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minnmess Jun-2-11 10.26pm
you are allowed to steal. Unless it is chocolate or CFirth. then hands off, lady!
minnmess Jun-2-11 9.37pm
aww, that's us!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Apr-12-11 2.56pm
Haven't you heard? I decided to let the world know my true identity. I'm Ursula, the sea witch.
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Dec-9-10 9.28pm
I miss you too! We should chat on Skype or something. *Hugs*
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Dec-7-10 6.22pm
Feliz cumpleaños, dear Polish chick! I hope things improve for you soon. I'm sure great things are ahead, even though you have to get through these difficult times now. Love and big hugs from the South.
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Oct-25-10 1.56am
That's because you are very tall and Wendy is sort of leaning and I'm very, very short. I should have brought a bar stool or something for the photo. :oP
minnmess Oct-22-10 11.37pm
cute avatar :)
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Oct-22-10 5.03am
Haha, perfect t-shirt!!!
goosey_84 Mar-15-10 4.07pm
sigh...i'm back...for a bit...i should have made the FAO Abs thread for you as well...hope all is well! smooches?? :)
goosey_84 Dec-10-09 9.46pm
smooooch smoooch babycakes!
goosey_84 Nov-30-09 6.59pm
nothing new to report...ever. sigh! haha it's christmastime again which means one thing...time to bust out my copy of 'love actually' and weep! hahaaha
goosey_84 Nov-25-09 6.15pm
hi hun! lol @ the posters thread...i'm trying very hard not to be my bitter self in giving the silly girl advice though i liked gladders' response! hahaha everything going well??
goosey_84 Nov-10-09 7.54pm
was in nyc this past weekend...sooo pleasantly surprised to see a topshop! haha ran right in!! smoooches dearest!
minnmess Nov-3-09 9.25pm
I love your bitterness in the significant others thread. It sounds like me. Lets have a cry and some chocolate.
minnmess Nov-3-09 1.17pm
nope i am months and months behind. One of these days i will download them all and get caught up
minnmess Nov-2-09 3.10pm
that was 1/2 the point
minnmess Nov-2-09 2.43pm
Especially when someone mocks your sausage!!
Moray Oct-30-09 11.51am
Sorry megg, it's especially bad form considering how awful Scottish food is! As they say in so I married an axe murderer 'i think most Scottish cuisine is based on a dare'
Moray Oct-21-09 9.21pm
Not bad at all Megg! How on earth are you!?
TheBoyWithAName Aug-15-09 10.25am
I think I'm trying to look as silly as I can, is it working? :P
weirdmom Aug-13-09 1.29am
No. :( I'm very sad and worried. Again I suspect customs agents. I'm convinced they are enjoying my Polish chocolate. Jerks.
minnmess Jul-20-09 10.55pm
Thanks Meggy.
minnmess Jul-15-09 11.33pm
Anne mentioned something about the candy exchange and you being her partner and I just thought, "aww, Megg. Megg is awesome." there are endless reasons
minnmess Jul-15-09 8.48pm
I was thinking about something today. You, my dear, are awesome.
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jul-15-09 5.11pm
Hey, that's great!! I don't think he'll change his mind. So you must be studying your arse off right now. Best luck, Megg! And please let us know how it goes :o)
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jul-14-09 10.57pm
Hahaha! I'm ok, uni is over for now and I'm at work with nothing to do thanks to swine flu. How are you? Have you been able to work things out with your teacher about that exam you took?
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jul-13-09 12.39am
Last night I dreamed that you called me on the phone and spoke perfect spanish :oP. Also, you were studying to become a designer.
goosey_84 Jun-9-09 3.36pm
your avatar amuses and horrifies me at the same time! haha smoooch!
minnmess Jun-1-09 3.45pm
oh man, I just pitied you into being proud of me, lol. Ive sunk to a new low.
minnmess May-29-09 4.31pm
What can I say, Im an enabler. Wow, you should be proud! Give friend a cookie for me too. Wanna be proud of me? I can draw some pretty impressive stick people. And pigs.
minnmess May-28-09 8.38pm
That seems reasonably sane to me, so no! *hands Megg a choc chip cookie*
minnmess May-28-09 8.28pm
Your friend painted that?? It is amazing! And will be worth a lot when she ODs. Ya, poor thing.
minnmess May-28-09 8.19pm
Is your avatar some sort of cry for help? Are you an alcoholic/drug addict who says no no no to rehab? We can help Megg! Admitting it is the first step :)
minnmess May-23-09 3.26pm
minnmess May-22-09 8.09pm
I will wrap a OTH marathon up in a bow and send it to Poland :) See you just got back from Milan. Looks pretty amazing! I'm good. Busy but good. Enjoying the sunshine. How is the Meggster?
minnmess May-21-09 6.07pm
So i asked a friend about OTH. Her answer: There are complications. Peyton or the baby could die. Wow, look at all those details!
minnmess May-19-09 3.55pm
There was a OTH marathon on yesterday and it was all of the Travis episodes. Reoffender + the "I love him" moment. I still dont know about the pregnancy. I will try to figure it out!
Nikki Apr-23-09 12.20am
I did! I got an invitation to a wedding for the 4th of July. I'm still thinking about it.
goosey_84 Apr-18-09 2.27am
what?! a new album! where have i been!? i'm fine...just missing the fellas is all..and my favorite roadie/guitar tech (nick). haha all well on your end dear?
minnmess Apr-12-09 10.55pm
I am no help at all. I haven't watched it since...November. I will try to find out for you though.
ricv64 Mar-18-09 1.43pm
uh it's cosmic and spiritual . actually it was designed in a hippie town though but printed in the ghetto
ricv64 Mar-17-09 6.08pm
that pic is very LA BTW
Delia24Oct07 Mar-17-09 2.33pm
Yeah, Noel and The Mighty Boosh are so great! It's nice to know that other people here love him, too! Have a good time! <3
goosey_84 Mar-12-09 7.57pm
i am absolutely thrilled for you!! :D your news just made MY day and i've still got nothin! hahaha you MUST keep me posted!
goosey_84 Mar-12-09 7.57pm
i am absolutely thrilled for you!! :D your news just made MY day and i've still got nothin! hahaha you MUST keep me posted!
goosey_84 Mar-11-09 6.45pm
hi hun! just checkin' in...hope all is well! besosss!
Nikki Mar-2-09 8.11pm
Nevermind! I sent it to everyone via FB. Much easier. :)
Nikki Mar-2-09 7.59pm
PM me your email addy and I will send out a group email to everyone to see when they wanna skype!
goosey_84 Feb-24-09 2.45pm
stoppin' by with a weekly smoooch! ;)
Nikki Feb-24-09 1.32am
I was getting them, but it seemed to be after the fact. You were logged off when I got them. We'll all have to set up a time. Usually it's on a weekend. :)
Nikki Feb-23-09 2.49am
You're added! Now we will have to plan another group chat!
minnmess Feb-22-09 3.51am
well her hair is similar to mine, but thats about it, lol. I would like to look like her though!
minnmess Feb-21-09 8.30pm
I havent seen in, but I dont think I in anyway look like Gennifer Goodwin. I think everyone has a strange concept of what I look like, lol. Oh topshop purchase. I am jealous!
goosey_84 Feb-20-09 4.18pm
hoooray! i'm proud of you chica! :D ...sigh...the mere mention of his name Meg!
Nikki Feb-19-09 11.42pm
Thanks Megg! I'm doing good. Working too much and trying to catch up just now to the craziness going down on the board. lol. How 'bout you? Oh! We all think you need to join Skype to come chat with us. There are both talk and chatroom options. It's fun!
RaZzZ Feb-19-09 6.28am
Hi Megg!
varz Feb-17-09 8.30pm
if you find any nice boys then send 1 my way! xx
varz Feb-16-09 8.16pm
ooh that sounds exciting! :) how long you away for? xx
varz Feb-15-09 9.47pm
woo! bring on the drinking! i'm good thanks, don't wanna work tomorrow though :( you been up to much exciting? xx
varz Feb-15-09 6.38pm
hey! hows things? what are you doing between the 9-16th july? thats when i'm gonna be back in poland in the beautiful krakow! i'm so excited, i actually can't wait! hope you are good xx
Peewee Feb-14-09 3.50pm
Why thanks you missy!!! :) But I think the flowers look like Dandelions...they make you pee?!?!lol How are you doing? Do I hear exam time/studying? lol "nasty" xxx
Monica Feb-11-09 5.48pm
Yeah, the problem is when you're watching TV and suddenly he appears :p I have to say that I'm singing the whole day what he sings lmao.
Monica Feb-9-09 7.17pm
Hahaha. It's so funny! He sings awful :p The last one is the worst I think :D By the way, somebody asked him if he would do something like Ljungberg or Beckham did (you know, just wearing pants) and he said yes. The only problem, he said, is that his skin is very white lol.
Monica Feb-8-09 7.46pm
Isn't he beautiful lmao.
minnmess Feb-6-09 8.13pm
Dearest Meggy. I am planning a trip to NYC in the fall and something just dawned on me: TOPSHOP WILL BE OPEN BY THEN!!!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Feb-4-09 2.38pm
Thank you, Meggy :o)
When will we see you in your profile pic again?
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Feb-3-09 2.40am
Lol! Good luck in your exams! I totally understand that you don't want to study. I just want uni to be over already!
I'm ok too. Not much to tell, my life is pretty boring :oP
varz Feb-2-09 9.04pm
hope ur exams go well :) xx
heyjude Feb-2-09 8.45pm
Hey Megg, I'm excited for you that Travis is finally coming to Poland. Post some pics, okay?
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Feb-2-09 6.38pm
Haha, well, maybe they will, but they're a bit old and I don't have any plans for a trip to Sweden. But you're right, never say never :oP
How are you, Meggy?
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Feb-2-09 3.15am
Lol! It's an impossible love, since I don't think my old Converse will ever get to visit Sweden! :oP
ricv64 Jan-31-09 6.24pm
it's true , I cut no slack when anyone forces nickleback upon me
ricv64 Jan-31-09 12.49am
dear megg . bomb shelter must be fixed up nice by now ?
Nikki Jan-29-09 3.35am
Hey Meggy! I'm doing good! I've been back to work on a contract basis for a week now but I hate it and I'm not getting benefits. I'm still looking for a full time gig. Applied somewhere the other day to run a University Web site (news editor). Of all the places I've applied, I really hope I get this one! How are you?? What's new?
TheBoyWithAName Jan-28-09 1.39pm
Haha wtf, hilarious! :D Nah my brother got married ;) How are things Meggster? :)
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jan-27-09 11.03pm
That pic was misleading ;o)
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jan-27-09 2.34pm
Lol! I have seen many! But to know what I mean I guess you'd have to see a pic where you could see my whole body lying there... I'm not going to post that :oP
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jan-25-09 11.49pm
Sassy? Really? Lol! It was taken in a lazy afternoon in the park with some friends :oP
varz Jan-23-09 8.24pm
well hopefully me and 1 of my friends'll be there for a week! so plenty of time to meet up! i'm good thanks, you?
minnmess Jan-23-09 2.21am
that is super exciting! Im very jealous that you now have a topshop so close to you with great sales.
