Thursday, October 07, 2004
Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton, UK

Support: Magic Numbers
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Fran Posted: 08-10-04 2:33
Nice pics andy. Thanks everyone tonight. That was magic. Sorry to everyone outside. We had to get off quickly tonight. Highlights tonight were watching The Magic Numbers. Seeing my Auntie Lynn and uncle Martin cousins Natalie and Melissa (and Melissas boyfriend from Oz) Lots of happy faces. Cool. Cambridge tomorrow. See you there.
lagerbreath Posted: 08-10-04 9:51
We were at our first Travis gig last night at our local Wulfrun Hall which is a great little venue! Hopefully the lads will consider playing at Wolves again on their next tour.

We were stood right behind Frans family who were really nice people, had a great view and the highlights of the gig were Fran playing with his fly open and them finishing off before the eencore with Turn and WDIAROM!!

Great gig fellas, come back to Wolves soon!
Somewhere Else Posted: 08-10-04 11:30
This was a really great venue for a gig and Fran was just so at home here.As always he gave it everything and the night just sailed...Dougie singing 'All the young dudes'was absolutely superb too. So great to hear Fran talking allot , made it very special indeed. 'Walking in the sun' sounds fantastic live . Cant wait to hear all the new stuff next year , we are in for a year of pure pleasure!

Thanks Travis for another wonderful evening x
*Laura* Posted: 08-10-04 11:56
Last night was magic. Couldnt have wished for anything better. Thanks everyone. Right at the front, again! In the middle, couldnt not have found a better space. The venue made the gig all the more special, everyone was on such a high. I came home without my voice, with aching legs and ringing in my ears, but my god was it worth it?! Set was fantastic and I managed to get the Setlist that Andy threw out to the crowd :D Fran and Andy playing each others guitars and Andy climbing under Dougies legs were highlights. WDIAROM and Happy were certainly the best songs. Oh, and Blue Flashing Light in the encore, one of my favourites :)
Loved every minute of it - thanks guys
girlee1 Posted: 08-10-04 12:21
Absolutely brilliant gig!!! Nice to see the boys back in wolves instead of the smelly NIA!!!! The Wulfrun is an ideal venue!! Come back again!!!! Got some cool photos, will post a few up later on when I get home!!! Fran was a sweetheart as always & really chatty!! Dougie, what can I as f**k!!! Andy still rocks & Neil as wonderful as ever!! highlights had to be blue flashing light!!!!
Lucybird Posted: 08-10-04 2:43
My first Travis gig and FANTABULLOUS! I am still all excited from it! I was right near the front which was great but meant my hair went all frizzy when Fran chucked his water! lol! Side and why does it always rain on me were the best and the Magic Numbers were good too. I don't think Fran should have been upset about that song... all those girls wanting to see his bum he should've taken it as a compliment! And him doing the whole show with his flies undone lol! I want to see them again already but next time I want to meet them! I didn't have enough money for a shirt though :( Sorry to the person who got blinded by my camera flash it wasn't meant to go off!
Grant Posted: 08-10-04 7:56
OMG! You can see my head in some of the pics! :D I thought the support was great! I strummed Andy's guitar when he held it out too! It was hilarious watching him strugling to get back onto the stage after. It was my 3rd gig and it was the best yet! Smaller gigs are so much better to the big Arenas. Baby one more time was amazing although I'd have liked to have heard Funny Thing and Good Feeling as encores too. The Good Feeling song are the most electric songs. The crowd suddenly becomes more lively when the opening to U16 Girls is played. I hope Fran will write more "heavier" songs in the future. Overall though it is the most amazing gig i have ever been to. We await your return Travis!
staffordshire_lass Posted: 08-10-04 8:27
MAGIC!!on the photo of Fran holding the mic to the gorgeous girl in the crowd-that would be me!!yup thats ma blonde mop head! how amazin!plus i came away with Fran's towel-never to be washed-im framin that baby!me and my best mate were also the ones who pointed out that Dougie stole my mates pen and that Fran was flying low-eyes like a hawk!amazin night guys!Proud to be from Stafford-the birth place of Fran!we did good....
Miss Shagwell Posted: 08-10-04 10:56
Oh what a show,and a lovely warm up by the magic numbers.We were sweating by the time Travis did their stuff.Well at least Fran was.I don't think anyone noticed when my top came down with all that jumping.A Judy Finnigan without the bra.Shocking.At least Fran had his underwear on even with his fly down.How funny.
Arkham Posted: 08-10-04 11:09
OH GOOD THIS SHOW KICKED ASS, i have been to two gigs in my live this and electric soft parade like ayear ago and that was great but this hurt watching it was so good, and i got a plectrum and i meet neil he is a nice guy, i loved everything, including the female singer of The magic numbers she was gorg.
i am posting a picture, i know its not mine but it shows meeeeeeeee on it
stevieb Posted: 09-10-04 12:27
What a great night - another 2 way gig!
Saw the lads at the Dome in Doncaster in March and was blown away (Keane were great as well).

