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Coty_Arg Mar-5-10 2.11am
MErih are you there?
jesusaremus Mar-25-09 7.09am
haha. Bah! life's weird XD. I got a job now, politiap publicity, pretty cool doesn't it? woohoo!...haha. Well, now seriously. In that place they make spots. So my boss told me he's gona teach me do spot proffesionaly. so, is a step. XD
frandougeil Mar-19-09 11.01am
Hello Merih:)It's been quite some time..How have u been?Hope all's very well for you=DTake care dear friend!
hiromi Mar-1-09 10.48am
Hiiiiiii Merih!!! It's been a long time...How have you been? Hiromi xxx
jesusaremus Feb-23-09 5.15am
hey thanks a lot merih, thanks for your advice. By now, i'm looking for another shity job haha, why is it first really hard to find a shity job? and then to make what you want? mysteries of the world i think.
elfist Feb-8-09 2.16am
Go to bed.
frandougeil Jan-27-09 3.37am
Thank you Merih=)But for rite now I can assure u it wouldn't be soon..haha.Maybe in a couple of years to come..I'll let u noe by then and do keep in touch yeah;)
frandougeil Jan-25-09 5.10pm
OH YES!Istanbul's gorgeous and i do plan to visit once I've saved enough to travel there=)Its in my 'the countries i have to visit before i die' list..haha! OHHH there will be plenty room for gorgeous pics if im there=DD And the fact tt the ppl are so nice and warm makes your country all the more appealing=DD
frandougeil Jan-22-09 4.15pm
Thanx=)Which part of Turkey are u from?Its really lovely!I heard the people are one of the warmest and most hospitable in the world!
jesusaremus Jan-20-09 4.36pm
Really?! ah that quite amazing! i'm very happy for you!, Next step, making films for you, i bet you that. Well, i don't know what to feel about me, frustration, and that stuff, though, i have a job i don't really like it, and it looks like i have to look for another one.
frandougeil Jan-20-09 6.07am
Oh and my occupation is just what i yearn to be in the near future=)I love photography as much as i love peace..So tt's the best way to describe it=D
frandougeil Jan-20-09 6.05am
Nice name=)Pleased to know u Merih=DI think Turkey is a lovely country.Would love to visit someday:)
frandougeil Jan-19-09 5.26am
Ah i see!Pardon my ignorance. Looking at it again now,it is noticeably a male in the pic.hehe=PHope u've been well!My name's Sue btw..What is yours?
jesusaremus Jan-19-09 2.51am
really? where are you working at? A new project for me hmmm..getting a Job haha, don't know what will happen with my life haha, i'm glad you're great :)
jesusaremus Jan-18-09 11.42pm
hey! how are you?
frandougeil Jan-12-09 4.43pm
Is that u in ur avatar?If so how COOL=D
bogusblue Dec-31-08 9.56pm
Happy New Year!!! :o)
bogusblue Dec-24-08 5.44am
Merry Christmas!!! :o)
Peewee Oct-20-08 10.24pm
Quit pointing your thing at me!!! lol
cmr Oct-13-08 8.06pm
pm attım sana ama... :)
cmr Oct-1-08 9.49pm
Gittiğinde sen de bana anlatırsın olur mu? :) Ayrıca beni kıskanma! Onlarla tanışıp muhabbet eden ben değildim! :)
Peewee Sep-22-08 5.13pm
Where are you lady? Have you fallen off the face of the Earth??? lol
cmr Aug-22-08 9.05pm
Glasgow Art School'a gittim, gördüm, resmini çektim :) Hatta içine girdim ama ziyarete açık olan küçük bir alandı, orda da resim sergisi vardı :)
cmr Aug-14-08 9.49pm
Belki! Umarım! :) Teşekkürler ederim :)
cmr Aug-12-08 2.46pm
Çok haklısın, inanılmaz sıcak ve bunaltıcı burası :) Ama ben de bol yağmurlu, serin bir yere gidiyorum :) Bu hafta İngiltere'ye ordan da İskoçya'ya gideceğim :)
cmr Aug-1-08 11.35pm
Oh, güzelmiş :) Ben de iyiyim, İstanbul'dayım, evimde dinleniyorum ben de :) Nerdesin sen şu an? :)
cmr Jul-30-08 4.13pm
Selam, nasılsın nası gidiyo? :)
urfe Jul-28-08 6.19pm
a delayed thanks for complementing on my avatar :) hahah ayrıca niye ingilizce yazıyorsam... baştan alıyorum: merhabaaa!
nesmap Jul-26-08 3.52pm
Merry me ol' Scrubber, hows life been?
physke Jul-25-08 8.34am
Merhabaa! :)
Lemon Grinner Jul-23-08 9.18pm
Ace piccy. This Is England is a crackin' film!
