Saturday, January 31, 2004
Spreckels, San Diego, CA, US

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Melinda Posted: 25-09-04 2:10
This was a seated show, so there was no real hurry to get to the venue. The day started off with me heading out to print more photos for the band. I made them a lovely photo book from the previous shows. In all, I think I did about a hundred.

I cried a wee bit on the way to the show. This had been an incredible week for me, and for the most part, I knew I'd had the most incredible time of my life. Met so many wonderful people, been many wonderful places, and spent a decent amount of time chatting with my favorite band. It was just overwhelming.

When we got to Spreckels, we met Ceji and Katerskater, and also saw Californiagirl and Get Happy again. Andy and Fran came out for quite a while after soundcheck, and I presented Fran with the book of photos I'd made for them. Spoke for a while, and then talked to Andy as well. Neil and Dougie were milling about as well. We then went for dinner, and finally entered the theatre and took to our seats. We were in the 6th row, not bad by some standards, but kind of sucked after 3 shows in the front row. This was possibly the worst venue I've ever been to. They kept threatening to take my camera away, for one, which really sucked. Also, the stage is so far away from the seats, that was really strange also.

But the band, true to form, were wonderful this night. The main set was the same, but the encore was a little different. Instead of PTFO, they included Coming Around, to my complete and utter delight! I'd not heard this live before so it was a huge highlight for me.

The best part of the night though, was when two blokes jumped up on stage and Fran invited the entire audience to join them. I was all the way in the back, ready to make my hasty exit when this happened, so I snapped a photo before heading out of the venue. My last memory of this incredible show was a huge mass of fans on stage with Travis. With the nastiness of the security and ushers there I was afraid they'd all get carted off to jail!

I saw Fran running into the bus, and said a final farewell to him. The rest of the band came out a little while later and signed stuff for the fans, but I just wanted to say my goodbyes and thank you's to them for being so kind to me for the entire week. They were so generous with their time before and after the gigs, that is so impressive. They just seem to really care about the people whose lives their music has touched.

I must've said good-bye to Andy about 6 times. Every so often, I'd run into him again, but the last time was so nice, me and Bob were walking to get our car from the valet and walked past the bus, and he called me over and said goodnight again, and gave me a big hug. Said he'd see me next time they were around. That was super cool.

Bob was flabergasted by an event that happened though. Dougie hugged him. Very tight and Bob's not used to this kind of thing. So in the car he said to me, "God, Dougie hugged me and I felt his stubble on my face!" Guess Bob wasn't used to straight male affection! Was really funny and very cute.

For me, this entire week was just stunning. I travelled 1600+ miles of road, some of it on my own, some with friends. 32 hours spent in my car, slept at a friend's house, and two different hotels. It was like I was on tour. When it was over, it was bittersweet. I contemplated just chucking it all and continuing on for the Texas shows, but alas, priorities came back into focus and I was left with some incredible memories. I am glad I was able to share them here, in this wonderful archive created for the fans, and this most wonderful band. There are over a hundred photos from these shows on my website, which you can find in the Travisonline hyperlinks section.

I'd like to end this series of reviews by saying the sincerest of thank you's to Andy, Dougie, Neil, and Fran. Thank you for your music, your unbeleiveable live shows, and for your kindness. You are the most wonderful guys I've ever met. You're not only generous with the songs you've given to all of us, but you are also generous with your time, hugs, and conversation with those of us who've supported you along this incredible journey you're on. Your songs have been the soundtrack to this crazy second adolescence of mine, and I will forever be grateful for all you've done.

Till next time...

Melinda Walker Argel
Los Angeles, California
jencutie Posted: 28-09-04 12:03
this was my first and only time i've seen TRAVIS, i drove 2 hours to see them and even tho i sat the furthest u can possibly sit (i was on balcony, last seat in the back, against the wall literally) it was awesome because the place was kinda small so at least they weren't the size of ants. I was a lil mad that i couldn't take pics cuz the evil guard lady said she'd take away my phone cam, and then i was even more sad when the whole audience went upstage and i was stuck on balcony...all those people took close pics and i couldn't take a pic from far! that was just not fair, i was yelling at my friend "aaahhh first time i see them and i dont get to go up there aaahhh!!" and i love them i love theme hehe. My bf broke up with me that day but i was soooo happy to see travis that i forgot about it lol and got over it right after the concert, i was so happy, even tho i didn't get an autograph or any pics, ill never forget this show :) wish i waited a lil longer outside tho, i wont forgive my friend for not wanting to wait with me so i could meet the band :(. oh and i loved the Flowers in the window accoustic. if i heard it loud and clear, then everyone did lol :) so thanks for that FRAN xoxo
Lorli Posted: 13-10-04 11:17
It doesn't get better than this. I was in Arizona for work, and had planned to fly to San Diego to see Travis (I live in NYC!). The show was amazing . . . I was fourth row, and thrilled with each song that was played. I'll admit that I tried to take a photo, but the ushers came and asked that I not do it again.

All through the concert, I was thinking that it was well worth the trip . . . then, I ended up on stage with the band!!!! I can't explain how excited I was. I took out my camera, and took some photos. After, as we were leaving . . . I was shaking walking out of the theater . . . I couldn't stop smiling. I then began to look at the photos on my digital camera . . . oh my . . . how amazing . . . thanks for such a wonderful experience!

guitargalusa Posted: 07-11-04 4:21
I had just returned from a long trip in London and Paris and I was missing Europe terribly, when I realized that Travis was coming to town and I could have a little taste of Europe on that night.

I got there kind of late, just in time for some beer and chat.

The show was great, my favorite part was the acoustic version of "Flowers in the Wind" because I was close enough to hear it. I admit it was hard not to sing along, but I didn't want to drown out Fran. :)

When people started jumping on stage I was a little nervous of getting trampled, but then I felt this wave of joy that pushed me on stage. With my skirt I nearly flashed everyone!

Luckily I was about the third or fourth person up there, and my teeny body got pushed from Fran's side (you can see the back of my head and my curly hair in one of the pictures of Fran from this show)!

I wound up near Dougie, he was all sweaty and smelly, so I blew some air on him. He seemed thankful and the rest of the evening I could say, in truth, that I blew Dougie.

All in all an eventful night, like I've said before, one of my favorite live bands.

I'd be more than willing to open for them in the future :)



Happy To Hang Around
Writing To Reach You
Pipe Dreams
Love Will Come Through
The Fear
Beautiful Occupation
Midlife Krysis
As You Are
Somewhere Else
All I Wanna Do Is Rock
Humpty Dumpty Love Song

Flowers in the Window (Accoustic)
Coming Around
Why Does It Always Rain On Me?


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