How to folow the last gig?
Well they did it, didn't they?
From start to finish they rocked - so much so that my partner 'mijooly' almost fainted (you guys!) and we had to watch from the sidelines whilst she cooled down (from Happy onwards anyway!).
It was a night of encores really - very strange but my god didn't we SING.
Fortunately the rain held off and we eventually got pie and chips for tea at 23:00 - then it was a drive back to Derby.
The Wulfun is a great venue (my 3rd visit) but I'd be interested to know if the guys know where Derby is?

Thanks for a great night lads.
Finally a word for everyone else in the hall - last night was very comfortable and easy (no pushing, friendly faces and everyone was out for a good time).
Special thanks to the lady who gave my partner her drink of water!

All the good nature says something about Travis and not the MID-LIFE CRISIS Fran referred to at Doncaster.

See you all again soon.

anna.c Posted: 09-10-04 4:13
How amazing was this show?!? This is my 3rd Travis concert, the smallest venue & most definitely the best! Me, my sister & best mate drove down from Darwen (near Blackburn) which took us 2 1/2 hours. Well worth it!
It was fantastic to hear all the singles. I always cry when they do TURN, DRIFTWOOD, MORE THAN US, WRITING TO REACH YOU & FLOWERS & I did again this time. Nothing can beat jumping to ALL I WANNA DO IS ROCK & HAPPY.
My highlights were getting wet from Fran's water, being at the front & getting a fantastic view.
Francis Francis show us your bum, show us your bum!

thanks lads x
Obi-wan Kenobi Posted: 10-10-04 3:56
This was just amazing. I reckon the best Travis show I have seen so far. Like I said on the board, at this gig I just felt like I was *home*. The atmosphere was just so familiar and fun and everything was right. I don't know how to explain it, but people who were there (actually, anyone who's seen Travis live) seems to know what I mean. Definitely got that vibe more here than at other Travis gigs though - like Fran said, those big expos are ok for selling computers but for gigs you need a proper venue, and you could definitely tell the difference between the Wulfrun and the NIA. Fantastic. Highlights for me were All The Young Dudes and Tied To The 90s, but the whole show just rocked out. I miss it so much!! Roll on the next UK tour =)
Muse Posted: 11-10-04 10:54
What a night!

My second Travis gig, the NIA in March being my first. This was definately the best of the two.

Turned up at the Wulfrun at about 6.30 and ended up pretty near the front. Got interviewed, with my girlfriend, by the Express and Star (turns out she got in and I got cut off the photo!).

Then, we had to stand and listen to whatshername blab on about meeting Dougie and Neil (yawn). You may remember someone going on about a pen, that was her.

Just a correction for you, I think you will find that is was ME that pointed out to Fran that he was flying low. I only found out cause you were shouting about it though!

The gig was awesome, haven't had so much fun in ages. Jumping around and generally getting knackered!

I managed to say hi to Fran on stage, that was pretty good. Also managed to shake his hand right at the end, just before they went off. Plenty of Phil/Fran interaction. Some Phil/Andy interaction as well, but that was just hurriedly grabbing him and messing with his guitar.

Finally, managed to meet Romeo from The Magic Numbers too and shake his hand so overall a great gig.

Laura managed to get herself the setlist after we both harrassed the security bloke.

Great gig, roll on seeing the Thrills.
Gigs Lover Posted: 20-10-04 2:49
Band: Travis plus Special guests Magic Numbers
Venue: Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall
Date: Thursday 7th October 2004
Doors Open: 7.00 pm
Support Act: 7:45-8:15pm
Travis: 9.00-10:45pm
The Gig:

Magic Numbers are on first. To be honest with you I hadn't heard of this band until now so boy was I in for a surpise. This band consists of 3 girls and 2 boys. They all have just finished university and by the sounds of it are friends of Travis. I was pleasantly surpised my their taste of music and selection of songs. Although indie-based there were some ballads and a few twinklers that could put you into a deep sleep (not in a bad way). No covers, this was all their own stuff and good credit to them. They put on a great show before the headlining act at such a small venue. My only fault with this band was their set ended so quick and took a while for them to set up (as usual). Nevertheless they all sang beautifully (minus the drummer whom we never had the chance to hear sing live).

