Monday, October 04, 2004
Barrowlands, Glasgow, UK

Support: Magic Numbers
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Weedief Posted: 05-10-04 1:28
My god does this venue get hot!!!

Second night in row after seeing them at Newcastle last night. Brilliant! There is always a special buzz when they play Glasgow, especially the Barras but tonight was amazing. We were again right in front of Andy in the front row how gave us a wave and a thumbs up when he came on stage after seeing us in the same place the night before (he probably thinks we are mad stalkers to be honest) They all seemed to get pretty knackered pretty quickly but with the amount they were putting into the set added with the unbelievable heat I'm not surprised. Particular highlights inlcluded Why does it always rain on me where Fran realised he hardly needed to sing by the volume from the crowd. Turn almost blew the roof off and on the encore Dougie sang All the Young Dudes (last night we got the weight which was great) I think mainly because Fran needed a break but it was brilliant hearing Dougie sing it again as I was there the last time he sang it at the Barras.

I have almost no voice after two nights of screaming along to everything and am pretty convinced that I'll be on a high for a good while yet.
LittleL Posted: 05-10-04 3:30
My 12th Travis gig so far and one of the best yet. Definitely a high energy gig. It was good to hear some of the older tunes and covers, especially the dude man himself's "all the young dudes".

My first time at the Barras...FAB venue. Travis please, please, please keep doing gigs at these smaller intimate venues as they are always the best.


Little L
Vince Posted: 05-10-04 7:34
Amazing night and by far the best I've seen them play. All of it was great, although not finishing with Happy and having it in the main set was a bit odd. 20, All The Young Dudes, Tied To The 90s and Flowers were best. And I met Andy's mum too who was really nice.
flower_in_the_window Posted: 05-10-04 10:40
One word: AMAZING!
This was my 22nd Travis show, and one of the best!!
Having queued from 11am, I was over the moon to meet the guys as they arrived!(Andy really liked my "Andy" t-shirt! so chuffed!)

By 9pm I was plonked in my usual slot in front of Mr D, and I got a wink and a thumbs up for my t-shirt!

There was sooo much energy in the place and the crowd was amazing!

The guys put so much energy into the show!
The highlights were definitely Andy's speaker climbing, Flowers, All the young Dudes, WDIAROM, and Writing to reach you.


K x

caz b Posted: 05-10-04 1:10
I didn't think that they could get any better but they do,I was at the front and the atmosphere was amazing. Can't pick a highlight cos the entire show was. Dougie- do you realise what you are doing to the entire female audience with those heavenly hipnotic hips!You know one of the best things is you can tell the fun the guys are having on the stage.Shame that I missed the busking!
Can't wait til the next time
*travis* Posted: 05-10-04 6:22
2 words for that gig

fuckin magic
andrewmankirk Posted: 05-10-04 6:29

Went to show at the SECC back in March and thought it was great but last night the Barrowlands was the best ever show. So good and i was meant to be going to bowling for soup glad i got rid o that ticket. Got to "play" Andys guitar when he came over to the croud and was mobbed by crazy fans yassss. An Amazing Night
lecsmith Posted: 05-10-04 7:08
Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan i love the barras.

What a fucking incredible gig. Nothing could prepare you for that. Nothing can describe it and give it what it deserves. I still can't get over it. Simply amazing.
katykitten Posted: 05-10-04 8:33
This gig was fuckin' awesome!
I was gutted to miss the band busking but my brother saw them and got me Dougie and Frans' autographs!
There were two stand out moments for me:
1. Singing my heart out to "Why Does It Always Rain On Me?" while looking up at Fran and being soaked by the spray.
2. Blowing a kiss up at Dougie "Hypnotic Hips" and him giving me one of his gorgeous smiles.
The boys really played their heart out and made it the best gig EVER!
Andrew Posted: 05-10-04 10:23
Ok just before I get to the really good bit I want to just mention The Magic Numbers. They were absolutely fantastic last night, don't think anyone really expected them to be as good as they were. Especially since it was their biggest venue to date. Brilliant, brilliant band - saw them after the gig and they seemed really nice people too, stood chatting to fans for ages.

