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hennypenny Feb-4-10 8.26am
This is the first time I met him after the Seattle show!
bogusblue Dec-24-09 11.31pm
Merry Christmas Kayte! :o)
hennypenny Dec-9-09 5.56am
haha! Thanks!
ricv64 Nov-14-09 1.47pm
isn't that ohio ?
minnmess Aug-18-09 12.05am
and the same to you, ma lady
Ana_Smith Jul-1-09 4.17pm
Hey! Thanks for adding my name to the list of the project, I'm really looking forward to it :)
Ana_Smith Jun-9-09 9.50pm
Hi Kayte! How are you? I think you are the mind behind the project... I'm writing because I found out that Flat Travis might be coming near my town one day. I would love to give the 2D guys a tour and share it with all the boardies. I mean, if they're going to Argentina, how about taking a detour to Uruguay? :D It'd be a shame to miss them! Let me know what you think... Cheers!
lindsey22295 May-30-09 7.37am
Thank you for your kind comments in the Bruin thread. I plan to pass on everyones condolences to Todd.
cornax May-1-09 7.06pm
And I should try to find a really awesome housewife to idolize...
minnesotamary Apr-28-09 6.57pm
i know, he's growing like a weed...can't believe he'll be turning 1 in one month!
ricv64 Apr-22-09 2.29am
you still get a octo . you'll be the 2nd woman to get one or you'd rather a crazy britney t shirt ?
leticia Apr-22-09 2.00am
Great pic!!! :)
ricv64 Apr-22-09 12.02am
First person to guess mystery guess or attendee with the most kids wins a OCTOMOM art print . Kristy said it but I don't know if atttendees qualify and i think of any who went ..... redid clip 3rd and final time
ricv64 Apr-21-09 10.13pm
I believe either you or kristy won the free octomom poster ABC prize , step up to claim it
lindsey22295 Apr-20-09 11.16pm
Great Fran picture! Yay!
bogusblue Apr-20-09 5.49pm
I meant 'your'... I suck at English xD.
bogusblue Apr-20-09 5.48pm
Awww, you're pic is great, Kayte! :o)
ricv64 Apr-17-09 2.38pm
Have a groovy time
weirdmom Apr-16-09 3.29pm
Tomorrow I will SEE you!!
Nikki Apr-14-09 11.27pm
ricv64 Apr-14-09 3.42pm
? 3 days of peace and love ? Doesn't sound very Detroit
Nikki Apr-13-09 5.58pm
I thought my Four Tops avatar was very appropriate! :D
weirdmom Apr-10-09 4.14pm
Why do we need to switch? Because yours seems like something I would have picked and vice versa?
Nikki Apr-10-09 1.31am
weirdmom Apr-9-09 8.27pm
I like your 8 too. Very clever.
ricv64 Apr-9-09 8.13pm
you know , when they played song to yourself , i had yer vid in my head
weirdmom Apr-2-09 5.21pm
I've heard of it but no, I hadn't seen that. I bet it's a commercial they only show on your TV since that is clearly your song. I heard they did it (as a group number) on American Idol last night. I was trying to find it for you but no luck so far. I won't stop....believin'.
mili Mar-27-09 5.43pm
Is 21 part of the countdown? Aww, I'm soo envious!!! Hope you enjoy it! :^)
weirdmom Mar-27-09 2.26pm
I do own that station. I really don't care who sings which verse but how about I'll sing the first verse, both chorus, you second verse, etc.
weirdmom Mar-26-09 8.11pm
You should sing it! Maybe you can sing that at karaoke. By the way I did karaoke on Tuesday with some choir friends and this dude did Don't Stop Believin'. He did it so well people were going nuts. Even better? He looked like a Mexican Steve Perry.
weirdmom Mar-18-09 3.51am
Sheesh it took you AGES to see the joke I made specifically for you!
ricv64 Mar-15-09 2.08pm
Happy birthday Kayte , chea !
th74 Mar-4-09 2.40pm
I'm glad you joined!
th74 Mar-3-09 10.01pm
Um, am I the only boardie you're not friends with on Facebook?? When did you join??
mili Feb-24-09 6.44am
Aww, yours is the sweetest little woodpecker! We have smaller ones, too, but my absolute favourite is the black one. I've seen it digging an antnest underground, and you should hear its call, it can be heard from far!
mili Feb-23-09 5.53pm
That's a female black woodpecker, lives in the park near my home. It's got a red dot on it's head, but it's not showing in the picture. It's a funny kind of bir, especially the male one that plays hide and seek with us, but also awsome due to its size and that huge beak.
ricv64 Feb-5-09 2.47pm
not one but two shows , you're reallly diving into this . word of advice , Andy tends to go in the crowd so if you're on that side get ready to be sweated on
Nikki Feb-5-09 12.09am
ricv64 Jan-31-09 3.03am
are there turtles in the great lakes ?
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jan-29-09 8.26pm
Good for you! I know exercise is good for your health but I'm too lazy :oP.
TheBoyWithAName Jan-29-09 7.22pm
Just dropped by to say that your turtle pic is adorable! It reminds me of Finding Nemo :)
ricv64 Jan-29-09 4.32am
just learned a new one , cup cakin . it's when you chill with your significant other
Monica Jan-28-09 11.48am
La López is back! :p
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jan-27-09 9.08pm
Did it help? From the pics and videos I've seen of you, you're not chubby at all!
Nikki Jan-27-09 5.11pm
The Diva returns!!
weirdmom Jan-27-09 4.49pm
This is one of my favorite pics.
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jan-27-09 2.42pm
Wow, Kayte! I thought it was so cold in the D. :oP
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jan-17-09 7.17pm
Aww, how cute! Tell Rachel it's definitely summer here and we're frying ourselves. I'd happily switch places with you now. Right now it's 37ºC / 98.6ºF. I can't stand it. You can't go out because it's too damn hot!
ricv64 Jan-16-09 3.43pm
thoufht that was a silkscreen
TheBoyWithAName Jan-15-09 7.09pm
Time to put the family filter back on :S Everything okey in the D?
TheBoyWithAName Jan-15-09 3.52pm
among some less decent pictures...
TheBoyWithAName Jan-15-09 3.49pm
Hehe I googled "dancing in my underwear" yesterday and I found that picture too!
