Tuesday, November 09, 2004
Luz De Gas, Barcelona, ES

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sara spain Posted: 10-11-04 9:02
hello all!!! i going to try to explain yesterday in barcelona...but first i love to say you guys u rock!!!!!!!thanks for the lovely night yesterday,never forget that *20*acoustic without microphone...and all. everything!!!when fran u said me u know who i am from the board my heart was beatting so fast....hehehehe thanks again guys,for all, never forget this day,my flight to barcelona was so heavy for me really scared,the plane was moving so much but finally i?m staying alive,staying alive...ahahahahahah

welll...before the gig some of us have the opportunite to meet the band(4 me was my second time)they were so nice with lovely.we can listen while the guys were doing the soundcheck,seems there having a big time inside.....and then we saw the guys again....was so fun!!...dougie u rock!

and then at 22.00 the show start!!!!!!! wowowowowowow
sing!!!!!!!! they were so clos...was so special......i can?t remenber the order of the song now...(waiting for the setlist)i remeber sing, the beautiful occ. wdiarom,flowers, walking,driftwood,Turn!!!!! love dougie verse!!!!!!!!!!!!!he is so funny, love his smile!(always smiling)
blueflashing,woowwo,writting to reach you, love will,(u break my heart in this song)and and more but i cant remeber now.. but the best one for me was the acoustic *20*fran solo without micro,everyone in silece..fran in front of us..wowowowow amazing!!!!!!! and the funny moment (well were many but 2 specila moments)was when fran an dougie sing Baby one more time!!!!!!!!!!wowowowowow, so funny!!!!
and the end of side,,,,,,,,,wowoow the add a verse of the bee gees staying alive!!!! ah ah aha h aha ha...staying aliveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! wowowow super super moment!!!!

AFTER SHOW THE GUYS COME BACK AND WAS ONE MORE TIME TO TALK AN MAKE PICS.KISS AHHAHAHAHAH..i give to dougie my favorite of the *grease* movie.....keep with you cos its my fav!!!! ypu`re so funny dougie,really nice person..weel all the guys i mean but dougie is my fav!!!

finnaly i?m back at home in mallorca, i travel from barcelo this morning and was really tired,(after the gig i went clubbin) and the trip again was so horrible!!!!!!!!

lili Posted: 10-11-04 9:37
Well the only thing that i can say is that this was one of my fav concerts, everybody is explaining what happened in the show so i only want to say thanxs, so many thanxs to be so a warm band with your public, you: Dougui, Neil, Franny and Andy make fell people like if they where with and old mate.
I couldn't meet the guys but i'm happy to were there, in the fist row,(and also to take Frans plectrum..... :P) whith one of my bests friends having a good time!! So a funny night!! Thanxssss!!!

