Sunday, March 14, 2004
City Hall, Sheffield, UK

Support: Keane
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Fran Posted: 02-09-04 1:14
The show tonight rocked. I had to ask the audience to stand after the first couple of songs.

Strange venue. It felt very intimate. I talked a bit more than usual tonight because of this.

Any city coming after Glasgow in a tour has a tough job on their hands, but you rocked us Newcastle all the same.

Backstage we linked our computers up and played Quake 3 Arena. Me, Giles and Dougie blew each other to bits. This is a cool game.

I?m not a big gamer but Quake is the exception. You can go online and blow eachother up from the other side of the world. It?s fantastic. Anyways, Dougie was new to the game and was christened with FIRE tonight. He will learn though so I must make hay while the student learns. Hehe.
toonarmy Posted: 24-09-04 5:32
In anticipation of the gig I managed to get the next day off work, so me and the wife headed off on a jaunt around town downing as many pints and vodkas as we could in the four hours before the doors opened.
It's funny how the more drunk you get, the more proud you become of the Travis T-shirt you're wearing as if you belong to some elite group!
Anyway, after a gallon of ale and half a pack of pro-plus we entered the city hall and took our seats in time to see Keane.
Travis must be one of the bravest bands ever to have a support of this standard who could potentially blow them off stage. Fran is obviously aware of his own phenomenal vocal skills to allow the young pretender of Keane to tread on the same stage.
They were quite simply the best support band I've ever seen and to make that noise without a guitarist just beggars belief.
After a load of football terrace chanting (Travis,Travis) Fran enters stage left on his own and starts playing 'More than us' which is a rare treat nowadays but after a couple of songs the crowd are still sitting down and no-one seems to know what to do. Luckily Fran tells everyone to get up off their arses and the gig kicks off big style with plenty of pogoing on the balcony from yours truly.
The highlights of the set for me were 'WTRY', 'The Fear' and 'AIWDIR'

JamesW Posted: 24-09-04 7:33
Keane rocked, but Travis blew us all away. Took a little while for the audience to get going (much to my annoyance) but Fran managed to take control and sort it out!! Played their best songs (the only song missing was 20) but otherwise an almost perfect show. Roll on Foundation in October 04!!
bigbuzzybumblebee Posted: 25-09-04 1:26
ok, so i wasnt actually AT the gig, but i did meet the guys (minus Fran). and i also listened to the sound check thru the fire exit doors with a couple of other fans who had made the effort to come down early in the hope to meet them when the guys arrived!

i was so excited, and they were lovely, and now the autographs have pride of place on my bedroom wall! :o)
weilandsgurl Posted: 04-10-04 1:55
HI again :)

I enjoyed every minute of this gig as it was the first one I had been to since giving birth to my daughter Maddison. After a number of health problems and a poorly friend later, we managed to drag ourselves out of the house and into the City Hall.
Fantastic support band, Keane, Blew us away and from that point have been a firm fixture in my record collection. What a voice, what great songs, truly one of the best support bands (including Doves) that Travis have given us the chance to experience. Travis...
This was an awesome gig although I did find it a little weird that the crowd decided to stay seated until Fran told them to get of their arses! Many songs were played, many Fran Stories told and again, my fave song 20 played which as always, moved me to the verge of tears.
I have met Travis before this night at the University and Apocolypse Tube which they recorded a while ago at Tyne Tees TV but I was never a nervous as I was this time. My partner, friend and I waited in the cold until late (around 12ish) for the guys to come out of their dressing room and onto their bus. First out was Neil who I greeted with a big smile and asked how he was after his accident (poor lad) then after Neil came Andy. We got our autographs and were starting to get more and more excited about seeing Dougie and Fran. Then after a while they emerged.....Dougie signed our tees and programmes and was asked if he would include his number on my friends programme to which he replied, "i dont think my wife would appreciate that" we all fall about laughing! Then I see Fran sporting a very nice scarf, very Dr.Who, heart in mouth and staring at my shoes (I'm very shy) I ask Fran for his autograph...I tell him that I have a daughter who was around 8 months old at the time and told him she loves to dance to Travis songs when she hears them at home. Fran replies "I have that effect on children"..again we laugh. I asked Fran to do a special signature for My daughter to which he was only to pleased to oblige, we still have this in a frame at home, it reads..."To Maddison, Have a wonderful life, Love Fran" followed by some artwork he did for her (a nice smiley man waving his hands.)
What a truly wonderful bunch of people to meet, so down to earth. They give the feeling of being mates that you've known for years. I'm so glad that you keep it real and appreciate your fans and for this, I love you more everytime I see you.
You will always have a special place in my heart.
Much Love, Clare xxx
mme cholet Posted: 05-10-04 8:48
A great gig and a fantastic night. My first time seeing Travis even though I had tried on many occasions.
I was sitting on the balcony and only saw Fran, Andy and Neil for most of the gig until Dougie came across stage towards the end. It felt weird looking down on the the concert.
Great show tho. Have to say the songs only get better and it was a fantastic way to spend my sunday evening.
Make sure you come back to Newcastle more often.

robroxuk Posted: 11-10-04 11:08
This was the first travis gig I had been to and I didn't know what to expect as their past couple of albums had been quite quiet, and I had only ever been to rock gigs.
Keane started it off and got well deserved cheer but the second travis came on it started to liven up.
We all stood up and the music was so good we didn't sit back down!
They rounded it off with 'happy' and 'rain on me' and I knew that I would pay good money to see them again! All in all, great night!
cazzasho Posted: 01-04-05 2:53
Oh wow! this was one cool day and concert! My 3rd travis concert!

Firstly me and my mate Jennie waited outside and met Dougie, Neil and Andy! and how nice are those guys - sooooo cool! We also regretably let Tom and Keane boys walk past! so gutted as Tom is rather cute!

Excellent support! love keane and they were an ideal support band!

Travis were as usually brilliant! The first few songs were awkward as no one stood up! although i was on the edge of my seat ready to rock! lol! But once everyone got into it it was fab!

City hall is such a cool place - perfect venue for someone like Travis! soooo inimate and well... cool!


Fabulous concert!


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