Peewee Jan-18-09 7.26pm
Woooooooohhooooooooo!!!! BRILLIANT! Well Done Darling! See I knew you would do it :D *huge huggles* Ohhh I feel like doing a crazy dance heehee. Did ya have a good night tho apart from the non smoking part? What do your friends think? No supporters with ya? xxx
goosey_84 Jan-18-09 4.35am
lol you should TOTALLY come to Cali and meet my boys! :D i would sooo introduce you!
goosey_84 Jan-18-09 4.34am
lol you should TOTALLY come to Cali and meet my boys! :D
Peewee Jan-16-09 10.51pm
haha well that's ok then, I really don't know where it went! ANYHOW!!!! BREATH! You can do it girly...just drink more! ha. Or get one of those nicotine stick things (but they are gross, I have warned you).Is everything else ok with you pet? I read that you were a bit upset about friends moving away from home/fallouts etc :( I hate that! Sooooo I am sending you huge virtual hugs, cupcakes and smoke free air kisses! hee hee xxx
Peewee Jan-16-09 10.02pm
Did you post me a comment today about worrying as you were going out with a bunch of smokers tonight?!? Or did I dream that...coz it's disappeared! ekkkkk
Peewee Jan-15-09 7.28pm
No way! Evil facebook, how dare it not allow posts, that's just strange! I'm ok, got the cold but I'll survive lol. Ohhh return of the trench! See FASHION is what you should be in ;) all well with you lil lady?
varz Jan-14-09 10.50pm
i may be in krakow again in july!!!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jan-13-09 12.10am
You know, for a second when I read "I won't steal..." I thought you were going to talk about Ric's water, LOL!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jan-12-09 9.40pm
Hey, I've seen pics of Hunter and Ryan and they're both very handsome! I say one for Goosey and one for you :oP
goosey_84 Jan-12-09 7.36pm
well he's married...and has children...i couldn't possibly. as much as i would LOVE to! hahaha
Darran Jan-12-09 5.13pm
Nah, I'll be in Poland first off.
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jan-12-09 1.48pm
Oh, I thought you wanted him for yourself! Hahaha. I'd like to see a pic of this young man :oP
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jan-12-09 12.18am
Is it too cold over there? I'd gladly send you some heat!
goosey_84 Jan-11-09 10.24pm
i saw hunter at church today...haha just thought you should know. :P i even took him one of my homemade blueberry muffins. i really should mention ryan to you. ryan has the most beautiful voice i've had the pleasure of hearing! and he's super nice too. let me see if i have a pic of him to show you.
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jan-10-09 7.33pm
I'm ok. I hate summer, but I think I'll get through it :oP
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jan-9-09 10.03pm
Thanks, Megg! :o)
How are you?
goosey_84 Jan-9-09 6.38pm
i went to the people's choice awards on wednesday...sat up in the balcony (sucky!) but i did see hugh laurie go up and accept an award! (yippee!)
goosey_84 Jan-9-09 5.52am
i had to. i decided i need new hobbies in '09. far so good. how about with you?
goosey_84 Jan-6-09 11.11pm
correct. deleted my account. on a whim. can't turn back now! hahaha
ricv64 Jan-6-09 6.47pm
That the actual house they lived in back in the day
J_Smith Jan-6-09 6.13pm
wiem, pisalam o tym w moim pierwszym poscie o koncercie w Polsce ;) ale na lascie bywaja bledy :/
J_Smith Jan-5-09 8.39pm
no ale jesli to prawda to widzimy sie w Krakowie? ;)
hennypenny Jan-4-09 8.41pm
I like Robert better with the longer hair:)
J_Smith Jan-3-09 9.58pm
a ja niestety zlamalam dana sobie obietnice i zalinkowalam do swej travisstory... na razie mnie jeszcze nie zjedzono, a tak sie obawialam... ;)
goosey_84 Jan-2-09 3.59pm
:) and how was your new year's dear? mine was a total disappointment...stayed in! :/
bogusblue Dec-31-08 11.10pm
Happy New Year!!! Best wishes all the way from Mexico City! :o)
J_Smith Dec-30-08 1.29pm
ciekawe, jak dlugo potrwa moja faza... Torun, a Ty?
Aletways Dec-30-08 4.18am
Hi Megg, I hope you had a wonderful christmas! Happy new year!
J_Smith Dec-29-08 11.56pm
dzieki za odpowiedz! no, to i ja tak zrobie... tzn. nie zaloze watku powitalnego ;] tym samym nie przyznam sie, ze szalalam za Travisem od 1999 do 2003, a potem... zrobilam rozrachunek niemal ze wszystkim, czego wtedy sluchalam, i nie sluchalam ich wlasciwie wcale od 2003 do wrzesnia tego roku... poki nie uslyszalam "My Eyes" w pracy i nie zguglilam, by sprawdzic, kto to wykonuje... uuu jeszcze by mnie zjedzono za to! ;] ale po "My Eyes", no i po koncercie, milosc wrocila...
J_Smith Dec-29-08 6.18pm
o, najstarsza polska forumowiczka? :) najstarsza stazem ;] witam! :] wkleje tu to, o co wlasnie spytalam Vampire Lover: czy skoro jestem nowa, powinnam zalozyc temat w rodzaju "hi, I'm new" i sie przedstawic? dziwnie sie czuje tak przychodzac ni stad ni zowad :S z drugiej strony, nie chce wyskoczyc jak Filip z konopii ;] z trzeciej strony - szukalam, czy istnieje jakis ogolny temat dla nowych, przeszukalam kilka stron offtopu ale mi sie odechcialo ;] help!
weirdmom Dec-27-08 12.55am
Merry belated Christmas. Hope you are having fun skiing.
ricv64 Dec-25-08 2.37am
hey meg have a wonderful holiday !
goosey_84 Dec-25-08 1.52am
christmas kisses to you! :) hope santa brings you something fabulous!
bogusblue Dec-24-08 11.06pm
Merry Christmas, chica! :o)
minnmess Dec-24-08 10.21pm
Merry Christmas Meggster!!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Dec-24-08 8.50pm
Feliz Navidad!!! Eat and drink a lot! :o)
Darran Dec-24-08 7.26pm
Have a very Merry Christmas! x
Nikki Dec-24-08 5.54pm
Wesolych Swiat, Megg! :)
Turtleneck Dec-24-08 4.49pm
Merry Christmas, Megg!
Darran Dec-22-08 3.29pm
Good job little lady
TheBoyWithAName Dec-22-08 11.35am
Have yourself a merry little christmas Meggster! :)
minnmess Dec-17-08 8.21pm
oh good call adding stylist to your occupation! May I steal the idea please?
goosey_84 Dec-12-08 10.58pm
:D Thanks for my christmas card deary! You're the best! My aunt was so excited to see mail come from Poland! haha
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Dec-10-08 12.41am
You're most welcome! I thought it was yesterday, that's why I left you a stupid and mistaken comment on facebook saying that it was still your bday in Argentina xD. I read you had a great time, I'm glad you did :o) *big hugs*
goosey_84 Dec-8-08 1.04am
:D Happy Happy Birthday dearest!
th74 Dec-2-08 4.30pm
Hello. I am just letting everyone know in Travis land that I am still alive. (With the same boring message.)
RaZzZ Nov-29-08 8.17am
Awwww Megg!!!! You always so beautiful!
goosey_84 Nov-25-08 5.44pm
lol and cheat on dear old jason?! hahaha
Nikki Nov-25-08 4.38pm
Megg, Are u having problems getting into the chat, or is it just too late for you? I know it's like a 6 hour difference, so that could be a problem, lol.
Moray Nov-25-08 12.46pm
I had no idea what I was meant to say Megg!
minnmess Nov-21-08 1.03am
thanks. We should photoshop all out baby pics together into one adorable group shot
Peewee Nov-20-08 10.48pm
OMG I am totally "digging" the outfit! lol My mum used to put me in stuff like that all the fecking time for church! Sunday best we called it! RARE as anything and I always HATED skirts/dresses. lol
goosey_84 Nov-19-08 5.13am
lol i'm too old for hunter! hahaha he's closer to your age though dear...i should put in a good word! hahaha he's uber busy at uni though...i only see him on occasion now. not as sporty as your other fellas but so so cute and sweet! ;P ...sigh...jason changed his profile picture...a cute boy holding a puppy! torture for me! hahaha miss you!! xoxo
ricv64 Nov-16-08 10.45pm
thjat is adrian broady
goosey_84 Nov-16-08 7.42am
hahaha that's of the sweetest fellas i know from church...ric asked if that was adrien brody so i thought i'd put it here for abs! haha
ricv64 Nov-15-08 8.46pm
I feel your pain
ricv64 Nov-15-08 4.13pm
you guys steal water from Putin ?
Nikki Nov-15-08 3.53pm
Oh gosh. You can tell that's a wee baby Megg! Your face is exactly the same! hehe. HOW CUTE.
ricv64 Nov-15-08 3.35pm
hey they have flowers in poland , minzd blowzn maznm
SamuraiSandy Nov-14-08 10.07pm
Why...thank you!! I have to say, I'm am loving your picture too. What a sweet outfit!
Aletways Nov-14-08 7.38pm
Is that you?? Sooo cute!!!
TheBoyWithAName Nov-14-08 4.30pm
I'm not a transvestite I promise!!!
TheBoyWithAName Nov-14-08 3.27pm
Haha I wrote "I'm no dr love or anything.." on the board, but now all of a sudden I am dr Love :P
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Nov-14-08 5.52am
Cutest pic!
ricv64 Nov-14-08 1.57am
I am no hippie
minnmess Nov-13-08 6.31pm
That is pretty hilarious! See, it was meant to be! Or, it was creepy from the begining. We should have baby picture week. Or, not baby, but early childhood.
goosey_84 Nov-13-08 5.49pm
minnmess Nov-13-08 4.01pm
Damn cute if you ask me! And so fashionable right from the start!
minnmess Nov-13-08 3.52pm
That is an adorable picture!
TheBoyWithAName Nov-13-08 2.28pm
Yeah I also have some human features :o
ricv64 Nov-10-08 1.58am
Like my outfit ?
minnmess Nov-9-08 12.09am
I left a msg for Anne to tell you. I think it should come from a mom, lol.
minnmess Nov-8-08 11.12pm
hmm, it is a chat thing. Im going to have to get permission from the other gals to share. And you would have to promise to never tell Ric. It is killing him not to know.
goosey_84 Nov-6-08 8.20pm
...sigh...i am jonesing for a little pride and prejudice!
minnmess Nov-6-08 7.45pm
seriously!? woman, stop dating co-stars! I saw this weeks episode, but im trying to get caught up on the last 2 weeks because this weeks just confused me
goosey_84 Nov-6-08 6.31pm
haha yeah twilight madness all around me! i'm trying to resist...i am loyal to mr.darcy and ms.bennett! hahaha
goosey_84 Nov-5-08 10.59pm
p.s. haha i log on to escape the obama-madness and it's on here too! i have been over this elections for MONTHS! so glad it's finally over.
goosey_84 Nov-5-08 10.57pm
sorry i've been i've logged on from the office though...thought i should tell you i've started reading twilight...thus far i'm not sold. hahaha maybe i identify with bella's pissy mood too much?? :P
minnmess Oct-30-08 8.42pm
Hey...just wanted to let you know that I have not forgotten about OTH updates. Im just 2 weeks behind on watching it. Ekks. must get on that.
th74 Oct-29-08 2.51pm
I don't think I'll dress up. Not having a party, just a few friends over to sit in the backyard drinking cider around the fire. And handing out candy, of course! You would make a bootiful glam witch!! (I'm so funny with my puns!)
th74 Oct-28-08 8.44pm
Megg, Megg. I'm bored at work. How's you? What are you gonna be for Halloween??
ricv64 Oct-25-08 2.30pm
you gotta see this movie
minnmess Oct-25-08 4.33am
15 minutes?? thats crazy! sad about your cape! but atleast Topshop is now there. im still sad and alone without it :(
minnmess Oct-24-08 8.46pm
did you go?? did you go??
minnmess Oct-23-08 8.57pm
Go line up now!!!!
