Thursday, October 23, 2003
9:30 Club, Washington, DC, US

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Johnny Pea Posted: 30-09-04 4:13
This was my first and only Travis show that I have ever been to. I was shocked to see that they were playing at the 9:30 club, and there was no way I was going to miss the show. The band is awesome, and I can't say enough about how great the show was. I can only hope they come to the DC area again soon. The opening band, Rooney, was great as well, but when Travis came on it was such an incredible performance. They played a long set and I loved the new songs. Some friends of mine introduced me to the band about a year and half ago, and I have been hooked on them ever since. All I have to say is Travis PLEASE come back to the states soon. Take care and keep up the great music.

Thank You,

Amandabug Posted: 01-10-04 6:16
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I wrote this in my diary on Oct 24 - 1:10p:

travis, day 3 [days 1&2 being the NYC shows):
4 hours after i got home from the beacon theatre, i got up and went to port authority with fotini and jessnyc. we met slime there, and took the express to d.c., hauled a cab and made it to the 930 club exactly when grace got there at 1130a. how did we spend the next few hours til showtime? lying on the sidewalk and being hobos. at least this time the neighborhood was more active and not so... ghetto. fran showed up early again, and he wheeled his big suitcase over to talk to us. i practically fell on the floor begging for them to play happy. that poor man is still so so ill. i was afraid he would cough up a lung. after a chat, he said "is there anything i can do for you ladies? sign anything?" and we all chirped in unison, "let's take pictures!" I LOVE FRAN.
we ignored rooney again. but les+fo have developed a crush on taylor locke, the rooney guitarist.

later on, dougie, andy+neil all showed up together. we talked to andy first, and then we sort of threw ourselves all over neil. the poor man, all 4 of us just covered him and kept saying things like "oh neil, you look so GOOD. you're so FIT and HEALTHY." and dougie came over while we were showering him with (embarrassing) compliments. he started purring at neil and made like he was going to jump his bones. oh that dougie. then we hogged dougie and started showering him with you know, stupid girl comments. like i told him that his hips were blinding me last night, and then everyone else started yelling things like "dougie, your HIPS. oh god they were orbiting the MOON" and he started dancing like the sexxxxy beast he is. then we talked about his wedding. I LOVE DOUGIE.

right before soundcheck, pete beckoned us in to hear soundcheck. it was super, but short since fran was coughing up a lung. but when we went back out, we knew we were all set and went across the street to get hot tea and to get out of the freezing cold.

the d.c. show was SO much better than both beacon shows because the crowd was so into it. we rocked out as usual, but travis really picked up on the good vibes. even fran was surprised at how fantastic the audience was. he got the giggles during driftwood, which was really funny, and dougie kept having sexxx with his bass+giggling at us. that man is a HOTTTTT MOFO. all i wanna do is rock was BEYOND WORDS. all the new stuff sounded so good, i love the new rocknroll fear, sing, turn. i was completely soaked and overheated. andy threw us his setlist.

i must be going deaf, because after all of these 3 shows, i came away thinking the sound was just right - not too loud at all. either that or mr. woodhead is really getting good at this job.

after the show was over, we had about 50 minutes before the 1230 bus back to nyc. so we waited, and the band took their time coming out. andy came out first and spent such a long time making sure all the fans on the opposite side of the barracade were taken of. andy is a sweetheart. then he turned to us and we accepted him with open arms. i told him, word for word, "that was the best all i wanna do is rock we have EVER seen and you KNOW we've seen a LOT of all i wanna do is rocks." we told him that we had to catch the bus or else we'd have to take the 6am bus and he gave us extra hugs to have safe trips. and he signed the setlist with an extra special message to us. we got giddy and said "andy, god, we just love you. you're our favorite. but don't tell anyone we said that." and he winked at us.

by then, we were really cutting it close, but we waited some more to see if anyone else would come out. with 5 minutes left, dougie+neil came out but went to the other side first. andy came out with ian, and ian hugged them all goodbye, and got into a waiting cab which we had just asked about taking us to the bus station. SO IAN MCANDREW STOLE OUR CAB. GODTHAB YOU. andy waved to us and we squealed "OH MY GOD, OUR CAB!! ANDY!!" and then dougie and neil came over and we did this weird thing where in the space of 1 minute, we all smushed dougie and neil and screamed in their faces "YOUR MANAGER TOOK OUR CAB!!! WE GOTTA TAKE A BUS!! WE GOTTA GO!!" and scared them. dougie started laughing and said "you gotta go, dontya, when are we gonna see you again?" and we screamed "SATURDAY!! BYE!!!!" and we ran down the street screaming "CAB!! CABB!!!!" so now, dougie, neil, andy, and all the folks waiting outside of the club, and the crew, think we are CRAZY.