Monica Jan-14-09 3.02pm
Hi Kayte! How are you? I'm sorry for my late reply, I'm busy studying for the exams... :( Yeah, it would be very cool to have FT for the concert :)
ricv64 Jan-13-09 3.08pm
thats ghetto gold , silver flake mixed in with yellow ink . real gold is much brighter
Nikki Jan-12-09 5.52pm
You DID? Well, thank you! :)
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jan-9-09 1.35am
Thank you, Kayte :o). How are you?
ricv64 Jan-7-09 11.53pm
weird part about this ron ashton dying is a few days ago i had a dream i was flying to India and the stooges , the 1970 stooges , were on the plane and wanted to practise . they asked me for a request and i said anne because they didn't play it when i saw em .
ricv64 Jan-7-09 3.30pm
still ticked off at you know what ?
weirdmom Jan-5-09 9.42pm
I'm going to get this for your husband
TheBoyWithAName Jan-4-09 8.34pm
Yeah the Song To Self video is really great! Great job!
hennypenny Jan-1-09 6.29am
Just watched you and Nikki in the song to self video. Fantastic job!
singme0430 Jan-1-09 2.36am
Happy New Year, Kayte!!! =D
bogusblue Dec-31-08 11.07pm
Happy New Year Kayte!!! Best wishes to you and your family as well! :o)
Rammsfer Dec-31-08 9.32pm
Happy New Year :)! My bests wishes for you =P
Chiito-chan Dec-31-08 6.57pm
Happy New Year Kayte, to you and to your family!!
Aletways Dec-30-08 4.19am
Merry belated christmas! Happy new year =o) .
Peewee Dec-26-08 1.57pm
Kayte!!! Thankyou so much for my lovely Christmas gifts..they are beautiful! Again you are a star! :D Hope you had a Great Christmas xxx
weirdmom Dec-25-08 6.15pm
Merry Christmas to you and your family! I hope you have a wonderful day.
lilly Dec-25-08 12.00pm
merry christmas, kayte! :)
bogusblue Dec-24-08 10.59pm
Merry Christmas, Kayte! Have a great time! :o)
Typing to Reach You Dec-24-08 9.55pm
Merry Christmas Kayte, have a good one!
Moray Dec-24-08 9.54pm
Joyeux Noel! Thats French!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Dec-24-08 8.47pm
Feliz Navidad, Kayte! To you and your family :o)
Chiito-chan Dec-24-08 7.44pm
Merry Christmas dear turtle, to you a to your family!
ricv64 Dec-24-08 7.43pm
I'll go all out and say have a artistic , merry christmas and take care with family etc...... redwings all the way
megg_inc Dec-24-08 7.39pm
Thank you, Kayte! Merry Christmas to you and the whole turtle family! xxx
Darran Dec-24-08 6.44pm
Merry Christmas Kayte, hope you and the family have a happy and peaceful time. Roll on 2009 x
minnmess Dec-24-08 5.00pm
Thanks Kayte! I hope you get to be a dentist! Merry Christmas to you and "Dan" and the little turtles! For Christmas, I will allow you to keep stealing my water!
Nikki Dec-24-08 4.34pm
Merry Christmas to you, Don and the kids, Kayte! If you're going out, drive safe...the roads are supposed to be pure ice! *hugs*
TheBoyWithAName Dec-21-08 6.47pm
Lovely christmas turtle! =)
Moray Dec-16-08 2.38pm
Hey Kayte - I loved yours & Nikki's song to self video. Excellent!
Peewee Dec-9-08 3.13pm
Just about to fix my eye and trying not to look like a freak then I'm popping to the Post Office! I got two parcels on their way to you. (They only small packets but I couldn't find a big enuf packet in my house lol)
Nikki Dec-9-08 12.52pm
What time should we meet??
Nikki Dec-9-08 2.37am
Sa-weet!!!!! This is going to be FUN! :O)
Nikki Dec-8-08 3.27pm
Me too!!! I just responded to your PM. We have all the same ideas! it's kinda scary! lol!
Nikki Dec-1-08 9.53pm
Thanks. I put it in rollers.
Nikki Dec-1-08 8.58pm
Are those The Turtles?
ricv64 Nov-25-08 3.12pm
PS ,sold a poster to Grand Rapids .
ricv64 Nov-25-08 2.44pm
no but they are vocal about liking em
ricv64 Nov-25-08 2.16pm
The Black Panthers are planning to retort I heard . Some one complained about the pictures but the crackheads living underneath them like em .
ricv64 Nov-25-08 1.20am
they finally painted over my wall . it's a end of a era , maybe
weirdmom Nov-24-08 6.58pm
It's so funny because Aidan has been struggling in the last week. Can't they have success at the same time??
Moray Nov-23-08 6.26pm
check your PM inbox!
Chiito-chan Nov-22-08 7.47pm
Lovely smile!
weirdmom Nov-21-08 4.02pm
He totally has the velcro! That is so funny that you had the same one.
ricv64 Nov-21-08 5.42am
it's a double irish chain
ricv64 Nov-20-08 2.42pm
i have a really nice qulit my mom made me , took her a decade to finish ,ALL hand done , but I'm too scared to use it because I don't want it to get dirty
ricv64 Nov-20-08 5.32am
nice quilt , you make it ?
Moray Nov-19-08 10.44pm
Kayte you rule!
Isa_travis Nov-19-08 4.51pm
hi!! ^^
lilly Nov-18-08 2.30pm
I'm starting to get doubts, a friend of mine told me she has seen German-stylye shutters in Florida AND West Virginia.
lilly Nov-18-08 10.36am
I think we can add the UK to the window-shades-market-niche list ;)
ricv64 Nov-16-08 9.38pm
how did the she devils night out go ? any broken bones ?
Chiito-chan Nov-14-08 6.30pm
Dougie turtle rocks.
minnmess Nov-14-08 3.52pm
OOOH! That makes total sense. I'm tired. Although he should have a military jacket, me thinks. Adorable non the less!
Nikki Nov-14-08 3.40pm
Dougie Turtle is my all-time favorite. :)
minnmess Nov-14-08 3.22pm
Is your turtle going to jail?
Nikki Nov-12-08 5.29pm
Yes! hahaa! I LOVE the boot!!! :D
minnmess Nov-12-08 5.09pm
ABOOT ABOOT ABOOT ABOOT! Oh man, you tricked me! You are too smart for me Kayte!
minnmess Nov-12-08 4.39pm
Groovy boots. Getting all ready for Saturday?
ricv64 Nov-11-08 2.49pm
I knew a Detroiter would be the only person to acknowledge it .
goosey_84 Nov-10-08 2.53pm
lol yes...with a research fellow's love child.
ricv64 Nov-8-08 2.23pm
yee haw
Nikki Nov-7-08 9.08pm
It's the She Devil way.
weirdmom Nov-6-08 7.58pm
I'd still be happy to set your appointments. I love the phone.
ricv64 Nov-5-08 2.58pm
I can't speak chat though .
ricv64 Nov-5-08 4.35am
chat room ?
weirdmom Nov-4-08 8.29pm
The political avatar is great!
