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i dont like travis.. lol
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goosey_84 Sep-29-08 5.26pm
lol you are such a nerd!!! ....and u still a hoe. :P
goosey_84 Jul-11-08 1.09am
besssssooooosssss! (just in case you ever log on again. haha)
goosey_84 May-31-08 3.55am
am i gonna have to lure you with another home cooked meal? haha...seriously though you should come over soon...i want to try a new recipe and need you to be my guinea pig! pleeeeeaaasseeee noviooooo! ;) xoxox ~C
goosey_84 May-27-08 11.13pm
ahhh! i can't believe you logged in here! hahahah *hugggs* i miss you jerkface! :P i just left you like a two paragraph comment on myspace :P
goosey_84 May-8-08 8.10am
:( i miss you...hope you're having an amazing time with your family.
heyjude Apr-27-08 10.20am
Salamat gid! Now see, your photo is so much better :-) Actually, I didn't like your hoochie avatars cos they made me feel UGLY. Good riddance to them! Hahaha!!
goosey_84 Apr-25-08 1.36am
:) always fun wasting time with you...back to alcatraz tomorrow. weak.
goosey_84 Apr-21-08 4.11pm
p.s....xoxo (you know there's always some affection for ya). :)
goosey_84 Apr-21-08 4.05pm
not gonna be in the office today....i hope you have a great day...
goosey_84 Apr-18-08 5.25pm
damn right it was life changing!! it was made by yours truly! hahaha and this time there was no 'crema fresca' to vouch for me! xD ....i'm hookin' your boys up with some next week....and some cupcakes...from your favorite cupcake! haha (clearly i'm in a good mood this morning)
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