As you can see from the timetable, there was a long interval (as with alot of gigs) between Magic Fingers and Travis. The roadies came on and dismantled equippement, put in Travis guitars and speakers in place for the band. However whilst this was all going on, me and a friend happened to notice a Robbie Williams sticker on the soundkit. Could this mean that Travis are big fans of the ex-Take That legend himself? Fran never mentions that in interviews but only time will tell.

45 Minutes later and everything is in place for the fine Scottish indie-band to come on stage. We hear the beats of Sing and already the crowd is bopping up and down. Within a few seconds, Fran (lead vocals), Andy (guitar) , Neil (drums) and Dougie (guitar) come on stage right before our eyes. I was dead impressed as the security guards stayed well clear of the front of stage so we had a perfect view of the band. Being quite short myself and always straining to see what's going on helped loads. It was almost like having Travis play in your living room.

"Thanks. It's nice to be able to play intimate venues like this one again. No-one needs places like Wembley'' says Fran. He sure is right. You could tell he was pleased to be back in Wolverhampton along with the rest of the band.

They all seemed to be enjoying themselves. Dougie was so funny, giving out wrong messages to the laddies in the room with his facial expressions and movements. Andy well what can I say? He looked like he was on fire, kneeling on the floor playing endless tunes on his guitar. Neil, unfortunately for most of the gig was hidden by Fran but we could still see he was having a good time.

After such a memorable intro, Fran speaks to us once again. ''Many people think The Man who was our 1st album. Wrong there was one before that Good Feeling and the next few tracks we are going to play to you are from that''. Admittedly I haven't listened to any other album other than "The Man Who" and "The Invisible Band". These songs gave me the chance I needed to rest my voice and just shout hey when we were given the cue in ''Tied''.

Having heard 2 songs from the 1st record in came all the travis timeless tunes. The crowd were loving it singing every word to every song. Fran did however race ahead of himself for just a moment by introducing ''re-offender'' before playing new single ''walking in the sun''. The others all laughed at this but he still was on top form.

After a few songs from 12 memories with a perfect ballad ''All I want to do is rock'', Fran thanks the crowd for just being themselves and supporting them on their intimate gig tour. He also reminded us of the fact that they haven't played in this venue since the days when they were promoting ''The Man Who''. They then belt out a mixture from the 2nd and 3rd albums. By this stage you could see the sweat dripping from Fran's forehead and clothes.

At around 10:20 pm, the band go offstage for a short interval. Lights dim right down and you know what happens next. Like most gigs, the fans begin stamping their feets and clapping hoping that their idols will come back for an encore. They got their wish, only this time Fran goes solo. He sings a tune on his own dedicated to all the fans on their official website. ''We asked fans in a poll as to what they'd like to hear at forthcoming gigs. This song had the most votes so here it is 20". This was the 1st time I had heard this song, let alone live. It's a shame it never got further than being a b-side. I'm sure it would make a cracking single (if it was ever released).

20 is followed by two covers. The first of which ''is by a girl who isn't so young anymore.'' Yes you guessed it they played their version of Britney Spears ''Hit me baby one more time''. I'm not a huge fan of this song but I really enjoyed their acoustic version. They also did a suberb cover version of David Bowie's ''All the young dudes''.

It's almost time for the show to end. "We are going to end the show with a song that we haven't played in a long time. I just like to say how happy I am to be back here again. It's great to see you all and I promise we will be back.'' Those were Fran's last words for the evening. On come the blue flashing lights ready for a loud electric version of the secret track on ''The Man Who'' album. What a way to end such an amazing show.

I really liked Travis as a band, but now I think this gig has converted me into a fan. It rocked from beginning to end and you couldn't fault either Magic fingers or Travis themselves. Both bands had a really good time. Fran even threw a track for his Aunty Lynn. Awww. Bless him.

Tied To The Nineties
Writing To Reach You
Walking In The Sun
Love Will Come Through
All I Want To Do Is Rock
The Beautiful Occupation
Coming Around
More Than Us
Flowers In The Window
Why Does It Always Rain On Me?

Baby One More Time
All The Young Dudes
Blue Flashing Light


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