Moray Nov-4-08 8.19pm
do you have a stash of turtle pics or do you make them yourself?!
theflanintheface Nov-3-08 9.40pm
Hi Kayte, just writing to say that the FT arrived safely ... remarkably on time ... when Nina and I were talking about Travis cause a year ago, at this time we met them in Chile .. what a freaky coincidence! Anyway, thanks, we will post pictures really soon! Hugs and kisses from Lima :)
moo_the_evil_boffin Nov-1-08 11.18am
Thanks :-) I think my Mum and Dad enjoyed it as much as I did lol! Thanks for everything you've done to organise FT's adventures! X
Moray Nov-1-08 9.54am
Kayte, flat travis website is brilliant!
moo_the_evil_boffin Oct-30-08 9.24am
I have posted the Flat Travis in Kent video :-)
Peewee Oct-25-08 7.45pm
So far I have one of my gifts for you :) so much fun! Rest will have to wait till payday then I can go into town yipee!!!
moo_the_evil_boffin Oct-24-08 6.06pm
Hey, sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you (college- ugh). Flat Travis are safely on their way to Peru and my video should be up when I've recorded the music. It's quite long lol. XXX
mili Oct-22-08 7.43pm
Happy 14th anniversary Kayte! You've got a very nice and thoughtful husband! We had our 14th last summer, and next year we've know each other for 20 yrs, time flies, eh?
bogusblue Oct-20-08 1.05am
Thanks Kayte :o). Yes, it's better if they're going to Peru :o). We want them to be in as many gigs as is possible ;o). Just put me back where I was first on the FT's list :o). Hope that the next time Travis are coming to Mexico I can be able to host FT :o(.
minnmess Oct-17-08 11.13pm
you are right. what was i thinking. And thanks for the wee store advice! i dont want to come off looking like a hussy! lol
bogusblue Oct-16-08 5.48pm
Alrighty, doing it as I type ;o).
moo_the_evil_boffin Oct-16-08 9.31am
Sounds good to me, only problem is that I won't be able to post them until Monday. Is that OK? I don't want to let anyone down.
minnmess Oct-15-08 7.53pm
this whole Michigan beef thing sounds icky.
Nikki Oct-15-08 7.00pm
Please don't bring any Michigan beef to my backyard party when Anne comes to visit. Sounds sketchy.
weirdmom Oct-15-08 4.05pm
I just called. The waitress first said, "it's like taco beef. You know, like that kind you have in tacos." I then asked, "why is it called Michigan beef?" She said, "Hold on, let me ask the chef." She comes back after a sec and says, "it just means spicy beef. I don't know why it's called Michigan beef." The End
weirdmom Oct-14-08 10.40pm
Not yet. I'm going to call tomorrow. I must know. Though I fear their answer.
Peewee Oct-14-08 10.09pm
haha sounds interesting....something made, I am not going to be that adventurous..I'm rubbish at stuff like that...ohh exciting! Away to put my thinking cap on ;0)
Peewee Oct-13-08 7.26pm
Hurrah my Xmas partner...heehee I need ideas :) anything in particular you would fancy from The Emerald Isle??? lol
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Oct-13-08 1.41am
Kayte, it's ok. You're still more than welcome to the nov. 4th party! :o)
So, what do you think about the new album?
moo_the_evil_boffin Oct-8-08 11.11am
Just to let you know that the 2D band have arrived! All set for the gig tonight now :-D
moo_the_evil_boffin Oct-8-08 10.22am
No post this morning yet... This is getting tense (we should make a film, with scary music). If FT don't arrive today, do you think that I should make a clone and take them to the gig? XXX
weirdmom Oct-7-08 10.11pm
We have several tiaras to choose from (from my daughter's personal collection). You can always bring your own as well.
weirdmom Oct-7-08 3.15am
I'm sorry I didn't tell you. Breakfast is complimentary for everyone at the Inn Inn Eh but if you want to pretend that it's something special for you, we can do that.
moo_the_evil_boffin Oct-6-08 9.06pm
If Paul posted them first class this morning then they should be here tomorrow or wednesday morning. I'll be going to Astoria early afternoonish so I should get a nice spot near the front too :-)
minnmess Oct-6-08 9.00pm
HAHAHAHAHAHAH at your new avatar!
megg_inc Oct-6-08 7.22pm
Aww, Jozin z Bazin! LOL
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Oct-6-08 4.56am
Thank you Kayte! I wish my bathroom was that pretty!
Peewee Oct-5-08 9.51pm
Noooooooooooooooooooooo lol that pic freaks me out. almost as much as the video! lol
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Oct-4-08 9.43pm
I love your new pic. Dancy man is amazing.
weirdmom Oct-3-08 8.58pm
It's partly your status as a She-Devil, eh? You bring some celebrity flavor to the Inn Inn, eh.
weirdmom Oct-2-08 5.17pm
Two nights, eh? Oh, you know, since you're a friend I'd like to give you a gift, eh? How about a third night for FREE, eh?
weirdmom Oct-2-08 3.30pm
Please let me know the dates. The cost is 1,500 Canadianish dollars a night. (I can't figure out how to do a maple leaf symbol to put in front the amount)
th74 Oct-1-08 2.03am
He is my nephew. He turned 1 this month.
th74 Sep-29-08 2.01am
Do Detroit! If the Tigers win that my Twins make it to the playoffs!
Meridith Sep-28-08 5.52am
Do you have super cool x-ray vision with that eye?
weirdmom Sep-27-08 10.24pm
Glad I can bring such awesomeness back to your mind. Your profile pic is pretty hilarious too.
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Sep-27-08 8.55am
I really like your pic, Kayte!
minnmess Sep-27-08 1.47am
i love puns!
minnmess Sep-25-08 7.14pm
haha, i saw what you wrote on Moray's wall about a msg out of context so i had to come here and read it. my only reaction is: HAHAHAHA
Moray Sep-25-08 6.14pm
ah good, then my work here is done!
Moray Sep-25-08 4.37pm
haha i can't believe you looked that up! You're so thorough. I'll be honest I just picked random numbers, I never actually checked. I'm definitely more than 4 inches though.