what is it about travis that makes me behave like a retarded 13 year old?

we finally got a cab and screamed BUS STATION AND STEP ON IT! it was out of a movie.

the retarded thing was, when we got there at 12:45, the 12:30 was JUST leaving and the 1am was late by twenty minutes. so we scared a bunch of people for nothing.

once we got on the (ghetto) bus, we passed out. the ride was dangerously amazing. at 2:10 we pulled into baltimore and waited there forever. when i woke up, we were getting into the lincoln tunnel at 5:30. that means the bus driver drove from baltimore to nyc in TWO and a HALF HOURS. we WERE going really fast, i could feel it in my sleep, and we kept swerving. i might have dreamt my own death in a fiery bus crash. i'm not sure. when we got to port authority, it was exactly 24 hours from when we started our journey.

jess, fo and i took a cab home and i had just enough energy to brush my teeth and wash my face before falling into bed. i dont even remember falling asleep, but the next time i opened my eyes it was noon.

yesterday was a FRAN-TASTIC day.
hornofgondor66 Posted: 29-10-04 6:49
yesssss!!!!!!!!!! this was the best show that i have ever been to in my entire life. after i left the show i had this supreme feeling of euphoria that didn't go away for days. never felt anything better. can you believe it's been over a year since they came here? i'm having withdrawl syndrom. i've been living off of the dvds and cds for months, but i need the real thing. it's like a drug or something. he... he... anyways. i can't wait till they get their new album done and come on tour again! they sure better take all the time they need to make it a good one though. i don't doubt them, it's just all of my fav bands end up selling out. let's pray that doesn't happen! show was awesome...
smashingtoast Posted: 04-11-04 3:43
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This was my first Travis concert though I've been a fan since high school. I missed an opportunity to see them in Texas in 2001 so I made sure that I was at this show!

I could not have imagined how wonderful this band could be live. They far exceeded my expectation (and then some)! The guys connected well with the audience and it looked like they were having so much fun on stage. Some memorable moments included Andy's speaker climb, Dougie's singing in WDIAROM?, and Fran's polite rejection of a marriage proposal. :)

After the show, my friends and I got autographs and pictures with Andy but we couldn't stay to see the rest of the band because the last trains were leaving from the subway. So when they come again, I'm definitely going to meet all of them! :)

It was a fantastic evening with great music and amazing musicians. Thank you so much Travis for playing such an awesome show! Come back to the States soon! <3
Phyxius Posted: 21-06-07 3:17
GREAT show! This was my second time seeing Travis in concert and I can't wait for them to come back to my area!

I'm Christina Dale, so I see that Mander83 already posted some of my pictures from that show, I have some more I'll upload soon. Wow, those were with a crappy 2.1MP point and shoot. Hopefully 9:30 or whatever venue you're at will allow me to bring my dSLR in.

You guys are great!!
LME2005 Posted: 31-07-07 3:36
This was a few years ago, but I still remember this show quite clearly. Fran was really sick. He barely talked the entire show except to remind us that "99% of the people in the world are hip and groovy, and the other 1% fuck it up for the rest of us" As with all Travis shows though, the music was great and the crowd was really jumping. I hadn't been a big fan of 12 memories, but this show sold me on it.

Afterwards, my friend Rob and I hung out after the show and decided to get a print signed for our good friends John and Nicole who couldn't make it (they were getting married the following weekend). Everyone was really great about signing it for them, but since Fran was ill he couldn't make it out. Rob ended up talking to their tour manager who ended up taking the poster for us to get Fran to sign later in the week. Which he did, and then it was mailed to us from Canada about 2 weeks later. We got it framed and matted for our friends (a few weeks late, but still), and now it's in a place of honor above the fireplace in their new home. Best wedding present ever. It still makes me smile every time I'm at their house.

So not only are travis the best group of guys, they have the best crew ever as well.


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