Thursday, November 27, 2003
Columbiahalle, Berlin, DE

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Dirk Posted: 24-09-04 11:39
My first live Travis show... needless to say it was OUTSTANDING!!!!! Fran speaking German was hilarious! ("Ich bin ein Berliner... I am a sausage.") Also very funny, when Fran got hit by a stuffed Fran-puppet... *lol* And very touching, when Travis played "Luv" for Trixie from the mb, just another prove that Travis is close to the fans... all in all a PERFECT gig I will always ALWAYS remember.

staemm Posted: 28-09-04 5:46
This was the first Travis show I attended - and it was a great performance. I must admit I was a bit disappointed sound-wise; I think the bass guitar did not come through as good as it should (and I stood right next to the sound mixer!). Then again the Columbiahalle is not known for great accoustics ...
Most touching moment: Francis Healy performing "un-plugged" in front of us all (although it took him two attempts due to very chatty people in the back).
Love to see Travis again!
Trixi Posted: 03-10-04 1:06
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This was one of, it WAS my best concert ever!!! :-D...although I probably say that after every Travis show. Where to start? I was so excited. I begged Travis before in the message board to play Luv, because I wished so very much to hear this song live for once ? it is sooo beautiful and Fran (nearly) promised to do. :-) I got a bad cold but nothing could stop me from going to this gig. Ela, Sanne (Chucky) and I arrived the venue about 2:30 in the afternoon (I think I?m getting more and more paranoid to arrive early at every show:-s) and we waited for the remaining girls. (jmorgain, Glasses 8-) and cockroach with her sister and Monique, who I hadn?t seen since over one year) After the doors opened Ela and me took our positions in the front row again and after their "personal search" by the securities the rest of us still managed to get in the 2nd row behind us. I was also looking forward to see Athlete for the 3rd time supporting and they where so good that night ? better than ever to my mind. I love to watch it, when the roadies bring up the equipment of Travis ? Fran?s Telecaster with the scratches on it...and to see those orange so cool. The lights turned off and the Intro music of "Happy to hang around" began, the audience was screaming and whistling and Travis came out and directly started with "Happy to hang around". This song is a perfect opener! It?s always like magic from the fist moment on at every Travis show...the spark just always jumps over immediately between Travis and the crowd. "Re-Offender" followed, I like Andy?s Guitar part in the beginning. Fran sang the last chorus nealy praying, begging "..and you do it again and again and again..", that gave me a goose-skin, I tell yous! Everyone was cheering. "Writing to reach" you was next. Afterwards Fran said "Hello Berlin...Ich bin ein Berliner ? I am a sausage" hehe...He thanked everyone who sent good wishes to Neil when he had his accident. Just having a positive mind and sending good vibes to people helps more than anything else. "You?re cool" he said and then in German "Geil!" (means cool, ace..or whatever) and then "mm, Dougie, lecker!!hmmm, lecker!" (lecker = yummy, tasty) haha, I just love it to hear him talking in German, sounds so cool! they started Pipe Dreams with a laughter. And it seemed like everyone was just singing along to it ? good one :-)
"Quicksand" was next ? brilliant! I love Dougies "Hey, hey, hey, hey.." in it. "Sing" followed and that was a song that made everyone just sing along, definitely. "The next song is about love"... Fan said and it would have nothing to do with this big silly idea like... (he put his hand under his shirt and pretended a beating heart with it) The crowd was cheering, so the next song was "Love will come through". Afterwards they played "The Fear", so cool, Fran rocked all over the stage from one to the other side like crazy. I also had a good view on Neil and he?d quasi beaten up his drums at this song! :-D "Beautiful Occupation" came next. Definitely one of the highlights of that evening and especially Ela next to me was happy about the next one ? "Side"...still one of her favourites. "Midlife Krysis" was next, the first time I heard it life and it was fantastic, I love the part after the last verse, when all the instruments are quite for a moment and you only hear Fran?s voice going "Midlife Krysis..." before the instruments attach again..aaah, so great! (erm, sorry, can?t explain it different in English) Afterwards Fran went to the back of the stage and came back with his harmonica in his hand ? I couldn?t believe it! I just thought "OH MY GOD, THEY REALLY DO IT, THEY GONNa PLAY LUV!!!" :-D Fran said "Okay, is Trixi here?" I was so happy. The other "m?dels" around me screamed like mad (and pointed on me from all sides how they told my afterward) and I shouted "Yeah, here!!!!" (stupidly I shouted it in German, haha luckily it sounds almost the same in English ;-D) Fran: " that you? Ok Trixi, this is someone from our message board..."and he told a little bit about it, since when it?s on and that Travis go their every day and talk to the fans from time to time and then he said "Trixi wanted us to play this song so we?re gonna play it for you, Trixi"...God, I didn?t feel my knees anymore. Fran suddenly began to pull up his sock and said "I?m just having a bit of a sock-disaster here" his sock slid under his foot, made everyone laugh x-) And then they played it ? "Luv", aah, it was soooo beautiful, I could?ve die at that moment and I wouldn?t care - would've been a happy death, haha. I was that drunk by this song that I didn?t even realize Driftwood properly afterwards and that means a lot, since Driftwood is still one of the best Travis songs at all! Anyway...Fran just tried to announce the next song when an object