Moray Sep-25-08 1.06pm
I'm nearly 6 feet you know! Or 12 cubits, or 16 hands if you prefer.
flower_in_the_window Sep-23-08 11.22am
oooh, are they on their way?!!! Would be good to take flat Travis to a Travis gig!
ricv64 Sep-20-08 4.07pm
thats a cool pic , you could get your husband to paint the she devils logo on the back of it . that'll shake up your local safeway . you guys do have safeway market ?
ricv64 Sep-19-08 8.24pm
sean cassidy ? i took sissors to my cousins copy of that lp back then . what a bad thing to do
Nikki Sep-15-08 6.24pm
YAS! Hippie TRTL!
ricv64 Sep-14-08 3.35pm
my dad still says Coooooooooool it dahhhhhhhhhhhhdy-oh . beatniks taught him English
ricv64 Sep-14-08 2.25pm
hey remember when people spoke like this ?
Nikki Sep-13-08 7.36pm
P.S. I love your patriotic turtle avatar. How very appropriate. :)
Nikki Sep-13-08 3.08pm
Tell me about it! :/ What a BUMMER!
Typing to Reach You Sep-9-08 7.58pm
haha thanks
ricv64 Sep-8-08 11.15pm
yeah it finally left my brain , but it stayed a long time
Nikki Sep-8-08 9.58pm
Please post your hat story in the Top 10 thread. I'm curious now.
Nikki Sep-8-08 6.23pm
LMAO!!!! Ahhh. That was hilarious!
Nikki Sep-8-08 5.07pm
OMG!!! That is UBER exciting!!!!!!!! EEE! I'm so excited to see the next one with you!!!!
Meridith Sep-7-08 2.51am
I'm digging the new avatar...although I totally loved the flashback 'do.
weirdmom Sep-6-08 10.27pm
Glad your daughter had a good answer. Though stories like this don't make me want to let Catherine out of the house. Already planning to lock her in during the teen years...since I don't trust teenage boys one iota.
Nikki Sep-6-08 4.13pm
Love the new avatar, K-dawg. You are so gangsta.
sebnemy Sep-5-08 3.09pm
Onion breath! That was hilarious:) And this girl is very cute! Who is she? Your daughter?
ricv64 Sep-3-08 3.04am
i've honestly never heard of those potato dishes , cheesy is no good you say ?
Nikki Sep-2-08 4.03pm
You don't like cheesy potatoes? That's almost as bad as Fred never having corn! :P Ok. Twice baked potatoes with little bacon bits are a good choice. ^.^
Nikki Sep-2-08 3.05am
If the party is at my house, can I request that your dish to pass be cheesy potatoes?
melissa Aug-26-08 5.52pm
i love the video!!! so funny!!! kisses for u
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Aug-20-08 10.41pm
Hi Kayte! How are you?
The man in my pic was my grandad. I never got to meet him, he died a few years before I was born. Anyway, I thought it was a nice pic :o)
sara spain Aug-20-08 8.01pm
We can wait until friday!!! Hope to get it tomorrow!! Cross your fingers!!
Moray Aug-19-08 4.45pm
Kayte, thats totally my fault, I was cutting it fine when I posted them, but I thought they would still make it. I'm hoping I haven't missed the date. I'm really sorry! I hope I haven't been the first one to scupper your plan. If I have I will totally make it up to you and Sara. Somehow!
goosey_84 Aug-19-08 5.10am
so i'm taking a new vote..only asking a few...honestly in all sincerity should i ask jason (via facebook) if he wants to get together for coffee before her leaves?? i think the cd was good but maybe i should try my luck? haha
sara spain Aug-19-08 1.56am
no i don´t Hope tomorrow ge tit!
RaZzZ Aug-17-08 1.06am
Amhh? HI there!
alexandria_z Aug-13-08 9.22pm
Hey thanks for being my friend! :D
minnmess Aug-11-08 4.05pm
congrats on 3000!
SamuraiSandy Aug-9-08 3.23am
Why thank you! I just liked the green wall that was really a beige wall. Ah, the lovely effects of photo editing ;)
ricv64 Aug-7-08 4.20pm
sound of music ? they have a singalong showing of that movie , guess what district it's in ?
silvella Aug-6-08 3.09pm
Thanks for adding!!! My first friend... Yeehaaa!
ricv64 Aug-6-08 2.50pm
remember that thread all the olden people posted on ? oh thats right yer not old
Nikki Aug-5-08 7.08pm
I love how your representin' Allen Park. lol! AP in the hiz-ouse. :O)
ricv64 Aug-5-08 3.20pm
I miss the cranky old boardie thread , boy it got buried pretty quick
deebee Aug-4-08 8.50pm
Thanks to international friendship day, I now have friends across the Pond, yahooo!! Thanks for the add new friend :-)
ricv64 Aug-3-08 8.38pm
Super nice guy when I met him , love his stuff I have a couple . Of the 60's dudes the Detroit guys tend to still be the coolest cats on the planet , the SF ones are bitter , extremly bitter
weirdmom Aug-1-08 9.12pm
You crack me up too. As does that lady. She is just too happy about hula hooping.
Nikki Jul-28-08 3.44am
Kayte, tell Ric that I'm using your profile to communicate to him that you were just joking about being old by playing off the "Young Boardies" thread. ;D
sebnemy Jul-27-08 7.23pm
It is not about how old you are but how old you feel, right? ...right?...(watery eyed)....? P.S. I appreciated the message on old fans:) Thanks!
physke Jul-26-08 11.34pm
I learned the village people fact! Thanks:)
Nikki Jul-26-08 5.19pm
YES! That is so COOL! Go Detroit!!!
drift-nina Jul-26-08 2.34am
thanks :)
theflanintheface Jul-26-08 1.27am
thanks :) Nice project
ricv64 Jul-26-08 12.49am
for explaing picker bushes
theflanintheface Jul-25-08 7.28pm
Hi, I'm writing for drift-nina, we really want to have a go on the Flat Travis project and we would like it if you could put us on the list again, wherever you'd think is appropriate, on the bottom or next to someone in South America. Nina, and myself are friends so we would do it together. That would be all, good luck and regards from Peru :)
ricv64 Jul-24-08 10.58pm
uh thanks
Moray Jul-24-08 4.02pm
My new photo seems to be attracting some amount of attention!
singme0430 Jul-24-08 2.25am
Hello, Kayte! Thank you very much!! ;)
ricv64 Jul-24-08 2.16am
whats a picker bush ?
Jay Parker Jul-22-08 6.54pm
Thanks for adding me and nice to meet you!