Nikki Oct-23-08 7.44pm
No! I would never do that. :P I just deleted my account. I didn't use it very much and couldn't keep up with the new layout. I still have a myspace though. :)
Darran Oct-22-08 9.13pm
Hey who doesn't love a female who has hands like pancakes! I like your hat though.
minnmess Oct-22-08 8.07pm
Because he loves me so much that he can only express it through mocking. That's the theory anyways.
minnmess Oct-22-08 6.00pm
i think im 99% of the woman's rambling. oops.
Darran Oct-21-08 8.24pm
You calling me silly? :-D
RaZzZ Oct-20-08 12.07pm
Hi megg, another lovely pic
ricv64 Oct-16-08 5.49pm
uber busy doing nothing . so I'm now no longer ric ?
Moray Oct-16-08 2.51am
Nikki Oct-15-08 4.51am
HI MEGG! :) *waves like a dork*
minnmess Oct-14-08 8.22pm
cute pic! i will send you a OTH update when i have a second tonight.
minnmess Oct-8-08 11.46pm
maybe Ric secretly has a purse fetish. And i don't think Darran sees it that way, lol. ps-OTH was a rerun this week, so no update.
minnmess Oct-8-08 10.03pm
why is Ric commenting on purses and jackets?
ricv64 Oct-7-08 10.55pm
it goes with the coat ?
ricv64 Oct-6-08 5.26am
nice purse , kinda big though
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Oct-5-08 6.29pm
Ahh, good luck with that!! *Hugs*
ricv64 Oct-5-08 3.38pm
hey megg
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Oct-4-08 9.45pm
I totally hate uni too! Be strong, we can do it! :oP
MariaMak Oct-3-08 1.04am
I'm from the west of Ireland, from a county called clare. I know warsaw alright. I will travel to Poland someday when i have lots of money!! :D *high 5* woop, december babies are the best. And you're birthday is 2 days after mine. We should have a big party hehe. How did you hear about travis? Didn't think they'd be popular in PL
MariaMak Oct-2-08 11.55pm
lol Aww thanks. Sorry i was just so confused about that. Thanks tho :D Where in Poland are you from? I've worked with a few polish girls, they're so nice and pretty. I've met lots of Martas and Agnes's. Must be very popular names
MariaMak Oct-1-08 11.58pm
oh my gooodness are you a model? Ya stunner! Hi how are ya? I'm good thanks :-) I'm sorry, i'm a bit slow on the up take but i have nooo idea what you're talking about. When was i hittin on monkey lol was i even talkin to him. Gosh i must be a natural flirt without even realising *flutters eyelashes* :-D
goosey_84 Oct-1-08 8.26am
:( i'm sorry to hear it dear! slow and steady though...u'll be done in no time! do it for ol' goosey who may never get to uni at her rate! ;) i'm doing good thx!
Nikki Sep-30-08 3.56pm
I know, Megg. I saw the title of that thread and it made me cringe! Eek! Sucks how one dumbass band can make a whole country look bad! I really hope it has no effect on them playing in Poland! Doubt it would. Travis are smarter than that. :)
RaZzZ Sep-30-08 5.45am
You are so lovely, i always love your pics!
ricv64 Sep-29-08 11.17pm
hey go check out my friends band , i started a thread about em
ricv64 Sep-29-08 10.59pm
don't forget to vote
Profesor Sep-29-08 8.28pm
Witam Koleżankę z Polski:)
th74 Sep-29-08 1.56am
I miss a few days and look what happens! I have no idea what's going on! What's with the eye pic thing?? (I am going to do one even though I don't know why.)
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Sep-27-08 8.57am
Che, very nice eye pic, Megg! :o)
RaZzZ Sep-27-08 8.56am
Hey!! Your pic is pretty cool!!! I love it
Meridith Sep-26-08 10.46pm
Thank you are too kind! I'm going to have to change it to an eyeball pic though since it's eyeball week.
minnmess Sep-26-08 9.11pm
haha, good job Megg! Now if only Moray and Darran would comply with my wishes!
weirdmom Sep-24-08 8.46pm
really bad news: Moray wasn't kidding. Fran is a fan!! I am at a loss for words.
ricv64 Sep-23-08 1.36pm
yeah but it would be bragging .
minnmess Sep-23-08 1.13pm
oh man! What HASNT happened this season! It is crazy! I'll pm you with some details!
minnmess Sep-22-08 11.13pm
Have you been watching One Tree Hill this season, or do you get it later in Poland?
ricv64 Sep-22-08 7.43pm
What ya been up too ?
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Sep-15-08 10.39pm
Lol! I'm sure you're probably right and that's what we were doing :oP
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Sep-15-08 5.41pm
You were in a dream I had last night haha. It was a black and white dream. It was late at night and we were in some city. It was raining and there was a little river (?). We were in some sort of expedition looking for something... I don't know what though.
ricv64 Sep-15-08 4.00pm
bummer mazn , I won't chastise you on line anymore about it . Happy Mexican Independence day though
ricv64 Sep-12-08 3.02pm
where's flat travis pics ?
Moray Sep-10-08 8.28am
from what I remember 4. although I can only see 3!!
Meridith Sep-9-08 11.16pm
aww thanks Megg. :) It was good to get rid of my 60's hairstyle!
ricv64 Sep-8-08 11.16pm
but i'm in the sun alot and my neck gets red , funny eh ?
ricv64 Sep-8-08 4.36am
i hate wearing hats , makes me feel like a redneck
Nikki Sep-7-08 2.53pm
It's hat week on the board, lol.
Nikki Sep-6-08 4.18pm
How 'bout a Zapikanka? I had plenty of those on the streets of Warszawa and Krakow.
goosey_84 Sep-6-08 4.06am
currently sipping on malibu rum and cranberry juice...mmmmm...headed to la cita in a bit. i'll be sure to kiss ryan gosling for you if i see him ;)
th74 Sep-6-08 3.41am
I'm ok. Very glad it is the weekend. You?
Nikki Sep-5-08 8.23pm
Me too!! See: Fran's hat thread. Oh, by the way...I'm coming to visit so you can make me some good Polish foods. :)
Peewee Sep-5-08 4.52pm
That pic is hawt! ;) Funky funky....I likes!
Nikki Sep-5-08 5.14am
Look at you with your cute lil hat! :)
th74 Sep-5-08 3.11am
Your pic is beautiful! I can't come hang out with you in Poland and Denmark. You're too cool for me. Sigh...
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Sep-5-08 1.37am
Veeery cool and stylish pic!! I love your hat! :o)
ricv64 Sep-4-08 7.28pm
oh that right , you said your grandfather did it ?
SAM(LOS ANGELES) Sep-4-08 6.09pm
hey,there's more to life than money,right?:-] and yeah i am a brave guy, i guess. you have to be brave to live in my city.:-]
ricv64 Sep-4-08 1.39pm
nice hat , that a real building outside the wndow ?
goosey_84 Sep-4-08 2.14am
xD jason wrote on my wall! ahem...he 'really enjoys' the cd! :D
SAM(LOS ANGELES) Sep-3-08 9.57pm
Thanks for adding a stranger:-) love your occupation by the way, very unique :-]
Nikki Sep-3-08 12.40am
LOL! What? I didn't do it.
ricv64 Sep-2-08 9.38pm
dexter ? i'll key a car with michigan plates since Nikki is like uber tight with you . gotta be done
weirdmom Sep-2-08 7.44pm
It seems a fair compromise to let Ric key a pretend car. No harm and he'll have followed the rules of our society. ; )
weirdmom Sep-2-08 4.39pm
Ric thinks someone needs to key your car because of the Nickelback CD.
ricv64 Sep-2-08 2.40pm
prison break ? minzd blowzn mazn
weirdmom Sep-1-08 3.38am
I need a few days to think about your confession. I thank you for your honesty but please appreciate my need to digest this information about you.
goosey_84 Aug-30-08 9.07pm
hi! sorry i've been absent...internet's been down! booo! :P
ricv64 Aug-30-08 5.43pm
dear megg , serious i hope you have a contingincey plan . yeah i know i misspelled but you can handle that
ricv64 Aug-27-08 2.00pm
hows your bomb shelter ?
goosey_84 Aug-26-08 9.58pm
thx...what's going on deary?
weirdmom Aug-25-08 8.06pm
I know it's early but I just found that pic and it's one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. One just getting your cats' picture taken with Santa and two his total deadpan face as they duke it out.
ricv64 Aug-23-08 3.22pm
lost faith in it
ricv64 Aug-23-08 3.08pm
spain then and dance la flameco.
ricv64 Aug-23-08 2.19am
he's gonna mess you up . better move to Serbia
ricv64 Aug-21-08 3.33am
Hey Megg , I didn't vote for Bush so please don't hate me for him screwing you guys over
goosey_84 Aug-20-08 5.35pm
what an amazing birthday post you did for me dear! LOVE IT! haha talk about having my cake and eating it too! ;P
goosey_84 Aug-19-08 5.08am
woohoo! tell me all about it via PM dear! xoxo
ricv64 Aug-18-08 2.10am
ricv64 Aug-18-08 2.03am
Dear Megg , WHATS up ? you must be back in schoozl ? or you're building a bomb shelter ?
varz Aug-12-08 7.12pm
mmmm i miss hot dudes! theres really not so many around here :( im good, my feet are sore tho - silly work :( xx
varz Aug-11-08 10.29pm
helloooo! i cant remember if i commented you back on facebook so thought id say hi on here anyway! hows things? xx
goosey_84 Aug-8-08 8.22am
i want to have his babies!!...clive's not jason's. hahaha thank you for the link!
ricv64 Aug-8-08 4.41am
you may like this song if you like power poppy punk
goosey_84 Aug-7-08 4.41am
what do you think? not the greatest pic but i think it highlights the newest tone in my hair! :D
ricv64 Aug-6-08 10.47pm
i see all these polski vodka billboards , whut up with that ?
goosey_84 Aug-6-08 1.54am
hahaha this pic gave me a very pinkish hue before i edited it! hahaha.......guess what?! i get to see jason one more time before he leaves to greece. (i told you he's across the country visiting his hometown at the moment right??) i'm soooo bringing him something sweet to remember me by...haha cupcakes! xD how are you deary??
