Monday, October 13, 2003
Ulster Hall, Belfast, UK

Support: Snow Patrol
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The ReOffender Posted: 24-09-04 10:29
K not really a review just stating that The Travis Web team have it wrong or Travis who ever.....

The Supporting Act was Snow Patrol not Simple Kid....

And a wonderful gig Fran cut his nose and dougie fell flat on his arse and broke a string a very good gig indeed lol.

paul_c Posted: 24-12-05 9:32
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Happy To Hang Around
Writing To Reach You
The Line Is Fine
Somewhere Else
The Fear
The Beautiful Occupation
How Many Hearts
I Love You Anyways
Mid Life Krysis
All I Want To Do Is Rock
The Humpty Dumpty Love Song

Coming Around
Why Does It Always Rain On Me?
Peace The Fuck Out

The day 12 Memories was released was a great day to play. Although Travis were on top form, the atmosphere was a bit dead for a Belfast show, since hardly anyone knew the words to the new songs. I, on the other hand, had downloaded the whole album a week before, so I was singing along to every word.

I was stood outside the Ulster Hall from about 6pm, meaning I was right in the front row, directly in front of Dougie. In the middle of the set, during a quieter moment, I was shouting his name at the top of my voice and waving my camera about my head for a picture and he gave me a big cheesy grin (which wasn't included in my photographs when I got them printed unfortunately).

The setlist was good, especially the inclusion of 2 album tracks off Good Feeling. I wasn't expecting I Love You Anyways, despite it being one of my favourites, so it was a delight to hear that one. And The Line Is Fine was good- but Dougie falling flat on his arse made it better!

Fran was in a very talkative mood, saying that he liked playing in Belfast because of the "celtic (culture, not football) connection" that Scottish and Irish share. He also spoke about cutting his nose and having an "authentic Re-Offender video injury".

Of course, Neil and Andy never said a word.

The support were "up and coming" band Snow Patrol (I used inverted commas because they're on their third album in Northern Ireland, and have been on the radio for years here) who I'd seen once before at the Witnness Festival in Kildare. Again, they were really nothing special- Gary Lightbody prefering to mumble into the mic rather than sing his lyrics. Although it was nice to think that it was the first time they'd played the Ulster Hall (a landmark venue for local bands in Northern Ireland) and everyone cheered when he stated this.

So all in all, a good gig. Certainly not the best Travis gig in the world, due to lack of atmosphere from the crowd. But Fran was on top form and the band sounded great, so can't really complain!

ChanyPhilly Posted: 25-12-05 5:24
This was my first ever Travis show and I was nervous as hell! I thought it was a great laugh, especially when Dougie fell (I have a photo of this incident occuring, I will try to upload it for you) I hope to see them again sometime and have just as much of a laugh.
TravisdorockBelfast Posted: 20-11-06 1:57
This has been my one and only Travis concert so far.

Snow Patrol had to borrow an amplifier from Andy from Travis! lol

They didn't play Flowers In The Window though and that is one of their most well-known songs.

Please play the Odyssey Arena in Belfast guys and I will go! The atmospehre in the Odyssey at the 3 Phonics concerts I was at was great.


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