Nikki Jul-15-08 6.54pm
Nope. They're mine. Grandma's are red.
yulen10 Jul-12-08 11.11am
Look at my pic! Your cookies!!! :)
yulen10 Jul-8-08 10.34pm
I gave some cookies to the children of a friend. I´m sure they´ll like them. The ones I tasted were delicious...
hennypenny Jul-8-08 1.50am
Hey thanks. I'll try it out and see if it works.
hennypenny Jul-8-08 12.15am
Could you please tell me how to upload photos,too? I'd appreciate it very much. Thanks!
weirdmom Jul-7-08 8.22pm
It's by the amount so it's can be a low paying job. I earn Jan.- March when allergies are generally the worst in Austin.
yulen10 Jul-4-08 11.34pm
We´ve tasted the cookies!! Good!!! I´ll put a picture in some days.:)
yulen10 Jul-3-08 7.50pm
Hi Katie!!! I´ve just got the mail-paper. Tomorrow I´ll get them because it´s late now. Very happy!!!! I´ll comment it to you tomorrow. Thank you!
ricv64 Jul-3-08 7.46pm
heh , someone told me like 30 mins ago to remind me too
sara spain Jul-2-08 11.28pm
that good be really good to get it for the show in bilbao! ;)
sara spain Jul-2-08 9.15pm
woow that´s fantastic. I´m going to see the band in Bilbao
sara spain Jul-2-08 8.35pm
hey! how is going the FT Project???
Esteban Jul-1-08 6.48pm
Lol, cheers, I was trying to put it in simple terms.
goosey_84 Jun-30-08 8.12pm
sighhh...i would love a big fat greek wedding with jason! hahaha
ricv64 Jun-30-08 2.31pm
now only if you could turn around the SF Giants . Any ideas ?
ricv64 Jun-29-08 9.53pm
If you were doin laundry during the eurocup , Thanks . My team won !
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jun-26-08 7.38pm
Aww, that's a great age! I have a soft spot for kids from 5 months to 5 years old :oP
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jun-26-08 7.02am
Thanks! Yours is cute too! He looks so happy, he's adorable! How old is he? :o)
Monica Jun-25-08 4.44pm
Hahaha. I don't know why kids like to eat ketchup on everything! :)
hennypenny Jun-24-08 10.09pm
cute pic! love the curly hair!
megg_inc Jun-24-08 4.45pm
He's too cuuuute!
Monica Jun-24-08 11.49am
Love the t-shirt! :p
Nikki Jun-24-08 4.14am
Sooo cute! Love the ketchup T-shirt.
Nikki Jun-23-08 10.06pm
Who is that lil kiddy in the picture?!
Nikki Jun-23-08 6.44pm
*big sigh of relief* FT is safe! :) Thank goodness! How are you? We should hang out again soon.
hennypenny Jun-23-08 12.14am
Hey, thanks for the friend request. Hope to hear from you more in the future!
TheInvisibleBoy Jun-22-08 6.43pm
Hey, thanks for accepting, yeah we do, at the moment though I'm really into graphic novels, not the cartoony superhero ones though lol. Hope you've had a good weekend! =]
goosey_84 Jun-17-08 9.07am
i started composing a message just now...thankfully my friend talked me out of it. it's just too soon i think. gosh i hate this.
goosey_84 Jun-16-08 9.14pm
what would you suggest kayte? isn't it creepy? :( i feel low. haha and it's silly because i don't even know him.
yulen10 Jun-14-08 10.25pm
Thank you!! Very happy! :D
yulen10 Jun-11-08 8.20pm
I´m glad it arrived without problems! :)
megg_inc Jun-10-08 10.48am
Out postman was working today, woohoo! So I guess it'll take only few more days.
weirdmom Jun-9-08 10.36pm
Do you feel like hennypenny is a kindred spirit?
hennypenny Jun-9-08 12.58am
Loved the Flat Travis video!
ricv64 Jun-5-08 2.57pm
yeah but probaly not till the weekend , gotta figure out who betrays who next
Nikki Jun-5-08 2.38pm
ricv64 Jun-5-08 4.30am
ricv64 Jun-4-08 11.54pm
you're Eastern Timezone ? I thought you guys were central
Moray Jun-3-08 4.38pm
yeah, no, it's a ridiculously pink cocktail.
themanwho06 Jun-3-08 12.13am
Yay! Michigan! GO Wings!
Nikki Jun-2-08 1.19am
Yes it is. :) Thank you!
ricv64 May-31-08 4.51pm
i know , that split fountain printing on the shirt is pretty ruling . those guys were from Ann Arbor originaly
ricv64 May-31-08 3.12pm
Moray May-28-08 5.35pm
What have I done this time?! You totally look like a young Patti Smith or something in that photo. Very cool, very rock & roll
goosey_84 May-28-08 1.15am
rawk! love the photo!
Monica May-26-08 4.14pm
Hey! I didn't realise you weren't already one of my friends! Hahaha. How's flat Travis project going? I think it's a brilliant idea ;)
Nikki May-25-08 4.11pm
Sweet! Grandma glasses are the coolest. It's just so hardcore, lol.
weirdmom May-25-08 12.48am
Fantastic pic!
AbsolutPurple May-24-08 7.07pm
Yo Missy ! Nice photo
Meridith May-24-08 5.54pm
Nice pic!!!!
ricv64 May-24-08 1.49pm
megg with the creative spelling , oh a jean jacket too !
megg_inc May-24-08 8.43am
Noe that's a proper, She-Devil pic! :)
ricv64 May-24-08 4.33am
now thats a biker pic
Nikki May-24-08 3.50am
:O !!!!!!! I LOVE your new pic!!! hehehee.
Nikki May-23-08 4.16pm
:) Something like that.
singme0430 May-23-08 8.22am
Hello, Turtleneck, you would be so busy lately! I really thank you for the great project, Good Luck and Cheers! =D
th74 May-22-08 5.24pm
He does! But I have to wonder if all this attention is making his...head...big? He obviously still needs the service's assistance, so don't put him on probation!
Moray May-22-08 4.44pm
I can't check you tube at work, will have to save it for when I'm home!!
Moray May-22-08 2.05pm
Or a 'dating Nazi' would have been equally effective Megg!
megg_inc May-22-08 1.42pm
Who are you, dating police?! ;P
sara spain May-20-08 11.55pm
hey! Thanks for the request. how are you?
rebekah May-20-08 5.38pm
yeahh :) sorry i didn't say before lol..kinda forgot to put it :) x
th74 May-20-08 2.54pm
Nice job with Flat Travis!
rebekah May-19-08 7.53pm
the East :) hope that is any good? x
Nikki May-19-08 6.09pm
Great job on starting the official thread there K-Dawg!! :) Wonder if FT is waiting for me in my mailbox!? :D
spid May-19-08 2.48pm
i live on the east coast of Scotland - is that any use? Hubby travels a bit to England and I could possibly get piccies from in the air (in a fighter jet) but not sure if that is very PC.
varz May-19-08 11.11am
yep I live in Scotland - on the west coast, but i'm going away travelling until 16th june so i won't be around for a while! xx
Peewee May-18-08 8.21pm
I'm in Northern Ireland!!! :D Woohoo soooo excited! xxx
moo_the_evil_boffin May-18-08 6.16pm
Yeah I'm in the South East, in Kent. Hope Flat Travis want to meet Shellfish Jean haha
Moray May-18-08 5.05pm
I was talking about chickens!
megg_inc May-18-08 1.20pm
I think you should tell your client that using the word 'cock' in a conversation with a lady is not exactly the best idea ever.
th74 May-18-08 4.05am
Don't blame yourself about the laundry. All is not lost. Glad you had fun at the mini convention.
