Tuesday, January 27, 2004
The Joint, Las Vegas, NV, US

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Melinda Posted: 25-09-04 12:43
I didn't get home from San Francisco until about 9PM on Monday the 26th. My husband was a dear and ordered some pizza for dinner. I'd spent the day driving, then sleeping, then driving again. Now I had a pit stop at home for a couple of hours. Tons to do. Get the cameras loaded, get some cash, needed some toiletries to take with me to Vegas. My friends from Huntington Beach arrived at my place at 11:30 and we began the drive up to State Line. We stopped a few places along the way in the middle of the night. Thankfully, though we were in my car, I was not the driver!

We gambled until 6AM, slept until 10, then got back on the road for the 40 minute drive into Vegas! Once we got to the Riviera Hotel we had lunch, then got ready to head over to the Hard Rock.

Not ten minutes after I get there Dougie comes strolling by. I was so happy to see him again, and I'd had some photographs that my friend had taken of them at Brixton Academy to get signed. He was very nice and obliging.

We hooked up in line with Slime and her friend who'd come all the way from NYC. We'd seen them in San Francisco as well. Was very cool to catch up! They were even cool enough to let us keep some of our stuff up in their room during the gig. Me and my mate Heidi were the 2nd group of people in line. Who do I see strolling by a little bit later? Andy, and his beautiful wife Jo. Had to go up and say hello, and he was kind enough to sign a couple of those photos for me as well. I remember telling him that it would be so cool if he could just go crazy on the As You Are solo tonight, because that's, ya know, my favorite song.

While in line I played some slots and won ten bucks here and there. I spied Dougie at some unspecified gaming table.

Finally, the doors opened. This year I have been to a host of different shows up and down the West Coast, and this is by far, the best venue I've ever been to. Capacity is less than 2000 I beleive. The stage is not ridiculously high. The barrier was not far from the stage either, and the best part was that there were no security guards in front of the stage. Excellent photo taking opportunity. I took my spot directly between Fran and Andy. On this tour, somehow the term "Frandy" was coined for that position, and "Frougie" for the between Fran and Dougie position.

So me in the Frandy position, I got to watch and be delighted by Jason Falkner once again. Once again, Neil, Dougie, and Andy came out and added a bit to one of his songs, and once again, the set up time was nice n easy.

This night was different for me because I was in the front row. I had my sony cybershot camera with me, and kept snapping away. The setlist was the same as San Francisco, with one change, instead of the acoustic Flowers, Franny came out and sat behind the keyboard and played "Some Sad Song". That was really lovely to see. Andy gave me a nice wink after "As You Are" which sent me over the moon.

I met some nice people at this show also. A girl named Ann who we'd found out we knew the same person back in North Carolina. His name was Travis and we'd met in Philadelphia, at a Travis gig. Very small world it was. The Vegas crowd was incredible, Travis took the city by storm, and then blew out of there faster than we could beleive. Their bus was gone by the time we headed out back to say good night.

Off to Los Angeles to tape Ellen DeGeneres and take care of other press duties.

Heidi and I partied very late into the night, like you do in Vegas. Eventually falling alseep, then spending a leisurely Wednesday hanging out in Vegas before heading back to LA.

To be continued in the January 29th review...
Amandabug Posted: 30-09-04 9:52
The Joint is the best venue ever to watch a rock n roll show. It is small enough to be an intimate experience, the interior and stage look awesome, and to top it off, it's in the Hard Rock. Come on people. That's rock-n-roll.

slime and I rolled into Vegas the night before from a day of travelling from San Francisco. We were exhausted from not sleeping nearly enough after the Warfield show, and we had all sorts of travelling to do to get from SF to Vegas. The best choice we made was to ditch our inhibitions and book a stay at the Hard Rock. If we were going to live it up by flying across the country to see Travis, we HAVE to make the most of the situation.