Lot's of love

Live is Beauty!!xxxx

lili :D

Lya Posted: 11-11-04 9:43
Hi all!!
First of all I have to say THANK YOU SO MUCH guys for coming to Barcelona... you'll be forever welcome.
I'll never be able to forget 09.11.2004... I have no word to describe this day... but I'll try...
It started some days before... when Sara Spain told me the notice: "Hey girl... tomorrow I'll confirm the notice... but, I think that.... TRAVIS WILL BE IN BARCELONA NEXT TUESDAY!!!!" wow!.... what night I spent, waiting for the call... but, finally, at the next day... the phone sounded, and... "Hey girl!!!!Travis will be in Barcelona next tuesday!!!!the notice is confirmed!!!!".... wow! I ran towards the radio and got my tickets!! and then.... waiting for tuesday...
Well, tuesday I went to welcome Sara Spain at the aeroport... we spent the day in Barcelona waiting for the moment... and around 5p.m. we started to walk towards "Luz de gas" and then... we waited for the guys... how much nervous we are...
Finally the guys arrived.... aw... you're so lovely, guys... you spoke with us, you gave us your hands, you signed our tickets, pics, clothes... you let us make pics with you...
Then, the guys went to make the sound check and they seemed to spend so good time... we were able to listen the laughs...hehehe ;p
When they finished they welcomed us another time... aw... you're so so lovely, guys... and you gave me the oportunity of gave the first plectrum i had (the yellow one) to Fran (well, I know that this is not so huge present ;p... but it meant so much for me... it was my first plectrum, and I wanted to give it to you because your music gave me the oportunity of discover another kind of love, the love for the music).
.... at 10p.m. the concert started...and I had the luck of be in front of the stage, wowowo... this time I wasn't worry about my little size...I saw the hole stage... INCREDIBLE
wow!!They started with a lovely song... Sing... and then continued with another great songs... Writing To Reach You, Love Will Come Through, Driftwood, Side (with so special ending... hehe "ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin' alive"), The Beautiful Occupation, Turn, Why Does It Always Rain On Me (with our colaboration making the strings of the begining... lol), the most famous cover "Baby One More Time", Flowers In The Window in so acoustic version...(sorry but I can't remember neither the hole tracklisting nor the order), and the most magical moment in the hole night... Franny playing "20" unplugged (I'll never forget this moment)... yeah man, you made me cry a lot like the last unplugged time in Razzmatazz... with flowers in the window... thank you so much Franny, for these moments
And for finish, rocking with Blue Flashing Light.
For summarize all I felt during the concert, I have to say that...I love your concerts... not only for the music... I love the feelings you make me feel... you really feel the music... this is so magical.
Then Sara Spain told me that you met the people another time at the end of the concert... aw!!... I had to go because my father were operated and he couldn't went with the car and so I had to take the last train... but, anyways, I'm happy for the other people who could met you guys
Well, finally I have to say that I had the oportunity of meet Travis for the 2nd time (I met you guys my 1st time in Razzmatazz last 25.11.2003), and I've learnt another time that the guys are so so nice people, and I want to say to all the people who doesn't have the luck of meet the guys, that I wish you'll be able to know them some day, because you'll realise that they are not only great musicians, besides they are so so nice people.
Aw... I'll be waiting for the next time... (Sara, you know that you have to come the next time, we together have the luck... don't forget this... hehe) =)
P.D.:For all the people I met this day... NICE TO MEET YOU and hope I'll see you the next times... and Sara... waiting for you visit in Barcelona soon!!
(Wow... at the begining I've said that I didn't have words to describe this day... but finally I've writted so much...sorry... ;p)
(I'm sorry for de loooots of mistakes)
Lots of love from Spain
Noelia (the girl with a coloured striped scarf... )

Please, never stop smiling!!!!
Raggamuffin Posted: 11-11-04 3:54
I've no words for Barcelona show...
it was great, fantastic, magic, magnetic, ... And I've seen all from front row !!! The problem is that I can remember the playlist (just the emotions that the songs made me feel!), ohhh, anyway Sara spain has explain it perfectly ;)

There are a lot of things that came to my head during that fabulous night :

- How dificult is to stay up on the stage with all the people looking at you, and obviously going blind by all the flashes of the cameras.

- Where does all the english lessons go when you meet the guys? It was terrible cos I couldn't be able to say anthing else than "Thank you" "please" :
"Please" followed by a gesture with the CD of the camera (Instead of "Would you mind signing the cd / Would you mind taking a photo with me" (well I don't know if this is the correct way :)) ).
"Thank you" instead of "Thank you for the signature / thank you for the photo"
Noooo, just "Please" "One minute" "Thank you" just that :( (I'm sure that my english teacher will kill me when I tell her this ).

-Why are vowels so complicated in english!!! Cos I wasn't able to spell my name!!!!! : [ai] [er] [en]... , I finally ended writting my name on the CD.

- How they manage to come out so well in the photos, they are very photogenic. This is the main reason for not being a singer or an artist ; the photos, I always come out terrible in the fotos (well this reason and other that it's that I've no voice to sing )

- What's the name of the technic who prepared all the instruments? Cos he is so brave of doing his job in front of a impatient masse. I supouse that know anything of spanish could help .

Well, these are all the things that yesterday came to my head (I'm sorry if I bored you with my gig chronicle!)

Guys, I just want say : "Thank you" (hahahaha).
No, thank you for your songs they are a piece of our hearts/minds/worlds.
Thank you for being so patient and so sweet.
Thank for playing that way!
Thanks for understand my wonderful english (well, were are in the same point cos your spanish should improve just a little! , for the next time you come here, ok? )

So Goodbye guys and T?H?A?N?K?S!

Kisses from Barcelona

frank Posted: 30-04-05 5:36
Travis,the best singers in the world!!!!

Douguie, fran.
We miss you!!! in Mexico
When are you coming back??
come back.


Writing To Reach You
Love Will Come Through
Flowers In The Window
The Beautiful Occupation
Walking In The Sun
Baby One More Time
Why Does It Always Rain On Me?
The Blue Flashing Light


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