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SamuraiSandy Feb-3-09 5.32am
Happy Birthday!
minnmess Jul-7-08 5.28pm
How have you managed to live in Canada your whole list (Im assuming) and dont know any Hip songs? lol. I didnt even attempt the beer line. It was CRAZY long. I know nothing about Gord Sinclair's kid. Old, young?
minnmess Jul-7-08 2.09am
ya, i knew that it was going to be mostly the Hip, but since im a huge fan, that works for me!
minnmess Jun-26-08 8.55pm
did you have fun at the Hip/Sam Roberts concert? I had an AMAZING time.
castawayneil Jun-11-08 1.04pm
OMG im actually so bad at replying to messages on here lol Howd the exam go u mentioned last time! Ye musics going really well indeed! Got a gig 2nite and our EP launch at the end of August Uber scary! hows things with you?
castawayneil Apr-9-08 5.40pm
Hey sorry for the late reply, didnt see ud left a coment back lol i need to wear my glasses more:P hows things? Nx
Chiito-chan Apr-2-08 4.04pm
Hey! Have fun with Oasis in Toronto!! You're so lucky. :)Cheers!!
MaggieMae Oct-1-07 11.07pm
Thanks very much for the add. Did you get yout T shirt order sorted out yet?
julietravisaddict Sep-25-07 1.00pm
Thank you very much for the add! Have a nice day! Julie
champagnesupernova May-24-07 1.45am
Canuck da Steph! I love when you write The Stills to your fave Music! Hehe
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