Thursday, October 16, 2003
Brixton Academy, London, UK

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Travis Rocker Posted: 24-09-04 5:32
I remember the end of this show the most because when WIDAROM was played everyone just started jumping about this was another great gig!! thanks again!!
georgia Posted: 28-09-04 11:35
This was an extra special gig for me becuase it was on the exact day of my 18th birthday. A group of friends and I all went along and sung and danced our hearts out. On top of that my mates made me a sign saying " IT'S MY 18TH!!!!!" etc etc and after waving it around for 10 mins Fran said happy birthday to me, which made my day. (Although I couldn't actually hear him but I saw him mouth it!)
Tonie Posted: 28-09-04 1:35
This was a great gig, as always, showcasing 12 Memories. I was right at the front, got covered in bruises squashed against the barrier, but I'm definately not complaining, cos to be that close to the band was totally worth it.
I was only sorry not to have been the one to lend Fran a belt when his dungarees gave way!!!
Thanks especially for "Happy to Hang Around", which is now a personal favourite, thanks to this gig.
raven798 Posted: 30-09-04 3:56
best laid plans.... i spent the 18 or so hours before this gig being very ill while staying on the floor of a mates place. I missed the day at work and couldnt stand up for too long at a time... however Travis were playing and nothing would stop me. I dragged myself on the tube in the afternoon, met up with my friends (who couldnt believe what I was doing) and got myself to Brixton. I dont remember much of the gig as I was having to concentrate on standing. This is my only slightly poor memory of a Travis gig, because i was ill, and because i therefore could not get to the front, and also because Travis didnt do much talking but when they did Fran was on about the Iraq War and everything. So this was my one and only disappointing gig... for many reasons. Didn't like the white suit long hair either Fran... what was that about! Saving grace was that 6 months later I had the greatest gig of my life at Bournemouth, full health, front row.... and a upbeat happy Travis! Thanks for the photos, as i know remember a little, like Andy crowd surfing....
Sarahxxxx Posted: 07-10-04 7:06
This was the 1st travis gig I ever went to, I didn't expect to get to the front but I did and it was absolutely amazing! Every time I thought about the gig for days afterwards, I got chills down my spine! My boyfriend was extremely happy cz he got thrown a bottle of water by dougie I think!
I thought the start to the show was brilliant!
Vicky Lipgloss Girly Posted: 11-01-05 9:18
This was a fooking amazing show. I think the highlight was definately Happy to hang around as the intro was awesome! I didn't manage to meet any boardies but nvm :(
It was a great show I managed to get right to the first row of the balcony and i can't beleive they played i love you anyways!!! that was soo amazing.
Travis Web Team Posted: 22-07-05 10:22
6:30pm - Brixton.

It's a cold, dark Friday night in London. Even before I get out of Brixton tube station, I'm surrounded by touts... "buying or selling tickets for Travis", "tickets for Travis", "Travis tickets".

As I walk upto the Carling Academy, I spot the familiar shape of the white "Peace The Fuck Out" bus parked outside, covered in signatures and bathed in the erie green glow from the lights on top of the venue. The queue of people waiting to go into the warm foyer already stretches the length of the building, and is growing by the minute.

I jump the queue by knocking on the stage door, and once my tour laminate and venue passes have been checked and issued, I follow the signs for the Dressing Rooms. As with most venues, there's a confusing array of passages, tunnels and doorways - the signs stuck everywhere are somehow comforting and familiar.

Behind the door marked "Travis - Dressing Room", the band are sitting around, relaxing after their overnight journey down from Manchester and a busy day of promo's for the album. Dougie is playing with his tiny digital camera, and Neil is playing a rally game on his laptop. Andy is chatting to his neighbours, who have popped in to wish him and the band well for this evenings show.


The Crimea have finished their set, and with showtime just minutes away, I make my way down to the photography pit infront of the stage. The lights dim, the crowd cheers and the screens at the back of the stage spring into life. A welcoming "hello" scrolls across, and once the question "Happy To Hang Around?" has been asked of the audience, the band come onstage.

Travis launch into Happy To Hang Around and I can tell by the smiles on the band's faces that they too are really enjoying this night.

Old favourites from the first 3 albums are greeted with cheers of recognition and the new songs have obviously been on a few stereos too as the crowd sings along.

As an increasingly frenetic main set draws to a close Travis take a breather before returning for the encore.

Why Does It Always Rain On Me? brings the house down as Fran points the mic into the crowd during a rousing singalong.

In keeping with the rest of this tour, Peace The Fuck Out is the show closing song. The band come offstage, and are handed bottles of champagne, before dashing outside to a fleet of people carriers waiting to take them straight to their next gig at the ICA.


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