Anyways, so yeah... Travis... still the best live act ever in my totally biased but still perfectly valid opinion!

I was a Barrowlands virgin before the gig but came away in love with the place. C'mon Travis - just play gigs there from now on! Place was absolutely roasting though, everyone (including the band) came away dying from the heat. Didn't ruin the gig though.

I could talk for hours about every single minute of the gigs quite easily but I'll try and keep it as short as possible. Hmmm what were the highlights? Ok that's more or less impossible, every single song was great.

Particular standouts though were Tied To The Nineties and U16 Girls right at the start of the set where the place went absolutely crazy. Even before they played a note for U16 G's everyone around me was bouncing!

...and of course the roof-raisers... Happy, Turn and WDIAROM in a row. Especially right at the start of Why Does It Always Rain On Me when Fran managed to get about two words into it before he realised he didn't need to bother, the crowd were doing just fine.

Last but not least the man that is Andy Dunlop. You are a legend! That side of the stage rocked! Far better than Dougie's side or even Fran's wee bit in the middle. (No offence to them, but that's just how it was) At the end when Andy came right down off the stage and tried to crowd surf, damn bouncers, it was absolutely brilliant. Got a finger onto the guitar y'know!

Glasgow loves ya Travis!
mad_about_travis Posted: 06-10-04 8:33

Misc_17 Posted: 06-10-04 9:57
Seen Travis 8 times possibly the best performance yet!!

My Highlights

Flowers in the Window, Turn, Sing to open

Also the encore was cracking classic songs

Great gig and I won my tickets so also a free concert 1st time won anything


Jenbobber Posted: 06-10-04 10:09
This was my 6th Travis gig to date. I knew it was gonna be good because of how good they always are when ive seen them, always have amazing set list and have brilliant interaction with the crowd, i also knew this as gonna be great because of the Venue, the barra's! The best venue ever!!! But this was even better than what i was used to from them, they absolutely rocked the roof off the place!! and there wasnt an average song on the set list!!

First i saw them on Buchannan Street busking, managed to get right to the front andf get amazing pictures, they were absolutely brilliant!! Then headed to the barras, took my usual spot near the front on dougies side, and watched the support band who i thought were very good! and then waited for travis, they opened with the fantastic sing, anf from that played all their amazing singles!

Travis were amazing, and my fave song of the nite i've managed to dwindle down to a few, although it was very hard to do, U16 Girls, 20, Tied to the 90's, Happy, WDIAROM.... actually them all!!

Thanks for a great gig guys! Can't wait to see u again!!
accousticbug Posted: 07-10-04 1:28
*thanks for dedicated flowers in the window to david collins fran!!**

ive been to 4 travis shows now.. this one was the best.. in fact i think i'll always always remember this whole day.

it started off fairly crap.. missed a lecture then came home at 12. THEN checked on the messageboard at about quarter to 12 to see all the latest news. travis busking in sauchihall street. magic .. dashed out to the underground.

mad dash succesful, travis are all there and frans in fine voice. tv camera got me! yyasss. so i finally got to meet fran. he signed my student card an winked goodbye. off i went with the hugest smile ever.

neways the gig comes and u could really feel the atmosphere. it was really cosy and felt intimate in a way cause i was so near the front.. and the barras is quite a small venue compared to others, but jeesus. it was intense and high. the magic numbers where amazin. i can still remember 3 of the songs.. they were that catchy first time listening.

but the moment that will always stick out for me was when fran dedicated flowers in the window to david collins, one of my best friends that sadly died 2 weeks ago. travis was the first gig we ever went to go see and he shouldve been there that night. it was incredibly emotional cause i never thought he would do it. i was going to ask at the busking session thing but everyone was so high and happy i didnt want to ask him to dedicate a song. cause its a realy sad story, and would justve put a dampner on it all.

neways it was an amazing night. it was almost capped off with me gettin a towel from the band that they threw... but a midget was in a fight with me for it and i had to do the gentlemenly thing and let go. damn the small girls.

thanks so much fran for doing that. i asked one of the security guys to thank you but i duno if he did. your truly are a great man, in the greatest band i know.