Moray May-18-08 2.47am
You see what happens Kayte? You stopped giving m advice and hints on what to say and do. So I ended up having to be 'myself' and said the first things that popped into my head. And nearly made a mess of everything! You're lucky I'm still paying the dating agency a token fee!!
Nikki May-17-08 6.13pm
You have a PM. :)
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window May-17-08 3.24pm
I'm glad you and Nikki had fun yesterday! It's very cool to meet other boardies! :o)
ricv64 May-17-08 2.59pm
cool hair cut , not like annnes' at all
megg_inc May-17-08 2.54pm
Only if I can get it before the end of June. I'm probably leaving the country for summer after that :)
Nikki May-17-08 2.40pm
Me too! :) We must hang out again soon!! PM me the link to the slide show as soon as you finish...I can't wait to see it! Did you see that I e-mailed you the two pics from my camera?
Nikki May-17-08 5.34am
Just got home. What a night! hahaa...I had SO much fun with you!!! We have to do it again soon!!!! I should be in bed, but couldn't resist uploading my new avatar! Night! :O) Let me know how I can help with the FT stuff.
Nikki May-16-08 7.08pm
Oh yeah, sorry...not very she-devil-ish of me. It's 2:00!!! Why is this day dragging by?!!?
moo_the_evil_boffin May-16-08 3.04pm
That's great!! All the best with it! :-)
ricv64 May-15-08 2.53pm
Nikki May-13-08 6.13pm
I'm getting excited about Friday! Where shall we eat? *surfing Internet*
th74 May-13-08 3.47pm
ha ha...Thanks! This is what I actually look like "for real" everyday!
ricv64 May-12-08 11.44pm
heh i finally graduated around the same time as your husband , but there was like 10 years where i didn't go to school.
th74 May-9-08 7.46pm
Off to a good start! I like the octopus. Nice.
AbsolutPurple May-9-08 4.28pm
Strange turtle on yr piccie
Nikki May-8-08 7.33pm
Hellz YEAH! Go Red Wings!!!!!
the boy with a cryptic name May-4-08 7.53pm
Thanks for the friend request!
Moray May-3-08 12.35pm
irenesfor May-2-08 3.22pm
It's a nice version =D
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Apr-28-08 5.13am
Hey! You reached 2000 posts! Congrats!!! :o) *throws confetti*
SamuraiSandy Apr-28-08 2.52am
Thanks for the picture comment! I was told several times that I needed to change it! Simon & Garfunkel and the Traveling Wilburys...SO cool!!
Chiito-chan Apr-27-08 10.18am
Hey!Happy new year!haha you've 2008 posts, i just kidding haha
ricv64 Apr-26-08 4.22pm
i have a good one for tonights slow dance , hope i remember it
Nikki Apr-26-08 1.32pm
Really?! Hehe! That's cute! Mike will be thrilled...he likes John Travolta. Not so much in this picture, but people always tell him he looks like a young Elvis too. :P
th74 Apr-25-08 7.17pm
Have a good weekend! Go Wings!
Nikki Apr-25-08 6.22pm
Did you get my PM, Motor City TRTL? ;)
ricv64 Apr-23-08 3.16pm
i use to live an a apt with a dishwasher , i never used it once in the 4 years i lived there but was dinged on my deposit for repairs
minnmess Apr-23-08 3.13am
hi new friend
Nikki Apr-23-08 2.35am
dish soap?
ricv64 Apr-23-08 12.41am
cleaning house ?
weirdmom Apr-21-08 3.14pm
LOL. Thanks for my compliment award!
Moray Apr-15-08 5.03pm
I don't think either of us inthe video know any of the lyrics! Great Stevie Wonder impression though
Nikki Apr-12-08 10.32pm
W00T! Get the brooms out!!! Go Wings! :D
Nikki Apr-11-08 2.57am
I got your back, sista! :D
ricv64 Apr-11-08 1.12am
goosey_84 Apr-10-08 5.27pm
well helllooooooo! just stoppn' by to say 'hola'. :D
ricv64 Apr-9-08 11.30pm
avatar rawks
Nikki Apr-7-08 1.20am
Thanks! I love my Travis tee.
Nikki Apr-6-08 12.41am
Check your e-mail for possible FT pics!
ricv64 Apr-5-08 7.47pm
my friend runs lucky mule printing . cool mule & awesom Pussom are groovy too
ricv64 Apr-3-08 11.30pm
nah , thats cool . Your husband should hook up with like Dan macadams and co lab on some silkscreens, people buy those as opposed to paintings , not that they're not worthy , rad paintings
ricv64 Apr-3-08 4.26am
wish I had some pull there but I don't . So far that thread got 53 hits , i'll try another site tomorrow
ricv64 Apr-1-08 5.03pm
I've renamed my hometown , we;'re now WEST DETROIT
Nikki Mar-30-08 1.21pm
Thanks Kayte! :)
moominbadger Mar-27-08 8.07pm
thanks....but alas, they're not all my designs!! I'm still a beginner really but once I've totally mastered it I will be designing more stuff!
Moray Mar-27-08 8.27am
loving the turtle lolcat
Nikki Mar-27-08 2.08am
OMG! I know! Did you see the video of it on youtube?! The other goalie was just standing there and wanted nothing to do with the little creep! Down with the Roy family!!!! lol.
Moray Mar-26-08 4.35pm
All of Kaytes bases are belong to us! LOLCATS!
goosey_84 Mar-26-08 4.33pm
hahaha i see. you're quite the agent kayte. covering all the bases! ;P
Moray Mar-26-08 1.58pm
Did you know that Peewee is a Librarian also? How many are there on this board?!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Mar-21-08 6.10pm
That turtle-rabbit is so cute!!! :o)
megg_inc Mar-21-08 4.53pm
Easter turtle! So cool!
th74 Mar-20-08 4.33pm
Have a good weekend. I hope your jaw is better!
ricv64 Mar-20-08 12.41pm
bangs and straight hair are cool
Nikki Mar-20-08 2.30am
Hi Kayte! Who is that one your profile pic? (I feel so out of the loop!) Been gone a few days. :(
ricv64 Mar-19-08 10.01pm
nice hairstyle
goosey_84 Mar-19-08 10.00pm
:( feel better!
