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Travis, Arctic Monkeys, The Fratellis, KT Tunstall, The Beatles, Oasis, Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, The Kinks , Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell etc.
Life of Brian, Blazing Saddles, Control, 24 Hour Party People, In America, Garden State, High Fidelity, Juno etc.
To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee; Saturday Night, Sunday Morning by Alan Sillitoe; The Rebus series by Ian Rankin; lots of music/art/graphic design books
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Helen *the original* has attended 8 shows
Barrowlands, Glasgow, UK
Parr Hall, Warrington, UK
Carling Academy, Liverpool, UK
Academy 2, Manchester, UK
Apollo, Manchester, UK
Apollo, Manchester, UK
King George's Hall, Blackburn, UK
Evening News Arena, Manchester, UK

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Helen *the original*
Member since: April-20-2007
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Gender: Female
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Occupation: Library Assistant (particularly in Children's)
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RaZzZ Mar-18-09 7.06pm
Hello darling =)
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Dec-24-08 9.18pm
Feliz Navidad, Helen!
Peewee Dec-22-08 10.52pm
You should NEVER look up....a bird might shit in your eye!!! LOL
Ruudio Aug-15-08 9.32pm
Lol I think u have to be from yorkshire/ lancashire to know about rugby league =D
Ruudio Aug-14-08 1.40pm
Oh nooo not Salford!!! Am I still the only person on the board who knows who Salford Reds are? lol x
Ruudio Aug-6-08 12.14pm
Nice pic =D
Moray Jul-25-08 12.39am
I do try! I'll man it up on one of my pictures one of these days
Andrew Jul-21-08 11.27pm
student life is gooood, although I'm about to start my Honours year which is more than a little scary! i think i can say goodbye to having a life
Andrew Jul-20-08 11.26pm
greetings stranger, how's library-life treating you?
Gladly (the cross-eyed bear) Jun-24-08 1.25pm
i was down at the police concert at the m.e.n. Whats the deal with the seats behind the stage? What are they all about . Ive never noticed that at a show before.
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