Saturday, December 20, 2003
Alexandra Palace, London, UK

Support: Kings Of Leon, Ben Kweller
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Travis Rocker Posted: 24-09-04 5:30
This for me was the best gig i've ever attended, i espically loved Last Christmas espically when fran got the words mixed up and when andy got the 1st guitar solo wrong hehe i loved it thanks again!! the crowd were also up for this 1 too!!!
Qwerty Posted: 24-09-04 5:54
This Gig Was So Amazing, It was one of the best days of my life The Kings Of Leon Where outstanding, Ben Kweller was Brill and Travis rocked!!!! And when they said about the dvd I could not have been more pleased.
Tonie Posted: 28-09-04 1:58
The tickets for this came on sale practically the day after Brixton in October. What a treat!
It was freezing in the open air outside Ally Pally, but I plied myself with Starbucks and prepared to queue. I HAD to make it to the barriers at the front!
Once inside (front, opposite Andy, yesss!), it was a brilliant evening: quality support, and then to spend all that time with Travis in their giant living room was a priviledge.
I got goosebumps listening to Fran on the piano in "Some Sad Song", but equally loved the rock, like "The Fear", "As You Are" and "All I Wanna Do is Rock". Andy, I was mesmorised by you and your playing!!!
I've watched the DVD many times, and am pleased to say that I make a brief appearance in an audience shot!
I left the gig on a total high.Thanks so much!
gkay Posted: 28-09-04 7:04
This gig was soo amazing! The crowd was great, and so were Travis. They were so good I’m seeing them on the 8th October in Cambridge, it should be just as good as Alexandra Palace, maybe better? Anyway, if you missed this gig, you missed out, it was incredible – probably the best gig I have ever been to.
AmyMac Posted: 29-09-04 8:16
I only found out i'd be attending this gig, the day before, and the fact that i live in Glasgow, meant that it came as a bti of the shock.
The school had just closed for the Christmas break, and i was sitting in my friends eating a chocolate santa ;-). My phone started to ring, so i picked up and there was a strange English woman on the other line.
"Will you be available tommorow night" she said "yeah i think so" i replied
"Because you've won a competition, so if you get to the Alexandra Palace at about 5ish then you'll meet Travis and then you have tickets to go see the concert. Is that ok?"
she asked. "yeah its ok" i said. "Ok see you tommorow. Bye"

Then i screamed as you can imagine. So my sister and I booked the trains and the hotel and set off down to London at 6am the next morning.

We arrived in London, and dumped her stuff in the hotel and headed to the Palace. Where it was the coldest i have been in my whole life, yes, even colder than Scotland. DAMNED HILL! lol.

So we waited about for all the people to arrive and finally we were taken inside, where we got to meet the guys, for the second time might i add.

Franny was soo shocked that we had came all the way from Glasgow, and as predicted he talked to me and my sister for much longer than anyone else, what do you expect, he is a glasgow boy. I also had on my very own customised travis jacket and the boys were very very impressed with it, Fran kept touching the letters.

After the meeting was over, we were allowed just to wait in the venue,this was great as the front doors hadn't been opened yet. So we took our familiar spot infront of Dougie. Love him!

Ben Kweller was awesome, totally unexpected, as were the Kings of leon, but the real stars were Travis, they were amazin, and the fact that my sister and i ended up in the dvd made it even better. It was great.

But no matter how good it was, i will say one thing, YOU CANNOT BEAT A GLASGOW CROWD! the atmosphere in glasgow is much more, i dont know i cant explain it. Go to a show in Glasgow and then you will know what i mean. But other than that. It was a great show.

Claire1985 Posted: 19-10-04 7:11
Great great great great great! Loved every second - the music and the lighting were fantastic! I'm so glad they made a DVD of it, now I can re-live it whenever I want to!

Thankyou Travis for a great night!
Lawie Posted: 12-12-04 2:43
My heart nearly broke in two when Fran sang 'Some Sad Song'. And that's a good thing.