Peewee Jul-22-08 5.41pm
Myspace! Darn, I always forget about that one. I made it donks ago and NEVER go on. Don't really like it much! lol
isma Jul-22-08 10.29am
Ah But Who ??? FBI ? CIA ? Lol
Andrew Jul-21-08 11.27pm
gee thanks, people are looking at me cause they hate me? i thought it was cause they all fancied me like ;)
Peewee Jul-21-08 9.43pm
No fricking idea wot I'm doing but it's fun! Shit landing everywhere....fb, bebo god I aint got a clue...can tidy up later! hee hee
Peewee Jul-21-08 2.54pm
Awww thanks hun! :) Ps. Cheers on the heads up on! It's sooooo fricking cool, still finding my way around it and feeling a little lost, but I will get there! How hard can it be! lmao.
isma Jul-21-08 12.31pm
I do agree with Andrew . The new board sucks but shh this is a secret Lol P.S Yeah call me stalker ! :oP
Jay Parker Jul-21-08 7.56am
Thanks for your comment! Your pix are great, too. It was so nice to meet the guys after 7 years of waiting :))))
Andrew Jul-20-08 11.37pm
Pfft, vive la resistance!! ;)
Andrew Jul-20-08 12.50am
Hahah thanks! P.S. New board sucks
mystry Jul-7-08 8.40am
sebnemy Jul-6-08 7.19am
Merhaba! Yazilarin bir harika...Herkesle tanismana da cok sevindim.
hennypenny Jun-29-08 10.16pm
Great review and I'm glad you had such a great time!
GMS1968 Jun-29-08 4.50pm
Thankyou for the request. You are welcome. ;-)
cmr Jun-29-08 1.16pm
Çok sevinirim gerçekten :) Unutturmam bak :)
cmr Jun-29-08 9.56am
Hayır :) sen Andy'nin tarafındaymışsın ben Doug'un olduğu taraftaydım :) Düşündükçe kıskandım seni :) Umarım ben de tanışabilirim bir dahaki sefere...
Ursina Jun-29-08 5.05am
Aww Champers !! just read your review ! what a fantastic night eh ! soo cool that you got to meet up... told you so ;) lol got to rush, off to Scotland for 3 weeks, sse you soon... lûv Sina :)
SamuraiSandy Jun-29-08 1.41am
Champers, what a wonderful review--It made me want to cry! 1.You write so well...I felt like I was there! 2. I'm soooo happy that your dreams came true! Thanks for posting!
dams80 Jun-29-08 12.45am
fotograflar da review da harika! herkes kıskanıyo yalnız seni (ben de dahil), dikkat et kendine :)
ozan Jun-29-08 12.40am
merih abla platform harika ya herhangi bi forum gibi diil sanki okul arkadaşlarınla konuşuyosn ama tek ortak noktanız travis :D
drift-nina Jun-29-08 12.24am
i'm so happy for you Merih! :D this is the best sensation!
cmr Jun-28-08 11.41pm
Şimdi gördüm yazdıklarını... ahhh ahhh seni o kadar kıskanıyorum ki... umarım herşey dilediğin gibi geçmiştir...
cmr Jun-28-08 11.35pm
Hey :) Seni orda gördüm mü hiç bilmiyorum ama en öndeydim ve pankartımı açtım, çığlık attım ve sesimi kısana kadar hatta daha da sonra şarkı söyledim!!! Benimle aynı şekilde olduunu düşüyorum :) Belki grup yine bi kıyak geçmiştir ama emin olamadım doğrusu :) Cheers!! :))))
GMS1968 Jun-28-08 10.44pm
Hello. So glad it was all that you thought it would be and more. Stunning review in which the emotions realy came through your words. It felt as though i was living your experience. Thanks.
Trixi Jun-28-08 8.20pm
Oh my dear God, girl..I just read your review and now have a tear in my eye and a FAT goose beautiful! I'm so happy for you (and all you Istanbulers! ;-P)...and oh...what a set! şahane!!! :D
sara spain Jun-28-08 8.15pm
heyyy! what a review!!! I´m really happy for you!!!! I can understand how you are felling!