Moray Aug-4-08 3.43pm
she'll soon learn not to Megg! Like you guys did. Wedding was excellent thanks, really nice day out. Cousin enjoyed it, which was the main thing. How are you?
goosey_84 Aug-1-08 6.17am
i'm back..quite tired....i'm the one who drove home! haha so i'll pm you tomorrow sweets! xoxo (misssssed you guysss!)
alyrtle Jul-31-08 10.12am
yesss! i've always had a thing for blonde short hair on girls. personally i liked annie lennox with it, too. but there's just too many haters out there! (hating on agyness i mean)
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jul-30-08 12.22am
Thanks Megg! :o)
goosey_84 Jul-26-08 4.58pm
haha sort of met ryan gosling yes....saw him up close is more like it...but he wasn't there last night or i'd have gone up to him and said "hey! megg and i love you!!" hahaha i was buzzzzzzed last night :X ...i texted kevin at like 3 in the morning! hahaha NOT good! good thing i don't have jason's number on my phone anywhere. hahaha my friend tried to stop me...i should have listened. (shrug) haha :D kisssssess
th74 Jul-26-08 5.44am
Blah...September is bad for me (work). I really can't take time off until November.
goosey_84 Jul-26-08 1.21am
haha i'm happy for you! ... friday should shape out to be fun...making a comeback at La Cita tonight!! first time in monthsss!
th74 Jul-25-08 2.38pm
I have never been to Copenhagen, so it sounds like a plan.
ricv64 Jul-25-08 1.16am
burnt from being in the sun too much but busy lately. which is a good thing
ricv64 Jul-24-08 10.59pm
you've been quiet or i've clicked on the wrong threads
goosey_84 Jul-24-08 7.24pm
moray looks so hawt in the pic...hahahaha seriously it just opens up the old wound...what a good thing i could have had! LOL other news, still no response from ol' jason. slowly feeling discouraged....but you can't make 'em like u back so *shrug*. :)
Moray Jul-24-08 4.03pm
haha, I thought you'd enjoy!
goosey_84 Jul-24-08 7.22am
well my man was not at the shoe tonight...probably because he's on a plane or already back home on the east coast. haha *shrug* the music was really great and two of my friends went and made me laugh all the way home. :) have a good night! xoxo
Peewee Jul-23-08 9.54pm
I fricking LOVE that profile pic!!! She is STUNNING I <3 her..... lol
minnmess Jul-23-08 6.28pm
yup. I will PM you my full name (dont want those stalkers getting it! lol)
goosey_84 Jul-23-08 4.42am
what is your facebook status referring to sweets?? cuz a line like that makes me think 'boys'. hahaha.......sigh...i'm hoping for a miracle that my brainiac will be at this show tomorrow night.
varz Jul-21-08 7.40pm
hahahahaha awesome - i found out today i get paid £10.07 an hour!!
goosey_84 Jul-21-08 5.33pm
lol thanks very much! good thing i didn't hold my breath because i STILL haven't heard from him via facebook! hahahaha...seriously though...just give him a minute. haha
Moray Jul-21-08 1.12pm
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jul-21-08 8.14am
Back from the beach Megg? Did you have a good time? We missed you around here :o)
goosey_84 Jul-21-08 7.14am
did you send it?? i heart my jason! seriously everytime i see him i have to hold back from breaking out into a huge grin! i just get so happy to see him!
minnmess Jul-20-08 11.48pm
ya that was some sort of 10 years later weird money making movie!
ricv64 Jul-20-08 10.45pm
varz Jul-20-08 8.51pm
i never feel guilty about shopping haha! :)
varz Jul-20-08 8.12pm
Wow - those are good summer plans! Yeah, starting work tomorrow morning... Really don't wanna - quite nervous, no longer a student now :(
varz Jul-20-08 7.42pm
awesome! sounds fun! been upto much else?
ricv64 Jul-20-08 1.35pm
back from the beach ? have a good tyme ?
alyrtle Jul-20-08 12.30pm
heya! i just saw your profile pic. i adore agyness deyn, too! :)
varz Jul-20-08 9.39am
good ta! u? xx
SamuraiSandy Jul-20-08 7.45am
Sorry...I didn't mean to post that twice!
SamuraiSandy Jul-20-08 7.45am
Aww...thanks! My boyfriend got a new camera and has been taking loads of pics...this one turned out nicely.
SamuraiSandy Jul-20-08 7.45am
Aww...thanks! My boyfriend got a new camera and has been taking loads of pics...this one turned out nicely.
goosey_84 Jul-20-08 3.19am
yassss!! i'm loving everything you've told me so far megg!!! go-for-ittttt! :D
minnmess Jul-20-08 1.21am
anne of green gables does = cool! I actually came across my old Anne movies the other day. Have you seen them, or just read the books?
Moray Jul-18-08 3.13pm
hey Megg, what happened to your move to the deen
minnmess Jul-16-08 5.36pm
I know who your pic is! (i noticed you calling our those who didnt, lol)
goosey_84 Jul-13-08 5.53am
ur favorite jason and my friend sarah are engaged!! :D soooo happy for them!
goosey_84 Jul-12-08 3.14am
have fun deary!! we'll chat it up when you get back! ;) steer clear of chavs! hahaha
Moray Jul-11-08 5.14pm
Thats not you in the photo there is it megg!
Nikki Jul-10-08 4.19pm
Why thank you! :) It's a hamburger. They had a cupcake hat at that store too, lol.
Nikki Jul-10-08 5.54am
Hi Megg! Who is that on your avatar?
minnmess Jul-8-08 1.21pm
i LOVE P&P! I lived in Southern Ontario. About an hour from Toronto. Sadly, nowhere near Anne of Green Gables! That is in PEI, on the East Coast. Canada is a GIANT country.
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jul-7-08 5.55am
Thanks! I'm feeling more relaxed now, finally! :o)
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jul-5-08 2.34am
I'm trying to survive these terrible weeks. I've been having (still have) so much to do, that I've been getting hardly any sleep. And I'm stressed. I need to sleep :oP. But I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel :oP
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jul-4-08 9.22pm
Lol! Yeah. Because one of my classmates is from San Francisco, so I asked her about the water issue, so then I told Ric what she said about it hahaha.
How are you Megg? Long time no see!
ricv64 Jul-4-08 4.27am
your pic is better
Monica Jul-1-08 12.09pm
Hahahaha. I don't believe in God anymore cause now Casillas is my religion *lmao*
Monica Jun-30-08 4.25pm
Hahahahaha, yes, you're always right and I love you were right!!!!!! ;) Have you seen Casillas in pants???? Man, that's a body!! :p Íker is great. Never seen him "face to face" but I think I must go to see Real Madrid soon and take him some pictures ^^
ricv64 Jun-27-08 3.32pm
happy frjiday Megg
goosey_84 Jun-26-08 8.01am
:( no word from the fella...should i be discouraged? cuz i am. perhaps i shouldn't take it personal but i do. no cupcake for him come sunday evening.
Turtleneck Jun-24-08 5.38pm
Thanks. Why is it that the boys always get the nice curly hair?
Monica Jun-24-08 11.36am
Nooooooooooooooo! THAT is a cruel nightmare xDDD The night before the game I dreamt that we won 1-0. And that's when I began to think that we could beat them, hahahaha.
Monica Jun-23-08 8.32am
Casillas is my GOD!!!! We deserved to win, but you know how penalties are! It's a lottery, haha. I was extremely nervous cause Spain didn't win Italy in official game since 1920!!! Thank God (or may I say Casillas? :p) you were right and we won!!! ;)
goosey_84 Jun-23-08 7.34am
OMG!!!! besttttttt encounter everrrrrr! ....i gotta start a thread cuz this will take long! i'm over the mooooooh!
ricv64 Jun-23-08 12.49am
usualy I say spain all the way untill they're knocked out then i switch to italy . you know their past history i actually bet on this game , so i'm stoked
ricv64 Jun-22-08 10.31pm
viva españa
ricv64 Jun-22-08 1.22pm
dear megg thanks for being on board in this war against water thieves
goosey_84 Jun-20-08 1.53am
"i carry your heart" is maybe one of my favorite poems everrrrr! xD many days until sunday!?!?!? hahahaah i want to see him.
varz Jun-18-08 10.16pm
good luck!!!! you'll be fine. photos will be going up tomorrow or maybe friday... actually have over a thousand so need to narrow that down a bit! lol!
varz Jun-18-08 4.11pm
i LOVE krakow!!!! its awesome! will so be going back there again, tempted just to go again in the next week or 2 hahaha! the weather for the whole trip was awesome, except germany - it rained a bit in munich, but i loved it anyway! :) feeling so lonely just now - so used to having my 4 friends all day everyday! :( photos on facebook soon! eeek bout exams, how r they going? im so relieved mine r done + passed! xx
varz Jun-18-08 1.37pm
hellooooooo! im home!!!! god i miss travelling tho! gutted had to come back to graduate + start work :( could hav kept going forever! how r ya? xx
Monica Jun-17-08 6.06pm
Hahaha. Our team is pretty good (Fábregas is the best, in my opinion) but our history tells us that Spain (except two times) CAN'T go further than quarter-finals xDDD It's really sad, but it's true xDDD
Monica Jun-17-08 5.43pm
:( No more Boruc. I hope there will be more Casillas, but I'm afraid that if Italy is our adversary, what we're gonna say is: Ciao Eurocup! xDDD
goosey_84 Jun-16-08 8.37pm
lol you ARE fun-blood-tastic deary!!...however, i've decided not to write him a much as i really want to. i don't want to push anything. i'll see him next week. say hello and be on my way. i made the mistake of pursuing someone once before and i'm not gonna do that again. if he's interested i'd like to see a little action on his part.
Monica Jun-16-08 5.42pm
Good luck to Poland!
goosey_84 Jun-16-08 9.43am
lol puh-lease!!! ..... sigh... jason once again paid no attetion to me as i tried to start a conversation with him. this is going to take soooo long. :/ i just wish i knew when he plans on leaving the country...and more importantly when he plans on returning. i was thinking of writing him a message on facebook later this week but perhaps that's too much? maybe just wait until i see him next week to try and start another conversation? ...depressed sigh...i don't know megg...i'm discouraged.
goosey_84 Jun-15-08 1.18am
haha a very interesting saturday for me actually...this girl i know asked if i could be an 'extra' on this short film she's acting in...i agreed and ended up having two lines! NOT cool! haha i definitely prefer to be behind the camera.
Monica Jun-14-08 7.53pm
Thanks ;) It was a tough game but luckily Villa scored ^^ I jumped for joy xDDD
Monica Jun-14-08 12.03pm
So now Boruc is one of those sexy daddys? xDDD As I said on "Viva La Vida" thread, I don't have it yet. A few more days and it'll be in my hands :p I feel lucky I got my ticket for Madrid show, cause now it's sold out! In two days :O Amazing!
Monica Jun-13-08 11.37am
Dudek didn't play too many games last season, but the ones he played he was great! He had a brilliant day versus Zaragoza ^^ And yes, Boruc is... *drools* xDDD
ricv64 Jun-12-08 1.55pm
tequilla sunrise ? how very Eagles and 1976
Monica Jun-12-08 11.34am
Hahaha. Your drunk spelling must be funny then :p Good luck to Poland tonight! I'm sad Dudek is not playing for your country. He's such a great goalkeeper ;)
ricv64 Jun-12-08 1.24am
bad boys section , now i'm worried .hemmingway a sissy ? totaly look how he ended his life. hey know this song ?
Moray Jun-11-08 7.40pm
who's you-know-who? I don't know-who that is! And who's goosey friends with on Facebook. I go offshore for one week, look like a reptile and my girls leave me :'o(
Monica Jun-11-08 4.33pm
xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I like your spelling, Megg :D I liked the game, but wait and see how Italy, France or Holland send us home:S
ricv64 Jun-11-08 2.39pm
dear Megg , mojitos are a sissy drink , my image is crushed .
goosey_84 Jun-11-08 4.20am
omg omg omg meg! i came home to find an email from facebook saying someone wanted to be my friend!! and who do you think that was?!?!?! eeeeeeeeek! xD
Monica Jun-10-08 7.05pm
Hahahaha. Thanks! 4-1, not too bad! :p Awesome Villa, and amazing Fábregas. I love him ^^ Casillas is sexy and nice. He's the perfect man xD
ricv64 Jun-10-08 6.29pm
goosey_84 Jun-10-08 6.06pm
hahaha yeah i did...finally! been wanting it for agesssss! my mom always had an issue with it but i decided i had to do this for me. no disrespect intended. haha she's cool with it. hopefully i'll post a pic soon!
Turtleneck Jun-9-08 10.01pm
How's the mail strike going?
Monica Jun-9-08 12.10pm
I like Kubica so much. I really want him to win the championship ... This year, of course. I'm waiting for Alonso to be in Ferrari :D
goosey_84 Jun-9-08 7.12am
*grins* i talked to jason tonight! eeeeek!! xD details later. i'm soooo tired. had a full day of helping at church today. 7am call time for production at one service...then 4pm-9pm at another service helping backstage. fun fun fun...just super exhausting. ;)
Monica Jun-8-08 7.41pm
Kubica: awesome!!!!! Next worldchampion, I'm sure ;) But poor Alonso :(
goosey_84 Jun-8-08 8.09am
hahah i will report to you (and juli) as soon as i get home tomorrow night! ;)
ricv64 Jun-7-08 2.55pm
yeah thats a good one
ricv64 Jun-6-08 3.08pm
but not the hippies in the field singing about LA ?
ricv64 Jun-6-08 2.09pm
where you been ? don't tell me it's end of school crap and you're studying?