ur signatures amazing btw.
Ursina Posted: 07-10-04 11:53
Well before I give my wee (or not so wee) review about the show at night, I want to say a few words about the busking.....well that was just soo amazing! There they were, standing in front of this shop singing and playing away, what a contrast to a gig in the mighty SECC. To be soo close to the band, unbelievable! For someone that doesn't know Travis they just looked like some ordinary buskers (including the jittery soundsystem lol)apart from the heavy media presence of course. The audience was such a mix, next to me was this old white haired lady saying.. 'Oh what lovely boys!' awww :)
It was just incredible...and thank you guys for chatting to us and signing autographs! ;-D

Well now to the show at the Barras, what can I say, again just soo amazing! but first I would like to congratulate the Magic Numbers for their great perfomance. They're really quite special. I also love the girl's voice, reminds me of the Mamas&Papas..not sure if many of you know who I mean :-P. I'll certainly watch out for them.

But now to Travis! well what can I say.... from the first song to the last... frigging brilliant! Starting with Sing and the whole place turned into a fantastic party, singing, dancing jumping like mad ! Oh my god it was soo hot and I was glad we decided to move further back, still a great view to see Andy rocking away like mad, glad he made it down from the boxes safely, and Dougie of course in full hip swing lol.
Yes, once again Travis have done it, theirs are no ordinary gigs, they are a special, incedible experience, whether it's in the big shed the SECC or in this grotty old dancehall, brilliant every time. Once again I vowed that I'll be there at the gigs for a long time to come. Travis, you guys rock !!
luv you Sina :)
MHATTI10 Posted: 07-10-04 3:50
This is the fifth time i have went to see Travis and took two of my friends who were non believers! The gig was absolutly amense the best i have seen them play and lets just say the non believers wetre queing for merchandise after the gig! Good Show Lads
No1FranFan Posted: 08-10-04 10:21
Possibly one of the best gigs I've ever been to - the setlist was perfect, atmosphere was awesome, you can't beat the Barras!
Fee Posted: 10-10-04 4:11
i had the most amazing night, i still cant get over it!!! i saw Travis at SECC in march and didnt think it could get much better than that but the barras was excellent!!
i got right to the front, between Andy and Fran. i gave Andy a thumbs up during Sing and got a wink form him which was a great way to start the night. Every song was amazing, cant pick a favourite, though it was brilliant getting soaked all the way through WDIAROM by the secrity dudes and everyone singing along and going mad. i voted for Blue Flashing Light so i was sooo happy they ended with that, also loved 20 though not so many people seemed to know that. Thanks Travis for the best gig ever!

Also loved Magic Numbers, especially seeing Fran at the side nodding along!
Neil Posted: 12-10-04 5:05
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The day started great after traveling overnight from Newcastle, we had some rest after the first show and then headed out for a bit of street busking. These daily events have been great as we have been raising some money for the Big Issue and getting to meet the fans up close as well, which has been great.

We were all in good spirits, however the usual nerves are always raised due to the extended guest list woes and regular phone calls from family and friends.

Stagetime looms ever closer and we get more excited and begin pacing around the star studded dressing room, which is also where we filmed part of the video for Re-Offender. Sooner than we think it's time to go on and we amble up to the side of the stage for our pre-show huddle and calm our nerves before the maddening throng.

The roar of the crowd is deafening and very heartwarming as we walk out onstage and get ready to get them going. I feel quite emotional as we click into the first song "Sing".

The set for the shows is the same at every gig due to us playing all the singles, but the crowd are ecstatic as we drop hit after hitand the bar is raised all round the historic ballroom and everyone is bouncing wildly in time with the floor rumbling along.

We finish the first part of the show sweaty and excited, touched by the Barrowland's spirit and the fans joy, and we sit down for a minute and take stock.

Fran goes onstage for the acoustic rendition of "Flowers In The Window" and Dougie goes out soon after to sing "Baby One More Time", a real crowd favourite and with the website massive.

Andy and me head onstage to join in on "All The Young Dudes" and we finish rocking out on "The Blue Flashing Light" bringing a brilliant night to a close.