came flown onto the stage an hit him right on the head. For a split second I was like "omg!" *shocked* 8-O...could?ve been anything at least, a bottle or something but it turned out as a little rag doll which looked like Fran, hehe. Dougie started to laugh and Fran said "I know that was meant by the best intentions...never throw things at bands, it?s always for the waste" and then he said "That looks very very very nice, I?m gonna sit it at my amp now" haha I think the one who threw it was so ashamed about accidently hitting Fran on the head with it, there was a huge apologizing thread in the message board the next day. *lol*...and then they played "Somewhere else", yay! The best song on 12 Memories to me. I think it was my fav. from the first time I heard it. Dougie made everyone in the audience cheering, laughing and whistling by dancing (very sexy btw;-D) during this song. Next one was "All I wanna do is rock and on stages that?s defintely Andy?s song. He just rocked !!!!! totally!!! climbing on the amps and playing a fantastic guitarsolo. The crowd freaked out at that point. :-D "Humpty Dumpty Love Song" was next and I can?t say often enough how great this song is live and it was a welcomed chance to take a deep breath before the next one rocked the Columbiahalle ? "Turn". Ela was happy ;-)
Afterwards Travis went off the stage and the audience didn?t stop cheering. At that point I realized that my bad cold was just like blown away, no fever, no headache...nothing! The next time I got a flu or something I?ll let prescribe me a Travis concert by the doctor I think ? best medicine! ;-D Fran came back alone after the break and said he?ll play a song on the piano. It?s his 4th time that he?d play it on the piano so we had to be with him. He played "Some Sad Song" and it was soooo beautiful, undescribable. I wished I could?ve watched it from a bit closer because it?s so beautiful to watch fingers on the piano, isn't it (...that?s a mad tick of mine, sorry *shrugs*) Afterwards Fran came in front of the stage and said he?s going to sing the next song without a microphone so we had to be quiet. He started to play "Flowers in the window" and after a few seconds he stopped again and said "Ok, I?m not gonna do it, because I can here a lot ppl talk and I think that?s pretty shit"...aaargh, in that moment I hated everyone who wasn?t able to SHUT UP for 3 minutes. I kew how brilliant this song is acoustically, because Fran did it in Hamburg already 2 weeks or so before. That was pretty annoying. I couldn?t even take it amiss to Fran, because he was right, but I was pissed anyway. He said " the first city when everyone didn?t shut up (...I felt like shit although I?ve BEEN quite) he said it?s kind of embarrassing for him to stand here and here ppl talking everywhere so he asked all again to shut up for a moment, because this song works!!!... and LUCKILY he started again. Phew :-)
This song is so great ? what a voice, I mean I couldn?t even shout through this whole venue with my thin, croaking voice and he sang so loudly and even kept the note perfectly...stunning performance! "Coming around" was next and afterwards Dougie and Fran gave us a little German lesson *lol* by saying "Spieglein, Spieglein an der Wand, wer ist die Sch?nste im ganzen?Arsch?" Hehehe...made everyone laugh x-)
"Peace the fuck out" was next and at the end of this song the crowd shouted PTFO like it?s on the album too and Fran said "Genau!" (exactly)"...yeah, is that right? Genau?" x-) He said thanks to the crowd for coming and supporting music, because it?s so easy to get music by downloading or buying them but going to see bands live existed before records and that is the original thing...then it was time again for some classical music! ;-)...what else ? Why does it always rain on me? unfortunately the last song for this night, aww no! Fran said good bye in some German words and Travis went off stage. The cheering continued for a while and you could here "Walking down the hill" playing. We were so happy, listened to Travis on our drive back home and sang along loudly, haha. We had to leave immediately because Ela had to get up very early next morning and we had to drive 2 hours already so we didn?t meet the band afterwards anymore but jmorgain and Glasses 8-) met Fran outside the Columbiahalle afterwards, they said he's the nicest man imaginable and totally down to earth without airs and graces. :-)
ParanoidAndroid Posted: 11-11-04 5:16
What can one write, if Trixi is telling everything in one post? Well ...

Okay, of course it was a tremendous show, unbelievable and all that stuff that was already said. Unfortunately there were two girls in front of me, aged about 14 or 13, who were screaming all the time ... well, screaming is okay but they were really kind of Backstreet-boys-cheering. D'you know what I mean? It was really annoying because it felt a bit like in a Spice-Girls-concert.

A: "AAAHHHH!!! He looked at me! AAAAAHHH!!!"
B: "OH Lucky one, he just kicked my shin ..."

Well, the band was terific though and blew all the pain away with their great songs and personality. One thing that Trixi forgot: There was a bloke yawning on the upper floor of the Columbiahalle (whose accoustics I thought not so bad by the way) while Fran played HumptyDumptyLoveSong (nice one!) and his girl-friend beat him in the side and argued with him because he obviously found it boring ... (poor chap). The funny thing was that Fran was watching it while singing and smiled at both of them, who then noticed that he himself noticed the scene. He told a bit about it afterwards and explained it to the rest of the audience. Next day this boy was known as "THE GUY THAT YAWNED DURING A TRAVIS GIG".


Mehr f?llt mir nicht mehr ein ... ist ja schon wieder ein Jahr her ... Zeit fliegt :C (that was German) Hope to see Travis soon again in Germany!


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