Thursday, March 11, 2004
SECC, Glasgow, UK

Support: Keane
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Fran Posted: 02-09-04 1:08
Today is our Keyboard player, Adams birthday. The dressing room had been decked out with balloons and party poppers.

Soundcheck was fine. Giles gave me a CD of the Graham Nash collabaration. Sounds great. Sat and listened to it loads of times.

Glasgow shows are always the most hyper for us. The nerves of playing a home show coupled with the arrival of family, friends, friends of friends and friends of friends of friends.

There are usually about 25 people backstage before the show and after the show this number doubles or trebles. It's like a wedding party. I feel like we're 4 brides.

Tonights show was quite emotional. I nearly cried. Had to hold it back because once I start it's hard to stop. We play to so many people all over the world but there is no crowd that compares with Glasgow.

Anyways, the crowd were amazing tonight, from start to end, and we played our balls off.

I was nearing collapse before the encore. Flowers in The Window tonight was like the night before but with 10000 people singing along. The intimacy held.

After the show, Pete brought a birthday cake for Adam, The Keane boys came in, we all toasted Adams health and then the family floodgates were opened and we were swimming in a sea of relatives. The party continued at the hotel and then it was time for bed.
Ursina Posted: 27-09-04 8:08
This is my review as posted on the board at the time :)

Travis on 11th March at the SECC a very special gig

As I promised to some of you boardies, here is my report from the gig last week.

I wish I had a puter at hand when I got home from the gig as my emotions were running high but the more time goes by the feeling fades even though I took some notes. But Writing it down now in this busy office almost a week later, it’s very difficult to recapture the feeling ….anyways here it is

After meeting up with Connie and then Elaine, Karen and David we headed for the SECC which when we arrived was already filling up. We plonked ourselves down about 12 ‘rows’ from the front.

Keane: well I was really surprised, was not too keen after listening to the stuff on their website (mind you my speakers are so crappy, no wonder) but wow!, what a great voice! And he came over as a very nice guy. I was quite sceptical about not having any guitars especially no bass - got to have a bass! But the wonders of the keyboard saw to it, quite amazing ! J

So soon enough it was time for the lads to come on. The lights went off and to the opening bars of Happy to Hang Around we got propelled forward, ending up near enough 2 ‘rows’ back right in front of Dougie ! who’s complaining ??? not me lol
So on they come, Fran waving a wee Scottish flag :-D and from then on what can I say, it was just awesome. I can’t remember all the songs anyway the setlist has been posted before. Still there are certain things that really left an impression on me.
First of all Fran, it is the first time that I’ve been at a Scottish gig and so close to Fran. His presence, so strong and impressive and yet quite fragile, oozing with emotion, an amazing experience.
Dougie, in absolute ace form! (grinning thinking about it) strutting and hip swaying as usual hehehe ! at one time it was distinctly ‘Bowiesque’!!;-D
Neil, you are a rock ! All through the gig watching you I had this image of a castle standing on a rock, protecting. the band. An awesome presence more so than ever.

Andy the wild man! Lol standing on Dougie’s side, I didn’t get a great view but still from what I could see, mad as ever ! lol

And of course there is Adam so unassuming behind his keyboard. Since it was his birthday, we all sang Happy Birthday to him:-D

And so the gig went on from one great song to another … good to hear U16 Girls and All I want to Do is Rock !

What made the gig so special was Fran’s chatter between the songs… here is what I can remember. I’m not quoting, just what I think he said:

LWCT: there is ‘Holywood Love’ at one end of the scale and there is the Love that is in this room tonight and this is what this song is about.

On Midlife krysis: this is for all the people in the seats . You people in the standing area, one day you will be sitting up there too….. not for a looong time Fran!! lol

Turn: I can’t remember the words Fran said but I realised that he feels the same about this song as I do… it’s a song for the people of Glasgow, of being Scottish….. a very special, emotional moment, I’m lost for words….

Oh there was much more .. why don’t we have built in tape recorders in our brains !?

After the break Fran did an acoustic version of Flowers in the Windows which was so lovely J

And then, Know Nothing by Dougie ! wow ! this song rocks !! this is a cracker Dougie! I love it !

Not sure what they played after that but the night ended with the 2 great ‘jumping songs’ WDIAROM and HAPPY ! I would love to see it from above .. the whole crowd jumping up and down like mad !, many of us wishing we hadn’t had that pint before the gig !! hehehe

So sweaty, sore and hoarse we left the SECC feeling elated and so frigging HAPPY !!!!