We were suffering from jetlag and general travel weariness, but the night before we decided to hit the casino floor and try our fortune. Unfortunately, slime chose to play at a table where she spent more time trying to ignore the fact that the band were a few feet away at another table, and ended up dumping $$ in a matter of minutes. Finally, we called it a night.

Before the show, we tried to get in as many touristy things as possible since it was my first time in Vegas. I was really hoping to run into Dougie while sightseeing. I'd had a dream about us going on the NY,NY rollercoaster together and screaming our heads off. But of course, I'd also been sleep deprived and jet lagged for a few days.

There were only a handful of people on line when we showed up in the mid afternoon. We met up with Melinda. I spotted Andy+Jo coming in, and went up to introduce myself. I'd already seen Nora and KellyMac enough times, and its nice to finally meet a loved one of a Travis member. It's like meeting a friend's family.

I remember Sing particularly well at this show. slime+I were front row in front of Fran as usual, and pretty much for the first time, Fran turned his attention to us for a whole verse. I remember looking into his eyes, and I remember a sort of urgent earnesty in it, and I remember a sparkle that seemed to come out as he told us that it didn't mean a thing, unless we sing sing sing. Of course we sang. We always do.

I also remember slime+I knocked into each other a number of times in quasi-violent parts of songs like Turn, where karate kicks and guitar solos always drive us crazy. Andy and Dougie tend to catch us at these awkward moments. It usually provokes a giggle and a broad smile.

Somewhere Else, with Dougie dancing, has become the shortest song on the set. Watching Dougie dance with his smooth moves and sexy hips always ALWAYS ALLLWAYS causes heart pains. It makes my knees weak. It makes me wish this song was 10 minutes longer. I've seen this performed live 7 times, and every time I never actually hear Fran singing. All I can see and hear is Dougie dancing. God, Dougie was smokin'.

Andy's winks are pretty distracting too. And he climbs speakers and amps like nobody's business.

The band left in a blink after the show. slime+I were a little disappointed to not get a chance to say goodbye, particularly since we had come so far, but we didnt come to Vegas to get special attention. We just wanted to see the shows. And we did. And we left that crazy city of sin in the desert and returned to NYC under 4 inches of snow with heavy hearts wishing we were going onto LA and San Diego. I was still suffering heart pains from Dougie's dancing. Oh wait, I still am.

I miss Travis. Come back to the US! Travis Posse misses thee.
goth chick Posted: 07-10-04 6:04
Seeing Travis in Vegas was absolute serendipity for me. I'm from NY and they were not scheduled for any shows anywhere near me. The date of the show happened to coincide with a conference that I was attending and I was SO excited to get the chance to see one of my favorite bands. It was also a major plus to be able to "lose" my co-workers for the evening after being stuck with them for two straight days.
A bunch of other people at the conference had asked me what I was doing for the evening and when I told them I was going to see Travis, one of the guys was from the UK. He was like, "The UK band Travis? No way! They play to tens of thousands of people in Europe." I tried to get him to come along, but his company had plans that he had to keep for the evening. I told him the next morning that I was about 8 feet away from the band and he was amazed.
It was a little weird, because it was the first concert that I've ever been to by myself, and in a strange city at that (and Vegas IS strange :c).
The guys were AMAZING. I kept thinking how much I wished my husband were with me, beacuse I didn't think he'd believe just how great Travis is live (Thanks for the DVD, guys!!!!!)
If I had to pick some favorite moments from the show, I'd probably say "Driftwood" and "Quicksand" and of, course, everyone singing along to "Why Does it Always Rain on Me?" at the end. The thing that I remember most was that everyone there was a huge Travis fan. I didn't see anyone that didn't seem to know all the words to every song. And noone wanted it to end.

Happy To Hang Around
Writing To Reach You
Pipe Dreams
Love Will Come Through
The Fear
Beautiful Occupation
Midlife Krysis
As You Are
Somewhere Else
All I Wanna Do Is Rock
Humpty Dumpty Love Song

Some Sad Song
Peace The Fuck Out
Why Does It Always Rain On Me?


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