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Nikki Sep-28-08 5.32am
Nice eye color. :)
heyjude Aug-12-08 2.14am
Yep, I'm a fan of Bleach and anime in general. Are you as well?
Typing to Reach You Jul-27-08 10.37pm
Lol, yeah I kinda forgot about this comment thing for ages too at first. :P Aye student life is pretty cool. 2 years down now. I'm guessing the hardest is yet to come. At the moment though I'm kinda being a bum for the summer.... I tried to get a job, honest! What you up to these days?
champagnesupernova Jul-26-08 10.24pm
Ha! Life's good. Kinda good. Sometimes sucks though. Still me is keeping to merry in the most Scrubbery way. ;-) Which does not get me off from going 'grrr' to those who call me merry me.. Lol (Scrubbers excluded)... How's you?
Scottish Dubliner Jun-19-08 9.41pm
Neil, Good to see you back around, How are the Mighty Mariners doing these days ??
Typing to Reach You Jun-15-08 11.54pm
Hey man, not seen you on here in ages. Hope your good.
champagnesupernova May-24-07 12.33am
Hey Scrubber! :-)
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