total rocker and you even managed a smile at me, which was well cool! We caught the train to Bristol Temple Meads,and we didnt think we were gonna get there in time as there was strike, then we got down there we got a cab to the accedemy and queued for 2 hours, we managed to see Neil, Andy and Dougie walk out and it was amazing! Then we got in there and got right to the front. Magic Number were a great band too but Travis were on it was electryfying! My fav song 'why does it always rain on me' was the last and that was great, I couldnt sing loud enough, hehe! Though all the songs were great and Fran talking to us all made it all even better! Thanx for a great night Travis, I'l never forget it, it was amazing! Kelly x
CJ Posted: 15-10-04 4:51

Ok, so i may be a baby dyke but still...
Fran WAS and IS the only guy for me.

Its two days later now but i still get that buzz every now n then... 'O my God... I saw Travis LIVE!'

I was told i was going to see Travis two days befor the gig... My Brother had got me tickets for Xmas... WOO HOO!

Me and my Bud arrived n went to the back. (We're not that big n didnt want to get squished nearer the front,.. Well in such a gorgeous intimate venue we could see just fine between the few heads infront)

Magic Numbers were good... Love the Female vocalist.

Travis Travis Travis... What can i say.
This was my first time...And I shall never forget it.

Specially Fran telling us... (with sweat pouring off him) his trousers didnt fit.. Loving the detail of the 'crack' n indepth convo between Dougie n Fran on 'WIPING'!

Ahem... Loved hearing the songs i know ALL the words to. From U16 Girls to Walking In The Sun. (god i love that song!)

Better than i ever imagined it to be.

Hope everyone else who was there enjoyed it as much as me!!!

Waiting on Travis's next moves. I PROMISE i'll be there!

xx CJ xx
The loud one Posted: 18-10-04 3:43
What can I say? I've to two other travis gigs before this one but i think that with it being a smaller venue this one topped them all. Fran was mega funny and and andy proudly wore his AC/DC shirt.LOL! I even bought the shirt with the tour dates on the back which i proudly wear now.HE HE. Great show guys and the magic numbers were also brill.
Highlights were: Happy, All the young dudes, and tied to the 90's mainly because i've never seen them play it live before!!


Scully1983 Posted: 18-10-04 9:13
I was so pleased to find out Travis were playing in my home city of Bristol, thanks so much for coming to play here! The academy is a great venue and the atmosphere was amazing, a really good mix of people there which was great to see. My highlight was Driftwood, More Than This and 20, all wicked tunes! I sang my heart out. Was an amazing night, great to see Dougie grinding, Fran philosophising, Andy rocking out and Neil keeping the beats coming. x x x
Adam Wakeman Posted: 21-10-04 2:51
I?ve never played here before but I knew it was around the corner from the Coleston Hall I think it?s called, where I?ve played a few times before with different bands.

I was somewhat surprised at the keen-ness of the traffic wardens who were out in force and it soon became clear that you can?t leave you car for longer that an hour anywhere in Bristol without getting it towed or ticketed. I wonder why anyone in Bristol has a car at all!

The club gained in enthusiasm what it lacked in clean carpet and air conditioning and the audience were so up for the show it was easy to overlook the cosmetic issues with the club!

The band played great (as they have been all tour in my opinion) and Blue Flashing Light really rocked. I don?t play on that track as there aren?t any keyboards on the record but I always want to wander on and get involved in the rock! Instead I stand backstage and enjoy my own private side of stage show.

Fran was on fine voice and everyone had the benefit of coming to Bristol from a day off at home, which can really help a performance. Other highlights for me were Re-Offender and Driftwood, which sounded great from where I was!

Looking forward to the next show in Bristol in the not too distant future!
tintin_is_great Posted: 20-11-04 2:16
Bit of a late review cos I've only jus got my internet set up!

Me and my mate had always promised we'd go see Travis next time they were in Bristol and only decided to go last minute, and I had to travel from cardiff, to bristol for the show, then back to cardiff the same night cos I had to go back to uni - but it was sooooo worth it!

It was the best birthday present I could ever hope for! Was absolutely pissin myself when Fran was going on about how you turn 20 and you're like Shit, i'm never gonna b a teenager again, cos I was exactly like that the night before!

Cheers for one of the best days of my life Travis! Come back soon please!!!



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