Fran, Dougie, Neil and Andy oh and Adam, thank you so much for a fantastic gig. It was once again one of these moments that I wont forget for a long time. This was a very special gig, a gig as it can happen only in good ol’ Glasgow.

I love you guys ! :)


Vince Posted: 27-09-04 4:46
For the band this was a pretty emotional one, especially Fran. U16 Girls and Flowers were my favourite's. I'd never seen U16 Girls live, and it was just great. I didn't expect Flowers to work with just Fran, but it did so well. Overall the night was just great, and Keane are by far the best support I'v EVER seen, they blew me away!
Weedief Posted: 05-10-04 1:11
Second time I have seen Travis at this venue but I had been the intimate Barfly gig the night before so although I was still in an amazing high from that I knew this gig wouldn't quite measure up, however, Fran came on stage and seemed really overwhelmed with his home crowd - Very emotional which just got me in the mood. The set was great as ever with Turn being screamed by everyone (always a live highlight for me) I was able to make all those around me jealous when Fran mentioned the gig the night before and we cheered to which around 30 people scowled at us in jealousy.

Linda :)
katykitten Posted: 05-10-04 8:43
This was my second ever Travis gig but last time I didnt get to stand so it was WAY better. The atmosphere was electrifying, you could really tell the guys were glad to be home.
I almost died when the opening chords to "U16 Girls" were played. That song turned me into a Travis obsessive instead of just a fan!
"Happy" as a finale was perfect and Andy's traditional speaker climbing was phenominal!
Fee Posted: 10-10-04 4:43
This was my first ever Travis gig, so i was really over excited before it but i never imagined it would be sooo great!!!
Keane were great, i already knew quite a lot of there songs and seemed to be the only person, where i was standing, singing along.
When Travis walked on i went crazy and was pushed right foward so i was only 2 from the front, between Andy and Fran. Throughout the whole thing was overly emotional and when Fran was all teary i was crying my eyes out-quite embarrasing!! Opening with Happy To Hang Around was amazing and following that with U16 Girls made me go totally mad. From then on the night was just fantastic! I loved watching Andy go mad with his guitar and wee fran singing his heart out was so cute. Dougie was great too with his hip swinging and huge smile. i couldnt see Neil or Adam too well but they sounded crackin'. Encore couldnt have been better and Dougie singing Know Nothing was a nice surprise! Went away from that gig feeling so happy and wanting to experience it all again!
Sazzy16 Posted: 18-10-04 4:24
Wow! That was my first ever Travis show and it couldnt have been better. I went with my friend Fee who went crazy and I lost her but still managed to have a great time! I loved Andy's climb onto the amps. Fran was nearly crying which was soo cute!

Thanks for an amazing show!
Laura 20 Posted: 20-11-04 1:32
This show was brilliant, i even managed to push my way to the front i was right in front of Andy (he is crazy) when he jumped on top of the amp it was amazing.
fiona_7 Posted: 14-02-05 9:32

this was my second travis gig!

the whole show i sang my heart out and i think i managed to scare a few people round about me with the overwhelming amount of songs i knew off by heart and was able to sing every word n hum n aa! hehee!

the best bit was whenandy was up on top of all the amps and you could see a wee roadie or security dude trying to get him down, he just wasnt budging, he was staying put as long as he wanted to!!

then at the very end he kneeled down in the middle of stage at front and started playing flower of scotland, not many people recognised what he was playing but i knew, i burst out singing to which even my brother was surprised i recognised it!!

anyway, amazing show, i really want another 1 soooooooooooooon i feel so deprived of travis and hope to see them around in near future :-) :-) :-)

fi xxx
andrewmankirk Posted: 05-03-05 10:53
Was Pure Quality Man
paul_c Posted: 19-05-08 4:14
I heard all of this gig down the phone from my girlfriend at the time. It sounded good

Happy To Hang Around
U16 Girls
Writing To Reach You
Pipe Dreams
Love Will Come Through
The Fear
The Beautiful Occupation
Mid-Life Krysis
As You Are
Somewhere Else
All I Want To Do Is Rock
The Humpty Dumpty Love Song

Flowers In The Window
Know Nothing
More Than Us
Why Does It Always Rain On Me


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