If you were there you will know how good a gig it was. Thank you from all of the band for making it a memorable and emotional evening and one of our best shows in years.

Love and thanks,

Neil x.x.x.
dobber Posted: 15-10-04 8:22
the gig was fantastic from start to finish .thanks for another brilliant show. and a great bonus was meeting the band on sauchiehall street. thanks to Neil and Fran for having a chat and photos taken i,ll never forget meeting my absolute heros.cheers Lindaxx
Sazzy16 Posted: 18-10-04 4:19
I went to see Travis at the SECC before and I thought they were amazing then but the smaller crowd at the Barrowlands made it even better!

As usual my friend Fee went crazy as she is the biggest Travis fan I know of and I ended up loosing her very soon into it lol!

The room got very hot very quickly and I think I would have died without the water so thanx water guys lol!

Travis were amazing and lived up to all my expectations! Cant wait to see them again!
samanthamcinnes Posted: 18-05-05 2:03
Tickets where given to me for by birthday by my friend siobhan. Can i say best present ever. The Best travis show it was great it was just plain great pure travis fans. All fantastic. The magic Numbers were amazing. We even done the lighter thing during one of there songs. But Travis travis blew me away. I would like to thank them for giving me such a greater memory. u rock
paul_c Posted: 16-08-06 1:51
"Perfect" is just about the only way i can sum this gig up. The single greatest night of my life. Without a shadow of a doubt.

This was my first (and definitely not my last!) time seeing Travis play a homecoming gig in Glasgow. I've looked forward to one of these nights since the first time i saw them in Belfast on The Invisible Band tour in 2002. I was definitely not disappointed! Probably the greatest band ever to come out of Glasgow, playing all of their singles, at one of Glasgow's (if not the world's) best live music venues. I have now lived a full life, because i don't think any gig can top this one. It was definitely the greatest gig i am ever going to experience. No question.

Opening with Sing is of course the best way to start any Travis gig. If i hadn't already worked up a sweat after this one, i was surely drenched by the end of the 3rd song in the set. Tied to the 90s (which was a definite highlight) followed by U16 Girls- and i don't think i've ever jumped as much in my life!

All I Want To Do Is Rock is always a highlight, and Fran seemed to put his life into it this time. I've never seen a performance like it. It was absolutely incredible. He was shattered by the end of it! The rest of the set up until More Than Us was fairly standard for a Travis gig, and when i say standard i mean that every single person in the venue sings every word at the top of their lungs and gets really into the music. I don't think any other band has as much control over their fans as Travis do.

More Than Us was simply spectacular. It was the first Travis song i ever heard (and i fell in love instantly) and i'd never seen it live in concert before. I have to admit that i was in tears. Tears of sheer joy and an the most immense sense of happiness. This is MY song. Fran, and the whole band, put everything into it, and it felt like they were playing it just for me. There could have been a million people in the room, but it still felt like the band were playing that song just for me. I can't really explain that, but it's how i felt. It was emotional, absolutely brilliant, and the best way to end the singles part of the show.

Luckily enough, the 3 songs i voted for on the website a couple of weeks before the gig were ALL played in the encore. I was absolutely chuffed to bits! All The Young Dudes was perfect, a Franny solo acoustic version of "20" was emotional to say the least, and Baby One More Time was just sheer class.

Finishing with Blue Flashing Light was probably THE song to end this. Just fantastic!

I really cannot speak highly enough of this gig. There aren't enough superlatives in the English language to convey my appreciation for this one night with my favourite band of all time. It really was the best night of my life. So much excitement. So much noise. So much happiness. So much emotion. So much atmosphere. So much joy. So many smiles. Just the best gig i've ever been to, and the best one i'll ever go to. That's the only way i can describe it.


Tied To The 90s
U16 Girls
Writing To Reach You
Walking In The Sun
Love Will Come Through
All I Want To Do Is Rock
The Beautiful Occupation
Coming Around
More Than Us
Flowers In The Window (Fran solo, acoustic)
Why Does It Always Rain On Me?

Baby One More Time
All The Young Dudes
Blue Flashing Light


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