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travis, u2, sting, depeche mode,sezen aksu, dave matthews, john mayer, gripin, rilo kiley, tori amos, jamie cullum, spyro gyra, pink floyd...generally good music:)
butterfly effect, all about my mother, amadeus, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind... and all tim burton films ever made
all ayn rand - bernard cornwell - amin maalouf - elizabeth kostova and a very long list beginning with edgar alan poe stories
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Historic Southgate House, Newport, KY, US
Binboamania Festival, Park Orman, Istanbul, TR

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sebnemy Mar-5-09 3.04pm
Su renamed alcohol thread'e hic efes comment'i koymayacak misin? Sasirdim:)
killer queen Mar-3-09 6.11pm
My advice: some good music always makes a day better! I think we've all hated school sometimes, haha, maybe what we need now are holidays(As for me, I think I really need some). However, if you want to hate school, I'm with you ...really!
killer queen Jan-29-09 11.50pm
hi! how are you? I just stopped by to say hi! haha XD
sebnemy Jan-27-09 11.58am
Ben de ne zamandir pek takilmiyorum buraya... Hosgeldin.
killer queen Dec-5-08 7.14pm
ooops! I think my post changed your profile, you can erase it if you want ... sorry!
killer queen Dec-5-08 7.12pm
Hi!! how are you?? After you finish, let me know about that time machine, I´m really interested... (I'm the one in red, look at my friend in the middle, hahaha)
killer queen Nov-26-08 10.37pm
Thanks! I'm kinda scared cause I've never worked in my life!! And yes, I'd love to study a masters in the States (my thesis is about US national security) but time will tell. In the short term I'm going to focus on my thesis, because without it you don't get you degree and that will take me, at least, four months ... this friday there are going to be mariachis in my faculty (If i have a video or photos, I'll let you know, hehe) how about you? How are you been?
cmr Nov-26-08 9.47pm
Katılıyorum Türkiye'de işlerin zor olduğuna. O yüzden gitmek istiyorum ya yurtdışına :) Sadece müzik de değil, sanata dair neredeyse her şey zor burada.. Çok teşekkür ederim teklifin için :)
killer queen Nov-23-08 8.01pm
yeah! Sometimes I hate homework but i guess i'm gonna miss school since I'll finish uni next week :( Have a nice time there (I'm sure you will) ... And Salud it's pronounced as.... mmm... the "a" sounds like that in Anne and the "u" like the two "o" in moon... Best!
cmr Nov-22-08 11.22pm
:) bu kadar keyif alman gerçekten ilham verici :) daha çok vaktim var karar vermek için ama bu "saatlerimi de harcasam gocunmayacağım" iş kesinlikle müzik.. :) ama belli olmaz tabii
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