Moray Jun-5-08 10.01pm
The new Coldplay album is up on mininova
ricv64 Jun-4-08 11.37pm
goosey_84 Jun-4-08 10.14pm
hiya!! i'm well. trying to fight a big case of 'the lazy's!!!" hahaha
dee Jun-3-08 4.19pm
cheers lady:) you are looking all bright and sunshiney yourself there!
Moray Jun-3-08 10.46am
Yes but I make it look manly. Check your PM's misses.
goosey_84 Jun-3-08 1.14am
LOL yes maam! sans liquid courage! woot woot. how was your day lovey?
goosey_84 Jun-2-08 6.58am
eeeeeeek! i just want to scream with giddiness! xD
ricv64 Jun-2-08 2.40am
you in scotland yet ?
ricv64 May-31-08 6.14pm
ricv64 May-31-08 2.31pm
ricv64 May-29-08 1.18am
scene 10 is up
Moray May-28-08 5.37pm
I do not know this time!
ricv64 May-28-08 2.40pm
my coffee cup wasn't in the mail yesterday , please don't forget cool ?
goosey_84 May-28-08 1.13am
know who's not an idiot?? jasonnnnn!!! LOL ... hello deary! how are you?? hope you had a good day! how are those papers coming along?
Moray May-27-08 2.26pm
yeah i'm pretty bored at work also, because i'm an idiot!
goosey_84 May-26-08 8.33pm
lol exactly! must find courage in another form! hahaha
Turtleneck May-24-08 3.12pm
She-Devils always wear their grandmother's sunglasses!
ricv64 May-23-08 1.37pm
we drink large coffeees over here, thanx
ricv64 May-23-08 4.23am
buy me a coffee cup that says aberdeen on it please
th74 May-22-08 3.00pm
It's not very fair to Goosey if she can't come to Scotland, too. Maybe you can pretend that you're still in Poland, and only communicate with Moray online. And avoid him in public.
Moray May-22-08 2.30pm
Megg's already stolded my heart.
Turtleneck May-22-08 2.18pm
I'm just trying to run a respectable boardie dating service here!
Turtleneck May-22-08 12.43am
Are you trying to steal Goosey's man?
ricv64 May-21-08 11.53pm
who else would i vote for ?
ricv64 May-21-08 2.51pm
i vote for megg and her accordian
Moray May-21-08 2.37pm
So are you definitely coming to Scotland yet? I'm excited to find out!
ricv64 May-21-08 4.42am
HA ! i still don't know what it is
RaZzZ May-21-08 12.35am
Poza tym, kocham cię jak widać na zdjęcia
RaZzZ May-21-08 12.34am
Witaj Megg Piszę w Polski Zapraszamy do wysyłania wielu pocałunki i czekolada. Mam nadzieję, że wkrótce moje zdrowie. Już brakuje przynajmniej dla przemieszczających się Niemcy
ricv64 May-21-08 12.11am
hey megg , you watch eurovision ?
th74 May-20-08 8.36pm
Has Moray been in frantic prepration?
th74 May-20-08 7.06pm
Where are you going this summer? Visiting Scotland?
goosey_84 May-19-08 1.25am
ooh! i haven't watched that in ages...i felt like watching 'one fine day' today. but i haven't yet. :)
Turtleneck May-18-08 1.40pm
Looks like I have to tell BOTH clients!
Moray May-18-08 3.01am
Who's blocking my cock? Hi Megg! How are you?!
goosey_84 May-17-08 7.55pm
lol i am no cockblock missy! hahaha by all means continue! xD
ricv64 May-17-08 4.07pm
it's the Veterans hospital too , those fuckers will totaly cut off the wrong leg
ricv64 May-17-08 2.57pm
gary grimshaw is in the hospital , he's a detroit legend . for a bit i'm gonna be all about grimshaw only
Turtleneck May-17-08 2.41pm
Megg, do you want to be on the list to participate in the Flat Travis Project?
Nikki May-17-08 2.37pm
We had a great time!!! Kayte is so much fun! :) I can't wait for you guys to see pics from our night out with Flat Travis in Motown. :D
Moray May-17-08 3.25am
Megg, I appreciate the attention. I think Goosey has become complacent in recent months. She's taking me for granted.... *sniff* *sniff*
goosey_84 May-16-08 8.29pm
lol you makin' moves on my man megg?? hahahahaha (how that's for a friday funny??! :P) how was your week chica??
ricv64 May-16-08 8.23pm
it's from detroit
Moray May-16-08 5.24pm
Yes Please!
Moray May-16-08 3.43pm
More sympathy!
Moray May-16-08 3.09pm
Never forget the mininova. I've used it to rip REM, Guillemots, Last Shadow Puppets, etc in the last few weeks. Beats paying for stuff. I've either put it out playing football (where I've also broken my toe) or it turns out my bed is too soft. Not sure which. I'm reet sore though!
Moray May-16-08 2.40pm
Only half the new Coldplay, it was all I could find, so far. Should have the whole thing in a matter of days. Try though, it's what i use for *cough*illegal*cough* downloading. I'm off out in town tonight. One of my friends just split with his girlfriend, so needs some cheering up. Can't be bothered though, my back really hurts!
Moray May-16-08 2.17pm
How's everything else today?!
ricv64 May-16-08 1.35pm
grooovy , check ma new pic
Moray May-16-08 9.16am
How's the heed today?
ricv64 May-16-08 4.13am
yeah so you're moving to scotland to be a pot farmer ? life imitating art ?
ricv64 May-15-08 11.33pm
AbsolutPurple May-15-08 6.56pm
Nice picture Meggie !
ricv64 May-15-08 2.30pm
mili May-15-08 8.08am
That's a cute new picture!
goosey_84 May-14-08 7.38pm
oooh! ready for the summer!! :D ....what's ric goin' on about?? ;P
moominbadger May-14-08 7.25pm
nice new pic meggy!!
Moray May-14-08 4.13pm
Must be the weather - i am aswell. **Hug**
ricv64 May-14-08 1.36pm
i'll take my revenge in the screenplay , you'll alll PAY
goosey_84 May-14-08 7.21am
LMAO! moray scolded me (as well he should...perhaps a spanking is in order? LOL ok i went too far!) was at my friends house earlier tonight helping her sort out a speech she has to give in class tomorrow...that was the extent of my schooling this semester. hope you made some headway with those paper muchacha! ;)
ricv64 May-14-08 12.50am
aberdeen , pot and summer school . i'm so outta the loop
goosey_84 May-13-08 8.14pm my dearest man home from sea?? wow not a peep from him on my profile. LOL i get the hint! hahahaha....ok back to serious business...sorry you have so much school work. i still haven't registered for summer school.
moominbadger May-13-08 10.53am
me thinks NO, it's all gone to pot....ARRGHHH!!
Moray May-13-08 9.28am
Hey hey! it was good. Loved seeing all my friends again. Got way too drunk on Friday night though and paid for it all day saturday. So tired today! Some photos on facebook somewhere probably. How's the Aberdeen job hunt doing?!
goosey_84 May-13-08 12.57am
hello lovey! had zero computer access from work today. boo. glad you had a good weekend. my weekend was pretty mellow but i have a jam packed week starting tuesday-sunday! ugh. haha must pencil in a date with sleep! ;P
ricv64 May-12-08 11.53pm
ricv64 May-12-08 9.05pm
it gets in the 100's here and I still wear flannel .
ricv64 May-12-08 2.28pm
flannel ? very grunge
ricv64 May-12-08 1.28pm
goosey called you chica , you wear a pendleton or something ?
Aletways May-12-08 1.34am
Uuh, I'll check it out as soon as I turn this paper in! Btw, I just realized I wrote Einstain instead of Einstein, I'm deffinitely no genious xD .
Aletways May-11-08 8.40pm
I know!! And you're already some sort of alien there! The first time I played I was a neanderthal, lol! Luckily, the second time I got to a human shape, I'm an Einstain! I suck at those games...
Aletways May-11-08 5.32am
Thanks to you (and the fact that I'm doing ANYTHING instead of writing a paper I have to do for Tuesday) I have a new addiction: that facebook game about the size of the brain (can't remember the name). Just thouhgt I'd let you know haha =o).
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window May-11-08 1.35am
Just to prove how stupid I am, I almost answered your comment on my comments section, and to make sure there was no doubt about my stupidity, when I tried to come to your profile, I posted my empty comment to myself. I'm a genious!
Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you!! Hehe :o)
ricv64 May-10-08 3.43pm
whats goin on , the production crew having private meettings ?
goosey_84 May-10-08 4.15am
lol "whoops" indeed! hahaha we've all had those nights! did that a few weeks ago at about 3 in the morning! hahahaha to kevin of course! nooooooooo! hahaha
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window May-9-08 4.34am
Ohh! So we're on the same page. Exams are on their way for me too. Good luck! We have to "aperrar", as the chilean boardies would say :oP.
weirdmom May-8-08 8.37pm
Well of course I have a crush on you! Who doesn't??
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window May-8-08 3.48pm
I'm ok. I have a ton of things to do and I'm exhausted. But I'll get through it xD. What are you up to these days?
ricv64 May-8-08 1.48pm
ricv64 May-7-08 11.16pm
pop punk ala descendents, the muffs , thats my ride. I mean ridZe
ricv64 May-7-08 10.58pm
no really i had no idea , but like boyband , pop ,rawk ? what ?
ricv64 May-7-08 10.33pm
what is McFly ?
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window May-7-08 6.16am
Hi Megg, aka Pearl! How are you? :o)
goosey_84 May-6-08 5.39am
interesting twists in turns in ric's new script yeah? heehee....i admire juli's badass-ness! as a fellow badass! hahahaha.....congrats to your friends!! :D looks like i won't have much computer access at work this week...will do all my messaging from home in the evenings. boo. xoxo sweets! (p.s. i miss kevin. he's on vacation in the philippines.)
RaZzZ May-6-08 1.31am
Hallo liebe Wie geht`s dir? n_n
weirdmom May-5-08 3.21pm
Thanks for the youtube link. Quite silly indeed.
rebekah May-5-08 12.47pm
ahaahaha LOL!! gotta love McFly :P That sounds nice. Great to get away! I hope you had a good time :) x
rebekah May-5-08 12.21pm
I'm alrighty taa..buit tired though lol. Ahh were you away then? did you have a nice time? I must say you have very good taste in muussiiccc :P xx
rebekah May-5-08 12.07pm
ahh thanks :) I love taking picture with nature lol :) So how are you? x
goosey_84 May-5-08 7.08am
hi hunny!! how was your weekend? mine was ok. kept a low profile for a second weekend in a row.'s been refreshing. ;)
ricv64 May-5-08 1.07am
please don't shoot me for making it so
ricv64 May-4-08 9.13pm
sorry megg i 'm giving you a heart of gold in the screenplay
AbsolutPurple May-4-08 6.11pm
The viagra is for Monkey LOL
varz May-4-08 11.32am
aaaaah, it better be sunny!!! my flatmate n i were laughin the other day sayin all we're going to see is various cities in the rain knowing our luck.. aberdeen is actually quite sunny + warm in the summer! weird! xx
varz May-3-08 10.23pm
Hahaha - Aberdeens ace! Work there + it'll give me a reason to pop back up for a wee weekend or 2 hehehe! is krakow nice?! aaaaah, i still need to work out things to do there! so organised for this trip!! xx
varz May-3-08 6.12pm
25th May! Eeeek its coming up so soon! Can't wait but have tonnnes to do before then! You up to much this summer? My driving licence is horrific - I was 16 + hungover + it was taken early in the morning, does not make for a good picture!x
varz May-3-08 9.05am
oops about the essay?! hehe! im sure you'll get it all done in time... hopefully... hehe! i HATE my new passport, the picture doesnt even look like me! :(
ricv64 May-3-08 4.38am
kinda cool
varz May-2-08 10.17pm
good but tiiiired ta! how are you? i've been dying all day - ate + drank too much sugar in the library so was a bit hyper + then hit the worst sugar low... EVER! hehe! xx
varz May-2-08 9.00pm
hello! :) xx
ricv64 May-2-08 6.57pm
For the international relations of your major or just for kicks ?
ricv64 May-2-08 6.44pm
so how many langauges you speak ?