Thankyou so much for an amazing night - I've seen you guys live a few times, and every time I get blown away by the charm, charisma and pure sound that these four talented lads produce. I love you, I love you, I love you... and that is all.
lesley Posted: 07-05-05 3:37
just fantastic. fran is a genius and him on a piano was a true highlight. great renditions of last christmas and wdiarom. great gig!
Travis Web Team Posted: 22-07-05 11:02

The venue is still being set-up as we arrive mid-afternoon on Saturday. The crew spent yesterday loading in, and the stage looks very impressive in the huge space of the main auditorium. The hall is vast, and will play host to 8000 people tonight when the doors open for a one off Xmas special with Travis and guests Ben Kweller and the Kings Of Leon.

Until then it's all go to get through the technical rehearsals in time. As Security heave the barriers into place in front of the stage Travis run through their soundcheck.

There are camera crews everywhere today as this show is being filmed for a future DVD, and I spy Director John Hardwick (director of the Writing To Reach You and WDIAROM? videos) who is filming all the rehearsal and behind the scenes footage of the show. The performance is being filmed out front by Director Matt Askem.

In amongst all the camera's, crew and technicians Travis run through their soundcheck , including Happy To Hang Around and Some Sad Song with Fran solo on a white grand piano centre stage.

Post soundcheck the band retire to the dressing room where more last minute preparations for the show are made, including the setlist and a last minute search for a Santa suit that will be worn by Nick (Andy's guitar tech) during the set's cover version - Last Christmas.

With doors to the venue about to open it's time to descend through the maze of corridors following the signs for catering. Popcorn- the catering company have laid on a suitably festive menu and by the time I surface back in the main auditorium Ben Kweller has completed his set, and the Kings Of Leon are strutting their stripped back blues to a very appreciative crowd.

Meanwhile, back in the dressing room Nick's Santa costume has arrived and it's time for Dougie, Andy and Fran to get their Xmas wish lists in as they assure Santa they've all been good boys this year!
After much larking about Pete (tour manager) makes an appearance and runs through the schedule for the rest of the night.

A more sombre mood descends on the dressing room and in the stillness we can hear the Kings of Leon thundering through the last few numbers of their set as Travis make their final preparations to take to the stage.

A huge cheer goes up round the hall as the video fires into life and the question Happy To Hang Around? scrolls across the screens, Adam sets off the drum loop and the rest of the band take to the stage. If Travis are feeling any signs of fatigue after a long European tour they don't show it, and put in an energetic performance for this last show of 2003.

The pit lane between the band and crowd is busier than usual tonight, with two camera crews tracking back and forth to cover the action front of stage. Two more cameras are set up in the wings and there is even an automated camera on a vertical track behind Neil, to capture a band's eye view of the action.

The set is packed with crowd pleasers and displays the tightness of a couple of months of touring. Hits from all four albums follow and in what seems like no time at all we're through the main part of the set, and into a bumper Xmas encore.

The white piano is wheeled centre stage and Fran begins the encores with a solo reading of Some Sad Song. Last Christmas follows and right on cue Santa (AKA Nick) makes his entrance onstage to add some sleigh bells.

Travis originally debuted this cover the previous day on the Ken Bruce show for Radio 2, giving it a Phil Spector twist with big drums and hammering keyboards for that 'wall of sound' feel. And tonight, with the acoustics of the huge venue it really comes to life, the crowd singing along.
Peace The Fuck Out follows and then we're into the last song of the night with the crowd in fine voice for a rousing Why Does It Always Rain On Me?

As the crowd departs from the venue they are greeted by a great view of North London down below them on a chilly, starry night, while inside the clean up has already begun.

Happy To Hang Around
Writing To Reach You
Pipe Dreams
Love Will Come Through
The Fear
The Beautiful Occupation
Mid Life Krysis
As You Are
Somewhere Else
All I Want To Do Is Rock

Some Sad Song
Coming Around
Peace The Fuck Out
Last Christmas
Why Does It Always Rain On Me?


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