Trixi Jun-28-08 6.49am
Merih!! How was it? *drools-for-review-setlist-&-photos* :D
drift-nina Jun-27-08 2.33am
good luck champy!
wonderwall Jun-26-08 4.00pm
selam...Belki hatirlamissindir...ama yok hatirlamazsin ünlü oldun artik...
cmr Jun-20-08 1.48pm
3 kere yollamim kusra bakma, bi sorun vardı :) yerinde olsam kesinlikle aynısını yapardım!! :) msj varmı Fran'imizden? :)
cmr Jun-17-08 2.59pm
selam :) sadece geçenlerde dergilerdeki Travis röpörtajlarını okuyodum ve Fran'inkinde senden bahsettiini gördüm! Açıkçası çok kıskandım:))))) Çok şanslısın, senin adına çok sevindim!! :)
cmr Jun-17-08 2.59pm
selam :) sadece geçenlerde dergilerdeki Travis röpörtajlarını okuyodum ve Fran'inkinde senden bahsettiini gördüm! Açıkçası çok kıskandım:))))) Çok şanslısın, senin adına çok sevindim!! :)
cmr Jun-17-08 2.59pm
selam :) sadece geçenlerde dergilerdeki Travis röpörtajlarını okuyodum ve Fran'inkinde senden bahsettiini gördüm! Açıkçası çok kıskandım:))))) Çok şanslısın, senin adına çok sevindim!! :)
kiwi Jun-7-08 5.58am
can you rob another bank so i can come to travis too? cheers.
jesusaremus Jun-6-08 6.05pm
it's really good to hear you're great! and now you will see travis, that's exciting doesn't it? you will have a great meet with them, better then i had XD. I'm great, really exciting about the stuff i will tell you later, i will wait a little, but everything is painting really great :)
jesusaremus Jun-6-08 7.52am
hey merih, how are you? Girl!!! i have a lot of amazing amazing things happening to my film world XD, i'll talking to you, later, i'm pretty excited about this!, and i'm sorry for Aremus, it's getting better, so, i will send it to you in some weeks. And how are you been merih?
Trixi Jun-5-08 9.46pm
woohoo Merih..this is so cool! :D ...this is your chance for the best set EVER! *lol*
jesusaremus May-10-08 11.40pm
hey hey! you'll need to wait for me like another week, i'm very busy, but the two chapter are almost finished. How are you M?
sara spain May-10-08 8.42pm
you must be really happy! how many years are u waiting for travis coming to TURKEY?? HAPPY FOR YOU!
sonja May-10-08 5.54pm
Oh,thank you! I think that you have great taste in music and films! :0) As you can see,I`ve never been to some TRavis live gig,so I would reaaaaly love to come to Istanbul.But if I can`t, I would try than to go to Austia-Frequency festival in august. P.s one of my favourite books is `when nietzsche wept`,too! :) cheers
sonja May-2-08 1.30pm
sorry if my english is bad
sonja May-2-08 1.28pm
i`m from serbia,nish,but study in belgrade.i`ve been to istanbul four times and like it a lot.and was planning to come to concert,but now don`t know if it would be possible because of exams.. :0(( but there is still a litlle hope...anyway i will try my best,because it`s a great opportunity..i`m not very optimistic that travis will ever come to serbia. :0( greets from sonja
sonja May-1-08 11.20pm
hey new friend!thanks for the add!are you from istanbul?
kiwi Feb-18-08 8.24pm
yo yo yo
mayfly Jan-31-08 2.00pm
mayfly Jan-31-08 1.59pm
bara Jan-21-08 5.37pm
Heya Champagne, still around, sometimes? cheers/b.
nats Dec-28-07 8.12pm
have a great 2008 !!!
kiwi Nov-25-07 12.27pm
travisonline NEVER lets me comment on peoples profiles, and now it chooses to post THAT creepy comment twice?! Where's the justice?!
kiwi Nov-25-07 12.24pm
I be stalking you now. Just need me some Merih love. x
kiwi Nov-25-07 12.23pm
I be stalking you now. Just need me some Merih love. x
drift-nina Oct-13-07 5.32pm
happy belated birhtday, champy!!!.... kisses from Peru!
jesusaremus Oct-8-07 4.48pm
where have you gone?
travisturkey Sep-7-07 5.49pm
you should have told me you were at Rockncoke fest as well..shame on you..
travisturkey Sep-7-07 5.49pm
you should have told me you were at Rockncoke fest as well..shame on you..
return_to_innocence Sep-1-07 9.47am
Merhaba.Travis fanlariyla konusmak guzel olur...