Moray May-2-08 5.17pm
How many engineers does it take to commission an ICIS system? One - me! Should demob home on Monday I think. I'm exhausted. Last week I did 95 hours. This week will be the same. That's a months work crammed into 2 weeks! I'll tell you what i've done another time. It's very complicated and may need a diagram.
ricv64 May-1-08 10.58pm
thaZt soundezd szo HAWZT
sonja May-1-08 4.03pm
hey!thanks for add! all the best from serbia
ricv64 May-1-08 12.40am
jZe nZe saiZs quoZi
weirdmom Apr-30-08 6.13pm
I haven't seen it. It came and went fairly quickly here. I plan to rent it.
RaZzZ Apr-29-08 11.37pm
I`m going to work there. I hope to visit Poland, cos i love Poland! n_n`
goosey_84 Apr-28-08 5.25pm
hahahaha that a girl! i'm jealous! haven't gone shopping for clothes in over a month now...i'm having withdrawals! hahaha
ricv64 Apr-28-08 2.30pm
oh, hope I don't wear the wrong color in your turf
ricv64 Apr-27-08 11.13pm
we ? you have a posse ?
ricv64 Apr-27-08 3.32pm
Rawkin in Lodz this Sunday ?
RaZzZ Apr-26-08 11.26pm
Certanly, i love your display pic =)
RaZzZ Apr-26-08 11.24pm
I will to work there... I wanna visit Poland, i love there!! n_n
SamuraiSandy Apr-26-08 4.46pm
Aww, Thanks! My sister told me I should change my pic, since it's not winter anymore!
ricv64 Apr-26-08 3.45pm
it'll be a psych band
ricv64 Apr-26-08 3.04pm
it was ok this drunk woman came up to me in the middddle of the headliners set and kept going on an on, looks like we're gonna start a band ,LOL
ricv64 Apr-26-08 1.53am
oh did you have a nice tyme ? i 'm going out to RAWK in a little bit myself
goosey_84 Apr-26-08 1.34am
until today i hadn't read moray's thread! obviously i got what you meant about him being offshore but i still hadn't bothered to look into it mistake! hahaha..will reply to your PM shortly. i'm just wanting to make sure i'm composed because too many thoughts have swirled around my head today and i'm feelin "???" i know you understand. have a great weekend!!
th74 Apr-25-08 7.24pm
Have a good weekend!
ricv64 Apr-25-08 2.49pm
Megg iZs goofinZg ofZf agaiZn Z?
goosey_84 Apr-25-08 6.54am
lol i wish! well yesterday my coworker took over my work i had a day off...had lunch with kevo. beats being cooped in the office having to clean out the supply room! (lol granted, he and i had lunch at his office. still!) ;)
moominbadger Apr-23-08 3.51pm
hmmm...possibly, if we can ever decide what kind of wedding we want! It's all a bit of a headache to be honest :(
ricv64 Apr-23-08 3.13pm
RaZzZ Apr-23-08 1.25am
I will move definitely to Germany!!! n_n I`m so happy! I love Germany and Poland girls (of course, jejeje) That`s the why you`re so beautiful =)
ricv64 Apr-23-08 12.42am
higzh megzg peacze ouzt mazn
moominbadger Apr-22-08 7.54pm
how did your test go?!! Well hopefully you had a super-fuelled brain from all those crisps!! Tee hee!! X
RaZzZ Apr-22-08 2.07am
Hello megg!!! Are u from Poland?? I have some news!
moominbadger Apr-21-08 8.14pm
Hey. I'm some big decisions to make at the moment and feeling a bit stressed out and overwhelmed by it all! How are you doing?
Moray Apr-20-08 8.49pm
hahaha i actually jst packed it!!!
Nikki Apr-20-08 4.48pm
Hmmm...weird. Wonder if other people can see it or not. I'll try to upload it again. Thanks for letting me know.
Moray Apr-20-08 1.20pm
I can't believe you made a proper Engineering joke for me! haha
Moray Apr-20-08 10.49am
hahaha, how many does it take?! I really hope you have an answer to that!! I'm at work on a Sunday :o( Sucks to be. Offshore at lunchtime tomorrow. Bye bye boardie, bye bye, I'll have little to no t'interweb access out there.
weirdmom Apr-20-08 4.15am
Eeek! I didn't realize you had started another game. I took a turn now that I know we're playing.
Moray Apr-19-08 11.41pm
haha are you guys hooked into srabulous by Anne as well? It's too complicated for me - i prefer draughts!
goosey_84 Apr-19-08 10.51pm
:( la cita was a bust. booooo! i've decided that was my last night out for awhile...after tonight i mean! ;) hope you had a good day!
ricv64 Apr-19-08 5.04am
bet you can't wait to find out what happened during the fight between megg and jude
goosey_84 Apr-18-08 7.29pm
woohooo! it's friday! i expect some stories this weekend megg! tonight i'll go out and hopefully have a few of my own to report! ;)
Nikki Apr-18-08 6.28pm
Me too! I would love to see them live!! They need to come to the US. Wonder if they've ever been. Hmmm...the Detroit area does have a huge Polish population. So what's up with Travis planning on visiting Latvia, Moscow and not Warsaw? I feel bad for you.
Nikki Apr-18-08 6.00am
Look at you, miss sassy! ;) Cute pic, Megg! I listened to Myslovitz on my way to work today and thought of you, lol! How are you?
goosey_84 Apr-18-08 2.49am
hahaha kevin is know the 'slow' kind of special! ;) i'm fine! hung out with kevin all afternoon actually. :) x's and o's beautiful!
Yulia Nox Apr-17-08 4.19am
nice pic :) !
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Apr-16-08 9.55pm
It looks very nice! :o)
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Apr-16-08 9.19pm
I don't know haha. I like the lazy one lying down :oP
Very arty b&w pic yourself! What's in the background?
varz Apr-16-08 8.51pm
oooh karaoke!! nice! i'm good ta, being a total geek these days with all this uni work!!! :( x
kEv000 Apr-16-08 4.56pm
OoooOOOo.. Those naked shoulders make this a PG-13 picture. hahah. Lookin good.
varz Apr-16-08 3.53pm
ooooh new pic! very pretty! :) how r u anyway??
th74 Apr-16-08 3.53pm
I like your new pic! You always have the best pics.
ricv64 Apr-16-08 4.43am
oh megg nice pic, must not be winter anymore
goosey_84 Apr-16-08 12.00am
in regards to that 'be warned' warning via PM...i say "rawr" deary!! xD you've got that cougar quality about ye! ;)
RaZzZ Apr-15-08 10.03pm
I`m very fine, thanks!!! And you?
Moray Apr-15-08 5.16pm
Hey Megg! I had a couple of beers and thought I could sing a long to anything. Unfortunately it got filmed. Hows things? Sorry i've been uiet of late - ive been here there and everywhere. In birmingham just now!!
kEv000 Apr-15-08 4.54pm
ahh.. those were jus some flavors of the week.. lol
goosey_84 Apr-14-08 8.40pm
haha...any update? have you reached your decision miss megg?? i'm sorry i'm not the one to bash people in the head and tell them to grow a pair but i know a guy for the job! ;) Life is awesome! it's amazing what a little change in perspective can do for the soul! :D
RaZzZ Apr-14-08 7.48pm
Hi there! n_n`
ricv64 Apr-12-08 8.54pm
Hey megg , get back to school work
goosey_84 Apr-12-08 4.21pm friend gave my number to this filipino boy at la cita last night. i wish it had been ryan gosling. LOL
Soulslug Apr-12-08 12.06am
hell yes! they were the first books i really ever read (and then read again and again), especially the first one is oh so close to my heart:)
goosey_84 Apr-9-08 10.12pm
lol if i see him at La Cita again i'm going to walk up to him, slap him, and then turn sharply away! hahaha he'll rue the day! xD
goosey_84 Apr-9-08 7.50pm
i'm hungry!!!! having kebob and hummus for luncheeee! yummmm!
goosey_84 Apr-9-08 5.20pm
doooooo eeeeeeetttt!! hahaha as kevo would say. i'm all about encouraging new hairstyles! haha it's just hair, it grows back.
goosey_84 Apr-8-08 11.22pm
*gasp*! you're coming to see kevo!??!!? how dare you!?!? LMAO! seriously though...*blush* sweets from a sweetie?? i'm touched!
goosey_84 Apr-8-08 10.56pm
i'm excited! that 'flair' application had me entertained all night on facebook! haha...vanilla is certainly long as it's not meant to descibe something as 'boring' ya know? but vanilla ice cream and vanilla scents are yummmmm! ;)
goosey_84 Apr-8-08 6.46pm
hope you had a lovely day dearest friend! :)
Moray Apr-7-08 5.09pm
I was trained by my sisters Megg, I have a keen eye for the hair now!
goosey_84 Apr-7-08 4.20pm
lol i know!!~! so unexpected!
Monica Apr-7-08 3.21pm
Yes! Kubica's the 2nd best driver right now. And as Alonso won't win the championship this year, I want him to be the number 1!! Media in Spain love Kubica, you know :p
Monica Apr-5-08 6.21pm
Kubica #1
varz Apr-5-08 11.13am
nice one!!! hope you're feeling ok today! xx
varz Apr-4-08 5.47pm
hahaha! was a bit of a random conversation... im not quite an aberdonian tho! also a lil bit tipsy - went for lunch/cocktails with a friend! oops?!
ricv64 Apr-4-08 2.46pm
what time is the party , I may drive over for it ?
varz Apr-3-08 10.14pm
fun... roll on summer holidays! x
varz Apr-3-08 9.32pm
when this ones done, i have another 3! cant wait til i graduate woo! writing anything just isn't fun. no one likes marking them either - so why make us do it?! x
varz Apr-3-08 8.32pm
polish vodka sounds very very very very good hahaha! i'm still writing that bloody essay! i'm never ever gonna get it done! ever! eeeeeek! x
ricv64 Apr-2-08 4.37pm
fancey party ? arn't you worried about losing your street cred ? Thanks for inviting me
ricv64 Apr-2-08 2.12am
WTF Megg is like studying all the tyme now
goosey_84 Apr-1-08 8.07pm
hahhahaa i'm glad! i know i had fun when i put it together! haha kisses friend!
ricv64 Apr-1-08 5.17am
you don't like unicorns ?
ricv64 Apr-1-08 4.45am
No megg today ? WTF ! you went to school or something ?
goosey_84 Mar-31-08 11.01pm
:( you're back in warsaw...i missed our nonstop PM's. hahaha...hope you had a good day amiga! :)
Moray Mar-30-08 9.37pm
I havent got anything btter to worry about!