Aletways Mar-19-08 6.29pm
Haha, it looks great, you should put it as your avatar!
megg_inc Mar-19-08 5.27pm
Awww, that's sweet! I luv ya too!
Moray Mar-19-08 5.17pm
Wikipedia >>> library's anyway!!! I <3 wikipedia librarians!
goosey_84 Mar-19-08 5.13pm
umm...i would like to point out that while i am not a librarian i do know my way around 'wikipedia' so hopefully i can fulfill the intellectual needs of the sea man?? lol would that suffice? should i maybe tell moray my real name? am i being too forward? haha
Moray Mar-19-08 4.59pm
Stop telling everyone my name means "Sea Man".
goosey_84 Mar-19-08 3.54pm
erm yes that is nice apprehension is certainly fading kayte! haha
Moray Mar-19-08 2.37pm
Goosey does seem nice. Do you think you could fix me up? I get the feeling from the comment below she'd probably bin me quicker than Megg did!
goosey_84 Mar-19-08 1.14am
hahaha alright i'll give it a trial there a special introductory price?? hahaha is moray still the only customer? haha :P
goosey_84 Mar-18-08 6.31pm
lol boardie match-maker! niiiice!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Mar-18-08 12.07am
Haha, and the magic part is that even though I have all these jobs I still have an awful lot of spare time xD
Aletways Mar-17-08 6.51pm
Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a great time!
th74 Mar-17-08 1.52pm
I was away this weekend, so wasn't around to say Happy Birthday. So, Happy Birthday!!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Mar-16-08 9.09pm
I'm happy you (and your husband haha) liked it :o)
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Mar-16-08 5.56am
I'm late but happy birthday! How does it feel to be 108? :o)
bogusblue Mar-16-08 2.24am
Happy Birthday! =)
Monica Mar-15-08 6.46pm
Have a fantastic time! Enjoy your birthday! xx
moominbadger Mar-15-08 3.06pm
aw, love the avatar! Have a good birthday x
ricv64 Mar-15-08 1.52pm
happy birthday
Nikki Mar-15-08 11.41am
Kayte, Have a great time at Baseline tonight! I'm going out tonight with my high school girlfriends that I haven't seen in forever. Sorry I can't make it! You're Birthday thread is so fun! lol! Enjoy your day!!!!
bogusblue Mar-15-08 5.49am
That turtle looks amazing!!! With the little cake and the wee Birthday hat! Cuuuute! =D
bogusblue Mar-14-08 4.00am
You really are La López??? LMAO! Great pic btw! hahaha
Aletways Mar-14-08 1.22am
Gracias por el add, La López ^^.
Monica Mar-13-08 5.44pm
Hahahaha. "Pero si cantas, cantas, cantas...." *LOL*
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Mar-13-08 5.28pm
Nahhh, this made me laugh so hard! You're my new idol xD.
megg_inc Mar-13-08 5.15pm
You look so sex-ay in your new pic! lol
Moray Mar-13-08 5.00pm
you're looking good for someone who is going to be 108 at the weekend, by the way
Monica Mar-13-08 4.34pm
Noooooo!!! La López is on the board!!
barby Mar-13-08 3.57pm
Nice picture xD
weirdmom Mar-13-08 2.53pm
You look REALLY good for having three kids!
Aletways Mar-13-08 2.30pm
LMAO!!! I can't believe we have La López on the board!
ricv64 Mar-13-08 1.46pm
Holy shit !
RaZzZ Mar-12-08 9.50pm
HI there! =)
Moray Mar-12-08 3.28pm
Do turtles really travel in herds? What about ninja turtles?
ricv64 Mar-12-08 12.38am
Meridith Mar-11-08 9.29pm
nice avatar!
th74 Mar-11-08 5.23pm
You're funny.
Nikki Mar-11-08 12.53am
Yeeeaaaah! Nice TRTL! Represent!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Mar-10-08 7.02pm
It's a guy in drag dancing to a Gloria Estefan song. It has nothing to do with La López, I'm afraid.
I don't think she made it to YouTube... :oP
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Mar-10-08 3.56am
I like your poncho!
megg_inc Mar-9-08 11.46pm
Thank you! That thing behind me is the masterpiece of an art made by my friend and former love interest in one person ;) And lol @ your occupation!
Meridith Mar-9-08 9.36pm
I quite like your get-up myself!
moominbadger Mar-9-08 7.31pm
yup, it is! Was bored today. I lurrrve your profile pic! that you?!
Nikki Mar-8-08 3.38pm
Wowwwwwww! What up, hippy! lol! Ok..please explain the pic! Is that you?!?!
ricv64 Mar-8-08 1.24am
I think you were in my 2nd grade class
megg_inc Mar-7-08 6.45pm
Oh, and your new pic is AWESOME!
megg_inc Mar-7-08 6.29pm
LOL, in fact I'm going shopping tomorrow!
th74 Mar-7-08 3.22pm
I'm good, thanks and I'm glad it's Friday. So...what's it like being a she-devil?
megg_inc Mar-5-08 6.06pm
LOL, you're 108 years old!
th74 Mar-4-08 3.01pm
What a great pic! What a smile! How are you?
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Mar-3-08 6.31am
Your daughter is very cute! And Violet is such a pretty name :o)
Nikki Mar-1-08 3.52pm
She's a lil doll!
megg_inc Feb-28-08 4.30pm
Violet is so pretty!
weirdmom Feb-28-08 4.19pm
She is so cute! I don't think I know your kids' names. Violet is so pretty. I am so amused and appalled that you saw my avatar at your kid's school. No shirt under a coat in 20 degree weather....awesome!
moominbadger Feb-28-08 3.56pm
Aw, what a sweetie! Doh, I though it looked like an old pic!!!
weirdmom Feb-28-08 3.45pm
Who is the cutie in your pic??
moominbadger Feb-28-08 10.59am
Aw, cute pic! Is it you as a nipper?!
ricv64 Feb-27-08 2.24am
Maybe the wee store will sell She Devil action dolls ? I mean vinyl urban action figures
Nikki Feb-24-08 2.40am
I know! I'm really excited! We need someone to whoop some ass!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Feb-21-08 5.36pm
Thanks! :o)
ricv64 Feb-21-08 2.48pm
I don't want to have a screenplay thread , too much pressure
ricv64 Feb-20-08 11.48pm
scene 6 has been posted
Nikki Feb-20-08 4.24am
Yes! Dougie striped TRTL is back!!!
ricv64 Feb-19-08 2.21pm
who won last night ? I wanna put the game in my screenplay
megg_inc Feb-18-08 6.45pm
Where's a turtle? ;)
ricv64 Feb-14-08 11.40pm
which picture ?
