Monday, March 15, 2004
AECC, Aberdeen, UK

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Fran Posted: 02-09-04 1:15
We got into Aberdeen sometime in the morning, having driven from Newcastle after the show.

Must have awoken at 2pm. This is what happens on the road. The nights get longer and the mornings become afternoon.

As I write, I look at my wee clock, it tells me the time is 4.50am. Hmmm. Everyone is asleep. We are headed to Birmingham for a day off. Dougie and Andy are going to jump on the train to London tomorrow. Me and Neilly are staying put. If I had my car, I?d drive to London but I don?t. Duh! I like driving.

Saturday Top Of The Pops crew came out today and did a report on what it was like to be a tour manager. We did an interview with Fearne, with the funky hair, and I did a radio interview with a local radio station. In the middle of the interview my headphones cut out and I totally lost the place in an answer I was giving. Haha.

Someone had texted into the radio show to say they?d heard we had done a duet the week before with Johnny Cash. I think they meant Graham Nash. Johnny would have been a bit of a tall order.

We have started playing More Than Us at the beginning of the show. Each member coming on one by one. It?s a nice way to begin the show.

The crowd tonight were the loudest of the tour so far. Because I wear these stupid ear plugs to hear the music, I didn?t hear how loud they were until I took them out when we went off before the encore.

My god! It was LOUD. Louder than Glasgow? Pretty bloody close. Maybe even a hair louder!

I took a picture of the noisy lot so you can see for yourself. Someone threw a big pair of granny knickers on the stage tonight. They were massive! I wore them on my head for ?HAPPY?. We met the culprits after the show and they were chuffed I wore them.

Ahhhh day off tomorrow. Give my throat a rest. I might have a late night beer now. Ahhhhhhhhh. As I write we are 30 miles north of Carlisle.

Good Night.
ParanoidAndroid Posted: 11-11-04 5:27
I studied in Aberdeen this semester and shortly after I arrived I noticed, that there should be a Travis concert in town. So let's go!

I have already been on a concert of this Travis tour in Berlin Columbiahalle four months before this gig in the AECC: Once we got there it was a bit shocking because it turned out to be something like a huge gymnasium, where a room was separated for the concert. No fine atmosphere as I can tell you, but well, at least 7000-8000 people, Travis and a home match for them as it was in Scotland. What else can you wish? Well, better accoustics actually. Unfortunately the AECC had a such a funny wavy roof, which spoiled the whole sound and besides that they were playing pretty loud (louder than in Berlin anyways). But at least the songs spoke for themselves and nothing in the world can spoil Travis-Songs.
I had the feeling that Travis were a bit more motivated than in Berlin but I think that's normal as they were playing in Scotland and not in front of 3000 but 7000 people.

The audience was f***ing loud! We made a huge noise and cheered the roof off. What was funny to see was that Travis are a kind of band for the whole family in Scotland/GreatBritain where they are seen as more alternative in Germany and are at least more a secret under Music-lovers. Unfortunately however!

All in all it was great and a cool start for my studies in Aberdeen, which turned out to be not half as funny as this evening in the AECC. Aberdeen is a shitty town ... sorry to all Scots but Aberdeen's surely not something to be proud of ...

Anne Posted: 02-02-05 7:42
When I was planning my holidays in Scotland I saw that Travis were to play in Aberdeen as well. I was visiting friends because I had worked there a year before. I love Aberdeen and was so glad to be back.
The concert was on our last evening in Scotland and so it was the perfect end for a great holiday...
We were there with at least 20 people so we had a lot of fun even before Travis came on stage. But when they started the audience was amazing. I had already seen them in Berlin and there people were only as half as loud as in Aberdeen. I liked the atmosphere a lot because everyone was singing and dancing as much as it was possible squeezed in between others. I can remember that Fran suddenly had these granny pants in his hands and put them on his head. You can imagine what reaction was to come from the audience... The last song was WDIAROM and it fitted so well in the mood that people were in.So in the end my voice was gone and I was sooo happy. Thanks for that evening Travis!!!
art lover Posted: 16-07-06 6:57
it was during my year in newton dee village when i decided it would be most lovely to celebrate halftime at a travis concert. jesus, i loved it! my friends were just staring at me for i could sing along every single song (they played so many of my favourite old ones). yes, the crowd was deafening. i was on full blast too and i guess that's where i have to plead guilty.. only there might have been one person louder than me: the naked guy who was standing next to me. unfortunately i can't remember his name, but he was fun. perhaps it was him throwing the granny pants? let's get a little pathetic now: sometimes i put on the green tour t-shirt, go to the conservatory, listen to travis live and sing out loud. that way the afterglow keeps fresh.

aberdeen is fantastic: loads of short skirts and open-hearted people all through the year. however, thank you, travis, for putting so much colour into granite city.


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