BettyPekker Aug-27-07 6.55pm
Your game is amazing... :) Thanks a lot
Andrew Aug-26-07 8.37pm
yes but i barely post anymore which makes the fact that folk are still stalking more impressive :p
wonderwall Aug-24-07 10.27am
selam...Travistr...Yabanci bi sitede Turklerle konusmak guzel...ingilizce ispanyolca konusuyorlar.Kendi dilimizde konusmamız iyi olur...Milletin ilgisini ceker belki...
wonderwall Aug-23-07 6.48pm
Selam!Turk fanatikler icin ozel bi sayfa yok mu?
hiromi Aug-21-07 12.59am
rept: the present arrived at Turkey on 20th!! =D
hiromi Aug-18-07 2.32pm
rept. my present left Tokyo for Turkey on 18th :)
hiromi Aug-16-07 1.21am
I sent you a message!! :D Check it out!!
hiromi Aug-15-07 11.51am
Hi!! :)
hiromi Aug-7-07 4.59am
I can post a comment on your page!! :D
hiromi Aug-7-07 4.59am
I can post a comment on your page!! :D
travisturkey Jul-29-07 7.41pm
Turkiyenin yuzde 46 si salakmis,tahmin ettigimden cok daha fazlasi maalesef...
jimgraham Jul-25-07 11.51pm
oh champ welcome:) i am here too:)
Dutchgirl Jul-25-07 12.28pm
this pic is a picture of bjork at Rock Werchter 2007 :-) i must say i dont make this picture but i like im very much :-) and the concert was great!
Dutchgirl Jul-20-07 2.20pm
hi how are you?
jimgraham Jul-12-07 11.56am
champers where are you?
travisturkey Jul-7-07 2.33pm
merih,do you remember how I was good at taking films from last summer :) I hope you do!
kiwi Jul-6-07 11.52am
So maaybe it would be showing off JUST too much if I told you we snuck into the after party and met Neil Hannon as well as they guys and Juno Falls...!!
boxty Jul-5-07 7.24pm
hello:) hey thanks for the add. so any fun.
Osito24 Jul-4-07 8.39pm
Do you speak in spanish? You are a beautiful women!!
oasistanbul Jun-26-07 10.04am
forumda 1 Turk,yurdum insanı gorduk o da ortada yok!...
oasistanbul Jun-24-07 4.43pm
baklava resimlerini gordukten sonra Turk olduguna eminim...bu arada baklavaya bayilirim...
jesusaremus Jun-24-07 8.06am
hallo you
oasistanbul Jun-23-07 7.35pm
tabi konusmak istersen...
oasistanbul Jun-23-07 6.38pm
Oasis Travis hayranı bir Turk le tanısmak guzel...
oasistanbul Jun-23-07 6.30pm
Oasis Travis hayranı bir Turk le tanısmak guzel...
oasistanbul Jun-23-07 6.26pm
Els* Jun-7-07 9.34pm
hello angel.
welshwill Jun-5-07 11.37pm
hey thanks for the trying out the new travis site but not with much luck :)
monkey Jun-4-07 3.40am
;), wow 325posts, go you!
Esteban Jun-3-07 8.31am
Thanks for the add =)
elfist Jun-3-07 1.27am
eliza Jun-2-07 10.12pm
someone sounds bitter.
kiwi Jun-2-07 2.24pm
AbsolutPurple Jun-1-07 8.51pm
also a gold digger
eliza Jun-1-07 7.14pm
I hope you are doing swell, my B!
kiwi May-29-07 9.44am
kiwi May-28-07 4.00pm
Finally I can update my profile here! Happy!
Beatle Babe May-27-07 7.58pm
argh it happened again! where are they all going!?
Moray May-27-07 4.35pm
Thanks! Its my Fonzie look!
Beatle Babe May-27-07 3.10pm
i left you a long comment yesterday and it seems to have disappeared. hmmm...
Andrew May-25-07 9.47pm
I agree! I blame the board from now on for any Undy rambling :D
Andrew May-25-07 1.12pm
haha It wasn#t even drunkeness it was just annoyance at this board
Beatle Babe May-25-07 10.34am
hello turkish delight! ;-)
Els* May-25-07 8.10am
red red wine for champy la la la
Andrew May-25-07 4.53am
been trying to leave comments for ages, only hgkh3bhmknhksdf works!
Andrew May-25-07 4.47am
i hate thie broken board
Andrew May-25-07 4.46am
gkjpohngbkjvb jkcasn
Andrew May-25-07 4.46am
gkjpohngbkjvb jkcasn
jesusaremus May-25-07 2.24am
hallo miss supernova ;)
monkey May-25-07 2.02am
aint you miss popular :) x
emmahealy May-24-07 4.41pm
Now we can find out what Triple Achamps looks like...!!!
Steph_canuck May-24-07 4.15am
haha yeah! well they are pretty fantastic;)
monkey May-24-07 1.42am
hey you :)
nesmap May-24-07 12.48am
Hey right back at ya Scrubber :D
Andrew May-24-07 12.45am
Hahaha uhoh!
Helen *the original* May-23-07 7.56pm
Yet another way for us to communicate...its turning into Myspace! lol xx