Moray Mar-30-08 8.21pm
Wheeeeeeeeeee! I'm so happy, I <3 TWT!
varz Mar-29-08 9.52pm
yeah... essays due a week on monday + iv no idea what im writing about! oops! is that pride+ prejudice with keira knightley in it? i loooove that film! x
varz Mar-29-08 9.35pm
nice! im meant to be essay writing but instead im playing around online + also with the dogs! whoops! what movies you watching? x
varz Mar-29-08 8.45pm
hihihi! not been online in a couple of days -back home for a few days so been doing home-stuff! like tidying :( boo! hows u? x
heysupernova Mar-29-08 5.37am
hahaaha SOMA too?? what's up with you two? lol
goosey_84 Mar-27-08 6.46pm
so so boreddddd! haha
ricv64 Mar-27-08 2.19pm
you've seen faster pussycat kill kill ?
ricv64 Mar-27-08 12.13am
let me know if , drop em bitches enters your daily vocabulary ?
goosey_84 Mar-26-08 10.08pm
hahaha ayup! wonder who he was referring to? ;)....i'll fight to the death to keep you though megg! haha :P
moominbadger Mar-26-08 7.00pm
aw, no problem! Can't promise it'll be done mega-quickly but I'll try! Send me your address via PM!!
ricv64 Mar-25-08 8.42pm
dyno megg sounds more dynamic
moominbadger Mar-25-08 6.41pm
Hello!! I didn't really answer you properly yesterday...would you like a custom made moominbadger creation?!! What would you like me to make? Have a look here at the stuff I've already done...or I can make something else if you have a idea??
weirdmom Mar-25-08 4.41pm
Dino_Megg is dino-mite!
goosey_84 Mar-23-08 10.16pm
will you settle for a magnet?? xD i'll mail one two you soon! woohoo!!
Monica Mar-23-08 4.10pm
¡¡¡¡Olé Kubica!!!! :p
Peewee Mar-20-08 10.31pm
I love my big blue bear suit! I give mega bear hugs!!! LOL
varz Mar-20-08 9.24pm
hahaha, quite probably! :)
varz Mar-20-08 9.11pm
hehehe if i'm drunk then i might just... i have been known to throw the odd drink in the past!
varz Mar-20-08 7.28pm
want me to chuck a drink over him too?! hahaha!
goosey_84 Mar-19-08 8.16pm
hellz yess it was!! you RAWK! haha are you going to spend the rest of your evening strutting around like a badass?? i would! haha
ricv64 Mar-19-08 8.02pm
hope todays scene was bad ass enough for you
goosey_84 Mar-19-08 7.56pm
fact: DinoMegg is dynomite! xD
Turtleneck Mar-19-08 4.33pm
Oh, Meggie, you know we luv ya!
Moray Mar-19-08 2.39pm
Megg, it looks as though you've been usurped in the dating agency by Goosey! Just waiting on confirmation!
RaZzZ Mar-18-08 10.47pm
Hallo =) How`s everything there?
varz Mar-18-08 10.06pm
i can imagine! best job ever... you really should have massive auditions though - invite along all the cute actors possible!
varz Mar-18-08 8.57pm
i'm goood! :) loving your occupation by the way!
varz Mar-18-08 8.38pm
just thought i'd pop by and say hello! :)
sorry angel Mar-18-08 6.08am
Thank you very much for your comment mate.
ricv64 Mar-17-08 10.54pm
goosey_84 Mar-17-08 8.53pm
awesome! :) glad you had a good weekend! mine was spent in my pajamas practically all weekend! haha watched 'the godfather' I and II so that was my big accomplishment! xD
goosey_84 Mar-17-08 6.45pm
hola! how was your weekend?
galletitabonita Mar-14-08 1.34am
very very very very VERY happy... to hang around hahaha, because my holidays start today =)
Turtleneck Mar-13-08 11.01pm
This outfit makes me want to SING!
galletitabonita Mar-13-08 4.47am
Hi girl!!!! how are you?
ricv64 Mar-12-08 11.35pm
happy you're a bad ass ?
goosey_84 Mar-12-08 10.52pm
lol fair enough! and while i sympathize i don't see why you need clive to console you!! hahahaha
goosey_84 Mar-12-08 9.32pm
hahaha ahem...since when do the boardies think "megg" when they think clive owen!?!?! hahahaah
Aletways Mar-12-08 7.58pm
Thank you! ^^ What I like about it is that the colours are real, it's not photoshop work.
RaZzZ Mar-11-08 1.05am
Your`re welcome =) I really love your haircut!!!
Natasa Mar-10-08 11.40pm
Cutie pic xD Cool!
kEv000 Mar-10-08 8.27pm
OooOOo nice pic.. ur lookin fiesty tho..
goosey_84 Mar-10-08 3.54pm
your picture is too cute! but it looks like you're up to no good miss DinoMegggg! :P
lindsey22295 Mar-10-08 7.11am
Aww cute new picture! New hairstyle?
ricv64 Mar-10-08 4.34am
you cut your uber long hair ? now i'm gonna have to change scene 16
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Mar-10-08 3.56am
Cute new pic! I love your hair :o)
bogusblue Mar-10-08 2.19am
Awww! Lovely pic, you look great! =)
ricv64 Mar-10-08 1.03am
hmmmmmmmmmm , not a dougie scarf , better pal up with minnesota mary
Turtleneck Mar-9-08 11.33pm
Cute picture, love the blues and greens.
varz Mar-9-08 9.52pm
hehehe yup! :) like your new pic! x
dee Mar-9-08 9.51pm
very cute photo:)
Nikki Mar-9-08 2.11am
Thanks accordion-playing DinoMegg! :D
ricv64 Mar-8-08 3.00pm
cool with a " suzy wong dress "
ricv64 Mar-8-08 1.23am
any limits on how far your scene goes ? don't want to over do it
Turtleneck Mar-8-08 1.19am
Thanks. Peace, man.
ricv64 Mar-7-08 6.25pm
Don't worry , in the movie your date will be HAWT !
Turtleneck Mar-7-08 3.19pm
So, what are you going to wear on your big date? Something satin?
varz Mar-7-08 9.53am
hahaha, i'm just kidding! :) x
heyjude Mar-7-08 12.38am
you are one cool chick! that is all. toodles.
varz Mar-6-08 9.29pm
im with goosey on this one! hehehehe! xx
goosey_84 Mar-6-08 9.03pm
xD heehee...hurry up and get to the uk missy! :P
varz Mar-6-08 4.55pm
thank you! very drunk in it though... hehe! xx
ricv64 Mar-5-08 9.19pm
whoa Kaytes has the turtles in her pic , Hi Megg , que pasa ?
Turtleneck Mar-5-08 6.52pm
Yeah! It's this new night cream I've been using. I don't look a day over 99 do I?
ricv64 Mar-2-08 3.02pm
oh , hey re-wrote a bit of todays scene
ricv64 Mar-2-08 12.55am
who said yer Rude ?????????
Soulslug Feb-29-08 12.35pm
SHHH not in public!
monkey Feb-29-08 3.14am
hey! :), so what "list" is this?
ricv64 Feb-29-08 12.05am
production crew, casting co director Soma diares
ricv64 Feb-28-08 9.01pm
better up date your job title & get back to work !
goosey_84 Feb-28-08 8.34pm
aww you're sweeet! i always blush at the lovely compliments you all give me! :) thanks very much.
Turtleneck Feb-28-08 7.37pm
Thank you!
weirdmom Feb-28-08 4.18pm
You are now on "the list" with Monkey.
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Feb-28-08 12.14am
Apparently Ric has assigned us more work! Yay!! :o)
goosey_84 Feb-27-08 10.40pm
hahahaha i mean one of us on each arm!! on the red carpet premiere for SOMA diaries! lol i swear (this time) i had no naughtiness implied! haha
goosey_84 Feb-27-08 10.36pm
lol did ric say that? CLASSIC! hahahaah.....btw i'd expect us to pose together for a clive owen sandwich!! hahaaha
weirdmom Feb-27-08 10.27pm
What about baked goods or some American trinket such as a flag keychain?
weirdmom Feb-27-08 9.47pm
In the thread Ric started asking how I got a pic of Goosey's boyfriend. I know I'll need to bribe you since I doubt you have a burning desire to get close to one of these idiots.
weirdmom Feb-27-08 9.21pm
So what do I need to bribe you with to get you to pose with a boy like the one in my avatar and post it? (you said there are plenty of them in your town)
kEv000 Feb-27-08 7.33pm
did u receive those diamonds and millions of dollars yet? i sent them along with your plane ticket.. lol. u and celleny better practice your picture poses!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Feb-27-08 6.09pm
That's Luana, my niece. I turned her into a Travis fan last weekend :oP.
Haha, no, I don't want to be played by Tila Tequila xD. I think no one wants her in the movie, except Ric lol
weirdmom Feb-27-08 6.09pm
It's sad that you know he thinks he's soooo sexAY!
goosey_84 Feb-26-08 4.19pm
yes i feel it's a ticking time bomb! hahaha production will be on hold after the first day! we'll all be saying "ok my turn! me next! no you had a turn!! can we do that scene again!?!" hahaha
goosey_84 Feb-26-08 4.15pm
lol i knowwwww!! and somehow all the girls want a scene with MY man!!! hahahaa...good thing it hasn't turned in to a cat fight!! hahaah
ricv64 Feb-26-08 5.08am
i'm glad this movie crew has their hearts in the project
Aletways Feb-26-08 1.44am
Haha, lets hope not! Plus, I think Ric has an ace up his sleeve for the accordion girl!
Aletways Feb-26-08 1.19am
Thanks for the add =o) !
ashleyb Feb-26-08 12.50am
Very popular indeed! A girl's gotta make connections ;) By the way, I like your "occupation" list.
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Feb-25-08 11.42pm
Of course! At last something cool and fancy to add xD.
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Feb-25-08 11.34pm
After seeing Goosey's new occupation I came to check yours! Lol! I'm going to update mine too :oP
goosey_84 Feb-25-08 9.00pm
lol i just noticed the latest part of your occupation! CLASSIC!
goosey_84 Feb-25-08 7.14pm
lol great deal you propose dinomegg! ;P perhaps we can get ryan and clive to pose with us?? hahahaha
kEv000 Feb-25-08 6.56pm
im not trying to buy you.. just trying to purchase a photo of you and your fellow sexy boardies. is that so wrong?
goosey_84 Feb-25-08 5.30pm
lol don't believe him megg! he won't even buy me a puppy!
kEv000 Feb-25-08 5.20pm
yes ma'am. Thats what im here for.. so when r u and goosey gonna pose for my avatar? I'd pay you.. millions.. and buy u diamonds.. lol
goosey_84 Feb-24-08 11.12pm
lol p.s. he gives a great smooch! hahaha
goosey_84 Feb-24-08 11.11pm
i know right?!! i wish her were mine! his name is baxter...he belongs to one of my friends. i'm jealous. heehee
Nikki Feb-24-08 2.39am
Thanks DinoMegg! :D
bogusblue Feb-23-08 12.02am
It isn't weird 'cause I'm a magician, and everything turned out just perfect LOL. Thanks for accepting the request, new friend =D!
bogusblue Feb-22-08 11.52pm
Hello! =)
goosey_84 Feb-22-08 7.05am
megg...i like your thinkin'! ...hahaha think we'd manage to be semi-professional around that gorgeous man?! haha i'm up for the challenge. ;)
goosey_84 Feb-21-08 10.08pm
gael garcia bernal?...sighworthy! hahaha
ricv64 Feb-21-08 12.30am
Heh , you're popular today
kEv000 Feb-21-08 12.08am
hahahahah.. im just kidding ladies.
goosey_84 Feb-20-08 11.51pm
oh my God knock it off!!
kEv000 Feb-20-08 11.49pm
yes ma'am. Since you're goosey's mistress, you ladies should pose for a pic together.. so i can replace my avatar with it.
kEv000 Feb-20-08 11.35pm
are u gooseys polish mistress??