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Feb-14-08 11.20pm
Nice avatar and pop-up! :o)
moominbadger Feb-14-08 3.37pm
aw, I love your new avatar! Very cute, and very in-keeping with the Valentine's theme!
ricv64 Feb-11-08 12.56am
Sorry bout Twang Sunday , I came home at 1:30 from SFA then was woken up by the coyotes at 5:30 so too frazzled to search for a good song , but I should be ready for Heavy Metal Monday
megg_inc Feb-11-08 12.34am
Aww, thank you! Great pop-up! :)
megg_inc Feb-11-08 12.34am
Aww, thank you! Great pop-up! :)
Esteban Feb-5-08 12.42pm
Bollocks to Soccer =P
Nikki Jan-31-08 5.50pm
You know...the pick Mike caught that Andy threw into the crowd was a Dunlop. :)
Nikki Jan-30-08 7.30pm
Cool! I have one of those Dunlop turtle picks! When I use it to play I always think of you! :D
Nikki Jan-30-08 3.40am
I'm racin'!!!! :D
ricv64 Jan-30-08 12.02am
that guitar pic RULEZZZZZZZZZ !
bogusblue Jan-21-08 12.30am
Hi! Really? Well, we're recording it right now, maybe you'll get the new one tonight xD. Btw, my brother was amazed by the beautiful old guitar you use for your "Friends" version =).
Nikki Jan-19-08 8.29pm
Oh no! LOL! Now there's going to be a rumor about me on the board! j/k! ;) Sorry the Baseline thingy didn't work out, but this weekend is super busy for me. House sitting, Auto show, dad's birthday party, etc. Maybe we can still get together sometime though. We don't really live that far! :O)
ricv64 Jan-19-08 4.16pm
you need a tye dyed turtle
moominbadger Jan-18-08 8.24pm
I'm pretty sure they're alpacas as, according to Wikipedia - "llamas have banana-shaped ears"!! I love your little profile turtle pic by the way, it's so sweet!
cornax Jan-18-08 6.29pm
Housewives are the new It Girls!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jan-18-08 5.57pm
Weird dreams! Alma and I definitely should start a band xD.
bara Jan-17-08 8.08am
heyaaa.i really like youre friends version :)
moominbadger Jan-16-08 11.16pm
Teehee! I thought I'd already added you aaggess ago! Sorry I haven't done it sooner!
Meridith Jan-16-08 10.32pm
I love your version of friends!
th74 Jan-10-08 7.28pm
Thanks for the add! I figured those of us who lived with 70s PSAs should stick together!
spid Jan-7-08 4.10pm
Thanks for adding me - i see you are a new travis fan - what drew you to them? How old are your kids?
Nikki Jan-2-08 5.58pm
Yeah! I've been busy digging myself out of the snow! We got 12 to 14 inches!!! I couldn't see my car when I got up New Years day, lol! It was completely covered in a huge snow drift taller than me. :) Happy 2008!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jan-2-08 3.26am
Haha, thanks! I think I'll miss him too :oP.
megg_inc Jan-1-08 6.47pm
Happy New Year!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jan-1-08 4.21am
Have a very happy new year!! :o)
Love from Argentina!
heyjude Jan-1-08 2.13am
Happy New Year! I like that new avatar. Makes me wanna say two turtle(doves)... ha ha :-)
scummy Dec-31-07 5.09pm
have a fantastic new year's eve and night!
ricv64 Dec-31-07 5.00pm
Happy new years , enjoy the upcoming year . Keep keeping it real
nats Dec-28-07 3.13pm
have a great 2008 !!!
weirdmom Dec-28-07 2.43am
Noooo!!!!! The turtle on his way to his death is back!!
Meridith Dec-24-07 11.07pm
Merry Christmas! Happy new year too!
ricv64 Dec-24-07 10.46pm
keep warm , merry christmas
scummy Dec-24-07 10.36pm
have a lovely christmas! kiss :)
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Dec-24-07 8.36pm
Feliz navidad to you too Kayte! Have a great warm time :o)
Best wishes!
megg_inc Dec-24-07 8.01pm
Merry Christmas! Stay warm!
minsidesoutside_lds Dec-24-07 5.30pm
Heey!! Have a happy christmas time! Good wishes for you!! hope you can solve the cold problematic winter in your house :) Cheers!! L´ds.
Nikki Dec-24-07 5.43am
Merry Christmas neighbor! :)
Nikki Dec-21-07 6.34am
LOL...Yeah! Must have been from the Weep store! I was so excited that it rained the day I got it I took it out to walk across the Target parking lot. A light gust of wind and it popped out the other way and one of the metal arms broke. My dad fixed it for me though! :D
Nikki Dec-20-07 12.23am
Haven't seen ya on the board in a few days and just wanted to say HI :) Thought you'd appreciate Juli giving RAN man a Santa hat, lol!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Dec-13-07 5.59pm
Thanks! I was bored last night and Photoshop was a good friend. I also have one with Fran and I xD.
weirdmom Dec-7-07 9.35pm
Love your avatar! If you wore that at a show we would know it could be no one but you.
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Dec-7-07 4.01pm
Hahaha, I love your new avatar!!!
Nikki Dec-7-07 6.07am
Love the new picture! :)
busterthecat Dec-3-07 2.24am
the ides of march do rule! I hope buster will work on his litter box etiquette.
megg_inc Dec-1-07 10.29pm
I see you enjoy a good Polish laugh, haha- oops, sorry! I mean eggs eggs ;D
AbsolutPurple Nov-24-07 8.02pm
You live in a nudist camp with argentinians ?
AbsolutPurple Nov-24-07 12.15am
PYT Queen !
minsidesoutside_lds Nov-22-07 6.40pm
jiji.. just wanted to say I love that toasty body in your pic, ... jijij so funnyjjijij :D Cheers, from Argentina.
lindsey22295 Nov-13-07 12.23am
I love the dougie inspired turtle!
Nikki Oct-24-07 1.39am
I know! I <3 my Travis umbrella! I used it today and felt soooooooo cool, lol!
AbsolutPurple Oct-18-07 6.54pm
Off to do feathers laundry and hang it by the window.
weirdmom Sep-21-07 9.38pm
Welcome fellow mommy! We have very similar tastes I see.
BettyPekker Sep-19-07 6.55am
welcome here