Turtleneck Feb-18-08 7.20pm
It's a Tazmanian She-Devil. Goes along with the She-Devil theme. Just temporary.
goosey_84 Feb-16-08 7.50pm
lol yes i've been avoiding that! i'm going to have to ease my way into this one! hahaha
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Feb-16-08 3.47am
I'd like that, working for an NGO :o)
And instrument+Juli=disaster too xD.
ricv64 Feb-16-08 1.47am
you're still playing the accordian in the movie
heyjude Feb-16-08 1.20am
Megg, last week I went to a gig and saw a band that had a cute boy an accordion and trumpet. Totally changed the way I think of accordions! ;-) Btw, did you live in the US at all? Your knowledge of American pop culture is excellent!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Feb-16-08 1.14am
There was a time when I wanted to work in the UN too. But there's so much crap going on that I don't think I could take it and be all "politically correct". It's a broken dream haha.
Anyway, that wasn't the reason why I came here in the first place... what was it? Oh, yeah! I'm all for Megg the accordionist! ;o)
varz Feb-15-08 4.11pm
hey! thanks for the add! xx
Yulia Nox Feb-13-08 3.11am
nice pic girl ;) !
heyjude Feb-12-08 5.40am
awww, thanks for putting back the avatar. okay, i've printed a copy of your hairstyle :-)
galletitabonita Feb-12-08 12.08am
you're welcome =) you have changed your pic, it's nice
ricv64 Feb-11-08 11.12pm
oh my god , I'm not wearing a pony tail at the moment tooo .JA JA JA JA !
Moray Feb-11-08 2.41pm
haha yeah, we go racing sprung horses in the park! FYI - I won!!
ricv64 Feb-11-08 1.32am
OH my I'm wearing a pony tail too
Turtleneck Feb-11-08 12.25am
Anne beat me to it--cute picture!
weirdmom Feb-10-08 11.29pm
Drew is a bastard.
weirdmom Feb-10-08 11.28pm
Another cute pic!!
galletitabonita Feb-10-08 11.00pm
hi girl!!!! hahaha, I found you =)
FranFlower Feb-10-08 11.44am
Haha, no it's not just the umbrella, I let a friend of mine who's a hairdresser experiment with my hair. She dyed it a darker brown (though it's not as dark as it may seem under the umbrella), and cut it about 4-5 inches :-) It was getting waaay too long anyway.
ricv64 Feb-8-08 10.49pm
yeah , it's totaly groovy
goosey_84 Feb-8-08 7.49pm
no postcard for you yet??? i'll begin to worry next week.
ricv64 Feb-8-08 2.25am
we have the same hair style, mines longer though
mili Feb-5-08 9.19pm
heyjude Feb-5-08 8.18pm
Hey Cutie! I like your hairstyle :-)
bogusblue Feb-4-08 11.02pm
Thanks! =) Nice pic, btw ;)
weirdmom Feb-4-08 2.31am
I'm glad at least one person understood my pop-up joke. : ) You're right, NOTHING on a bed, on the floor, on a towel by the door, in a car, up against a mini-bar.
moominbadger Feb-3-08 8.53pm
Nice new pic Margaret!
Oskari Feb-3-08 12.58pm
thanks for being my friend..;)
Monica Feb-2-08 3.21pm
Did you eat the dinosaur? XD You look great! ;)
ricv64 Feb-2-08 1.33pm
But Megg_Inc , T - Rex RAWKS !
nats Feb-2-08 2.26am
you're so cute! nice pic
weirdmom Feb-1-08 9.56pm
You are so cute!
Nikki Feb-1-08 8.59pm
Pretty picture!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Feb-1-08 8.34pm
You look very cute, Megg! :o)
ricv64 Feb-1-08 7.49pm
The dinosaur finally let you go , thats nice
goosey_84 Feb-1-08 7.26pm
you are too cuuuute!! :)
moominbadger Jan-27-08 7.37pm
Cheers! I'm probably breaking copyright laws by stealing it from facebook and using it on here but never mind, it's cute!!
goosey_84 Jan-21-08 2.36am
really?? that's sweeet! is your friend a totally awesome leo?? hahaha
Monica Jan-20-08 3.51pm
Yes!!! Hahaha, but she was born in 1985 and I in 1986. What a coincidence!!! ;)
spid Jan-10-08 8.42am
Thanks for the add!
Typing to Reach You Jan-6-08 2.51pm
Lol I never look at my profile so only just saw your christmas message xD Anyhoo, thanks. Hope you had a good'n.
ricv64 Jan-6-08 12.41am
Hi Megg , where ya been ?
TheInvisibleBoy Jan-5-08 8.03am
Hey Megg! Thanks for the add! Hope everything's going well! Hope you have an ace weekend! Thanks! Speak to you soon!
Nikki Jan-2-08 7.38pm
Thanks Megg! Happy New Year to you too!
lindsey22295 Jan-2-08 7.40am
Happy 2008 to you too!
Turtleneck Jan-1-08 10.06pm
Happy New Year to you, Megg!
Somewhere Else Jan-1-08 8.24am
Happy New Year Megg! X
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jan-1-08 4.20am
Happy new year, Megg! Have a blast!
heyjude Jan-1-08 2.25am
Happy New Year, my new friend!
Monica Dec-31-07 5.50pm
Happy new year!
ricv64 Dec-31-07 4.51pm
oh and happy new years tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
ricv64 Dec-31-07 1.39pm
HA ! Napa wine is over rated
goosey_84 Dec-31-07 5.46am
chav! learn something new everyday! thank you! i love it! haha
ricv64 Dec-31-07 1.19am
Dear Megg thanks in advance for the expensive Vodka , SCORE !
Natasa Dec-31-07 12.01am
Meeerry Christmas to you too! ;) xx
nats Dec-28-07 3.14pm
have a great 2008 !!!
goosey_84 Dec-27-07 6.21pm
i think your 'about me' section should be revised to say: That kickass polish chic(k)!! haha...fantastic, cute, amazing, lovely are all suitable as well! haha besitos!
nats Dec-27-07 3.16am
thank you!!! hope you had a happy crhistmas :)
alyrtle Dec-26-07 8.17am
merry xmas to you too!
goosey_84 Dec-26-07 3.43am
which ones are your favorite storylines?? mine obviously include hugh grant and colin firth's stories. :)
isma Dec-26-07 12.12am
and Merry Xmas to you too Megg . :)
dee Dec-26-07 12.11am
kickass profile my nearly birthday twin. :)
Moray Dec-25-07 11.48pm
Merry XMas!
Lucile Dec-25-07 5.19pm
Merry Christmas to you too :)
Soulslug Dec-25-07 12.36pm
Aw thank you! Hope you're having a good one as well.
Monica Dec-25-07 12.33pm
Wesolych Swiat Bozego Narodzenia, then :)
Monica Dec-25-07 11.42am
Zadowolony Boże Narodzenie!! (did I write it right? :p)
Eledh Dec-25-07 10.29am
merry christmas to you too. No matter what. ;)
lindsey22295 Dec-25-07 3.54am
Thanks and the same to you!
Yulia Nox Dec-25-07 12.07am
thanks! :) Merry Crimbo for ya too
gaby Dec-24-07 11.29pm
Hey! Thanks! Merry Christmas to you too & Happy 2008. *cheers*
Meridith Dec-24-07 11.00pm
Merry Christmas to you as well! All the best to you!
ricv64 Dec-24-07 10.35pm
merry Christmas , best wishes and a happy New years ! MaZn !
goosey_84 Dec-24-07 9.57pm
oh merry christmas corazon!! yess!! i watched in on saturday night! thought of you when i decided to pop it in the dvd player! hahaha
AbsolutPurple Dec-24-07 9.37pm
Merry Xmas Megg ! eggs eggs eggs eggs
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Dec-24-07 8.33pm
Thanks Megg! Merry Christmas to you too! You've survived dinner, that's a good thing :o)
Moray Dec-24-07 8.31pm
It's not showing the top of my head - I'll upload a post-xmas piccy to demonstrate my current hair disaster!!
Turtleneck Dec-24-07 8.14pm
Merry Christmas to you, too!
minsidesoutside_lds Dec-24-07 5.49pm
I hope Christmas don´t suck for you tonight!! Best wishes! Merry Christmas :) Cheers!! L´ds.
moominbadger Dec-24-07 5.21pm
Have a very merry Christmas and a fab New Year!
Nikki Dec-24-07 5.49am
Wesolych Swiat!!
lindsey22295 Dec-21-07 1.21am
Haha I know I thought you were already my friend too! :D
ricv64 Dec-13-07 5.18am
LodZ must RAWK !
Monica Dec-12-07 5.54pm
Do you know you were eaten by a dinosaur? XD
Nikki Dec-12-07 4.56pm
Aw! That's the first time I've actually seen a picture of you Megg! You look cute even while being eaten by a T-Rex. LOL! :)
ricv64 Dec-12-07 4.51pm
didn't know dragons roam the streets in Warsaw , watch outZ
nats Dec-12-07 4.02am
great new pic!
moominbadger Dec-11-07 9.55pm
Wow! I love your profile pic! V cool!
Moray Dec-11-07 5.12pm
Hello! I seem to be raking in the friend requests over the last few days! I've had more than you can shake a stick at!
Nikki Dec-8-07 6.18am
ricv64 Dec-6-07 2.23pm
So Santa drop by ?
AbsolutPurple Dec-4-07 1.02pm
M-eggs !
BlueAngelBlues Dec-4-07 6.06am
Hey Girl... If you want other xmas songs, please let me know... ok? ;)
Turtleneck Nov-29-07 10.03pm
Eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs!
Are Nov-9-07 12.13am
Is that you in the picture? If so, I have to say in a polite way: WOW! And nice dress!
ricv64 Nov-8-07 1.01pm
no profit in honorary FRISCO , just the responsibilities of having to show people how to RAWK ! ! ! ! ! you knew the job was dangerous when you took it
AbsolutPurple Oct-24-07 9.19pm
My avatar man could be a partner for your lonely twin
Nikki Sep-24-07 4.06am
Cześć Megg!! :) FYI- I asked you a question in the "Drummer" thread in the T-Chat.
ricv64 Sep-22-07 8.50pm
right back at ya , RAWK
weirdmom Sep-20-07 10.49pm
Are you the girl with the short blonde hair or long blonde hair?
moominbadger Sep-14-07 1.31pm
Very pink and girly...tee hee!! :o)
Darran Sep-6-07 11.16am
Ah, I put it up for a laugh as the Football Team I support did a photo shoot for the new kits. They look like right tarts. Anyway the new photo is one I took that will be published in papers!! :-)
dee Aug-29-07 12.11pm
hey there my nearly-the-same-birthday-twin! that is kinda cool alright:D
moominbadger Aug-25-07 10.52pm
Hello!! thanks for the friend request!
isma Aug-25-07 7.03pm
Hey Thanks for the request Megg :-)
Nikki Aug-23-07 5.30am
Hello fellow Polish boardie! :)
goosey_84 Aug-17-07 5.59pm
hello new friend!
pixiedixie Aug-13-07 9.42pm
Hey! Thanks for adding me.. It´s so cool to have a new friend... Regards from Madrid!
Monica Aug-12-07 6.18pm
Thanks for adding me..... Again! :p
paul_c Aug-12-07 3.29pm
Heyyy! Thanks for the add :) how you doin? x
Tianyan Aug-10-07 2.10pm
Hmmm...I forget why I am congratulating you...ignore me...I am going crazy today!
Tianyan Aug-10-07 2.08pm
HELLO! Congrats again... :)
Lucile Aug-9-07 3.23pm
Hello new friend, thanks for the add :)